Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - Second Test, day three - as it happened

Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - Second Test, day three - as it happened
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Live text commentary of the second Test between New Zealand and England in Wellington.

England started day three of the second Test against New Zealand in a positive position after taking crucial wickets on the previous evening.

The hosts struggled to enjoy any sustained period of dominance in the early part of the day and were eventually dismissed for 254 in their first innings, with Stuart Broad claiming figures of 6-51.

Alastair Cook enforced the follow-on and despite Hamish Rutherford being sent back to the dressing room for 15, Kane Williamson (16*) and Peter Fulton (41*) guided New Zealand to 77-1 at the close of play.

Read below to find out how the drama unfolded in Wellington.

9.05pmGood morning everyone. You can't help but feel like this is the crucial day of the second Test. A dominant display from England could set up victory but as we've seen already in this series, New Zealand have plenty of fighters within their squad.

9.09pmIt seems like every time criticism is aimed at Stuart Broad, he produces a startling performance. Two wickets in two balls yesterday changed the complexion of New Zealand's innings and the Twenty20 skipper is likely to be full of confidence this morning.

9.12pmEngland may have an eye on the weather, too. The next two days look fine but Monday's forecast will be a big concern. With rain expected throughout the fifth day, England will be eager to wrap up this before stumps tomorrow. However, that is certainly easier said than done.

9.15pmFormer England captain Michael Vaughan has just told BBC's Test Match Special: "Monty did not bowl so well yesterday, they want him to bowl a little bit slower, to go up and over rather than flat as he bowled yesterday. He generally has not bowled brilliantly on these kinds of pitches."

9.18pmIt's difficult to disagree with Vaughan. Panesar hasn't bowled brilliantly yet but if England do take a 1-0 lead in this series, the spinner will probably play a big role.

9.27pmWe're just over five minutes away from play in Wellington. It's a big morning for New Zealand. Kane Williamson and Dean Brownlie must perform for the hosts.

9.30pmThe players are out of the dressing rooms and day three is ready to get underway. Williamson begins on 32 and Brownlie starts on 8, Broad will bowl the first over.

NZ 73-3Broad starts well but a wider no ball allows Brownlie to free his arms and cut the ball past point for five to begin the day's scoring. Two more similar shots are stopped well by Bell at cover before a nudge to mid-wicket brings Brownlie a couple more runs.

NZ 79-3Williamson stands tall to punch Anderson's second ball of the day through extra cover stylishly for four. Anderson is keen on keeping the ball full but it doesn't look like Williamson will be afraid of driving today. A push past mid-on allows the right-handed batsman to pick up two more runs, making it six from the over.

NZ 80-3A single means Williamson gets off strike early in Broad's over. Brownlie is desperate to open up the off-side but some tight bowling restricts the batsman's freedom. Good over from Broad.

NZ 84-3Anderson starts the over well but a fraction of width gives Williamson the opportunity to cut the ball behind point for four runs. Solid start from the hosts this morning.

NZ 85-3Root does superbly at mid-wicket to block Brownlie's shot early on in a new over. Broad strays onto the pads, gifting the batsman a single behind square on the leg-side.

NZ 85-4WICKET! Williamson (42) c&b Broad

NZ 85-4Brilliant work from Broad. Williamson crunches a drive straight back towards the bowler and he manages to readjust his hands to take a great catch. Big wicket, McCullum comes to the crease for New Zealand.

NZ 85-4McCullum is greeted by a beauty from Broad and the home side's skipper is very fortunate not to edge the ball to Prior. Crucial period in the match coming.

NZ 89-4Anderson is struggling to find the right length this morning as he concedes another boundary following a perfect cut shot from Brownlie.

NZ 89-5WICKET! Brownlie (18) lbw b Anderson

NZ 89-5Another cheer goes up in the section of the ground where the majority of England's supporters are based. Anderson does get his length right to strike Brownlie on the pads. The batsman chooses to review the not out decision but replays prove the ball would have hit top of off stump. New Zealand in big trouble now.

NZ 89-5BJ Watling is the new batsman and he does well to survive the remainder of Anderson's over. England have two New Zealand batsman on zero, the hosts need something special from someone.

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NZ 93-5Broad is eager to stay full when bowling at McCullum. The New Zealand skipper takes advantage of a looser delivery to get off the mark with four through extra cover. It's another dangerous over from Broad, though and England are on top in Wellington.

NZ 99-5Anderson is finding the slightest bit of movement but that does allow Watling to nudge two through square-leg. There's a big let-off for New Zealand's wicketkeeper as a thick outside edge flies through a gap between second slip and gully. Four runs is the result for Watling and he'll take that slice of luck.

NZ 101-5Good running from the pair in the middle as McCullum sneaks a single to cover. Watling adds another with a flick to deep square-leg before McCullum is almost gets himself into a mix-up while attempting to turn the ball onto the leg-side.

NZ 103-5Watling nudges the ball away for a single early in Anderson's over. England's leading bowler is trying to shield the seam from the New Zealand batsmen but McCullum is alert enough to push a single straight past the Lancashire ace. Cook clearly wants his bowlers to keep pushing with this full line but it could be time for Finn.

NZ 115-5For now, it's still Broad who has the ball in his hand. McCullum flirts with a full delivery outside off-stump, prompting gaps of despair from prior behind the stumps. A wider ball gifts the home skipper enough space to crunch the ball in front of point for four. McCullum adds two more with a push to mid-wicket before pulling the ball over square-leg for six superb runs. The over ends with Broad appealing for lbw but it looks like McCullum may have been struck outside the line of off-stump. Cook decides against reviewing and the replays prove the captain would have been safe.

NZ 115-5Brilliant over from Anderson following McCullum's onslaught just moments before. Watling defends a maiden, this task looks a difficult one for the hosts.

NZ 118-5Cook decides it's time for Finn to come into the attack. The Middlesex pace bowler continues the trend of delivering a full length, allowing McCullum to earn two runs past mid-on. Another single is taken to deep square-leg.

NZ 118-5The players are taking a drinks break and it's well deserved for England. Despite a shaky start, two wickets have ensured that the tourists enjoyed the better of the first hour.

NZ 118-5Cook makes a change immediately after the break, bringing on Panesar for Anderson. McCullum is eager to open up the off-side but he can only pick out Bell at cover with a cut shot. Promising start from England's spinner, it's a maiden over.

NZ 125-5Good start to the over from Finn but Watling shows his strength on the off-side with a superb cut shot past the diving Bell at point. A single is taken to deep square-leg before McCullum adds another with a nudge to the same area. Watling's hurried single to wide mid-on means he keeps the strike.

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NZ 125-5Panesar races through another maiden over. The spinner is certainly bowling much slower this morning, something he has been urged to do by his critics recently.

NZ 128-5Great running from the New Zealand duo as McCullum pushes the ball into a gap on the leg-side to earn two runs. Finn strays onto the pads, allowing the home skipper to collect another run to fine leg. Three from the over.

NZ 128-5New Zealand look more than happy to defend against Panesar. It's another maiden for the spinner and he's doing a very good job for captain Cook.

NZ 134-5Finn is too straight again, allowing Watling to sneak a single on the leg-side. McCullum whips the ball through mid-wicket for two more, leaving Finn with his hands on his head. The pace bowler switches tactics, sending down a short ball but McCullum manages to pull the ball over mid-wicket for three more runs.

NZ 135-5McCullum finally scores a run off Panesar's bowling with a nudge behind square on the leg-side. It looks like the New Zealand skipper is fighting the urge to skip down the pitch against the spinner.

NZ 139-5Finn once again fires in a bouncer, with McCullum top edging the ball against his helmet to earn four runs in fortunate fashion. This partnership has now gone past the fifty mark but there's a long way to go for the hosts.

NZ 139-5Superb from Panesar, who is very accurate through another maiden over. Watling breathes a sigh of relief when an inside edge loops over the head of Bell at short-leg.

NZ 147-5In trademark fashion, McCullum scores four early in Finn's new over with a powerful pull shot through mid-wicket. The skipper then shuffles across his crease, with four leg-byes coming for the hosts.

NZ 149-5Panesar delivers a rare poor delivery, with Watling cutting the shorter ball away for two runs. The spinner is quickly back on target though and it's just two from the over.

NZ 161-5The short ball tactic from Finn is punished by McCullum as the home skipper hooks the ball over fine leg for four more runs. McCullum shows his class on the other side of the wicket as he cuts behind point for another boundary. A push straight down the ground earns two more runs and another cut shot adds a couple more to the total.

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NZ 163-5Panesar is definitely testing the patience of Watling today. New Zealand's wicketkeeper has responded to the task well and he manages to collect two runs with a flick to fine leg.

NZ 169-5Cook decides it's worth giving Root a bowl shortly before lunch. McCullum shows his confidence against the part-time bowler as he reverse sweeps for four to bring up his half-century. A push through extra cover brings McCullum two more runs and Root goes for six from six balls.

NZ 169-5I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you but Panesar has just completed a maiden over. The two umpires take a quick look at each other and decide it's time end the first session of the day.

11.33pmLunch: England will have been delighted with their work in the first hour of the morning and after removing Bronwlie and Williamson, New Zealand's innings looked to be heading for an early finish. However, McCullum and Watling have battled admirably to survive until lunch and both sides have a big task on their hands.

11.35pmWe're going to take a break during lunch. Make sure you return in around 35 minutes as New Zealand look to continue their recovery with McCullum (52*) and Watling (19*) at the crease.

12.07amWelcome back. Big session ahead of us in this match. Quite simply, Watling and McCullum need to stay together at the crease. One more wicket and England will feel they can wrap up this innings.

12.10amEngland need a spark just after lunch. Broad looked confident this morning and a similar spell could make the breakthrough. The players are back out in the middle and it will be Anderson who starts the session with the ball in his hand.

NZ 175-5McCullum cuts through the off-side for two runs early in Anderson's over. Anderson goes even wider, allowing New Zealand's skipper to guide the ball past point for four. England scream for lbw but Rod Tucker shakes his head. Cook decides it's worth a review but Hawk-Eye shows that the ball would have missed leg-stump and England lose one of their appeals.

NZ 176-5Panesar continues his spell following the break and it's much of the same from the spinner as he sends down another good over. Economical but not very threatening from Panesar.

NZ 181-5Watling nudges the ball off his hip to bring McCullum on strike and the New Zealand skipper is completely bamboozled by a beauty from Anderson. There's huge appeals for lbw and despite some pleading from Prior, Cook decides against reviewing umpire Tucker's not out decision. McCullum piles on the misery when he finds the gap at mid-wicket, collecting four runs.

NZ 181-5Panesar gives the ball more air in his new over and despite a couple of expansive drives, the spinner completes a maiden.

NZ 183-5McCullum guides the ball through point for a single. A big chance is missed by England as Anderson finds Watling's edge, with Trott dropping the ball at second slip. He'll be disappointed with that effort but Watling survives.

NZ 183-5Prior is full of praise for Panesar as another maiden is quickly delivered. Watling is fighting the urge to attack the left-arm bowler but it will be interesting to see how long he can keep doing that.

NZ 185-5Anderson seems to be hobbling with a possible ankle problem but that doesn't stop him beating McCullum's outside edge. A full delivery is driven powerfully straight down the ground but Finn fields well to restrict the hosting captain to two runs.

NZ 185-5Panesar delivers six almost identical deliveries to race through another maiden. He's doing a good job but England need a breakthrough.

NZ 189-5A very good spell from Anderson comes to an end as Cook throws Finn the ball. The Middlesex is too full early on and McCullum helps himself to four runs behind square on the leg-side.

NZ 189-6WICKET! McCullum (69) c Trott b Finn

NZ 189-6The change of bowling makes the difference for England! A bit of extra bounce from Finn is enough to catch the edge of McCullum and Trott makes no mistake this time at second slip. Big, big wicket.

NZ 189-6Southee is the new batsman but he looks far from comfortable as Finn forces him onto the back foot immediately. Important wicket for Finn, who had been struggling before that point.

NZ 193-6Panesar serves up a rare gift for the batsman as Watling latches onto a shorter delivery to earn four through cover. Anderson does well at point to stop a cut shot. Just the boundary from the over, England can't take their foot of the gas now.

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NZ 197-6Southee works the ball through mid-wicket early in Finn's over to earn his first three runs of the innings. Watling adds another with a flick to deep square-leg.

NZ 197-7WICKET! Southee (3) c Broad b Finn

NZ 197-7A sharp bouncer from Finn tempts Southee into a big hook shot but he doesn't make great contact with the ball and Broad takes a simple catch in the deep.

NZ 201-7Taylor is the new batsman but it's Watling who is on strike and he adds four to his total with a whip through a vacant space on the leg-side.

NZ 209-7Taylor is off the mark with a sneaky single to cover early in Panesar's new over. Watling uses his feet well to make space for himself before cutting through the off-side for four. A flick through mid-wicket brings the same batsman three more runs.

NZ 213-7Finn is too wide to Watling and the right-handed batsman does an excellent job in punishing the bowler as he earns four behind point. Good recovery from Finn but it could be time for a spell from Broad soon.

NZ 215-7Panesar looks set to complete a maiden but Martin shows he's no amateur with the bat as he delicately guides the ball wide of slip to collect two runs.

NZ 216-7Finn is bowling with very good rhythm in this spell but he can't prevent Watling from finding a single to mid-wicket. Martin does well to duck a sharp bouncer and survives the remainder of the over.

NZ 216-7The players are taking a drinks break. New Zealand still need 50 runs to avoid the follow-on.

NZ 217-7Watling continues to battle his way towards a deserved half-century as he cuts to deep cover to move to 44. Martin attempts to cut a quicker delivery from Panesar but he makes no contact and is lucky not to edge the ball.

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NZ 221-7Brilliant from Watling as he defends four deliveries from Finn before rocking back and lofting the ball over point for four. Two overs until the new ball.

NZ 227-7Perfect timing from Martin as he guides Panesar's first ball through point for four runs. Panesar gets one to explode off the pitch, beating Martin's edge and surprising Prior in the process. Martin then adds two more to deep cover to end a successful over.

NZ 233-7FIFTY for Watling as he drives for two runs to deep point. Tough, gritty or determined. Call it what you like but it's been very effective from Watling as he record his half-century after 126 balls. More brilliance from New Zealand's wicketkeeper as he adds four with a late cut beyond Anderson at gully.

NZ 233-7Cook immediately takes the new ball and it's Anderson who will begin proceedings as he starts a new spell. Martin edges the ball but it drops well short of the slips. It's a good over from Anderson and this will be a very testing period for the hosts.

NZ 235-7Broad takes the new ball with Anderson and is pushed down the ground for two runs at the start of his over. There's a good reply from broad and Watling breathes a sigh of relief as he manages to avoid edging a beauty to Prior.

NZ 235-7Big test for Martin as Anderson hurries through another over. England's leading wicket taker in all forms of the game is giving the ball very chance to swing but he can't find the edge yet.

NZ 239-7Watling picks the gap wide of mid-on, with Panesar left sprawled out on the floor watching the ball race to the rope for another boundary.

NZ 239-8WICKET! Watling (60) c Prior b Broad

NZ 239-8Broad finds the perfect length and Watling can't help but edge the ball towards the grateful hands of Prior. England take the crucial wicket and Broad has his fourth in the innings.

NZ 239-8Wagner is the new batsman and he does well to defend the remaining deliveries in Broad's over. New Zealand still have some work to do before avoiding the follow-on but there's no guarantee Cook will make the hosts bat again, anyway.

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NZ 248-8Martin decides it's time to counter attack as he stands tall to drive Anderson straight past mid-off for four runs. Anderson pushes too hard with his bouncer and the umpires agree to signal a no ball. Martin then does well to keep out an in-swinging yorker before ending the over by cutting into the air on the off-side for four runs.

NZ 248-8Wagner is left completely perplexed as Broad beats the outside edge early in a new over. The left-handed batsman doesn't look comfortable outside the off-stump as he flirts with another Broad delivery. A shorter ball hits the handle of the bat but Wagner manages to survive.

NZ 252-8Anderson is frustrated as Martin once again plays the cover drive with great results, earning four more for his side. The bowler replies by beating the outside edge with some swing outside off-stump.

NZ 252-9WICKET! Wagner (0) c Prior b Broad

NZ 252-9Broad causes Wagner problems once again and he takes his fifth wicket of the innings when the left-handed batsman sends an edge straight to Prior. New Zealand still need 14 if they are to avoid the follow-on.

NZ 253-9The new batsman is Trent Boult and he manages to survive the final two balls of Broad's excellent over, collecting a single to cover for his trouble.

NZ 254-9Boult is showing his confidence at the crease as he defends well before taking a single from the fifth ball. Anderson is then inches away from hitting the stumps with a great yorker.

NZ 254-9Broad fires in a shorter ball and Boult can only loft the ball into the leg-side but he survives when the ball drops short of Panesar.

NZ 254WICKET! Boult (2) c Prior b Broad

NZ 254Boult decides to attack Broad but his ugly heave only brings a bottom edge, allowing Prior to take another catch. Broad finishes with six wickets and Cook now has a decision to make

2.16amTea: Cook takes his players back to the dressing room for the tea break but the skipper must now think about whether to enforce the follow-on. Anderson looked to be struggling with a side injury during that session but it doesn't appear to be a serious problem. The weather forecast will sureley be a factor in Cook's decision.

2.20amPlenty of determination from new Zealand's batsmen this morning but some impressive bowling, particularly Broad, has given England a big opportunity to take a series lead in Wellington.

2.21amEngland enforce the follow-on.

2.23amDespite getting through plenty of work in the first innings, England's bowlers obviously feel that they can continue. It's a brave decision from Cook but you feel his hand was probably forced by the bleak weather forecast for the final two days. England must take wickets in the final session of the day but New Zealand will be batting in a much different way after tea.

2.26amThat decision means Panesar will have a big role to play in the second innings. The spinner bowled economically earlier in the day and Cook will need more of the same while he rotates his fast bowlers.

NZ 0-0Tea seems to have raced by in a flash and both sides are already back out in the middle. Rutherford and Fulton are ready for the battle, Anderson will open the bowling.

NZ 0-0Anderson beats Fulton's edge with the first ball of the session, thanks to some late swing. The opener looks nervous but he survives the maiden over.

NZ 3-0Broad ended the first innings with 6-51 and he'll be desperate for a repeat performance as he begins with the new ball. Rutherford is off the mark with a single from the third ball. Fulton plays his first scoring shot too, nudging the ball into a gap on the leg-side for two runs.

NZ 7-0Anderson finds some extra bounce and Rutherford chips the ball into the air but it drops safely on the leg-side. A fuller delivery tempts Rutherford into driving but he times the shot beautifully and earns four straight down the ground.

NZ 7-0Fulton has a tendency to play away from his body and that's how he was dismissed in the first innings. Broad is bowling a length to expose that weakness but the opener survives a maiden over.

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NZ 11-0Rutherford doesn't look comfortable off his hip but he does manage to collect two runs with a nudge to deep square-leg. The left-handed opener latches onto a fuller ball but can only pick up two through extra cover.

NZ 12-0Fulton takes a single at the start of Broad's new over. England's hero from the first innings finds some big bounce to beat the outside edge of Rutherford's bat. Plenty of gasps from the slips but no edge.

NZ 13-0Finn is on for his first spell of the innings and he immediately beats the bat with a gorgeous delivery. Fulton flicks a fuller delivery onto the leg-side for a quick single and that's the only blemish on the over. Good start from Finn.

NZ 13-0Fulton is caught on the crease when Broad fires in a bouncer and the opener takes a hit to the shoulder. Superb from Broad as he follows the short ball with a beauty of an out-swinger. There's a big lbw appeal later in the over but it's clearly too high to be given out. Superb maiden over from Broad.

NZ 20-0Classic cover drive from Rutherford at the start of Finn's new over, adding four to his team's total. The same batsman punches a single through extra cover before Fulton adds two to deep square-leg.

NZ 25-0Rutherford is happy to get off strike early against Broad, who had just popped off for a change of footwear. When Broad goes too straight, Fulton takes advantage and scores four runs in brilliant style through mid-wicket.

NZ 25-0Cook makes a change, bringing Panesar into the attack and this could be a good move for the tourists. Rutherford has plenty to think about and he is immediately caused trouble when Panesar pitches the ball in the foot marks outside off-stump.

NZ 25-1WICKET! Rutherford (15) c Bell b Panesar

NZ 25-1Excellent cricket from England. Cook places Bell at leg-slip and Panesar immediately catches Rutherford's edge, with Bell taking a superb diving catch. Everyone deserves some credit but it's Panesar who makes the big breakthrough.

NZ 25-1Panesar begins with three dot balls to Williamson, who survives the maiden over. New Zealand need a big partnership.

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NZ 29-1Fulton gets a thick edge on a wayward Finn delivery to earn four runs to fine leg. There's excitement from England's fielders when a Fulton drive hits the stumps at the bowler's end but Finn didn't get the touch which would have dismissed Williamson.

NZ 34-1Williamson almost gets into trouble whilst playing against the spin but a leading edge drops well short of cover. The same batsman then rushes a single to mid-on before Fulton cuts the ball through the off-side for four.

NZ 34-1Huge appeals from England midway through Finn's over when Williamson is struck on the pads. Cook decides to review the not out decision but a replay proves there was a big inside edge involved. It is a maiden from Finn and the pressure is on the hosts.

NZ 40-1Panesar starts with an ugly half-tracker and Fulton punishes the spinner by launching the ball over mid-wicket for a big six. There's a good response from Panesar as he sends down five dot balls following the maximum.

NZ 46-1Williamson doesn't make great connection with a pull shot but Panesar can't win the race and New Zealand's number three has four runs. An open faced shot earns the same batsman two runs to third man. Six from Finn's over and it's time for drinks.

NZ 46-1Anderson looked to be in some pain during that drinks break and he received some treatment from the team's physio. He remains on the pitch and takes his place in the field as Panesar prepares to continue his spell.

NZ 46-1Panesar races through an over and it's a maiden. It's been another good spell from England's spinner.

NZ 50-1Hint of a chance for England at the beginning of a new Finn over. Williamson gets a slight inside edge on a ball down the leg-side but Prior can only get fingertips to it and New Zealand collect four runs.

NZ 51-1Williamson rotates the strike with a push into the leg-side off a full Panesar delivery. There's a bit of extra bounce for the spinner later in the over but Fulton does well to deal with the threat.

NZ 59-1Fulton latches onto a straight delivery to collect four runs with a whip through mid-wicket before repeating the shot to earn four more just a ball later. The same batsman is struck on the pads but he's safe, with Finn's extra bounce ensuring the ball would have missed the stumps.

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NZ 59-1Panesar catches Williamson's edge but the ball drops well short of Trott at slip. England's spinner is once again quick to race through his over and it's a maiden.

NZ 64-1Anderson is thrown the ball to signal the beginning of a new spell. The New Zealand duo trade singles early in the the over before Fulton shows his delicate side to guide the ball through a gap in the slips for three runs.

NZ 64-1Panesar wastes no time in speeding through another maiden over. Cook will be happy with his spinner but he'll want at least one more wicket before stumps.

NZ 66-1Williamson gets on top of the bounce well to punch the ball through the covers for two runs. Compton produces a superb piece of fielding at backward point towards the end of the over to prevent any further runs being scored.

NZ 66-1Panesar comes over the wicket in an attempt to make the most of the foot marks but it will be difficult to remove a right-handed batsman from that angle. Fulton is happy to use his pad to defend the over and it's a maiden.

NZ 67-1Well, England may have a problem. Anderson's spell comes to a premature end and it's clear that he's struggling with some sort of injury. It is Jonathan Trott who takes over bowling duties. Williamson takes a single behind point midway through the over and that's the only run scored in Trott's opener.

NZ 67-1Panesar gets one to explode out of the rough and the ball just misses the top of off-stump. Prior is full of praise for his teammate but Williamson survives a testing over.

NZ 71-1Trott is nudged away for two runs by Fulton early in a new over. The opener looks at ease against the medium pace, flicking the ball off his hip for a couple more.

NZ 72-1Panesar is slightly too short, allowing Williamson to push a single into the leg-side. The off-spinner increases his pace slightly, forcing Fulton to move his feet more. Just one run from the over, four more overs left in the day.

NZ 77-1The short two-over spell from Trott is over and Broad is back into the attack as we approach stumps. Williamson leaves the ball well outside off-stump before the fifty partnership is reached thanks to five wides from a Broad bouncer.

NZ 77-1It's another impressive over from Panesar and he's agonisingly close to finding the edge when Fulton plays an expansive drive outside off-stump. Maiden over. Cook would love to take a second wicket before the close of play.

NZ 77-1Broad completes his final over of the day and it's a maiden. New Zealand will be glad to see the back of him but there's one more over to negotiate.

NZ 77-1Close of play: it's another superb over from Panesar but Fulton manages to hold firm and blocks out a maiden. It's certainly been England's day but the hosts have battled hard in the final session of the day.

4.45amNew Zealand still trail by 134 runs but they'll begin day four with nine wickets in hand. Fulton has 41, while Williamson has batted stubbornly for his 16 runs.

4.47amBroad will surely take the plaudits today after taking six wickets in the first innings but England know they have a tough task ahead of them if they are to take a series lead.

4.51amThanks for joining me today but make sure you return to Sports Mole on day four as England go in search of a victory.

Stuart Broad
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