Live Commentary: England vs. New Zealand - as it happened

Live Commentary: England vs. New Zealand - as it happened
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Live text coverage of the first Twenty20 contest between England and New Zealand at The Oval that proves to be a cracker.

England and New Zealand met on Tuesday evening in the first of two Twenty20 internationals at The Oval.

The Kiwis were asked to bat first and they managed to post an imposing total of 201-4 from their 20 overs, with Hamish Rutherford (62) and Brendon McCullum (68) both scoring half-centuries.

England made a good start to their reply and looked on course to record a victory as Luke Wright (52) punished the New Zealand bowlers with some big hitting in the middle of the innings.

However, the Kiwis took important wickets late on to halt England's progress and Corey Anderson held his nerve in the final over to secure a five-run win for his side.

Read below to find out how New Zealand took the lead in the two-match series.

6.00pmGood evening everyone. The Champions Trophy has only just finished but we have more international cricket tonight. England's hectic schedule continues with a two-match Twenty20 series against New Zealand. Plenty of regulars have been given a rest, so tonight's game is very important for a few members of the squad. The Kiwis will be desperate to end the tour of England on a high.

6.02pmEoin Morgan captains England tonight as Stuart Broad, along with a number of other players, take a break ahead of the Ashes.

6.02pmBREAKING NEWS: Morgan beats Brendon McCullum at the toss and England will bowl first.

6.05pmIt looks a decent pitch at The Oval, so there's no surprise that Morgan wants to chase. McCullum admits that he would have bowled too.

6.06pmNEW ZEALAND: Rutherford, Franklin, B. McCullum, Taylor, Latham, Munro, N. McCullum, Anderson, Butler, Hira, McClenaghan

6.07pmENGLAND: Hales, Lumb, Wright, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Stokes, Woakes, Tredwell, Dernbach, Rankin

6.10pmPlenty of fresh faces in both teams following the Champions Trophy. The Kiwis have gone for a mix of youth and experience. It's an exciting team for England supporters to look at too as Ben Stokes, Alex Hales and Michael Lumb all given a chance to impress. Giant bowler Boyd Rankin makes his debut for the hosts.

6.11pmMorgan talking to Sky Sports: "I hope we perform well and hopefully we'll get a win. It's about getting a win at all costs. I enjoy captaining the side, it gives me an extra buzz. I get off on guys that do well under my wing. The big man [Rankin] is going to make his debut. I've played a lot of cricket with him since the age of 11."

6.13pmThere's more good news for England tonight. Kevin Pietersen is present at The Oval and he'll make his international return in the second T20 on Thursday evening. Judging by his comeback century for Surrey, he's certainly found some form.

6.17pmAlthough they sometimes struggle for positive results in this format, New Zealand definitely have the potential to excite in these contests. McCullum, Hamish Rutherford and Ross Taylor are all batsmen that can punish any wayward bowling from England tonight.

6.21pmThe Oval is filling up pretty nicely now as the excitement builds ahead of the start of the match. Everyone will be hoping for some big hitting tonight.

6.24pmIt's difficult to label either side as favourites for tonight's game due to the new-look England team. If Brendon McCullum fires, it's usually a safe bet to say the Kiwis will do well.

6.26pmStokes is certainly one to keep an eye out for tonight. The Durham all-rounder was sent home from the Lions tour of Australia in the winter but he seems to have matured since then and his ability is unquestionable.

6.29pmMorgan has his side in a huddle in the outfield as New Zealand openers Rutherford and James Franklin prepare to get started.

6.29pmIt will be Rankin, on his debut, who opens the bowling for England. Definitely one of the more intimidating fast bowlers around at the moment. Here we go then.

NZ 1-0Rankin immediately finds a good length, encouraging a wild drive from Rutherford early in the over. A cut behind point brings a single.


NZ 1-1Superb start for Rankin as he catches the inside edge with a 90mph delivery and Buttler reacts superbly to take a good catch behind the stumps. Franklin heads back inside for a golden duck, time for Brendon McCullum.

NZ 6-1Rankin strays down the leg-side and is punished for a wide. McCullum leaves a good short ball before driving the next delivery straight past the bowler for four. Six runs and a wicket from Rankin's first over.

NZ 25-1It's Chris Woakes who opens the bowling alongside his Warwickshire teammate. The seamer is too straight early in the over and Rutherford flicks the ball over the fielders on the leg-side for four. A similar shot follows just two balls later but it's even better from Rutherford as he earns six over mid-wicket. Woakes responds with a fuller delivery that gets lofted down the ground for four more. Excellent batting from Rutherford, who then sneaks a single on the off-side. Woakes fails to stop the flow of runs as his final delivery is drilled through the off-side by McCullum for another boundary. 19 scored in the over.

NZ 34-1Rutherford backs away to open up the off-side but he can't connect with a cut shot at the start of the over. The left-handed opener uses the pace from Rankin well to guide the next delivery past point for four runs. New Zealand's positive start continues as Rutherford heaves four more over mid-wicket when Rankin drops his length. Plenty of pressure on captain Morgan at the moment. Just one more single in the over.

NZ 42-1Woakes is removed from the attack after just one over as Jade Dernbach is thrown the ball. Rutherford's thrilling cameo almost comes to an end when cuts the ball to Bopara, who fails to hold on to a difficult catch at point. Could that turn out to be a big moment? McCullum nudges the next ball through mid-wicket for two runs. The New Zealand skipper then advances down the pitch but he's beaten by some clever bowling from Dernbach. McCullum enjoys some luck when a leading edge beats Dernbach and drops short of Woakes at mid-off. A good over is ruined when Rutherford crunches a wider ball over extra cover for four.

NZ 49-1Unbelievable shot from McCullum! The batsman takes on the shorter ball and his top edge sails into the stands behind him for a massive six. Rankin responds by hitting McCullum on the hand and the Kiwi skipper is forced to have some treatment on the injured area. He's fine to continue though and pushes the next ball into the leg-side for a quick single. Seven from the over. Just one more powerplay over to be bowled.

NZ 54-1Clever batting from McCullum to pick the slower ball and drive four runs straight down the ground. Dernbach varies his pace throughout the over, forcing McCullum to sit back in his crease to block. Rankin does well at short fine-leg to restrict McCullum to a single later in the over.

NZ 62-1There's another change of bowling as Stokes replaces Rankin. McCullum gets off strike with a single to fine-leg. Stokes, bowling in the mid-eighties, persists with a full length throughout the over. Rutherford pushes a run down the ground before McCullum lofts two more over cover. A thick edge beats the fielder at backward point and earns McCullum three more. Rutherford steals the strike with a single from the final ball of the over.

NZ 77-1Tredwell comes into the attack for the first time and England will be counting on a good spell from their spinner. A single is scored from each of the first two balls before Rutherford displays great timing to slog-sweep for a huge six. It gets better for Rutherford, who tests the supporters by striking another maximum straight down the ground. One more single makes it 15 from Tredwell's first over. Rutherford has raced to 46 from 24 balls, while McCullum has 30.

NZ 87-1Bopara comes on for a bowl and there's a few laughs when the medium pacer delivers a big wide-ball. A straighter ball is followed by another wide, this time down the leg-side. Rutherford pushes a single to long-off and McCullum rotates the strike again with a run to deep point. A quick run is taken to short fine-leg before McCullum takes advantage of some width to fire four through point. One more run means it's 10 from the over. Fantastic batting from New Zealand.

NZ 104-1McCullum mistimes his shot horribly over extra cover but he finds the gap and collects two at the start of Tredwell's over. A combination of Wright and Stokes prevents a pull shot from reaching the rope. McCullum reverse sweeps for a single to give the strike to his partner and Rutherford reaches his HALF-CENTURY when he pulls a shorter delivery behind square for four. The left-handed opener collects two more to long-off and ends the over with a superb shot over long-on for six. Great batting from Rutherford and he now has 60 from 30 balls.

NZ 113-1Stokes returns for a second over and he's dismissed as a threat by McCullum, who smashes four runs through extra cover. Rutherford thinks a single is on when his partner pushes the ball to cover but his call is rejected and he's fortunate to see Morgan miss the stumps with his throw. A wide is followed by two runs over cover. McCullum misses with two wild heaves as he targets the leg-side but does earn two more with a pull from the final ball.

NZ 115-1Luke Wright is the latest bowler to be thrown the ball by Morgan. Rutherford's drive squeezes past Morgan at extra cover and he finds two runs. Wright persists with a wide line but he's saved by Bopara, who fields superbly at backward point when a full-toss is delivered.


NZ 115-2England finally make the breakthrough when Rutherford skies his shot to Hales, who comes in from long-off to take a simple catch. A brilliant partnership comes to an end. Ross Taylor in next for New Zealand.

NZ 116-2McCullum reaches 50 with a single from the final ball of a very good Wright over. England will be wary of the threat posed by the visiting skipper.

NZ 123-2Rankin returns to the attack but he starts poorly as he strays onto the pads to concede four leg-byes. Another leg-bye allows McCullum to hand the strike to Taylor. The new batsman gets off the mark with a single through point and his captain adds another through the same area. Decent over following a poor start from Rankin.

NZ 134-2McCullum survives a big lbw appeal when he misses a reverse sweep. Wright is disappointed but there's no review available to England tonight. Taylor nudges two through square-leg before adding another couple when Dernbach fumbles the ball at deep extra cover. A wider delivery is steered through the off-side for a single. McCullum finds a run to long-off before a thick edge from Taylor races to the rope for four.

NZ 156-2Bopara is back into the attack but it's a sloppy start to the over as he beats Buttler down the leg-side to concede four wides. McCullum takes on a fuller delivery to launch a big six over mid-wicket and the crowd get excited as a fan takes the catch. A low full-toss is drilled over extra cover for four more. McCullum then pulls powerfully to collect a single. Taylor stumbles as he attempts to make contact with another wide from Bopara. A single gives the strike back to McCullum, who reaches the boundary for the third time in the over with four through extra cover.

NZ 156-2England need to wrestle back some control. New Zealand are on course for a big score at the moment.

NZ 161-2Taylor guides two runs through a vacant space on the off-side before nudging Wright to long-on for a single. McCullum pulls a short ball to a fielder in the deep for one.


NZ 162-3McCullum's superb innings comes to an end when Wright hits the stumps with a good full delivery. Clever bowling from Wright, who has impressed tonight. Tom Latham in next for the Kiwis.

NZ 162-3Latham drives his first ball to long-off for a single and he'll keep the strike. Four overs left in the innings. New Zealand will be looking for 200.

NZ 173-3Dernbach returns for a new spell and surprises Latham with a good bouncer at the start of the over. A second short ball is slightly wayward and the bowler is punished for a wide. Latham opens the face to guide a single to third-man before Taylor adds another run to deep cover. Dernbach beats the outside edge with one that leaves the batsman later. Latham miscues a pull shot but still earns two runs on the leg-side. The new batsman's luck continues as he top edges a bouncer over Buttler and the rope for six.

NZ 185-3Wright begins the 18th over by conceding two singles from his first two deliveries. Taylor's timing is there for everyone to see as he punches the ball straight down the ground for a six. Michael Lumb produces a fantastic piece of fielding at deep extra cover to stop Taylor's drive reaching the rope. A total of 12 runs from Wright's final over.

NZ 194-3Stokes is back into the attack for the penultimate over. Latham is happy to give the strike to Taylor as he guides a run to third-man. Stokes delivers a full-toss and Taylor happily pulls the ball over mid-wicket for four. The bowler responds well but he can't stop a single being taken to third-man. Latham backs away but fails to make contact with a cut shot. Tredwell's mistake at mid-wicket allows Latham to sneak two when he should have only scored a single. One more run makes it nine from the over.

NZ 194-3It's going to be a big score from New Zealand, that's a certainty but Dernbach must complete a good over here.

NZ 200-3Dernbach begins with a dot ball but his mood doesn't improve when a thick edge sails past Buttler and travels to the rope for four. The bowler fires in a fuller, wider delivery and it's another dot ball. Dernbach thinks he has a wicket when Latham lofts the ball over extra cover but Stokes slips and in the end does very well to get a hand on the ball.


NZ 200-4Latham slices an attempted heave into the leg-side and Bopara is able to take a simple catch at point. Good cameo from Latham. Just one ball left in the innings. Taylor is at the crease.

NZ 201-4Impressive from Dernbach to restrict Taylor (32*) to just a single on the off-side. Munro doesn't face a ball. New Zealand will be very happy with that batting display.


8.07pmEngland will have to apply themselves very well to reach that difficult target. There'll be very little time for low-scoring overs and a good start is a necessity.

8.09pmThere is definitely enough quality in England's batting lineup for the hosts to score 202. Hales, Lumb and Wright have a big role to play at the top of the order. Morgan and Buttler could be asked to put on a show later in the innings. New Zealand will attempt to take pace off the ball on what looks a very good pitch at The Oval.

8.14pmIt's just a quick break at The Oval. McCullum is speaking to his men in the outfield. Lumb and Hales look like they're ready to begin, the latter will be hoping he can find some form following a difficult run in county cricket. Mitchell McClenaghan will bowl the first over.

ENG 3-0McClenaghan immediately finds some movement in the air to beat Lumb's outside edge. The opener misses again outside off-stump as he looks to play the cover drive. Lumb gets off the mark with a single on the leg-side. Hales clips the ball behind square on the leg-side for a couple of runs. Good start from McClenaghan.

ENG 14-0Ian Butler opens the bowling alongside McClenaghan. The seamer strays onto the pads early in the over and Lumb takes advantage to hit a six over square-leg, with a supporter taking a great catch in the crowd. Butler is too straight throughout the early stages of the over, with Lumb collecting a single before England are gifted a leg-bye. Lumb lofts a wider ball over the fielders on the off-side and the placing of the shot allows the England duo to run three.

ENG 39-0Lumb shuffles across his crease to crunch McClenaghan over mid-wicket for four at the beginning of a new over. A powerful drive only brings a single to mid-off. Hales decides it's time to join in as he heaves a shorter delivery over square-leg for six runs. Oh, dear! Hales skies a big shot straight into the air but Rutherford can't take the catch at fine-leg when the ball eventually comes down and England pick up four. The umpire also signals a no-ball, meaning Hales has a free-hit to play with. McClenaghan does well to concede just a single from the extra delivery. Lumb lobs the ball over cover and the outfield is quick enough to provide another boundary. McClenaghan is too wide once again and Lumb drills four more over extra cover. Superb over for England, 25 runs scored.

ENG 50-0Nathan McCullum comes into the attack to bowl the fourth over. Hales doesn't take any time to get used to the spinner as he lofts the first ball over mid-on for four. A chip past the fielder at short mid-wicket brings a single. Lumb isn't concerned by the slower bowler either and he launches a huge six over long-on.


ENG 50-1Great comeback from McCullum and New Zealand make the crucial breakthrough. A quicker delivery hits the inside edge before deflecting off the boot and hitting the stumps. Wright in next for England.

ENG 54-1Wright wastes no time out in the middle as he drills his first ball through extra cover for four. 15 runs and a wicket from the over.

ENG 60-1It's spin from both ends as Ronnie Hira comes into the attack. Hales backs away to cut the first ball through the off-side to earn four. Brendon McCullum does superbly at cover to block a drive from Hales. A shorter ball is pulled into the leg-side for a single. Wright uses his feet well to flick a run to deep square-leg. Six from Hira's first over.

ENG 67-1It's Corey Anderson's turn to bowl his medium pace. A good stop at mid-wicket restricts Wright to a single early in the over. Hales shuffles across the crease to clip the ball through square-leg and earn two runs. Anderson is too straight a ball later and he's punished as Hales beats Butler at short fine-leg to collect four.

ENG 67-1England have started the reply well and are probably exactly where they'd like to be following the six powerplay overs.

ENG 76-1A single is taken from each of Hira's first two deliveries in the over. Wright drills the third ball straight past the bowler and he beats the fielders down the ground to collect four. A push through cover from Wright is followed by one to deep mid-wicket. Wright nudges one more run to long-on to steal the strike at the end of the over.

ENG 82-1Wright pulls a single to deep square-leg at the start of Anderson's over. Hales cuts through the off-side but some good fielding restricts the batsman to just one run. The England duo trade singles again before Wright adds two more with a pull to deep mid-wicket.

ENG 90-1Big slice of luck for Hales as Latham fails to gather the ball after the batsman had advanced down the pitch and missed his shot. Hales piles on the misery with four over mid-wicket. Three singles are added in the next thee deliveries. Wright enjoys some luck of his own when a sliced shot lands in a gap on the off-side. Eight from the over. New Zealand were 87-1 at this stage in their innings.

ENG 103-1Nathan McCullum is back into the attack following his one over earlier. Wright skips down the pitch to nudge a couple of runs to long-on. McCullum loses his accuracy and delivers an ugly full-toss to allow Wright to pull the ball over square-leg for four. Wright hits a second full-toss wide of the fielder at long-on for four more a ball later. A wide is followed by a single on the leg-side. Hales makes it 13 from the over with an easy run to long-on.

ENG 105-1Hales gets off strike at the start of Hira's over. Wright readjusts his stance well to cut the ball through point for a single.


ENG 105-2Hales targets another boundary when Hira delivers a full-toss but he doesn't make great contact with his shot and picks out Franklin at deep mid-wicket. Captain Morgan in next.

ENG 114-2Wright pushes two runs to deep extra cover. Hira delivers a wide before serving up a juicy full-toss to allow Wright to launch a massive six into the stands on the leg-side.

ENG 121-2McClenaghan returns to the attack with England needing 88 more runs. Morgan pushes his first ball to mid-off to complete a quick run. Wright is too late with his pull shot when the bowler fires in a bouncer. A cut through point brings a single before Morgan guides a run to third-man. Wright just beats Rutherford at mid-off to earn four from the final ball of the over.

ENG 127-2Franklin comes into the attack for the first time. Morgan, knowing that the fielders are on the rope on the leg-side, cleverly nudges a couple of runs through mid-wicket. A flick to short fine-leg brings a single before Wright adds another to long-off. Morgan lofts the final ball over extra cover for a couple more. Good over from Franklin.

ENG 134-2Butler returns for a new spell. Hira is unlucky in the deep on the leg-side as he does fantastically to get a hand on a pull from Wright but fails to stop the boundary. Wright moves to his HALF-CENTURY with a single through square-leg and that milestone has arrived in just 29 balls. Morgan pulls through mid-wicket for one before Wright adds another to deep point.


ENG 134-3It looked a strange decision from McCullum to put Taylor at slip but a fantastic piece of fielding has removed Morgan. England's skipper flashes hard outside off-stump and Taylor reacts superbly to take an amazing one-handed catch. Bopara in next for England.

ENG 136-3Bopara nudges his first ball into the leg-side for a couple of runs. England still need 66 runs to win. Six overs left in the match.

ENG 139-3Wright targets a big slog over mid-wicket but he misses McClenaghan's first ball of the over. A late cut brings a single to third-man and Bopara adds another run with a similar shot. Latham appeals for caught behind when Wright misses with the pull but there's no reaction from the umpire. McClenaghan pushes the next delivery too wide and he's punished.


ENG 139-4Big wicket for the Kiwis! Wright edges the final ball of the over to Latham, who takes a good low catch. England still have plenty left to do from here. Fantastic bowling from McClenaghan.

ENG 148-4Bopara picks up a single at the start of Butler's over. A leg-bye allows new batsman Jos Buttler to get off strike. Bopara punches a shorter ball through the off-side for one before Buttler scores a much needed boundary with four over extra cover. Buttler adds two more through square-leg. Nine from the over but that's not enough.

ENG 167-4The returning Anderson pushes one across Bopara at the start of a new over. Bopara looks in trouble when he pulls towards Butler at short fine-leg but the fielder reacts poorly and England have four runs. Anderson delivers a fuller ball and Bopara responds by drilling four more over cover. Rutherford fields impressively in the deep on the leg-side to restrict Bopara to two. Anderson begins to lose his accuracy as he delivers a wide before being clipped into the stand behind square on the leg-side for six. Nathan McCullum does superbly at mid-wicket to prevent another boundary. It's a great over for England, with 19 runs being scored. 35 needed from three overs.

ENG 176-4It's Nathan McCullum who comes back to bowl the 18th over. Buttler nudges the first ball into the leg-side for two runs. There's plenty of space on the leg-side and Buttler takes advantage again to earn a couple more. A single to fine-leg hands the strike to Bopara, who sweeps over square-leg for two. McCullum then delivers a precious dot ball before Bopara adds one more run to fine-leg.

ENG 184-4Butler is trusted to bowl the 19th over for the Kiwis. However, Buttler brings out his trademark ramp shot as he shuffles across his crease to somehow scoop six over fine-leg. Good response from the bowler but England still manage to sneak a leg-bye. Bopara heaves a slower full-toss over mid-wicket but only for a single.


ENG 185-5Buttler misses with the ramp shot this time. Bopara still wants to hurry a single though. I'm giving Latham some credit here but it looks like the wicketkeeper aims for the non-striker's end and he hits to dismiss Buttler.

ENG 186-5Bopara slogs the ball into the leg-side for a single to give the strike to Stokes, who has replaced Buttler at the crease. Stokes guides a run to third-man. England will need 16 from the final over.

ENG 186-5It's Anderson who is given the task of bowling the final over. Tense few moments coming up at The Oval.

ENG 195-5Great start to the over for England as Stokes hits a six over mid-wicket. 10 runs needed. Good response from Anderson to deliver a dot ball as Stokes swings wildly outside off-stump. Stokes finds a single to long-on to give the strike to Bopara. Nine needed from three. Anderson fires one into the hip and England can only find a leg-bye. Stokes then punches a single to long-on and England need six runs to force a super over.

ENG 196-5NEW ZEALAND WIN BY FIVE RUNS! Bopara can only pull a single behind square on the leg-side and that confirms the victory for New Zealand. It's been a fantastic match at The Oval but Anderson held his nerve there to secure the win for his side.

9.58pmThere's been plenty of criticism about the scheduling of these two matches but you won't hear anyone inside The Oval complaining about what they've seen. We've seen some great shots and some clever bowling but in the end it's New Zealand who manage to sneak over the line.

9.59pmEngland looked like they were on course for a brilliant win but a couple of key wickets gave the control to the Kiwis. Morgan will be disappointed his side couldn't claim the win but he'll have a second chance on Thursday.

10.01pmYou can join me for that game on Thursday at 6pm when a certain Kevin Pietersen is also expected to make his England return. Thanks for joining me tonight. Goodbye.

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England's James Anderson celebrates clean bowling New Zealand's Martin Guptill during the ICC Champions Trophy match on June 16, 2013
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