Live Commentary: The Ashes - Fourth Test, day one - as it happened

Live Commentary: The Ashes - Fourth Test, day one - as it happened
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Live text coverage of the fourth Ashes Test as England look to secure a series victory over Australia.

England started day one of the fourth Ashes Test knowing that they would secure a series win over Australia by avoiding defeat.

The hosts won the toss and elected to bat first at Chester-le-Street, with Alastair Cook (51) and Jonathan Trott (49) both making contributions as England found themselves in a decent position on 149-2.

However, England failed to build on their promising start and started to lose wickets at regular intervals as Australia fought back impressively to reduce their opponents to 238-9, with Nathan Lyon recording figures of 4-42.

Read below to find out how the drama unfolded on the opening day at Chester-le-Street.

10.30amGood morning everyone. England may have retained the Ashes but that doesn't mean the summer's entertainment has to come to an end. The cricket roadshow has moved on to Chester-le-Street for the fourth Test. Will England win the series in Durham? Can Australia keep their hopes of a draw alive?

10.31amBREAKING NEWS: England have won the toss and the hosts will bat first. One change for Australia, with Jackson Bird replacing Mitchell Starc. England are unchanged.

10.33amENGLAND: Cook, Root, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Bairstow, Prior, Bresnan, Broad, Swann, Anderson

AUSTRALIA: Rogers, Warner, Khawaja, Clarke, Smith, Watson, Haddin, Siddle, Harris, Bird, Lyon

10.35amThere's always a feeling that you could bowl at Chester-le-Street but the pitch looks pretty good and Michael Clarke confirmed that he would have also batted had he won the toss.

10.36amA few reports this morning suggested that Graham Onions may have been picked on his home ground but Alastair Cook has resisted the opportunity to change his attack.

10.37amStarc failed to impress enough to keep his place in the side. Big few days for Bird, who is rated very highly down under. The seamer boasts impressive control and the pitch in Durham could suit his style of bowling. There will be something in it for the bowlers this morning.

10.38amCook: "It was quite a tough decision to bat first but it looks a dry wicket so we'll try to get a score on the board. We are unchanged, although Graham Onions came close to selection and is pushing his name closer and closer."

10.40amCounty bowlers do enjoy the trip up to Durham to play at Chester-le-Street. There's certainly runs on offer, but the bowler will always have a chance on this pitch. 350 could be a good first innings score.

10.42amIn four Test matches Australia have now used 16 players. That's a real worry for a team which clearly doesn't know its best side.

10.44amThere's a few dark clouds around the ground but it's pretty warm too. According to the forecast I've seen, we could see some showers later this afternoon.

10.48amThis match has the potential to be a thriller. There's something in it for the bowlers and that batsmen will have to bring their best form to cash in. It's certainly not a flat deck.

10.50amYou have to feel for Onions. This match looked made for the seamer but England have once again stuck with their bowlers. If he doesn't play in this game, when will he play?

10.53amChester-le-Street is filling up nicely now. A good crowd is expected for all five days. Will they see England win the Ashes for the third series in a row? The action is just over five minutes away.

10.56amBoth sides are heading out to the middle now. As always, it will be a very important first session. Australia need a good start, wickets are needed.

10.59amCook and Root have pumped fists for one final time before the start of the match. Clarke throws the shiny new ball to Harris, who will bowl the first over. The wait is over. Play!

ENG 1-0Harris oversteps the mark early in the over and he's punished for the no-ball. Cook wisely pulls his bat away when Harris finds some extra bounce just outside off-stump. Harris loses his line as the over progresses and Cook has no problem with letting the ball travel through to Brad Haddin.

ENG 3-0Jackson Bird is trusted to open the bowling with Harris. The seamer is slightly too short and Root opens the face to steer a couple of runs past gully. Bird settles on a good length and finds the edge, but Root breathes a sigh of relief when the ball drops short of Clarke at second slip. Five dot balls complete the over. Good start for Bird.

ENG 3-0Harris is definitely the quicker of the two opening bowlers and his extra pace is clear as Haddin takes a couple of deliveries at chest height. Cook is not interested in nibbling at a series of wider balls from Harris. The England skipper finally plays a shot, but it's a defensive one. Maiden over.

ENG 3-0Root is, as usual, eager to sit on the back foot against the seamer. Bird is doing a better job than Harris in forcing the batsman to play. Not too much drastic movement for Bird, who completes a good maiden over.

ENG 7-0Cook is finally encouraged to play at a wider ball, with Harris beating the bat with some late movement. Haddin is forced to dive to block a wayward delivery down the leg-side and England take advantage to sneak a bye. Harris is punished for another no-ball when he misses the line again. Good cricket from Root to push a quick single into the off-side to get off strike. Cook finally gets off the mark with a single of his own to fine-leg.

ENG 7-0Bird finds a very good line and length to Cook, who is forced to play early in the over. It's steady from England and they haven't been threatened too often yet. Maiden over for Bird. Cook 1* Root 3*

ENG 11-0Root pushes a fuller ball through the covers but some good fielding from Warner restricts the batsman to a single. Harris searches for the wonder delivery to Cook but his line is slightly wrong and a leg-bye is taken. Root pulls a shorter ball through fine-leg and Bird does well to force the batsman to settle for two.

ENG 15-0Bird strays onto Cook's pads, allowing the England skipper to clip three runs through square-leg. Root is beaten by a beauty from Bird, who finds some big swing to beat the outside edge. The bowler is too straight again late in the over and Root nudges a run into the leg-side.

ENG 17-0First bowling change of the morning as Shane Watson comes into the attack to replace Harris. The all-rounder starts with a loose delivery and is punished by the umpire for a wide. Watson gets one in the right area before being penalised for another wide. Root looks more than comfortable against the seamer. Sloppy start for Watson.

ENG 17-0Cook, who has 4 from 30 balls at the start of the over, is searching for some freedom as he flirts with a wider delivery from Bird. Good variation in length from the bowler to invite the stroke. Cook's feet are getting in some bad positions in the over but he struggles through to survive. It's a maiden.

ENG 18-0Watson begins the over with a full length before trying to surprise Root with a short ball. No such luck as Root pulls a single to mid-wicket. Cook pulls his bat away from one that just nips away outside off-stump. England haven't scored a boundary yet.

ENG 24-0Root pulls again, this time for two to deep square-leg. The Yorkshire ace thinks there may be a single on offer at cover but Cook quickly rejects the call when Rogers approaches the ball. Root finally finds England's first boundary of the morning with a sweet drive through cover for four.

ENG 31-0Beautiful stroke from Cook as he makes it two boundaries in a row with four down the ground when Harris returns for a new spell. Cook is starting to look more comfortable at the crease as he defends solidly before clipping three more runs through mid-wicket.

ENG 31-0Bird persists with pushing the ball across Cook, who keeps his bat away from the danger outside off-stump. Just one shot played in the over by Cook and it's a defensive one. Time for a drinks break. Solid first hour for England.

ENG 31-0No thrills from England, but no wickets either. Australia will need a wicket before lunch, or batting will become much easier. Cook 11* Root 14*

ENG 33-0Harris is struggling to hit a consistent line in this first session, especially when the strike is rotated. The right-handed Root nudges a single to his left-handed partner, who pushes another run wide of the man at mid-on. Good end to the over for Harris when he beats the bat as Root drives outside off-stump.

ENG 33-0Still no Peter Siddle, which is a little bit of a surprise. Watson is back into the attack and he's wayward again to force Haddin into a good take down the leg-side. Screams from Watson and Haddin for lbw but Tony Hill shakes his head. Hawkeye shows the ball pitched outside leg-stump, good decision. Maiden over from Watson.

ENG 34-0There's a stifled appeal for lbw when Harris hits Root's pads with one that is drifting down the leg-side. Good cricket from Root as he prods the ball into the off-side to hurry a single. Much better from Harris. Batting looks a bit easier than some people may have expected this morning.

ENG 34-0Root is happy to leave the ball alone outside off-stump as Watson begins a new over.


ENG 34-1Australia make the breakthrough! The tourists are convinced they have Root caught behind when the opener nibbles at one outside off-stump. No movement from the umpire and Root refuses to walk off. Australia review the decision and Hotspot shows a small edge on the outside of the bat. Watson has his wicket. Trott is the new batsman.

ENG 34-1There's a leg-slip in place for Trott, who was caught down the leg-side by Haddin in the last Test. The new arrival plays at a leg-side delivery but there's no contact this time. It's a wicket maiden for Watson.

ENG 35-1Clarke finally turns to Siddle. The seamer is too straight early in his over and Cook takes advantage to nudge a single through square-leg. Siddle asks the question by firing in a short ball at Trott, who calmly ducks out of the way.

ENG 35-1Cook looks comfortable for the majority of Watson's over but he's left driving down the wrong line when the bowler gets one to nip away from the bat. England's skipper isn't sure whether to get forward or stay back after that delivery. Maiden over. Pressure building.

ENG 46-1Siddle catches the edge, but the ball drops short and Trott gets off the mark with a fortunate boundary. Trott plays a far more convincing shot to pick up three more through mid-wicket. Siddle is punished by Aleem Dar for a big no-ball. Cook pushes the ball wide of the man at cover to find three runs, before hurrying a single to short cover. Good over for England. Cook 16* Trott 7*

ENG 51-1Watson is too full to Cook, who clips a couple of runs off his toes. Great reply from the bowler to invite a false shot from the batsman outside off-stump. Cook splits the fielders on the leg-side to earn three.

ENG 51-1Cook is still feeling for the ball outside off-stump as Siddle tests the England skipper with a nagging line. The opener does get the opportunity to free his arms late in the over but he fails to beat point with his cut shot. It's a maiden over.

ENG 51-1The bowling has been good from Australia since Root was forced to depart. Trott looks a man out of form as he tentatively plays at the ball outside off-stump. Watson tests his technique and almost sneaks through with one that nips back later in the over. It's another maiden. Cook 21* Trott 7*

ENG 51-1Siddle does a good job of forcing Cook to play in his latest over. No freedom on offer for the England skipper. Siddle completes another maiden. England have their eye on lunch.

ENG 54-1Bird returns to the attack for a new spell as lunch approaches. Trott steers the ball through the covers for a couple of runs. Another push into the off-side brings Trott a single. Good leave from Cook when he trusts the extra bounce to take the ball over off-stump. Three from the over.

ENG 57-1Siddle goes slightly wider on the crease to invite the drive from Trott, who gets enough bat on ball to survive but not enough to find a run. Trott shuffles across his crease to guide the ball through mid-wicket for three runs.

ENG 57-1LUNCH: Slow and steady wins the race? England have been disciplined this morning and have made it to the interval for the loss of just one wicket. Australia could have bowled better early on but we head into the break with things pretty even. Cook 21* Trott 13*

1.02pmThe outfield is lush, so it's not an easy ground to score runs quickly on. There's just enough in the pitch to keep the bowlers interested but it's certainly not a minefield out there. England need to continue to bat sensibly.

1.03pmWe'll take a quick break during the lunch interval. Join me in a round 30 minutes for coverage of the afternoon session.

1.34pmWelcome back everyone. That was a session to please the purists this morning. England battled hard and made it to the lunch break in a decent position. Australia were beginning to build pressure again, so the interval came at a good time for the hosts.

1.38pmThe players are heading out into the middle now. Australia could take control with a couple of early wickets in this session. Bird will bowl the first over. ENG 57-1 Cook 21* Trott 13*

ENG 62-1Trott takes advantage of a mistake at mid-wicket to get off strike midway through the over. Bird struggles to hit a consistent length and he's punished by Cook, who drills the ball through the covers for four.

ENG 66-1Harris comes into the attack following the lunch interval. Heart in mouth moment for Trott as he gets an inside edge on a drive. No sound of ball hitting the stumps though and Trott has four runs through fine-leg. Just the boundary from the over.

ENG 68-1Decent over from Bird. It's easy to see what the Australians like about the seamer. He's got a lovely action and he definitely has the ability to move the ball. Two for Cook in the over.

ENG 74-1Trott gets on top of the bounce well to tuck a single behind square on the leg-side. Cook opens the face to push a run into the off-side. Harris is too straight and Trott displays his skill off his hip with four through mid-wicket.

ENG 74-1Cook has left well today and he does so again in Bird's over. There's a hint of swing for the bowler, but not enough to worry the England captain. The hosts have looked solid since lunch. Cook 28* Trott 23*

ENG 78-1The returning Siddle is accurate for the majority of the over, forcing Trott to display his full range of defensive shots. A very good over is ruined when Trott takes advantage of some width to cut the ball past point for four.

ENG 82-1Too wide from Bird and Cook accepts the gift with a powerful drive in front of point for four. Bird responds well following the boundary, sending down five dot balls. Cook and Trott both look to be finding some form.

ENG 88-1Trott drives firmly through the covers for three to bring up the half-century partnership from the 101st ball. Cook quickly hands the strike back to his partner by sneaking a single. Trott rotates the strike again to keep the pressure on Siddle. Cook finds one more run to make it six from the over.

ENG 88-1First look at spin today as Clarke throws the ball to Nathan Lyon. There's a shout for lbw when Cook misses one that drifts into his pads but the umpire feels the ball would have missed leg-stump. Cook is happy to have a look at Lyon, who completes a maiden over.

ENG 89-1Trott picks up a single early in Siddle's over. Cook is wary of the one that nips back, but continues to leave the ball well outside off-stump. Just one from the over. Cook 34* Trott 32*

ENG 98-1Great batting from Trott as he drops to one knee to paddle-sweep Lyon through fine-leg for four. England live life dangerously when they call two to Warner in the deep. The throw is close but Cook would have been home anyway. Trott drives a fuller ball through the covers for three more to keep the strike.

ENG 106-1Poor from Siddle as he strays onto the thigh-pad and is clipped away for four by Trott. Two boundaries in a row for Trott when he drives the next delivery through the covers. Trott now has 49 from just 59 balls. Cook 34*

ENG 107-1An inside edge squirms behind square on the leg-side to give Cook a single.


ENG 107-2Lyon gets a wicket out of nowhere! An inside edge deflects off the pad and into the hands of Khawaja, who takes a very good catch at short-leg. Trott had looked so good, but he must head back inside. Pietersen in next.

ENG 110-2Wow! Pietersen attacks Lyon first ball and lofts two runs over mid-wicket. A single allows the ever-entertaining batsman to get off strike. Four runs and a wicket from Lyon's over.

ENG 111-2A thick inside edge frustrates Siddle, but gives Pietersen a single. Siddle goes straighter to Cook, who is disappointed to pick out the fielder at mid-wicket on two occasions in the over. England stuck on Nelson.

ENG 120-2Excellent timing from Pietersen, who drives a full delivery from Lyon down the ground for four. Pietersen comes skipping down the pitch again to loft four more over mid-off. A push towards the same fielder brings a quick single. Cook has no interest in copying his partner's style. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 120-2England were cruising with Trott at the crease, so that wicket really did come as a surprise. Pietersen looks as if he'll either get a century or be out very soon. Cook 35* Pietersen 13*

ENG 122-2A thick outside edge drops well short of the slips early in Siddle's over. Pietersen pushes the ball into the off-side and hurries a single. Cook still isn't sure whether to come forward to Siddle but he manages to find a single to square-leg.

ENG 126-2Clarke decides to take Lyon out of the firing line as Watson returns to the attack. Shot of the day from Cook when he drives the seamer through extra cover for four brilliant runs. Watson delivers a good over despite the boundary, conceding just four runs from the six balls.

ENG 128-2Harris returns to the attack for a new spell. The seamer is very accurate to Pietersen, who isn't offered the freedom he craves. A flick off the pad brings two to fine-leg, where Bird does superbly to prevent the boundary. Harris ends the over with a beauty to beat Pietersen on the outside edge.

ENG 130-2Watson finds a hint of movement to trouble Cook, who is happy to see a thick inside edge miss the stumps. Great line from Watson to beat the driving Pietersen outside off-stump. Chance! Pietersen calls Cook through for a single. England's captain is well short of his ground as Warner takes aim but the throw misses the stumps. Big risk taken by Pietersen there.

ENG 138-2Pietersen continues to attack as a wild drive earns four past the slips. Beautiful stroke from the same batsman later in the over when he whips Harris through mid-wicket for four more. Pietersen now has 25 from just 27 balls.

ENG 144-2Cook picks up a couple early in Watson's over. Watson drifts one into the pads and Cook whips the ball into the leg-side again. Lyon chases the ball and stops it from hitting the rope, but England respond well to run four. Cook 47* Pietersen 25*

ENG 149-2Bird is back into the attack as Australia look to end what could be a very dangerous partnership. Pietersen shuffles across his crease to earn a single to fine-leg midway through the over. 50! Bird hits the perfect spot but a thick edge brings four runs to Cook, who passes 50 thanks to the boundary. The England skipper has had to work very hard for that half-century, it's taken 153 balls.

ENG 149-2Lyon returns to the attack. I think this is a good move as Clarke knows Pietersen will want to attack. Lyon increases the stakes by coming round the wicket to the batsman. Will he think about a switch-hit?


ENG 149-3Switch hit, what switch-hit? The gamble pays off for Clarke as Lyon catches the outside edge, with Haddin taking a smart catch to send Pietersen packing. Huge wicket for the tourists!

ENG 149-3Ian Bell comes to the crease and blocks his first ball. I'm sure Bell's innings won't be quite as hectic as Pietersen's. Wicket maiden for Lyon.

ENG 149-3Bird settles on a good line and length to Cook, who leaves early on before slicing a drive to the fielder at point. A late leave almost goes wrong at the end of the over but a thick edge travels away from the stumps. Maiden over from Bird.

ENG 153-3Clever bowling from Lyon as he gets one to bounce and beat Bell's edge. Bell sits back to guide a couple of runs through the covers. A skip down the pitch results in a nudge straight to the fielder at mid-wicket. Bell opens up the off-side again to pick up two more at the end of the over.


ENG 153-4Oh dear, big misjudgment from Cook. The opener doesn't expect the ball to nip back and when it does, the England captain is trapped in front with his bat nowhere to be seen. Cook doesn't even think about reviewing when he sees the finger has been raised. Great bowling from Bird.

ENG 153-4Bairstow is the new batsman and he also has to nod his head when Bird produces another beauty to beat the outside edge. Fantastic over from Bird. Bell 4* Bairstow 0*

ENG 155-4Lyon's varying lengths bring Bell forward and back to defend in the over. A slightly wider delivery allows Bell to play his trusted late cut for two past point. Probably one more over left in the session.

ENG 155-4Bairstow is being forced to play at every ball from Bird. There's a hopeful appeal from Australia later in the over when Bird thinks he has taken a catch via a deflection off the boot. A quick replay proves the bowler wrong and Bairstow remains in the middle. Bird ends the over with a very impressive maiden.

ENG 155-4TEA: Good session of cricket for Australia. England threatened to take control at one stage but three crucial wickets mean this innings is delicately poised. Bell 6* Bairstow 0*

3.45pmIn truth, Australia probably wanted to continue that spell with two new players at the crease. Bird is looking in good rhythm and is forcing both batsmen to play.

3.49pmI believe anything over 300 is a competitive score on this pitch. There could be some uneven bounce later in the game for the seamers, and it won't necessarily become much easier for batsmen out there.

3.51pmEngland could do with a big partnership in this evening session. If these two can bat for the remainder of the day then England will be in control.

3.54pmI wouldn't be surprised if Clarke turns to Siddle after this tea break. The seamer has been Australia's most dependable bowler in the series and the tourists must apply some pressure when Bairstow and Bell reappear.

3.59pmThe players are coming back out of the changing rooms as we speak. It's a big session for both sides, who will be in charge later this evening? It will be Lyon who starts proceedings with the ball in hand. Bell 6* Bairstow 0*


ENG 155-5Bell goes just four balls into the session. He's always eager to use his feet against the spinner but his positive attitude gets him into trouble this time as he lofts the ball to mid-off, where Harris does superbly to take the catch on the run. Lyon has his third wicket. Australia in charge now.

ENG 155-5Prior comes to the crease and keeps out Lyon's first two ball. Australia have two new batsmen at the crease.

ENG 163-5Bairstow pushes Bird through the covers at the start of the over for two runs. The bowler is too straight a ball later and he concedes a couple more to deep mid-wicket. Bairstow leaves well outside off-stump, before driving a fuller ball past mid-on for four. Good over for the batsman.

ENG 168-5A delivery from Lyon evades both Prior and Haddin on its way to the rope. Four byes to England. Prior steers the ball past point for a single to get off the mark.

ENG 170-5Prior picks up a couple of runs early in Bird's over. Bird seems to have the ability to produce the wonder delivery out of nowhere and he almost claims a second wicket when one seams away past Prior's edge. Prior isn't looking assured at the crease at the moment, but he survives.

ENG 171-5Lyon continues from round the wicket. Bairstow collects a single early in the over. Prior attempts the sweep but makes no contact with the ball. Good accuracy from Lyon to keep it tight. Just a single to blemish a good over.

ENG 172-5Bairstow clips a full delivery into the leg-side for a single. Bird continues to force his opponents to play at almost every delivery. Prior continues to scratch around without success.

ENG 173-5Bairstow seems to be pretty confident against Lyon at the moment as he plays out another good over. Just the one run on offer for the batsman but he's playing the spinner very nicely at the moment.

ENG 183-5There's a bowling change for Australia as Harris comes on for Bird. Bairstow sits deep in his crease to nudge a single into the leg-side. Harris offers Prior some width and the batsman happily accepts the gift to hammer four runs through the covers. Prior makes it two boundaries in a row with a thick edge through third-man. A flick to fine-leg brings a single and makes it 10 from the over. Harris is far from amused.

ENG 183-5Prior goes after a wide one, with Warner responding brilliantly to stop the ball at backward point and keep the batsman on strike. Lyon keeps a tight to line to Prior following that gift outside off-stump. It's a maiden over. Bairstow 12* Prior 12*

ENG 184-5Bairstow is looking solid in defence. Harris oversteps the mark and is punished for the no-ball. The Yorkshire batsman plays a couple of firm shots down the ground but the fielder at mid-on blocks both efforts.

ENG 186-5Prior flicks Lyon to fine-leg for a couple of runs early in the over. A slightly shorter ball invites the cut shot but Prior doesn't make great contact and he's kept on strike. Lyon continues to test Prior's back-foot technique but the batsman is passing the exam at the moment.

ENG 186-5Harris hangs a few outside off-stump in an attempt to encourage a loose drive from Bairstow. No bites from the batsman though. Lyon, fielding at silly mid-on, continues to block Bairstow's passage to the rope down the ground.

ENG 187-5Watson returns to the attack as Lyon takes a well-earned rest. Siddle is off the field at the moment, surely he'll be back on for a new spell soon. Watson is typically accurate as he breezes through his over. Prior earns just one run with a clip to deep square-leg.

ENG 187-5We aren't made to wait any longer as Siddle returns to the attack. There's some definite movement for Siddle in the air, but it's not enough to worry Prior. A couple of drives travel straight to the fielder at cover. Prior cuts a wider ball but he mistimes his shot and fails to pick up a run. It's a maiden for Siddle on his return.

ENG 187-5There's a look of despair on Watson's face when Prior plays and misses outside off-stump. It's another good over from the all-rounder, who completes a maiden. Australia building pressure now. Bairstow 12* Prior 15*

ENG 188-5Prior opens the face just enough to earn a single past point. Siddle's accuracy is something to be admired. The seamer continues to threaten but he's met by some stubborn resistance from Bairstow.

ENG 188-5This is very good bowling from Watson. The seamer takes a couple away from Prior before targeting the batsman's stumps. An inside edge is close to rebounding into the stumps, but the ball hits the foot instead. Prior is happy to survive.

ENG 188-5Bairstow finally attempts to break out of his shell by taking on the short-ball and he's lucky not to top edge the ball with an ugly hook. The England duo have batted with great discipline for most of the session, but they must go on and make a score from here. Bairstow has 12 from 63 balls and Prior has 16 from 51.

ENG 189-5Lyon returns to the attack. Will these two target the spinner? Prior starts the over by pushing a quick single into a gap on the off-side. Lyon refuses to give Bairstow the freedom he craves and the batsman is forced to defend. It's time for another drinks break.

ENG 189-5Australia have been impressive since tea. Clarke's attack do a good job of keeping things tight when the batsmen begin to settle at the crease. It's slow but, with the pressure building, a wicket could come soon.

ENG 189-5Siddle goes very full to Prior, who can't help but pick out the fielder at cover. The bowler fires in a bouncer but, despite a swing, there's no contact from Prior.


ENG 189-6Massive appeal for lbw when Prior misses one that nips back in towards his pads. Australia review when the umpire shakes his head. Hawkeye shows that the ball would have struck leg-stump and the projected contact is enough to force a decision reversal. Great review from Clarke, Bresnan in next. Wicket maiden from Siddle.

ENG 189-6Big role for Bairstow as England to get out of a bit of trouble. The Yorkshire batsman sits deep in his crease to block out Lyon's over. Good control from the spinner today. Siddle will get to bowl at Bresnan.

ENG 191-6Brilliant bowling from Siddle. Bresnan leaves a couple, before playing and missing when Siddle gets one to nip away off the seam. The newest arrival to the crease gets off the mark with a couple through the covers. Siddle goes wider on the crease to force Bresnan into a good defensive stroke. Bairstow hasn't scored a run in over an hour. Bresnan 2* Bairstow 12*

ENG 193-6Bairstow ends his extended run of dot balls with a couple to deep square-leg.


ENG 193-7Bairstow must depart for a patient 14. Lyon gets one to straighten and hit the pad when Bairstow sweeps, prompting a raise of the finger from Tony Hill. Bairstow reviews the decision but Hawkeye sides with the on-field umpire.

ENG 193-7Stuart Broad is the new batsman. He has a tendency to struggle against spin early in his innings, so Lyon will fancy his chances. The spinner goes full to Broad, who digs a couple of deliveries out from beneath his toes. Lyon now has figures of 4-36.

ENG 194-7Bresnan gets good bat on a couple of deliveries, but he fails to pick the gap on either side of the wicket. Siddle fires in a bouncer but he pushes the limit too far, and is punished for a wide. Bresnan punches the ball off the back-foot late in the over but he once again finds the fielder.

ENG 195-7Broad's technique against spin might not be out of the textbook, but that won't stop him attacking Lyon. The left-handed batsman pushes one into the off-side and responds well to snatch a single. Bresnan is forced back in his crease to keep out a quicker ball. The second new ball is now available.

ENG 197-7Harris returns to the attack, with Australia choosing to persist with the old ball for now. Broad is surprised by a bouncer and does well avoid the danger. A flick off the pad brings a couple


ENG 197-8Moment of madness from Broad as he skies an ugly shot into the air on the off-side. Warner steadies himself to take an easy catch. I understand the urge to counter-attack but that was very poor from Broad. Swann in next.

ENG 199-8Bresnan picks up a single off a bouncer late in the over to steal the strike. Swann will stay off strike. Good over from Harris.

ENG 199-8Bresnan conducts himself well for the majority of the over, but can't help but sweep at one delivery, which he misses. Lyon completes a maiden over but he'll be disappointed not to force Bresnan into playing more often.

ENG 199-8No surprise to see Harris test Swann with the bouncer. Swann plays it well to avoid the danger. A couple of good blocks are followed by a loose shot outside off-stump when a ball keeps slightly low. Maiden over.

ENG 199-8Lyon delivers one slightly wider to Bresnan, who drives straight to the fielder at mid-off. The batsman remains on the back foot for most of the over. Good defence, but all of the pressure is on England at the moment.

ENG 205-8Six overs left in the day. Australia decide it's time to take the new ball. Swann gets on the front foot to whip four through id-wicket. Close! Harris responds by firing in a short-ball, which Swann pulls. The ball is in the air for a long time but sub fielder Phil Hughes doesn't commit to take the catch in the deep.

ENG 213-8Bird comes back into the attack to share the new ball with Harris. It's not a great start for the seamer, who witnesses Swann crunch the ball through the covers for four. A couple of dot balls are followed by another boundary when Swann drills a wider delivery past point. Good batting from Swann. Bresnan 3* Swann 13*

ENG 214-8Bresnan's firm drive is blocked at cover but he sneaks a single anyway, despite the threat posed by Rogers at mid-off.


ENG 214-9Swann is the next man to go when he pulls a short ball to Lyon, who barely has to move to collect the ball in the deep. It's another poor shot from an England batsman. Australia's day is just getting better. James Anderson is the new batsman.

ENG 214-9Bresnan is on strike for now. Harris beats the outside edge with one that leaves Bresnan. Good over from Harris. Anderson will be on strike to Bird.

ENG 222-9Bird does a good job of forcing Anderson to play early in the over. Anderson isn't finding the middle easily but he's doing just enough to keep the ball out. A fuller delivery is punched through mid-on for a boundary to give the Durham crowd something to cheer about. Shot! Bird is too full on leg-stump and Anderson looks every inch the top order batsman as he whips four more through mid-wicket.

ENG 233-9Harris fires in a short ball and Bresnan shows Swann how to do it by pulling powerfully for four runs. The seamer should be fuller to Bresnan but he refuses to learn his lesson as the Yorkshire ace picks up three more to deep mid-wicket. There's time in the over for Anderson to reach the rope with a thick edge past Steve Smith at third slip.

ENG 233-9This might be a good move from Clarke. Lyon is given the duty of bowling the final over of the day. Can he end the day with five wickets?

ENG 238-9Bresnan defends, before taking the opportunity to collect a single to deep mid-wicket midway through the over. Lyon is too short to Anderson, who sits back to drill four more valuable runs through the covers.

ENG 238-9CLOSE OF PLAY: England manage to survive the over and make sure they will return with bat in hand tomorrow morning. No question of whose day is it though. Australia have been superb throughout the day. Bresnan 12* Anderson 16*

6.32pmEngland will be bitterly disappointed with themselves this evening. Too many batsmen were dismissed playing poor shots. It's not a minefield out there, so it looks like England are destined for a below-par total.

6.33pmYou can't take anything away from Australia. Lyon, in particular, was brilliant today. The spinner wasn't expected to be the key man today but figures of 4-42 show how good he has been.

6.34pmThanks for joining me today. Australia will be delighted with their work, can they build on this start tomorrow? Join me at 10.30am to find out. Goodbye.

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Graham Onions
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