Live Commentary: The Ashes - First Test, day one - as it happened

Live Commentary: The Ashes - First Test, day one - as it happened
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Live text coverage of the opening day's play at Trent Bridge as England and Australia begin the contest for The Ashes.

England and Australia met at Trent Bridge on Wednesday in the first Test of the Ashes series.

Alastair Cook elected to bat first on what looked like a good pitch in Nottingham but Australia, inspired by Peter Siddle (5-50), shocked the hosts by dismissing them for 215 just after tea.

England responded well, taking four wickets in the evening session before Steven Smith (38*) steadied the ships for the tourists to lead his side to 75-4 at the close of play.

Read below to find out how events unfolded on day one at Trent Bridge.

10.00amIt's finally here. The first morning of the Ashes series. Months of build-up but the injuries, sackings, punch-ups and mind games come to an end today as England and Australia meet at Trent Bridge. We've got five Test matches to enjoy over the next few weeks. Who will hold their nerve?

10.02amBREAKING NEWS: It's the first morning of the Ashes series and we've already got our first big story at Trent Bridge. Ashton Agar, the 19-year-old spinner, will make his debut for the tourists today. Is that a gamble? Full team news will come at the toss.

10.04amWhat do we know about Ashton Agar? The youngster only made his first-class debut six months ago and has played just 10 matches for Western Australia. He'll be nervous but what an opportunity for the spinner.

10.05amIt's arguably one of the greatest rivalries in sport. The Ashes defines many careers. It's given us great entertainment over the years and this summer will surely be no different. Five Tests in England and five more in Australia in the winter.

10.09amEngland start the series as favourites but Alastair Cook's side won't have it all their own way this summer. Australia have lost plenty of experienced players over the past couple of years but they've got some exciting talent in their squad. The bowling attack, in particular, will relish this battle in English conditions.

10.13amI wonder just how important the toss could be today. It's a very dry pitch at Trent Bridge and there doesn't seem to be much green on the track. There's a few clouds around at the moment but I'd be surprised to see either captain choose to bowl this morning. Reverse swing and spin will become a factor later in the game.

10.17amIt wouldn't be an Ashes series without Kevin Pietersen. England's batsman divides opinion but his quality is undeniable. There were signs in the warm-up match that he has fully recovered from that knee injury and Australia will know better than anyone what Pietersen can do at the most vital of times.

10.19amIt looks like some more team news has just been revealed in Nottingham. Tim Bresnan and Steven Finn were both in conversation with Andy Flower before the trio shook hands on the outfield. Judging by the body language of both bowlers, it looks like Finn will play in this match.

10.22amRarely has there been a series that outlines the importance of a good captain as much as this one. Cook and Michael Clarke are two of the best players in the world at the moment. Both batsmen had good records before they took charge of their respective teams but their form since getting the jobs has been unbelievable. England have spoken of the importance of keeping Clarke quiet this summer. Cook, who scored 766 in the last series, will be aiming to lead from the front.

10.26amHere's a quick fact for you. Australia are the only visiting team to have won more matches than they have lost in England. They used to dominate this rivalry and they'll want to wrestle back some control this summer.

10.29amAdmittedly, as a young man who was attracted to the sport by THAT series in 2005, I miss Shane Warne and Andrew Flintoff. However, everywhere you look today there's a world-class players. What a few weeks we have ahead of us!


10.31amCook confirms he will bat first and does so with a smile on his face. The England skipper also confirms that Finn does complete the bowling attack. Clarke admits that he would have batted first but thinks his bowler's may benefit from the conditions this morning.

10.32amENGLAND: Cook, Root, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Bairstow, Prior, Broad, Swann, Finn, Anderson

10.33amAUSTRALIA: Watson, Rogers, Cowan, Clarke, Hughes, Smith, Haddin, Siddle, Pattinson, Starc, Agar

10.35amAs expected, David Warner misses out following his recent suspension for taking a swing at Root, who makes his Ashes debut at the top of the order. Steve Smith gets the nod at number six for the tourists.

10.37amIt looks like a very good toss to win for Cook. However, it could be tough against the new ball this morning with the conditions slightly overcast at the moment. It's a big first hour for both sides. A good start for England will give them hope of putting big runs on the scoreboard. Australia will be desperate for an early breakthrough.

10.40amA brass band is playing at Trent Bridge now as the two teams make their way down to the playing area. Cook and Clarke lead their men out now as the ground continues to fill up. Atmosphere building very nicely at Trent Bridge.

10.43amThe national anthems have been played. We're nearly there. The Ashes is just 15 minutes away.

10.46amRoot walks back into the dressing room to put his pads on with a huge smile on his face. Nothing seems to bother him, does it? Not even a punch in a Birmingham bar has slowed his progress. It's the biggest day of his career so far. Few doubt his ability, will Australia target the new opener?

10.49amI'm not sure if I've ever seen a man sing a national anthem as intensely as Michael Clarke just did. These Aussies are certainly a passionate bunch. I'd expect a few words and a couple of shorter balls to set the tone this morning.

10.53amI'm sure there will be some movement for the Australian bowlers this morning but Trent Bridge hasn't been it's usual inviting ground for bowlers this season. The head groundsman couldn't put his finger on it but suggested that it may spin later in the week.

10.57amAustralia are out in the middle again and they're greeted by a warm round of applause. There's plenty of green and gold in the stands at Trent Bridge.

10.58amCook and Root jog out to a standing ovation. It's a very special day in the cricket calendar. James Pattinson is going to open the bowling for Australia. Sit back and enjoy everyone. It's time for the Ashes to begin.

ENG 2-0Not quite sure why Pattinson gives Cook an aggressive stare as he's just started the over with a wide. The next delivery drifts down the leg-side and England sneak a bye. There's definitely some swing in the air but Pattinson's radar is off early on. It takes five deliveries for the bowler to force a shot from Root, who squeezes a thick edge along the ground to Smith in the gully. Two from the first over.

ENG 2-0This could be the real test for England. Mitchell Starc takes the new ball for the second over and the left-arm seamer is very dangerous. How will England cope?

ENG 6-0Starc immediately finds some swing but he's too wide to Cook, who leaves a couple before prodding the third ball to a fielder on the off-side. A straighter deliver is clipped off the pads in trademark fashion by Cook, who reaches the boundary for the first time. Starc's yorker is then well kept out by Cook.

ENG 6-0There's a big appeal for lbw early in the over but Aleem Dar shakes his head as Root got an inside edge on the ball to save himself from being dismissed for a duck. Pattinson settles on a good length to Root in the over as he strives to bring the opener onto the front foot. The Yorkshire batsman is happy to play out a maiden over. Much better from Pattinson.

ENG 6-0Cook is surprised by some late swing from Starc. England's skipper lives dangerously again as he flirts with a delivery outside off-stump. Haddin does well on two occasions to take a couple of wayward deliveries down the leg-side. Second maiden in a row from Australia.

ENG 14-0Pattinson is right back on target to Root, with a good fuller delivery. The opener is finally off the mark as he pulls a shorter delivery to fine-leg for four runs. Pattinson responds with a beauty to beat the outside edge as Root attempts a straight drive. A thick edge drops well short of the slips and squeezes through a gap to give Root four more runs at the end of the over.

ENG 18-0Cook flicks a couple of runs into the leg-side at the beginning of a new over. Starc delivers a gorgeous delivery that just nips past Cook's edge. Now that does deserve a stare from the bowler. A fumble from Cowan at square-leg should provide a single but Root rejects the offer. Cook nudges the ball past the bowler for a couple more to make it four from the over. Solid start from the hosts but there's been some encouragement for Australia in these first six overs.

ENG 18-0Pattinson is accurate as he begins his fourth over. The bowler thinks about throwing the ball towards Root, who smiles back at the aggressive seamer. Pattinson attempts to bring the ball back into the batsman later in the over but his line isn't quite right. Maiden.

ENG 23-0Cook pushes a single into the off-side at the start of Starc's over. Root opens the face slightly to steer the ball behind point for four runs. Starc fires in a short ball but there's no panic from the batsman as he easily avoids the danger. It may be July but the lights are on at Trent Bridge.

ENG 27-0Pattinson looks to be in good rhythm now as he continues his spell. Cook defends a couple of balls before being beaten on the outside edge by a delivery that just holds its line. A thick edge from Cook squirms through the gap between third slip and gully to give the hosting captain four more.


ENG 27-1Big breakthrough! Cook is invited to drive at a fuller delivery and proceeds to send a faint edge through to Haddin. Pattinson is delighted, he knows how important that wicket is to his side. Jonathan Trott is the new batsman.

ENG 27-1Good over from Starc to follow that wicket. Root is comfortable sitting back in his crease as he displays his defensive shots to the Trent Bridge crowd. Maiden over. Trott will face Pattinson.

ENG 31-1Pattinson is slightly too wide to Trott, who only plays one defensive shot from the first four balls. The new batsman gets off the mark later in the over with a perfect cover drive for four runs. Just the boundary from the over.

ENG 31-1There's two men at gully for Root, who tends to target that are against the seamers. The batsman looks comfortable against the left-arm Starc at this stage. However, Root is drawn into a loose shot later in the over and is fortunate not to edge the ball towards the slips. It's another maiden from Starc.

ENG 39-1First change of the morning as Peter Siddle comes into the attack. Trott takes advantage of a leg-stump half-volley early in the over to whip four behind square on the leg-side. A fielder is placed at silly mid-on but Trott ignores the threat to earn four more wide of the new fielder. Siddle straightens his line slightly to end the over with two dot balls. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 39-1It's been a good contest between bat and ball in the first hour. Root (12*) has looked comfortable and Trott (12*) has made a steady start to his innings. Pattinson claimed the only wicket, dismissing Cook early in the day

ENG 43-1Starc is very full early in the over and he worries Root with a hint of late swing. Root's defence is good though and he latches onto some width later in the over to cut four runs past point.

ENG 50-1Siddle finds Trott's edge but the batsman avoids the slips and earns four through third-man. Hughes half-stops the next delivery at mid-wicket but Trott still manages to pick up two more runs. Siddle fires in a shorter delivery but the batsman gets on top of the bounce well to sneak a single to fine-leg.

ENG 50-1Big moment for Agar as he comes into the attack for the first time. How will England play the new boy?

ENG 54-1Poor start for Agar as Trott drives a wide full-toss through the covers for four. The spinner finds a better line to England's number three, who defends well before getting himself into an uncomfortable position when he advances down the pitch. No danger though, just the boundary from the over.

ENG 60-1Root nudges a couple of runs into the leg-side early in Siddle's over. The bowler finds a good line to Root, who plays and misses just outside off-stump. Root sits deep in his crease to reach the rope again with a perfectly timed shot through mid-wicket.

ENG 64-1Agar goes full to Trott early in the over but an optimistic lbw appeal is quickly rejected. Haddin fails to take a delivery down the leg-side and he's punished as the ball races to the rope for four byes. Agar is finding a nice line between the odd loose ball.

ENG 70-1Root drives firmly into the off-side but a good stop from Cowan restricts the batsman to single. Siddle is keen to bowl a full length to both players but there's not as much movement as there was earlier this morning. Trott shuffles across his crease to clip the ball into the leg-side for a single. Root pushes the ball down the ground for three more.

ENG 74-1Agar continues his spell, forcing Root back into his crease with his variations. Root waits for the poor delivery and cuts a short ball through the off-side for four runs. England looking solid at the moment.

ENG 78-1Pattinson returns for a new spell. The seamer strays onto the pads early in the over and is punished as Trott earns four through mid-wicket. Trott is happy to defend following the boundary. The swing is seemingly disappearing for Australia.

ENG 78-1Siddle switches ends to replace Agar.


ENG 78-2Crucial, crucial wicket for Australia. England were looking settled heading into lunch but some late movement is enough to beat Root and hit off-stump. The change of ends does the job for Siddle, who has his first wicket.

ENG 79-2Pietersen comes to the crease to a great ovation. It looks like Siddle is rediscovering some of the swing. Pietersen steers one ball to the fielder at gully. A thick inside squirms into the leg-side to save the new batsman, who then gets off strike with a single through cover.

ENG 83-2There's plenty of groans from the tourists when Pietersen's flick down the leg-side just misses Haddin's glove and races to the rope for four. Haddin got there but the ball just dipped at the last minute. Pattinson is too wide in the middle of the over but he's agonisingly close to another wicket when Pietersen executes the bravest of leaves outside off-stump.

ENG 87-2Clarke fancies Starc's chances against Pietersen, so he brings back the left-arm seamer. It's Trott who's on strike at the moment though and he's thankful for an inside edge when Starc swings one back. A big lbw appeal comes later in the over but it's rejected with the ball clearly pitching outside leg-stump. Trott takes advantage of a loose ball outside off-stump to drive four off the final ball of the over.

ENG 94-2Pattinson begins the over with a shorter ball that Pietersen does well to nudge into the leg-side for a single. Trott looks at his brilliant best as he scores his eighth boundary of the day with another cover drive for four. A flick off the hip brings an easy run on the leg-side. Pietersen calmly finds another run behind square on the leg-side. Should be just one over before lunch.

ENG 98-2Pietersen is eager to find a single early in Starc's over but Trott rejects the offer before the batsman gets himself into trouble. Brilliant from Pietersen a couple of balls later as he punches the ball through the leg-side for four runs. Starc finds a better line but he can't beat Pietersen's defence and the first session of the series comes to an end.

ENG 98-2LUNCH: It's been just as intriguing as we thought it might be on the first morning at Trent Bridge. There's been swing for the Australian bowlers, who took the key wickets of Cook and Root in that session. Trott has looked in fine form and he has 37 at the interval. Pietersen has moved to 10. Will batting become easier this afternoon?

1.04pmAustralia may feel that they could have used the conditions a bit more this morning. They have taken two wickets but it looks like batting will be easy when the movement disappears.

1.05pmWe'll take a quick break during lunch but make sure you return in 30 minutes for the second session of the day.

1.35pmWelcome back everyone. It's been a fascinating morning. Australia's bowlers have all looked dangerous at different times but the tourists only managed to collect two wickets.

1.38pmHave England performed as favourites this morning? Cook will be disappointed with his dismissal. Root looked good but was dismissed by a good delivery from Siddle. Trott, however, as looked classy during his innings.

1.40pmClarke will be desperate for his bowlers to make an early breakthrough in this session. Pietersen (10*) and Trott (37*) are back out in the middle now. It will be Shane Watson who bowls the first over of the session.

ENG 98-2Watson, on his day, can do some real damage with the ball. The seamer starts with a full length to Trott, who isn't given the freedom to turn the ball into the leg-side. Good defence on show but it's a solid start from Watson. Maiden over.

ENG 102-2Siddle begins the session with the ball from the other end and he's too wide early in the over, allowing Pietersen to smack the ball past point for four.


ENG 102-3What a start to the afternoon session. Pietersen is invited to drive just outside off-stump and he can only edge the ball to Clarke, who takes a good low catch at second slip. Huge celebrations from Australia, they know they've got the key man. Ian Bell in next.

ENG 102-3Bell is greeted with a full-toss but he can't pick the gap at cover. Siddle settles on a good line just outside off-stump and Bell is happy to leave. Great start to the session for Siddle.

ENG 102-3Trott looks untroubled by what's going on around him as he blocks out a maiden from Watson, who isn't finding the movement that his fellow bowlers have been. This is an important partnership for England.

ENG 102-3Siddle varies his position at the crease during the over but persists with a straight line to Bell, who does have a tendency to play away from his body early in the innings. The batsman is eager to play later and does so impressively as he plays out another maiden.

ENG 106-3Trott ends the run of dot balls with two runs in front of square on the leg-side. A firm drive is well stopped by Starc at mid-off to prevent a single from being taken. Another straight ball is flicked into the leg-side for two more runs. Four for Trott from the over.

ENG 115-3Siddle's wide delivery swings and evades Haddin to race away for five wides. Bell had faced 12 balls without scoring but he gets off the mark in style with a powerful full shot for four. Siddle continues to change his position on the crease but he can't make another breakthrough.

ENG 118-3Trott does well to reach a wider delivery from Watson but he can't beat Agar at point. Watson pushes his luck again and this time he's punished for a wide. Trott shuffles across his crease to clip two through square-leg and he moves to 43 in the process.

ENG 118-3Siddle has looked in great rhythm since lunch and he tests Bell again as he beats the outside edge. Bell wisely decides to leave the next time the bowler delivers one wide of off-stump. Slightly too wide from Siddle as the over progresses. It's a maiden.

ENG 124-3Pattinson returns to the attack and he begins a new spell by delivering a wide which Haddin does well to stop behind the stumps. Trott whips the ball through mid-wicket for four runs to edge closer to his half-century. A thick edge is well stopped by Smith at gully. Trott gets to the non-striker's end with a single to fine-leg. Pattinson finds Bell's edge but the ball drops short of Watson at slip.


ENG 124-4Trott was batting without a care in the world but his classy innings comes to an end. England's number three drives at a half-volley but proceeds to drag the ball onto his stumps. Trott is furious as he trudges off. Big moment for Australia. England under big pressure now.

ENG 124-4Bairstow comes to the crease for his Ashes debut and leaves the first ball of his innings. It's time to prove your worth, Mr Bairstow.

ENG 126-4Pattinson looks like he'll complete a tidy over before conceding a bye. The bowler then oversteps the mark and he's punished for a no-ball. Bairstow once again leaves outside off-stump.

ENG 130-4Siddle has tormented England before and he's doing some damage now as he continues his spell. A couple of good deliveries are followed by a straight ball which Bell whips through the leg-side for four. Bell is forced to defend again to prevent Siddle from claiming his fourth victim.

ENG 134-4Clarke sets a field to suggest that Bairstow may get some short stuff directed at him. Bairstow's defence looks good though and he gets off the mark with four through cover when Pattinson delivers a fuller ball. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 134-4Really impressive stuff from Australia since lunch. If they can take another wicket before tea, they'll believe they have the control.

ENG 138-4Siddle gets a well-earned rest as Starc returns to the attack following the short break. The left-arm seamer finds a good length early in the over but strays slightly later on to allow Bell to drive through cover for four. Clarke is still keen to attack with his seamers.

ENG 147-4Bairstow works the ball behind square on the leg-side for a couple at the start of Pattinson's over. The batsman then plays and misses outside off-stump, encouraging a few groans from the Australian fielders. Bairstow drives again later in the over but this time he makes contact and beats mid-off to collect four. A straighter delivery is drilled through mid-wicket for three more.

ENG 148-4Starc is doing his best to bring the ball back into Bairstow, who gets off strike with a single to fine-leg. Bell continues to bat at a conservative pace as he sees out the rest of the over without playing a shot.

ENG 152-4Agar comes back on for a new spell. I'm not sure if England can afford to target the spinner at this stage. Bairstow doesn't have to take much of a risk to earn four when Agar drops the ball short to invite the cut. Just the boundary from the over.

ENG 156-4Superb batting from Bell, who waits for the shorter ball to pull four through the leg-side. This certainly isn't a pitch which invites the bouncer. Good partnership developing here.

ENG 165-4Bairstow rocks back brilliantly to cut Agar past point for four at the beginning of a new over. The batsman plays a similar shot a ball later but picks out Watson at point. A nudge into the off-side brings a single. Bell displays great timing to punch a shorter delivery through the off-side for another boundary. Nine from the over.

ENG 173-4Bairstow has punished every bad ball that's been delivered to him so far and he reaches the rope again with a cracking shot off the back foot for four. Starc is struggling to find any movement now and his fuller ball doesn't carry the same threat as Bairstow drives for four more. Positive batting from Bairstow.

ENG 174-4Haddin waits a while behind the stumps before whipping the bails off. Bell turns back surprised and there's no wonder as a quick replay shows he was safe. Agar goes slightly fuller to Bell, who defends easily. Bell sneaks a single later in the over to keep the strike. The current partnership is now worth 50.

ENG 178-4Siddle is back to replace Starc. Bell chips the ball into the air but it drops well short of the fielder at mid-wicket and races away for four runs. The same batsman pushes the ball back past Siddle but Starc fields well at mid-off to prevent a run from being scored.


ENG 178-5How important could this moment be? Bell was finally beginning to look relaxed at the crease but he edges a beauty from Siddle to Watson, who takes a good catch at first slip. Siddle strikes again, what a performance from the seamer today. Matt Prior in at seven.

ENG 178-5Prior blocks his first ball. England's wicketkeeper has a big role to play now. 15 minutes left in the session.

ENG 180-5Agar's line is poor early in the over. The spinner somehow manages to deliver three dot balls but Prior then gets off the mark with a single through square-leg. Two in total from the over.

ENG 180-5Siddle starts a new over with a beauty to beat Prior's outside edge.


ENG 180-6Prior will not want to see the replay of this one. A short and wide ball is asking to be dispatched but Prior manages to pick out Hughes with a loose cut shot. Siddle is understandably delighted. Five wickets for the seamer!

ENG 181-6Siddle goes very full to Stuart Broad, the new batsman. Broad gets off the mark by clipping his fourth ball into the leg-side for a single. Brilliant over from Siddle.

ENG 185-6Broad will attack. I'm sure I've only seen him play one conservative innings in his Test career. The returning Starc follows Siddle's lead by going very full to Broad. A short ball from Starc deflects off Broad and races to the rope for four extras.

ENG 185-6Siddle begins what will be the final over of the session. Bairstow defends confidently against the spinner. No surprise to see the batsman negotiate a maiden. Not worth taking a risk at this stage.

ENG 185-6TEA: Clarke will sip his tea with a smile on his face, you would imagine. Siddle ripped through England's batting order there and he currently has figures of 5-50. England need someone to produce a big performance. Is Bairstow that man?

3.48pmI'm sure there's a few England fans looking at the score in disbelief. After winning the toss, plenty of people will have expected England to be in control but it's Australia who are in charge at the moment.

3.49pmOne positive for England is the start Bairstow has made to life in the Ashes. The young batsman has moved to 32 from just 41 balls and has looked relaxed against Australia's bowlers. However, he still has a big role to play today.

3.52pmSiddle wasn't at his best in his first spell but he's looked good since switching ends. A few of England's batsmen can be accused of throwing their wickets away but Siddle has asked plenty of questions with his line and length.

3.54pmIsn't this exactly what we wanted today? A good battle between bat and ball has given us great entertainment in the first two sessions. If it brightens up over the next couple of days, batting will probably become easier. That won't be good news for England supporters. Australian fans, sit back and enjoy at the moment.

4.00pmIt's still a bit gloomy in Nottingham. We've got a crucial session ahead of us now. Australia will fancy dismissing the hosts before the close of play. England need a partnership, plain and simple. Pattinson will bowl the first over of the session.

ENG 189-6Pattinson's length pushes Broad back into his crease. The left-handed batsman seems eager to find a single but a couple of attempts are aborted. Broad then reaches the rope for the first time with four through cover. Pattinson pushes one across Broad, who is fortunate not to edge the ball as he hangs his bat outside off-stump.

ENG 197-6Starc begins a new over as Clarke holds back Siddle at the start of a new session. Bairstow works the ball into the leg-side for a single. Broad sits back to drive the ball into the air for a couple of runs. Four more for Broad as he slices the ball over the slips to reach the rope. A single is taken to deep square-leg from the final ball of the over.

ENG 201-6Broad is surprised by a bouncer from Pattinson and is struck on the shoulder. Good response from the batsman to drill the ball through the covers for four runs in the middle of the over. Broad swings again but this time he misses with the expansive drive. Haddin is impressive as he takes a delivery that drifts past the leg-stump. Pattinson exchanges a few words with Broad in the over but there's no breakthrough.

ENG 205-6Bairstow continues to show good intent as he lofts Starc over point for four early in a new over. Starc has bowled far too many boundary balls today. Bairstow must be careful not to play Starc with an angled bat, something he tends to do at times. Just the boundary from the over.

ENG 213-6Pattinson is slightly too straight and that allows Broad to guide the ball past mid-on for four runs. The bowler responds by coming round the wicket but the result is the same as Broad powers the ball through the covers for four.


ENG 213-7Pattinson fights back to remove Broad! The batsman decides to take on the short ball but he's late with the pull shot and skies the ball straight up into the air, allowing Pattinson to take an easy catch. Disappointing end to a promising innings for Broad. Graeme Swann comes to the crease now.

ENG 213-7Swann safely negotiates his first delivery. Eight runs and a wicket from Pattinson's over.


ENG 213-8A couple of moments ago I spoke about Bairstow playing with an angled bat. He does it again and he's punished as Starc makes a mess of the stumps with a beauty. Starc gets in on the act and Australia are on a roll.


ENG 213-9Two in two balls for Starc! Finn chases a wider ball and edges his first delivery to Haddin. The new batsman immediately reviews the decision but don't ask me why. Every replay shows the edge and Hotspot ensures Finn must head back inside. Strange review. Starc on a hat-trick.

ENG 213-9James Anderson is the new batsman and he survives the hat-trick ball by leaving outside off-stump. Big appeal for lbw later in the over but the umpire shakes his head. Clarke thinks it's worth a review. It looks a good shout but Hawkeye suggests the ball would have only clipped leg-stump, meaning the decision stays with the umpire. That's very unlucky for Starc.

ENG 215-9Swann gets off the mark with a nudge into the leg-side for one. Anderson finds his first run with a quick single just in front of square on the leg-side.


ENG 215A disappointing innings from England comes to an end in tame fashion. Swann can't decide what shot to play as he chips the ball straight to Hughes at cover. Superb from Australia but the hosts should be horrified by that batting display.

4.44pmSo, Siddle is the hero with figures of 5-50. However, both Pattinson (3-69) and Starc (2-54) did well to come back to wrap up the tail. In truth, I've seen Australia bowl much better than that but they won't care about that right now.

4.46pmAfter seeing Cook choose to bat first this morning, I bet you didn't think we'd be seeing Watson and Rogers put on their pads at this stage. Despite the disappointment, England will expect Anderson to enjoy himself in these conditions.

4.49pmWe won't have to wait long. Cook has already got his players out in the middle and I'm sure he'll be trying to fire his men up ahead of this final phase of play. Watson and Rogers follow the hosts out to the middle. England need to take some quick wickets. 29 overs left in the day.

4.50pmNo prizes for guessing who will open the bowling. Anderson gets the new ball. Big role for Watson and the veteran Rogers. Intriguing spell of cricket coming up.

AUS 1-0Ben Foakes is on as a substitute while Broad takes a rest. I reckon he's probably feeling that blow he took to his shoulder from Pattinson. Anderson immediately finds some swing and invites a wild cut from Watson, who is fortunate not to edge the ball to Prior. A single into the leg-side brings Rogers on strike. The Middlesex ace defends his first ball. Good start for Anderson.

AUS 9-0Finn takes the new ball while Broad remains off the field. The seamer starts with a loose delivery and he's punished as Watson reaches the rope with a powerful cut shot. Finn delivers another full ball and Watson continues to bat confidently as he steers the ball through the off-side for four more. Good response from the bowler to deliver four dot balls but the damage was done early in the over.

AUS 15-0This is a big test for Rogers on his return to Test cricket. Anderson is pushing the ball across the left-handed batsman, as he often does. Rogers is off the mark with a push through the covers for two runs. A similar shot is hit much more firmly and this time it's four for Rogers. Anderson pleads with the umpire to give lbw but there's no finger raised. It looks like it might have pitched outside leg-stump, Rogers survives.

AUS 19-0Finn goes full to Watson, who manages to pick the gap wide of mid-on to earn four more.


AUS 19-1Finn has been inconsistent so far but he removes the dangerous Watson. The opener is invited to drive and he edges one to Root, who takes a sharp catch at third slip. Crucial moment for the hosts.


AUS 19-2Finn does it again! Cowan looks nervous as he prepares himself at the crease but his stay doesn't last long as he edges a wider ball to Swann. It's another good catch in the slips. Finn on a hat-trick. It will be Clarke on strike.

AUS 19-2Superb from Finn and he's agonisingly close to the hat-trick. Clarke plays and misses at a 92mph delivery from Finn. Brilliant from England's bowler. The mood has certainly changed at Trent Bridge following that over.

AUS 20-2Anderson hasn't got his line quite right to Rogers yet and the batsman gets off strike with a single to fine-leg. Clarke attempts to turn the ball into the leg-side but Bairstow does well to block the shot at short-leg. Good over from Anderson. Plenty of pressure on Australia at the moment.

AUS 21-2England are looking sharp in the field. Plenty of talk in the slips as Finn begins a new over. Foakes does well at mid-wicket to block a clip off the pads from Rogers. Finn delivers a beauty but Rogers reads the length well to leave the ball. Just a quick single from the final ball of the over.

AUS 22-2Rogers collects a single at the start of Anderson's over.


AUS 22-3What a delivery! It's Anderson at his best as he gets one to nip away and clip Clarke's off-stump. That's the big wicket for England, who are right back in this game. Incredible bowling from Anderson.

AUS 23-3Smith is the new batsman for Australia. A nudge into the leg-side brings a quick single. Anderson comes round the wicket to Rogers, who wisely leaves a swinging delivery. It's all England now.

AUS 24-3Smith gets squared-up at the crease but a thick edge allows him to get off strike. It's another accurate over from Finn, who varies his length well to force Rogers to defend. How will Smith play Anderson now?

AUS 25-3Australia are eager to look for quick singles as they attempt to battle to stumps. Smith nudges a run into the off-side. Anderson changes angles again to Rogers, who plays tentatively outside off-stump. It's a very good over from Anderson.

AUS 25-3Broad remains off the pitch, which is an annoyance for Cook when the ball is doing this much. A quick fact for you, too. Anderson has now overtaken Fred Trueman as England's third highest wicket-taker at Test level. Just Bob Willis and Sir Ian Botham ahead of him now.

AUS 31-3Massive appeal from England as Prior takes a catch behind the stumps. There's a shake of the head from Aleem Dar. Cook isn't interested in reviewing and he's right, with replays showing the noise came from Smith's bat hitting the pad. A nudge off the hip brings Smith a couple of runs. Finn persists with a straight line to Australia's number five in the middle of the over but a shorter ball gives Smith the freedom to pull through square-leg for four.

AUS 35-3Rogers is clearly worried about the swing and who can blame him? Anderson nips the ball between bat and pad with a beauty to trouble the opener. An edge finally comes from the bat but Rogers is fortunate to see the ball beat Root at third slip and race away for four.

AUS 39-3Finn cannot believe he hasn't got a third wicket as an inside edge from Smith misses the stumps and runs away to the rope at fine-leg. The bowler keeps the pressure on by directing one at the stumps before getting the next delivery to leave the batsman and beat the outside edge. Great over from Finn.

AUS 41-3Rogers is more than happy to sneak a single on the off-side at the start of Anderson's over. Smith seems to be living life dangerously by playing away from his body to Anderson. However, he survives and keeps the strike thanks to a single behind square on the leg-side.

AUS 51-3Good timing on show from Smith but some good fielding from Trott in the deep on the leg-side restricts the batsman to two runs. Finn drops his length short and the outfield is quick enough to carry Smith's pull shot to the rope for four. The bowler doesn't learn his lesson as Smith pulls the next ball to the rope too.

AUS 53-3Anderson begins a new over with a leg-side delivery before being clipped through mid-wicket by Rogers for two.


AUS 53-4Big breakthrough. Rogers misses a straight ball from Anderson and umpire Dharmasena is happy to give the batsman out lbw. Australia's opener reviews the decision but Hawkeye shows the ball would have hit leg-stump.

AUS 54-4It's Phil Hughes who comes out to the middle at a difficult time for the tourists. Just under 30 minutes left in the day. Hughes gets off the mark with a single to fine-leg.

AUS 61-4Broad continues to sit in the dressing room, so it's Swann who comes into the attack to replace Finn. Hughes is brought onto the front foot to defend before sitting deep in his crease to nudge a single to mid-wicket. Smith decides how he's going to play Swann early on as he skips down the pitch to launch a six over mid-on. Big turn later in the over for the spinner but Smith survives.

AUS 65-4Anderson struggles to find the right line to Hughes, who flicks the ball of his hip to get off strike midway through the over. Smith's technique definitely isn't out of the textbook but he manages to find a single after shuffling across the crease. Hughes rocks back in his crease to end the over by punching two runs through the covers.

AUS 66-4Swann varies his length well throughout a new over. Smith takes a risk by heaving across the line and he's fortunate to strike his shot wide of Cook at short mid-wicket. Hughes slices the ball into the off-side but substitute fielder Foakes does brilliantly at cover to prevent a run from being scored.

AUS 69-4Finn's break doesn't last long as he comes back into the attack to replace Anderson. Smith nudges the ball into the off-side to pick up a single. Hughes flicks another run through square-leg before Smith adds one more on the off-side.

AUS 73-4Loose from Swann early in a new over and Smith cashes in to drive the full-toss through extra cover for four. Smith uses his feet well to defend against the spinner. There's definitely some turn for the spinner but Smith is looking good at the moment.

AUS 75-4Anderson returns to the attack once again. The swing bowler is slightly too straight to Hughes, who is forced onto the back foot to defend. A nudge just wide of Finn at mid-on brings a single. There's some late movement for Anderson but Smith reads the delivery well to earn a run on the leg-side. Hughes sticks his pad out but England won't be getting an lbw there. That's the end of the day.

AUS 75-4CLOSE OF PLAY: Well, we built it up but I didn't think it would be that good. What a day of Test cricket at Trent Bridge. England were dismissed for 215 by a ruthless Australian attack but some late wickets has given some of the control back to the hosts.

6.33pmSmith ends the day unbeaten on 38, while Hughes will begin day two on seven. 14 wickets have fallen today. I'd expect batting to be much easier under the sun tomorrow.

6.34pmAustralia end the day 140 runs behind England. If the rest of the series plays out like today, I don't think anyone would mind too much. It looks like we're in for a thriller at Trent Bridge.

6.35pmThanks for joining me today but make sure you return at 10.30am tomorrow as I take you through the second day's play of this Test match. Goodbye.

Ian Botham
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