Live Commentary: Australia vs. England: Third T20 - as it happened

Relive our text coverage of the third Twenty20 between Australia and England.

Australia completed a Twenty20 series whitewash by recording another convincing victory over England in Sydney on Sunday.

The hosts elected to bat first after winning the toss and George Bailey led his side to a total of 195-6 from their overs by hitting 49 not out.

England once again lost early wickets and a disappointing tour ended with another batting failure as the tourists collapsed to 111 all out.

Read below to find out how Australia recorded an 84-run win.

8.25amGood morning everyone. The tour that seems to have gone on forever finally comes to an end today. England have lost the Test, ODI and Twenty20 series during their miserable spell in Australia, who seem a completely different side to the one that struggled last year. Can England head home on a rare high?

8.28amAUSTRALIA WIN THE TOSS AND WILL BAT FIRST: Stuart Broad calls incorrectly and George Bailey confirms that the hosts will have a bat.

8.30amAUSTRALIA: Finch, White, Hodge, Maxwell, Bailey, Wade, Christian, Cutting, Coulter-Nile, Starc, Muirhead

ENGLAND: Hales, Wright, Stokes, Root, Morgan, Buttler, Bopara, Bresnan, Broad, Jordan, Dernbach

8.32amTwo more disappointing defeats for England has resulted in changes, with Ben Stokes and Chris Jordan coming into the side for the final game. Michael Lumb and James Tredwell miss out as England begin without a spinner. Dan Christian returns to the Australian team, while Ben Cutting is also included.

8.34amEngland have only managed to avoid defeat to their rivals once in the most difficult of winters. Ashley Giles, coach of the limited-overs teams, is favourite to replace the outgoing Andy Flower. Can he boost his chances with a win today?

8.36amI'm sure there's a few England players who cannot wait to board that plane tomorrow but they've still got one more job to do. Australia are flying high, though, and very few people will be betting against a whitewash.

8.38amAaron Finch and Cameron White have the pads on. The world T20 begins later this month, so both sets of players should be thinking about this game as a final audition. White, in particular, will be pushing for a place in the side that begins that tournament.

8.40amHere we go then. White on strike. Broad to bowl the first over. Play!

AUS 3-0White keeps out the first ball before seeing a cut shot impressively stopped by Morgan at point. A push past cover brings the first run of the match. Broad hits high on the bat with a slightly shorter ball but Finch is alert enough to pick up a single. White shuffles across the crease to add another run through mid-wicket. Good start from Broad.

AUS 7-0Jordan, on his T20 debut, is trusted to bowl the second over. The seamer begins by drifting down the leg-side and is punished for a wide. White attempts a wild drive, with the ball deflecting off the inside edge and striking the pad. The opener advances down the pitch midway through the over to flick a couple of runs behind square on the leg-side. Close! White doesn't come close to fully connecting with a pull shot but the ball drops short of Dernbach in the deep. Confident bowling from Jordan.

AUS 17-0Shot! Broad has been hitting the perfect length but he still can't prevent from White drilling four straight down the ground for Australia's first boundary. England's skipper responds with a shorter delivery, which is pulled over mid-wicket for four more. A thick outside edge brings a run through third-man. Finch picks up his second run with a push back past the bowler. Play and a miss to end the third over. White 14 Finch 2*

AUS 24-0Too short from Jordan and Finch takes full advantage to pull four over square-leg. The England seamer is inches away from catching the outside edge when the batsman backs away in an attempt to open up the off-side. A single to deep mid-wicket hands the strike to White. Buttler does superbly to stop the ball down the leg-side following a flick off the pad. Jordan follows the batsman to only concede a leg-bye when White gives himself some room at the crease. One more through square-leg makes it seven from the over.

AUS 27-0Drop! Big chance missed. Bresnan comes to the crease and should have a wicket with his second ball but Jordan puts down a catch at short mid-wicket when Finch miscues his pull shot. The seamer hits a great length throughout the over to make sure Finch and White can't target the boundary rope. Just three runs added.

AUS 41-0Many people have been calling for Stokes to be selected in this T20 side, so it's time for him to deliver as Broad turns to the all-rounder for the first time. Six! Stokes hits the pitch just back of a length to start the over but he can't do the same with the second ball as Finch launches six over deep square-leg. A couple of runs into the leg-side are followed by a wild swing outside off-stump. Six! Slightly too full from Stokes and Finch cashes in again to clear the rope at long-on. Australia end the powerplay with 14 off the sixth over.

AUS 48-0White slices an attempted heave into the leg-side to collect a run to third-man. Six! Oh, dear. Finch takes the aerial route again and Hales gets a hand on the ball at mid-wicket but he can only help the ball over the mid-wicket boundary.


AUS 48-1Breakthrough! Finch doesn't come close to finding the middle of the bat as he picks out Broad at short mid-wicket with a horribly mistimed pull. Glenn Maxwell in next.

AUS 50-1Maxwell gets off the mark with a run through square-leg before White finishes the over with a single down the ground.

AUS 58-1White comes down the pitch to nudge a single into the leg-side. Stokes sends one down slightly wider and beats Maxwell's outside edge. Six! Maxwell follows a wide by giving himself enough room to launch six runs over cover. Stunning shot. A club down the ground brings just a single. Eight runs and a wide from the over.

AUS 65-1Six! Broad brings himself on for a third over, which begins with a six over square-leg as Maxwell sits deep in his crease to continue his impressive start.


AUS 65-2It may have been an impressive start but Maxwell has to depart now. Australia's number three seems caught in two minds after skipping down the crease and he miscues a shot straight to Hales at long-on.

AUS 74-2It's a surprise move from the hosts as Cutting comes in at number four. White adds a run behind square on the leg-side before the new batsman gets off the mark with two through third-man. Close! Cutting is left stranded when he calls for a risky single. Lumb, on the field as a substitute, does superbly at backward point but he fails to hit the stumps. Six! Cutting is obviously seeing the ball pretty well as he celebrates an extra life by hitting six over mid-wicket.

AUS 79-2Dernbach is into the attack for the first time. Will the seamer reignite his feud with White from Friday? White comes down the pitch to drive a couple through the covers. A slower delivery is worked through square-leg for one. Cutting sits deep in his crease to steer a run through third-man. Just one more run added. Nice start from Dernbach. 10 overs left in the innings.

AUS 97-2Shot! The returning Bresnan is a touch off target and White punishes the bowler by drilling four through mid-wicket. A wayward ball is flicked through fine-leg for four more by the opener, who is having a superb series. Six! Cutting targets the longest boundary on the ground but he's powerful enough to clear the rope at mid-wicket. A firm shot at the non-striker's stumps hands the batsman a couple on the leg-side. One more makes it 18 from the over.

AUS 104-2Australia collects singles from each of the first two balls. Dernbach brings up the hundred with a wide. The seamer follows the extra with a good yorker to test Cutting. Shot! Dernbach can't hit the yorker length again and Cutting drills four runs straight down the ground. Seven runs from the 12th over.

AUS 117-2Six! Stokes is back, but he's sent into the stands straight away as White clears the mid-wicket boundary. A single hands the strike to Cutting, who misses out with a wild swing. Six! No missing out a few moments later as Cutting brings up the 50 partnership with six over long-off. Brilliant batting. White 40* Cutting 29

AUS 118-2The lack of a front-line spinner means Root is trusted to slow the pace down. White begins the over by nudging a single into the leg-side.


AUS 118-3Fantastic from Root! Cutting isn't sure where to pick up a single and he pays the price as Root takes a brilliant one-handed catch off his own bowling.

AUS 130-3Captain Bailey comes to the crease and gets off the mark in fine style by lofting his second ball over mid-wicket for four. Jordan does well at long-off to restrict the new batsman to two just moments later. Six! Wow. Bailey is in great touch already as he moves to 12 from four balls by lofting six over wide long-on.


AUS 130-4The umpire decides that White gets a thin edge on the ball down the leg-side and Jordan picks up his first wicket. Big wicket for the seamer. It's another top innings from White.

AUS 137-4Great reception for the 39-year-old Brad Hodge, who gets off the mark thanks to an overthrow. Bailey gets on top of a short ball to pull a run to deep square-leg. Hodge enjoys some luck when an inside edge only just misses the stumps. Four runs to the veteran. A leg-bye makes it seven from the 15th over.

AUS 139-4Hodge is kept quiet early in Broad's over but manages to run well to collect two to deep square-leg.


AUS 139-5Broad sends down a sharp short ball, which Hodge pulls to deep square-leg. Dernbach takes a good catch and England have another wicket. Christian in next.


AUS 139-6Broad strikes again! Christian chops his second ball onto the stumps to become the next man to depart. Australia have gone from 130-3 to 139-6. Great fightback from England.

AUS 146-6Nice bowling from Jordan, who avoids gifting a boundary to the hosts in the 17th over. Just seven runs added by Australia. Three overs left. Dernbach is set to return.

AUS 157-6Bailey and Wade deal in singles early in Dernbach's over. The seamer spoils a good start by drifting down the leg-side to deliver a wide. Drop! Big let off for Wade, who skies a heave into the leg-side. Bopara has a lot of ground to make up but after a long sprint, he fails to hold on to a difficult chance. Shot! Wade piles on the misery by rocking back to pull four behind square. Another pull brings a single to deep mid-wicket. 11 runs off the over.

AUS 169-6Six! What a shot from Wade, who pulls a short delivery over the rope powerfully. Bresnan keeps it tight in the middle of the over and comes close to a wicket when he beats a cutting Wade's edge. It's a good comeback from the bowler but Australia run well to collect 12. Six balls remaining.

AUS 195-6T20 at its best as Bailey flat-bats four through mid-wicket at the start of the final over. Six! Dernbach refuses to change his length and he pays the price when a slower bouncer is clubbed over the long-off boundary. Six! The bowler attempts to hit back with a yorker but he gets his length wrong and the Australian skipper launches six more over mid-wicket. Bailey makes it four boundaries from four balls by cutting past point. Stunning! It's five from five when Bailey dries four through extra cover. Bailey finishes the match with two through third-man, with Wright doing well to pull the ball away from the rope. It's an incredible 26 from the final over. Priceless runs for Australia. Not good from Dernbach. Bailey 49* Wade 19*

10.18amENGLAND NEED 196 TO WIN THE THIRD T20: It really is a disappointing result from that innings for England, who had done so well to pull the hosts back. Bailey stood up when it mattered to lead his side to a very impressive total. The whitewash is certainly on in Sydney.

10.21amIt's going to be a tough task for England to end this tour on a high. There's not too much wrong with the pitch in Sydney, but they'll need to go very well to get close to the total. It's crucial that one of the top order players produce a big score.

10.24amThis certainly isn't great preparation for the Twenty20 world cup for England. On the other side, Australia almost have too many players to pick from ahead of that tournament. White was a forgotten man in international cricket but he surely deserves a place in the T20 side.

10.27amMichael Lumb has been dropped for this game, which means that Luke Wright will open the batting with Alex Hales. Despite a disappointing series so far, England will be expecting Wright to set the tone at the top of the order.

10.29amThe run-chase is just a few minutes away. England have lost early wickets in each of the first two matches and they cannot afford to do the same today. Australia will be on the attack early on. I wouldn't be surprised to see Maxwell open the bowling.

10.32amThat final Dernbach over could prove to be crucial. Plenty of England supporters seem to have lost patience with the seamer. Is his time on the international stage? I'm guessing the selectors will keep the faith for a bit longer but he must improve quickly.

10.33amDespite starting both games with a spinner opening the bowling, Bailey has handed the first over to Mitchell Starc. Wright on strike. Play!

ENG 5-0Just a hint of movement for Starc as Wright gets off the mark with a single. Hales almost departs when he chops the ball just past his own stumps. A firm push into the off-side finds Christian at cover. Hales then splits the fielders to collect a run. Wright picks up a couple to deep square-leg. One more makes it five from the over.

ENG 9-0Great opening over for Coulter-Nile. Wright is forced to chase the seamer outside off-stump but he fails to connect with a couple of swings. There's a hint of a chance when Wade puts down a difficult catch off a thin inside edge. It's unfortunate for Coulter-Nile, who ends the over by being pulled away for four by Wright. England need 187 more to win.

ENG 11-0Starc delivers a wide early in the over. Hales does well to keep out a decent yorker and his reward is a single. Starc persists with a full length to Wright, who sees a firm shot blocked by the bowler.


ENG 11-1Big wicket. Starc abandons the full length and sends down a shorter delivery. Wright fails to connect fully with the pull shot, which allows Cutting to take an easy catch in the deep. A disappointing series comes to an end for Wright.

ENG 15-1Stokes comes in at three for England, who are gifted four leg-byes at the end of the third over. England need to start firing soon.

ENG 19-1Close! Hales just manages to beat White at cover and he picks up four in the process to frustrate Coulter-Nile early in his first over.


ENG 19-2Australia's good start gets even better. Hales joins Wright in hitting a pull shot into the leg-side, with Muirhead taking the catch in the deep. England in a lot of trouble.

ENG 19-2Root comes to the crease and is forced to defend his first three balls. Excellent from Coulter-Nile. England need a partnership.

ENG 25-2Shot! Maxwell comes into the attack and the spinner's first ball is drilled through the off-side by Stoke for four runs. The England all-rounder then picks up a single to wide mid-on. Maxwell is slightly off his best length for most of the over but Root struggles to take advantage.


ENG 25-3It's a disastrous powerplay for England. Stokes departs at the end of the fifth over when a sliced shot is well taken by Cutting on the back foot at backward point. Australia are giving England a lesson in fielding.

ENG 31-3Cutting has already taken two good catches and he'll be desperate to deliver with the ball as he comes into the attack for the first time. Shot! Root picks out the fielder on a couple of occasions before finding the middle of the bat to beat Muirhead in the deep on the leg-side. A sliced drive brings a single through third-man. Just 31 runs from the powerplay. England need 165 from 14 overs.

ENG 43-3Maxwell has an appeal for lbw dismissed when Root misses with the reverse sweep. I think that's a poor decision. Very lucky, Mr Root. The batsman then fails to connect with a big heave as byes are added past a helpless Wade. Six! Morgan seems to have found his rhythm as he launches six over long-off. 12 in total off the over.

ENG 53-3Root picks up a single early in a new spell from Christian. Six! Shot of the day from Morgan, who drops to one knee to sweep the ball over the rope at deep square-leg. Fantastic batting. The batsman then opens the face to steer Christian into the off-side for one. Root charges down the pitch to pick up a single to long-on. One more makes it 10 from the over. Better from England.

ENG 60-3Australia finally make a mistake in the field as Cutting fumbles the ball to gift Morgan four runs on the off-side. A single to long-off hands the strike to Root, who picks up two through square-leg.


ENG 60-4Root won't want to see this dismissal again. Maxwell delivers a half-tracker to the Yorkshire ace, who miscues a slog straight to Cutting in the deep. England four wickets down. Australia in complete control.

ENG 67-4Jos Buttler is the new batsman. He'll need to produce something brilliant to dig England out of trouble. A couple of defensive shots are followed by a miscued pull for a single. The batting duo continue to rotate the strike but it's boundaries England need. Shot! When you need boundaries, it's pretty nice having Buttler at the crease. His trademark ramp shot sends the ball over Wade and to the rope for four runs. A similar shot follows but he can't make contact this time. England need 129 from the final 10 overs.

ENG 75-4Shot! Lovely swing of the bat from Morgan to bring four over cover. Morgan slices a drive and is fortunate to see the ball drop short of Bailey, who is inside the circle at third-man. England pick up eight from Maxwell's over.

ENG 79-4Buttler and Morgan are trying to force the issue as they collect singles from each of Christian's first three balls. The gaps continue to be found but Christian does a superb job of changing his pace to make it difficult for the batsmen.


ENG 79-5England lose another one! Christian gets his reward for a very good over when Buttler picks out Maxwell at deep mid-wicket. It's another disaster for England. Bopara in next.

ENG 82-5Bopara begins the 13th over by finding a single. The returning Cutting is then pushed into the leg-side by Morgan for one. Bopara opens the face of the bat to rotate the strike again.


ENG 82-6Great catch! Morgan lofts Cutting into the leg-side and Starc dives forward to remove England's best player. The umpires want to check it did carry. Morgan waits for the decision but a replay proves it was a superb piece of fielding from Starc.

ENG 84-6Maybe the worst thing for England supporters will be the lack of surprise at seeing another batting failure. It's another terrible night for the tourists. Bopara and his new partner, Bresnan, pick up two runs late in Cutting's over.

ENG 92-6Coulter-Nile returns to the attack for Australia, who will be hoping to bowl the tourists out. Three singles collected early in the over. Poor from Finch at long-on to allow Bresnan to earn four with a lofted shot. A thick inside edge hands the strike to Bopara,


ENG 92-7Unbelievable. Bopara is incredibly unlucky to see the ball roll onto the stumps after being struck on the pad. England can't even get luck at this stage.

ENG 92-7Chris Jordan comes to the crease and blocks the final ball of Coulter-Nile's over. England need 104 from 36 balls. Chris Gayle isn't English, so no chance.

ENG 98-7Muirhead comes to the crease to bowl the 15th over. It's a lovely start from the leg-spinner, who immediately beats the bat. Six! Good response from Bresnan to earn six runs with a big hit down the ground.


ENG 98-8Brilliant work from the Australians. Muirhead delivers a wide ball after seeing Bresnan come down the pitch again. The batsman drags his foot out of the crease and Wade reacts quickly to whip the bails off. Don't worry England fans, it's almost all over.

ENG 99-8Broad comes to the crease with his side in a horrible position. Muirhead continues to find turn on the pitch as the England skipper gets off the mark with a single behind square on the leg-side. Jordan gets forward to keep out the final ball. Great over from Muirhead.

ENG 104-8Broad sits back in his crease to push Coulter-Nile away for a single. Jordan is tested by a couple of short deliveries before getting off the mark with a fine pull for four runs. Just five from Coulter-Nile's over. England going nowhere.


ENG 104-9Brilliant from Muirhead! This young man has definitely got some ability. A big turner is too good for Broad, who is bowled while backing away. Lovely bowling.

ENG 110-9Christian does well to stop the ball after abandoning an attempted catch when Dernbach clubs a full-toss. Shot! Jordan shows great timing to loft four runs over cover. A similar shot is attempted later in the over but his sliced effort just brings two.


ENG 111AUSTRALIA WIN BY 84 RUNS: What a way for the game to end. Dernbach ignores the call from his partner and looks for a second run but he's caught in the middle of the pitch. Christian throws the ball to Wade, who makes a mess of the stumps to complete the whitewash. Australia win the series 3-0.

11.54amMost of the spotlight but you cannot take anything away from Australia. They've been superb in all three formats on this tour and fully deserve the success they have achieved. It's another convincing triumph for the hosts.

11.56amThe most miserable of tours is finally over for England. They've won just once this winter and have been beaten 12 times by their fierce rivals. What next? Can England learn their lesson? Who leads the team back from this failure? Plenty of questions to be answered.

11.58amThank you for joining me today and I hope you've enjoyed our coverage since England arrived in Australia back in October. Goodbye everyone.

England batsman Michael Lumb hits a six during the 2nd NatWest series T20 match between England and Australia at Emirates Durham ICG on August 31, 2013
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