Live Commentary: New England Patriots 13-10 New York Jets - as it happened

Join Sports Mole for all the action from the AFC East clash between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

The New England Patriots faced off against the New York Jets in the first match of week two in the NFL.

The home side started strongly and took the lead as Tom Brady hooked up with a 39-yard strike to Aaron Dobson, for his first touchdown in the league.

However, after that it was a grind as the Jets came back into the game with a touchdown from Bilal Powell.

Late turnovers from rookie quarterback Geno Smith were to prove costly, which allowed the Patriots to escape with the win in a low scoring contest.

Check out our commentary below to see how all the action unfolded.

1amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the AFC East clash between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

1.03amThese divisional rivals are both 1-0 to start their seasons following their respective victories over the Buffalo Bills and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both games were tight contests and were decided by late field goals.

1.06amFirst let's get to some big news regarding inactives from the teams, starting with the home side.

1.08amPATRIOTS INACTIVES: Bolden, Amendola, Gronkowski, Svitek, Jones, Beahaurnais, Sudfeld.

1.08amBIG NEWS! The Patriots will be without wide receiver Danny Amendola, who caught 10 passes for 104 yards last week. He has been struggling with a groin injury and was expected to miss the game. Also missing for the Pats is All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski. Again this was expected as he still recovers from off-season surgeries on his forearm and back.

1.10amJETS INACTIVES: Sanchez, Quinn, Coples, Ijalana, Kerley, Campbell, Aboushi.

1.11amBIG NEWS! The Jets will again be without Mark Sanchez as he recovers from a shoulder injury, as expected rookie Geno Smith will start in his place. The Jets will be without wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. He has played well against the Patriots in recent games, catching 14 passes for 206 yards in two matches last season, that is a big blow for Rex Ryan's side. As is the loss of pass rusher Quinton Coples, their first-round Draft pick last year, as an ankle injury keeps him out.

1.14amSo big problems for both teams. The Patriots have to wonder who is going to be catching the ball from Tom Brady tonight. Julian Edelman caught both touchdown passes last week from the 36-year-old so he will be the focal point of the offense, while rookie receivers Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce, will also have to get involved. Expect the Pats to lean heavily on their run game tonight, although that has also taken a hit after Shane Vereen was ruled out for eight weeks with a broken bone in his wrist. Stevan Ridley will see extended playing time, but struggled to hold the ball last week. A lot of concerns for Bill Belichick's side.

1.16amIf the Pats problems are bad, the Jets maybe worse, as they have real no number wideout although the return of Santonio Holmes will be a boost. Smith struggled for the time in the pocket against the Bucs he must be afforded more time tonight, if the Jets are to get the win.

1.20amDefense will be a huge factor tonight. The Jets look to have one of the more talented fronts in the league, with defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson leading the way. He is very destructive and very hard to block, so the Pats offensive line will have their work cut out. Add him to Kenrick Ellis and rookie Sheldon Richardson, Brady and co may just struggle tonight. Ryan's side are also blessed with an excellent cornerback Antonio Cromartie. He can match up with any wideout in the league and have success, so they will be hoping he can have that same effect tonight. He will be paired with rookie Dee Milliner, who has the impossible task of trying to replace Darrelle Revis. It will be interesting to see how he goes tonight against some of his fellow rookies.

1.24amThe Patriots defense looked to be improved against the Bills and they will hope to have success against Smith tonight. Their key players will be defensive tackle Vince Wilfork and defensive end Chandler Jones. If they can pressure Smith and force turnovers and give Brady a shortfield, the Patriots will be in business.

Q1 15:00Blount brings the ball out to the 19 and Brady will get to work after the Pats lose the coin toss.

Q1 14:20The Patriots pick up a first down as Cromartie gives away a pass interference penalty by pulling the shirt of Thompkins. A big break for the Pats.

Q1 13:44Brady is moving the offense as he finds Edelman on an out route and he beats the safety Allen to power for a first down. Ridley picked up three on a first down, on his first carry of the night.


Q1 12:54The Patriots take the lead and rookie Dobson scores a touchdown with his first NFL reception. Brady fools the Jets defense with a lovely play-action pass bringing the entire defense up to the line. Dobson gets behind David Harris and runs it in for a 39-yard score. Gostkowski adds the extra point.

Q1 12:54Gostkowski's kick goes into the endzone and Gates fields the ball. Smith will start on the 20.

Q1 12:07Smith's drive stalls as he looks to Bilal Powell deep on the right sideline, with Dont'a Hightower in coverage but he threw the ball out of bounds. Following a decent run on second by Powell as he picked up five yards after the offensive line created some good room up the middle. Malone's kick takes a friendly bounce and Brady and co will begin on the 22.

Q1 10:58New England's turn to go three and out, as needing seven yards on third down Edelman can only pick up four on a screen pass. This followed an three-yard run by Blount and an incompletion on first. Allen's punt was fielded inside the Jets 20 by Wilson.

Q1 10:17FUMBLE!!!!

Q1 10:17Oh dear!! The Jets fumble on first down as Smith completes a big one down the middle to Stephen Hill, but Talib is in good coverage for the Patriots and knocks the ball loose. McCourty picks the ball up and returns it to the Jets' 8.


Q1 9:20The Patriots can only manage a field goal as Gostkowski nails a 21 yarder through the posts. In the three downs beforehand Brady threw two incompletions looking for Edelman, who was well covered. In between of a decent run by Ridley for five yards. The Pats look to be missing Gronkowski and his presence in the endzone.

Q1 8:06The Jets advance to the 35 yard line as Smith makes a big throw on third down as he completes a 30 yarder to Holmes and also gets a penalty as he's hit by Jones above the neck.

Q1 6:30Running back Chris Ivory shows a lot of toughness as he powers over the middle for a first down, picking up 10 yards. The Jets are on the move here.

Q1 5:40Another first down for the Jets as Ivory picks up a big gain on second and then comes up with a big run on third to pick up a yard, as Mangold and Ducasse open a hole for him. Jets are on the Pats 10.


Q1 4:19On third down Smith has all the time in world to pick out Gates in the endzone and he completes a low strike as the receiver beats the coverage of Mayo. The referee signals a touchdown but the play is under review as it looks as though Gates may have dropped this.



Q1 4:01The Jets get on the board despite conceding a penalty on their first kick, as Folk nails a 37-yarder between the posts. The touchdown was ruled incomplete as Gates lost control of the ball as he tried to haul in the pass from Smith. That was a blow for the Jets, he should have caught that.

Q1 3:27Brady and his offense are back out and pick up a first down on the ground as Ridley powers between Vollmer and Solder for seven yards. Then on second Edelman picks up a handoff from Brady and runs for the first. Some trick plays being used by the Pats.

Q1 1:49The Patriots don't got any further though as Ridley is stopped on a third and one by a great tackle by DaMario Davis, who beats Cannon and brings the back down. Allen's punt goes through the endzone so Smith and his offense will begin on the 20.

Q1 0:19The Jets are three and out as Hill can't reach the first down marker after being found in the flat by Smith as Arrington makes a good tackle to bring him down in the open field. Ivory had another good run on second as he found six yards. The Jets are having some success on the ground early on.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: New England Patriots 10-3 New York Jets

Q1 0:00We have a challenge from Rex Ryan on the spot. Hill was a yard short of the marker and he may have picked this up before his knee touched the ground.

Q1 0:00Unlucky Rex, the ruling on the field is confirmed and the Jets lose a timeout and Brady will get the back following a punt from Malone.

Q2 14:50Edelman collects Malone's punt and runs it back to the 40, where Brady and co will get to work again.

Q2 14:42FUMBLE!!!!

Q2 14:42The Patriots cough the ball up as Edelman loses the football after collecting a pass from Brady. Milliner knocks the ball loose and the Jets collect the ball. The play is under review though.

Q2 14:42INCOMPLETE PASS!! Edelman and the Pats get a break as the referee rules an incompletion.

Q2 13:58The Patriots drive comes to an end as a holding penalty from Mankins kills a first down pick up from Edelman. Washington is hauled down for a yard, when trying to picking up 16 yards on third. Unusually, the Jets leave no-one back to field the punt and for some reason the Pats down it on the 23.

Q2 12:41The Jets are moving as Smith runs for three on first down and then he finds Powell on a screen pass and he picks up 11 yards. Solid stuff from Smith.

Q2 10:36Ivory picks up seven on second down which sets up a big play on third and one. Smith hands the ball to full back Bohanon and he does well after initially being stopped to pick up the first moving behind Mangold.

Q2 9:32Smith does well to pick out Hill on first down for a big pickup on 16 yards after a false start penalty backed the Jets up. He has all the time in the world to throw and he finds Hill in space.

Q2 8:20The Jets drive comes to an end as Smith can't deliver a vertical strike to Gates down the seam, after he beat the coverage of Arrington. The ball hits Gates but can't bring it in, big moment that for the visitors, after they got a major break on second after Ivory fumbled but Cumberland was on hand to pick it up for Ryan's side.

Q2 7:25The Patriots can't string a drive together as rookie receiver Dobson drops the ball twice on the drive, first on deep out as he fails to catch it on the sideline, then on a deep go route, Brady throw the ball perfectly in stride but he can't bring it in after getting his hands to the ball. Allen's punt is fielded at the 34.

Q2 6:52SACK!!!! Buchanan disrupts the Jets' drive as he sacks Smith on third down forcing to punt. Earlier Smith's offense were forced into a 15-yard situation following a false start penalty.


Q2 5:05Brady gets his offense rolling with a huge completion for Thompkins down the left sideline on a go route for 38 yards. However the drive comes to end with two incompletions to Edelman and Dobson, much to the fury of Brady. Gostkowski puts their lead to 10 points with the field goal from 30 yards.

Q2 3:47SACK!!! Another Jets drive is stopped by a Patriots sack this time on third and five as Jones beats Ducasse and takes down Smith from behind. Pats are starting to get pressure on the rookie.

Q2 2:12Another drive, another three and out for the Patriots as Brady can't hit Dobson on a fade route deep on the right sideline. He doesn't look happy. Allen's punt is downed at the New York six.

Q2 0:53Jones is having a good game tonight as gets his second sack of the evening on Smith, that forces the Jets into three and long. Smith looks deep on third, and tries to hit Hill but the coverage from the Patriots is good and the ball falls incomplete.


Q2 0:24Brady throws deep for Thompkins and he makes the catch for the touchdown down the left sideline beating Milliner in coverage. However, it looks as though he may have made the catch with the assistance of the ground, which would be ruled incomplete.


Q2 0:19No touchdown as Thompkins's hands moved on the ball. Second down Patriots.


Q2 0:05Gostkowski's kick is no good as he hooks the ball to the left from 43 yards, after Brady had taken a knee on third down. That will be the end of the half.

Q2 0:00HALF-TIME: New England Patriots 13-3 New York Jets

3.19amThat brings the end to an ugly half of football, that was not good. For the Patriots, their offensive struggles from their first game continue, as Brady can't seem to get on the same page as his wide receivers, leading to much frustration. They don't look the same offense of the 2012 season that led the league in scoring.

3.21amThe Jets have been just as bad if not worse than the Pats. They've had opportunities to score but Smith has missed on several key throws and Gates dropped a sure touchdown, that would have made the game a lot closer. Defensively, they've been ok although the miscues by the Patriots have given them chances.

3.25amThis game is still in the balance and Rex Ryan looked the far happier coach at half-time despite seeing his side trail by 10 points. There are reports of bad weather being around Foxboro for the second half, hopefully that will stay away.

3.29amOh my, it is absolutely pouring for the second half as Gostkowski gets us underway.

Q3 13:28Smith gets the first Jets first down in what seems an age as he finds Gates over the top of Dennard for 34 yards on third down. That was a good throw in tight coverage especially with the rain.

Q3 12:05The Jets drive comes to and as Ninkovich blows up a running play for Powell as he breaks through the line to bring him down. After a Smith incompletion and a small yardage run on first. Malone punt puts the Pats deep in their territory at their six.

Q3 10:17Brady and co's turn to go three and out. First Ridley is stuffed for a loss before a short completion to Develin on second gets the yardage back. Brady goes to Dobson deep on third but Cromartie does well to break up the pass.

Q3 9:32Smith does well to bounce back from taking a huge loss from a sack from Tommy Kelly to pick up 15 yards on the ground to pick up the first down.

Q3 8:14Smith does well to pick out Holmes in a clearout route as he finds Holmes on the right sideline, who does brilliantly to catch the ball and tap his feet in bounds.

Q3 7:16The Jets are rolling now as Smith finds Powell in the flat and he powers to the New England 12.


Q3 5:05The Jets score their first touchdown of the night as Powell runs up the middle behind a block from Ducasse for a three-yard score. Folk kicks the extra point and it's a three point game here.

Q3 4:13The Pats overcome a big drop from Dobson on second down to convert on third as Brady hits him with a slant route to pick up nine yards.

Q3 2:41However, the drive is over yet again for the Patriots as Brady cuts a frustrated figure as Thompkins drops the ball this time on third down after he took a sack on first.

Q3 0:58The Jets' drive goes three and out as Smith overthrows Gates out wide on the left after Powell and Bohanon had both been stopped on the ground. Back to Brady we go.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: New England Patriots 13-10 New York Jets

Q4 14:46Brady tries to throw a quick slant to Thompkins but Cromartie is there with good coverage. Another three and out from the Patriots. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Q4 13:56The Jets take a timeout on a big third and seven at their own 15. That could be costly as they have only one left in the fourth quarter. There was a big drop by Spadola over the middle as he took a hit from McCourty, which would have been a first down and some more.

Q4 13:42Big completion on third for the Jets as he hits Holmes on a crossing route over the middle after Powell did brilliantly in pass protection to pick up a blitz from Hightower.

Q4 12:24A huge play for the Jets as Smith throws deeps for Hill and he catches the ball on the sideline under pressure from Dennard for a 34-yard gain. They move to the Patriots' 35.


Q4 11:13The Patriots create a turnover as Smith throws looking Holmes on another crossing route but this time Arrington sticks out a hand and tips the ball up to Talib, who makes the catch on the Pats' 10 yard line.

Q4 10:32Finally the Patriots pick up a first down and finally Dobson makes a catch as Brady hits him a short slant route over the middle.

Q4 8:44That drive didn't last long a completion to Edelman on second goes for seven yards but he can't find anyone open on third down and is forced to just throw it away. Allen punts and Wilson catches but is tackled straight away at his 22 by Slater.

Q4 7:38This may surprise you but there's another three and out from Smith and the Jets. This time it's a big drop from Powell on third down, as Smith finds him in the flat but he can't come up with the catch. That was after a costly delay of game penalty from Smith had put the Jets in third and 10, rather than third and five.

Q4 6:14Yet another three and out! Brady can't get his offense moving and fires yet another third down incompletion to Dobson looking for a fade down the right sideline. Some questionable play calling as well poor execution by the Patriots. Allen's punt goes into the endzone and Smith will start at the 20.

Q4 5:43A first down, my oh my, Powell goes round the left edge of the defence and beats the outstretched hands of Jones to pick up the first with an eight-yard run.


Q4 4:23The Patriots defense comes up with another big play as Dennard intercepts a pass from Smith intended for Gates. The corner does well to jump the route and pick the underthrown ball off.

Q4 2:46The Patriots pick up a crucial first down as Brady finds Edelman over the middle for his 13th reception of the night on a crossing route. Brady and his offense could kill the clock on this drive.

Q4 2:00Two minute warning and the Patriots are in third and long. If they convert here the game is over. It will need a big 10-yard completion if they do, though. Can Brady deliver?

Q4 1:47The Patriots run the ball surprisingly when a first down would have it. They ran time off the clock but conveniently Wilkerson picks up an injury to stop it.

Q4 0:56Allen punts and the ball backspins to the 29, where Smith will start, what can he do here?


Q4 0:38Smith throws his third interception of the night as he throws right into the hands of Talib, who gets his second pick of the night, which will seal the win for the Patriots. Afterwards, all hell breaks loose on the sideline, as the Jets and and Pats players squabble.

Q4 0:38Oh dear, two Jets players are thrown from the game for a personal foul and throwing a punch. They are Da'Brickshaw Ferguson and Willie Colon. Not smart from either player, they're rightly getting the treatment from the home fans as they walk down the tunnel.

Q4 0:38Brady takes a knee and the game is over!!

Q4 0:00FULL-TIME: New England Patriots 13-10 New York Jets

5.00amI'm going to go on the record and say that was far from a classic. Both offenses were not on their game, which to be fair is hard after just three days of practice in between games. However, the Patriots will be delighted to come away with a win in this one and go 2-0. Whereas the Jets will be thinking, how did they lose this game.

5.01amThe key was turnovers. Brady and Pats didn't turn the ball over while Smith was intercepted three times, twice by Talib and once by Dennard, as well as Hill's fumble in the first half. For all their struggles on offense that's what secured the home side the win.

5.04amWell that should do it for our coverage this morning. Thanks for joining our coverage throughout the night, we'll be back on Sunday with reports from all the game as they happen. Until then, goodbye.

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Jets coach Rex Ryan during a game with Jacksonville on August 17, 2013
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