Live Commentary: Olympic diving - day 14 as it happened

Live Commentary: Olympic diving - day 14 as it happened
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Sports Mole brings you live coverage of Tom Daley's 10m platform campaign.

Good evening and welcome to Sports Mole's live coverage from day 14 of the Olympic diving.

London's Aquatics Centre plays host to the preliminary round of the men's 10m platform, and home favourites Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield are in action.

The Britons are looking to go one better than they managed in the synchronised event, in which they came in fourth behind strong opposition.

They are in for a tough test this evening too, with China's Qiu Bo among the favourites to finish in pole position. He was named 'Male Diver of the Year' by Fina in 2011 to cap out a phenomenally successful year.

10.28pmThat's all from us tonight. We'll be back tomorrow morning to bring you all the action from the semi-final. Join us from 9.30pm tomorrow!

10.26pmSo it was a disappointing night for Team GB in many respects. Waterfield is out, and Daley looked far from convincing. You can read our report on their performances here.

10.13pmTom Daley makes the semi-final in 15th with a score of 448.45, and Peter Waterfield crashes out in 23rd on 412.45

10.12pmAt the end of the preliminaries, Qiu storms through in first with a score of 563.70, Lin came in second on 532.15, and Klein comes in third on 525.05.

10.10pmIt was always a big ask for Waterfield going into his final dive, and his back 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists wasn't quite good enough to grab that final qualifying spot. He needed close to 100 points on that one, but took 70.20.

10.07pmDaley REALLY needed to nail his final dive, and his reverse 3 1/2 somersault just cuts it! It's one of his better dives tonight and it puts a 84.15 omn the board. He moves into 15th, and is into the semi-final!

10.06pm13 of the qualifying spots are set in stone. Let's hope Daley and Waterfield can grab two of the remaining five!

10.06pmQiu, looking to put the icing on the cake tonight, does so in style. He earns 97.20 on his final dive, a stunning back 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists. He has run away with it!

10.04pmGuerra claws into 16th after his final dive. I don't think he will stay there, but what a turnaround for him. It goes to show how costly one botched dive can be.

10.03pmDaley could be in trouble, lying in 23rd as it stands. A big finish is needed. It looks bleak for Waterfield down there in 29th.

10.03pmBoth Mexicans are through now. Navarro seals it with a 79.80.

10.00pmLomas of Malaysia was on the cusp of the qualification places going into the final round. His final dive put 84.60 on the board, and that might well be enough to see him through.

9.59pmEric Sehn of Canada ends on a high with a well-executed inward 3 1/2 somersault, but was already out of it. Let's hope a few more drop out ahead of Daley and Waterfield's final dives.

9.55pmMitcham is in too! An 84.60 for his final effort, putting him into sixth for the time being.

9.54pmMcCormick of Canada makes the last 18 with 86.40 on his final dive. He saved the best for last!

9.52pmSanchez's final dive isn't his best of the evening, but he's comfortably through. If there were medals at stake he'd want more than 66.60 on his final dive, though.

9.52pmMinibaev lay just outside the qualification place, but he leaps into the last 18 with a back 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists worth 86.40.

9.49pmBondar underlines his top 18 finish with an 81.00 on his final dive. The high quality of dives in this final round is concerning. It could slam the door on at last one of the Team GB divers.

9.48pmAguirre of Cuba hasn't been spectacular, but he's in the semi-final. An 84.60 finish has seen to that!

9.46pmWolfram storms into the semi with a superb forward 4 1/2 somersault. It was worth every one of those 94.35 points the judges hand over!

9.44pmZakharov is there too, picking up 86.40 for his back 2 1/2 somersault 2 12/ twists.

9.43pmLin books his place in the semi with an overall score of 532.15, after picking up 532.15 on his final round dive. He looks good for second place.

9.42pmGalperin recovers from his botches effort in round five, ending on a strong back 2/1 somersault 2 1/2 twists to earn 81.00. He will likely progress.

9.38pmAt the end of the fifth round, Qiu is top on 466.50, Lin is second on 445.75, and Klein is third on 444.05. Daley goes into the final round in 16th, and can seal a place in the semi with a strong finish. Waterfield has his work cut out there in 23rd

9.37pmWaterfield, hoping to do better, launches into a reverse 3 1/2 somersault. His launch and aerial work are good, but his entry is too heavy. That leaves him with 64.35, and he has a LOT to do in round six.

9.34pmDaley's fifth dive was a back 3 1/2 somersault, and it wasn't one of his better ones. Poor entry into the water there. He hits the surface in a banana shape and throws up a big splash. A 39.60 leaves him in 16th place, leaving him in need of a HUGE finish!

9.33pmKlien remains one of the most consistent performers with a 89.10 for his reverse 2 1/2 somersault. He could be among the medals come tomorrow!

9.32pmQiu's masterclass continues with a solid forward 4 1/2 somersault worth a staggering 99.90! Straight back to the top for him!

9.29pmWhat a comeback it's been from Guerra. The Cuban has broken into the top 18 after a reverse 3 1/2 somersault worth 79.20. He needs a BIG finish.

9.29pmThe two Mexicans are in second and third behind Lin at the moment.

9.28pmNavarro looks like he picked up a minor injury on his dive, but it didn't affect his technique. He grabs a 85.80 as well as a sore neck.

9.28pmLomas of Malaysia performs a stunning inward 4 1/2 somersault. He made it look easy. The judges hand him 96.35 for a dive that could well have gotten three figures. He moves into 15th and faces a nervy final round.

9.22pmMitcham hasn't looked like the Olympic champion he is tonight, but a 66.00 on his fifth dive will likely see him scrape through.

9.20pmSanchez remains on top form. 84.15 for the Mexican's reverse 3 1/2 somersault.

9.20pmMinibaev has just faltered on his fifth dive, scoring just 48.60. There could be a great opportunity for the Team GB pair to leapfrog him.

9.17pmBondar with an impressive 89.10 on his reverse 3 1/2 somersault. That puts him up to the dizzy heights of third. He's on course for the last 18.

9.14pmWolfram has been one of the most steady performers here tonight, and he looks to have made the semi-final with a score of 81.00 for his back 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists.

9.11pmSome of the heavy-hitters are making errors now. Just 47.25 for Zakharov on his armstand dive!

9.09pmGalperin botches his fifth dive with a score of 34.65. Lin storms ahead of him with a well-executed armstand dive worth 91.80.

9.07pmAt the end of round four, Qiu leads on 95.20, Klein is second on 354.95, and Lin is third on 353.95. Daley looks comfortable in seventh, and Waterfield has a fighting chance at the semi in 20th

9.05pmWaterfield, still with ground to make up, performs a back 3 1/2 somersault with tuck. He comes out of his shape too early, but does well to recover. The judges award him with 77.55, and he's gaining ground on the top 18.

9.00pmDaley steps up to a chorus of applause. It was one of his big guns, the forward 4 1/2 somersault. His takeoff was shaky, but the high degree of difficulty leaves him with 83.25. He's looking more comfortable there in seventh.

8.59pmQiu's fourth dive is a back 3 1/2 somersault. It's his weakest of the evening, but it's still worth 86.40, and that just shows the rest what they are up against tonight. He knocks his compatriot into second place.

8.57pmGuerra follows his superb third round dive with one of almost equal quality. His armstand triple somersault is good for 95.20. He had a lot of ground to make up, but his is right back in it now.

8.56pmNavarro launches into a bold armstand dive. It's well executed and pulls in a score of 81.00. He joins his compatriot inside the top four.

8.49pmSanchez with an inward 4 1/2 somersault. It's a staggeringly difficult dive and he pulled it off in style. A whopping 98.40 for him, placing him in second behind Lin.

8.46pmLin of China leads as its stands, followed by Russia's Galperin. Daley is in 14th and Waterfield in 26th ahead of their fourth dives.

8.44pmBondard's back 3 1/2 somersault will move him up the field. Expert precision from the Ukrainian. The judges rate that at 89.10, and he looks in good stead for the last 18.

8.38pmZakharov has been consistent, if not spectacular. His reverse 3 1/2 somersault is worth 74.25, keeping him among the chasing pack.

8.37pmLin knocks him off the top with a masterful forward 4 1/2 somersault worth 92.50! Don't write him off for gold come the final.

8.35pmGalperin opens round four with a back 3 1/2 somersault worth 84.15. That keeps him up there.

8.34pmAt the end of round three, Qiu is top on 280.20, Klein is in second on 263.15, and Lin in third on 261.45. Daley is looking good there in ninth on 241.45, and Waterfield could yet make the top 18. He's in 23rd on 200.35.

8.32pmWaterfield also needed to dig deep on his forward 4 1/2 somersault. It's his best dive of the evening! That convinces the judges to part with a 94.35, and we could have a comeback on the cards here!

8.29pmDaley steps up and launches into his armstand back triple somersault. He needed to nail it and he did! He look a little shaky on launch, but his aerial work is spot on and his entry splashless. He bags 89.25! That will do wonders for his prospects, moving him up to ninth.

8.27pmQiu with a reverse 3 1/2 somersault. He really is a perfectionist. The judges can barely fault him on execution or aerial work. They hand him 94.05, and he replaces his compatriot at the top of the pile.

8.25pmGuerra got off to a disastrous start but his third dive is magnificent. His inward 3 1/2 somersault is worth 92.80. Daley and Waterfield could do with a couple of those!

8.21pmA very heavy splash from Lomas on his third dive. He throws up a tidal wave and is penalised with a 29.70.

8.18pmLin leads at present, followed by Sanchez in second and Galperin in third.

8.17pmMitcham ups the ante on his third dive, and is looking more like the Olympic champ we know. He earns 81.60 for his inward 3 1/2 somersault and moves into eighth.

8.14pmSanchez is having a great night on the platform. All three of his dives have been impeccable, and his armstand back triple somersault racks up 75.90. The judges were a little harsh there.

8.13pmRussia's Minibaev looks full of Eastern promise tonight. He ends up with 82.50 for his reverse 3 1/2 somersault.

8.12pmBondar bombs on his armstand dive. He was penalised for being askew as he entered the water. The judges award him with 57.60.

8.10pmHungry like the Wolfram! He buries his inward 3 1/2 somersault for an 87.45 to move into fourth. Great consistence from the German!

8.08pmA nightmare for Ri of North Korea. He earns 18.15 for his third dive due to a catastrophic error on his armstand. We are unlikely to be seeing him in the semi.

8.06pmZakharov with a masterful forward 4 1/2. He earns 83.25 and is looking good for a place in the semi-finals!

8.04pmGalperin's third dive is his weakest of the evening, earning 66.00. Lin blows him off the top of the table with a stunning 100.80 for his back 3 1/2 somersault!

8.00pmAt the end of round two, Qiu leads on 186.15, Galperin is second on 179.80, and Sanchez is third on 170.80. Daley is 15th on 152.20. He needs to dig deep because the standard is very high here.

7.59pmWaterfield opts for an inward 3 1/2 somersault for his second dive. He pulls out of his tuck shape too early and throws up splash. The judges penalise him with a 40.00. That leaves him adrift near the foot of the table.

7.57pmDaley's second dive is an inward 3 1/2 somersault, and it's better than his first dive. He comes away with a 78.40 and moves into 15th. He can do better!

7.54pmPerfect 10s for Qui's armstand back triple somersault. A masterclass in diving there, and the judges think so too with a score of 99.75!

7.54pmGalperin is still in the lead, followed by the two Mexicans.

7.53pmIt's a crisis for the Cuban missile Jose Antonio Guerra. He land in the water with a thump on his second dive. The judges penalise him with a 21.60, and that might be too much to recover from.

7.51pmThe Mexicans are going well. Navarro earns 85.80 for his back 3 1/2 somersault and moves up to third behind compatriot Sanchez.

7.50pmLomas of Malaysia makes the forward 4 1/2 somersault look easy, but he was a tad heavy on splash. The judges award him with 68.45.

7.45pmMitcham, the defending champ, has some work to do after entering the water like banana-man on his second dive. A score of 74.25 for his back 3 1/2 somersault.

7.44pmSanchez made my head spin with his forward 2 1/2 somersault 3 twists. Superb technique there. The judges give him 81.70, putting him into second.

7.43pmMinibaev of Russia continues that trend with a 86.95 for his forward 4 1/2 somersault.

7.42pmBondar was took far away from the platform on launch, but he shows great skill to recover with good aerial work. He ends up with a 83.25 and ends up in second behind Galperin. The Eastern Europeans mean business tonight!

7.40pmJeinkler Aguirre with a great second dive. He nails his inward 3 1/2 somersault for a score of 86.40, moving into fifth for then time being.

7.38pmWolfram is marked down slightly with a 72.00 for throwing up too much splash on entry. He moves into fourth but won't be there for long.

7.37pmTimofei Hordeichik of Belarus botches his armstand dive and is lucky he only came away with a low score of 39.60, and not whiplash as well.

7.35pmAn excellent second dive from Zakharov of the Ukraine. He picks up 88.20 for his back 3 1/2 somersault.

7.34pmLin of China earns 74.25 for his reverse 3 1/2 somersault. That keeps him in contention.

7.33pmGalperin nails his second dive, scoring 91.80 for a superb armstand reverse triple somersault. Cool as you like.

7.31pmAt the end of round one, Sanchez leads, Galperin is second, and the two Chinese are in joint third. Daley is in 18th, and would progress as things stand. Waterfield is in joint 27th and needs to step it up.

7.29pmPete Waterfield goes with an armstand back triple somersault to open. He was a little shaky, too. The judges award him with 66.00. Both Waterfield and Daley have some work to do.

7.26pmTom Daley steps up to rapturous applause. He performs a back 2 1/2 somersault 2 1/2 twists. He overcooks it somewhat and ends up with 73.80. Let's hope that was just opening nerves.

7.25pmQiu Bo's opener is an inward 3 1/2 somersault. His technique is good, but he throws up more splash than I expected he would. A 86.40 puts him into third.

7.24pmDavid Boudia joins the 80 plus club with a score of 81.00 for his armstand.

7.20pmMexico's Ivan Garcia Navarro fires his big gun first, launching into a forward 4 1/2 somersault. He bags an 81.40 for the high degree of difficulty.

7.19pmSteady as you like on Bryan Nickson Lomas's amrstand dive. An 81.60 from the judges for him, and he enters the leaderboard at the business end.

7.16pmAmund Nordal Gismervik of Norway manages 81.60 for his opener, maintaining the sky high standard of round one.

7.14pmOlympic champion Matthew Mitcham of Australia launches into a forward 3 1/2. He earns 76.50, which puts him top six, but the competition looks fierce.

7.13pmMexico's German Sanchez Sanchez pulls in 89.10 on his inward 3 1/2. He storms to the top of the pile!

7.11pmAnother Eastern European follows. Russia's Victor Minibaev performs the same move with less accuracy to earn 67.20.

7.11pmOleksandr Bondar of the Ukraine nails his inward 3 1/2 somersault to put 81.60 points on the board. That puts him up in third!

7.08pmGermany's Martin Wolfram goes with a spectacular armstand back double somersault 2 1/2 twists. It's a tough dive, but he pulled it off well, earning 77.40 from the judges.

7.06pmA very nice opener from Hyun Ju Ri of North Korea. a 73.50 for his forward 3 1/2 somersault, reflecting the dive's low degree of difficulty.

7.04pmAnton Zakharov with another inward 3 1/2. He was somewhat rigid on launch, but he takes a 72.00, which isn't disastrous.

7.01pmYue Lin of China pulls off the same move. He's just as solid, but not quote as clean into the water. He earns 86.40 from the judges. The bar has been raised high.

7.01pmGleb Galperin of Russia gets things going with an inward 3 1/2 somersault. An impressive start for him. An 88.00 from the judges.

6.58pmThe action will be under way shortly. 32 divers will take to the platform tonight, performing six dives each. Daley will be 29th to dive, and Waterfield is last.

6.55pmThanks to for that one.

6.55pm"They've shown for a long time now they can handle the expectation and I'm confident they will make the final and be in with a shot of a medal."

6.55pm"Both are very experienced so I don?t think they'll feel any added pressure. I think at the back of their minds they will think they should have medalled in the synchro, and that will keep them focussed."

6.55pmTeam GB diving coach Bill Clark is backing both home divers to thrive under the pressure here tonight and make the final...

6.49pmThanks to The Daily Telegraph for that quote.

6.47pmDaley had this to say ahead of his clash with Qiu: "I think he's been unbeaten for the last couple of years so he is doing really well. But in the last few years I have learnt all the dives he has got, so it is just going to be about who performs it best on the day."

6.45pmQiu is a formidable opponent. He was named as male diver of the year in 2011 by Fina after bagging two gold medals in the World Aquatics Championships.

6.43pmDaley represents a firm medal hope for Team GB, but he'll have to out-dive China's Qiu Bo if he wants to take home gold.

6.38pmDaley and his teammate Pete Waterfield will be looking to go one better than they did in the synchronised version of this event. They narrowly missed the podium in that, coming in fourth. Read our report here.

6.37pmGood evening and welcome to our live text coverage of the preliminary stage of the men's 10m platform. Tom Daley fever is about to hit critical mass!

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