Dec 2, 2013 at 1.30am UK at ​FedEx Field
New York Giants
Washington Redskins
Morris (7:54)
Brown (8:46), Myers (0:35)
Paulsen (11:45)
Brown (14:26)

Live Commentary: New York Giants 24-17 Washington Redskins - as it happened

Check out Sports Mole to see how all the action from the NFL clash between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants unfolded.

The Washington Redskins and the New York Giants met in their NFL clash at MetLife Stadium.

The Redskins were playing for pride with their chances of reaching the playoffs over while the Giants were hopeful that they could keep their hopes alive.

It was Tom Coughlin's side who prevailed to move to 5-7 in their season and they stay within two games of the Dallas Cowboys needing a lot of help to reach the post-season.

Read our commentary below to see how all the action unfolded.

1amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants.

1.02amThe Redskins come into this game with their season falling apart. They have no hope of reaching the playoffs following their loss to the San Francisco 49ers and reports are circling suggesting there is tension in their locker room.

1.04amAfter a great rookie season, Robert Griffin III is struggling immensely and it appears that there is friction between him and head coach Mike Shanahan. Reports suggest the head coach could leave this season as a result of this fallout.

1.06amThe Redskins offense that was so electric last season put up just six points in their defeat to the 49ers and just 16 the week before that against the Eagles. Alfred Morris has had a fine season but since his team are playing mostly from behind, he hasn't been able to be a factor in this campaign in a winning way for his team.

1.09amWashington's defense isn't doing much better especially their secondary who have been extremely poor against the pass this season and allowed Colin Kaepernick, who has been struggling this year to pick them apart on Monday in their hammering at FedEx Field.

1.12amThere is a lot to play for the Redskins as the front office will be watching with interest in regards to contracts next season. Even worse for Washington, is that they won't get the benefit of their first round pick in the 2014 Draft as they traded that away to get RG3.

1.15amThe Giants have brought some respectability to their season following their 0-6 start. Eli Manning has found some rhythm in the past few games, while the return of Andre Brown has boosted them on the ground.

1.18amNew York's defense this season has been usually bad. The Giants are renowned for their excellent pass rush but they have struggled to get any pressure on the quarterback this year, as Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck have been relative non-factors.

1.22amThe Giants defeat to the Cowboys has left them all but out of the playoff race bar a collapse by Dallas and Philadelphia. You never say never in the NFC East but this one might be a stretch too far for Tom Coughlin's side, who will also be looking ahead to free agency and the 2014 Draft.

1.25amREDSKINS INACTIVES: Young, Paul, Reed, Grossman, Minnifield, Jenkins, LeRibeus.

1.26amGIANTS INACTIVES: Nassib, Webster, Jacobs, McBride, Robinson, Pierre-Paul, Goodin.

1.28amA blow for Washington as tight end Jordan Reed misses the game still with a concussion problem while Niles Paul also misses out leaving the Redskins short on options at tight end. Full back Darrel Young is also out from their usual starters.

1.29amA lot of key players inactive for the Giants, as Pierre-Paul, Webster and McBride are absent on defense due to injury while running back Brandon Jacobs misses out from the offensive starters.

Q1 14:53Morgan returns the ball to the Washington 27 where RG3 will start today.

Q1 14:44The Redskins move the chains immediately as RG3 fakes the handoff to Morris and the back goes through the line and the quarterback hits him with a short pass, which he takes over the first down marker for a 12-yard gain.

Q1 13:06RG3 fires downfield for Nick Williams on third down and seven but he only gets six yards as he is tackled just before the line but the Redskins look like they are set to go for it on fourth down and inches.

Q1 12:52The Redskins get the first down as RG3 keeps the ball and runs over the right side of the line before he's knocked back by Beason at the Giants' 49.

Q1 11:40RG3 gets his side moving further into Giants territory as he fires over the middle of the field for Garcon on a crossing route and the receiver makes the catch and sprints to the 29 before he gets brought down for a 17-yard gain.

Q1 10:55RG3 goes on the outside this time as he lofts the ball to Morgan on a comeback route for 10 yards before the receiver gets pushed out of bounds by Paysinger at the Giants 17.

Q1 9:12Another third down conversion by the Redskins as RG3 sits back in the pocket and drills the ball to Davis at the first down marker and he makes the catch and runs before he gets dropped at the Giants two-yard line for a gain of 12.


Q1 7:54The Redskins take the lead as RG3 hands off on the one-yard line to Morris who jumps over the middle of the line to get in for the score. An excellent drive from the Redskins and just what they needed after their performance on Monday.

Q1 7:48Cox returns the ball to the 20 where Manning will begin.

Q1 5:53SACK! Manning goes down on the Giants' first play of the game as Orakpo drags him down for an eight-yard loss and on second Brown can only get two yards. On third Manning looks deep but is forced to checkdown to Randle on a hitch route for eight yards forcing the punt from Weatherford. His punt is collected by Moss and taken to the Washington 47.

Q1 5:12The Redskins make an ambitious play on first down as RG3 tosses to Helu and he in turns tosses to Robinson who gets nine yards on the carry and then on second and one, Helu comes back with a one-yard carry to move the chains.

Q1 2:24A penalty on first puts the Redskins back to first and 15 and from there they can't get the yardage back as on third and eight RG3 can only find Helu for two yards forcing a punt from Rocca on the Giants 38, but his punt is a good one as it's downed on the one-yard line.

Q1 0:47The Giants go three and out as Brown can only find four yards on first and second down, while on third Manning drops back looking for Myers on a streak route but his pass falls incomplete. Again, Weatherford punts and this time his kick is taken to the Washington 41.

Q1 0:00The Redskins gain a net of two yards on first and second as Morris is stopped for a loss of two but then gets four on a short pass for RG3, so it will be third and eight at the start of the fourth quarter.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: New York Giants 0-7 Washington Redskins

Q2 14:43The Redskins convert on third and eight as RG3 fires low to Moss over the middle of the field and he makes the grab by his ankle and runs for 15 yards before he's brought down at the Giants' 41.

Q2 13:47RG3 takes off on second down and four and runs for 15 yards taking his side to the 20 as he finds space over the left side of the line and sprints beating Rolle to get the first down and a whole lot more. Unfortunately for him as he runs out of bounds, he slips and falls smack on his behind on the athletics track. That would have hurt.


Q2 11:45The Redskins double their lead after a delay of game penalty but them in third and nine on the 19 but that didn't bother RG3 one bit as he fired a pass down the seam for tight end Paulsen, who bounces off a tackle to go in for the score.

Q2 11:41Cox returns the ball to the 20 where Manning will start.

Q2 10:49The Giants get the chains moving for the first time in the gain as Hillis breaks through the middle of the line for an eight-yard gain on third and one after Manning found Myers for eight on second down.

Q2 9:32Hillis gets the handoff again as he powers over the right side of the line and he gets through a couple of tackles to gain 27 yards before he gets pushed out of bounds at the Washington 30.


Q2 8:45The Giants get themselves on the board and back into the game as Brown reels off a 23-yard run coasting over the right side of the line and like Hillis before him, beats a couple of tackles to go in for the score. Power football from the Giants not something you usually associate with them, but they're back in the game.

Q2 7:09The Redskins go three and out as RG3 scrambles on third and 11 but he can't get the yardage he needs as Beason forces him out for a nine-yard gain and Rocca punts to the ball to the Giants 28, where Manning will take over.

Q2 5:12The Giants can't do anything with the ball either as Brown is stuffed for no gain on first and a short completion to Pascoe brings up third and seven. Manning is forced to scramble and gets two yards before he's brought down and Weatherford punts again and Moss takes it to the Washington 28. What can RG3 do this time>?

Q2 3:35RG3 takes a deep shot for Robinson on first down but Rolle does well to break it up as the receiver attempted to make the grab at the Giants' 10. On second a pass to Morris brings up third and one, but the Redskins can't convert as Royster is stopped for no gain. Rocca's punt is collected by Randle and taken to the 19.

Q2 3:10Manning fakes the handoff to Brown and wheels out to his right and drills a pass to Cruz for 11 yards on first and he makes the grab to move the chains at the 30.

Q2 2:00The Giants will have a third and five after the two-minute warning as Cruz gets a reception for six yards before he's brought down at the 36 after Brown was dropped for a one-yard loss on first.

Q2 1:51Manning drops back in the pocket and drills the ball to Nicks on a post route and he manages to fit the ball into a tight window and the receiver and cornerback Hall fight for possession but Nicks comes away with it somehow.

Q2 1:04Manning goes short over the middle of the field for Brown and he churns out nine yards before Manning hands off to Hillis on second and one and he gets the first down moving his side to the Washington 34.

Q2 0:51Another chain mover by the Giants as Manning drills the ball to Myers on a hitch route at the marker and he makes the grab and is tackled immediately at the 24.


Q2 0:35The Giants draw level as Manning fires the ball down the seam and Myers makes the grab and falls into the endzone untouched for a 22-yard score. The tight end was wide open and Manning had all the time in the world to make the throw.

Q2 0:30Gettis gets the ball and returns it to the Redskins 27.

Q2 0:10The Redskins move the chains but with time running out their options are limited at their own 41.

Q2 0:01RG3 fires down the right for Helu and he makes a move before he gets tackled at the Giants 39. That will give the Redskins a chance at a Hail Mary.

Q2 0:00RG3 keeps the ball and just runs out of bounds as the Giants brought the heat, that will end the half.

Q2 0:00HALF TIME: New York Giants 14-14 Washington Redskins

2.48amAfter their fast start the Redskins find themselves level at the break as the Giants came back strong in the second quarter with good balanced offensive play.

2.50amWashington had the Giants on the ropes early in the second quarter as RG3 was having his way with their defense culminated in his touchdown pass to Paulsen. Morris also performed well backing up his yards on the ground with a rushing score.

2.53amThe Giants will be pleased with the way they rallied to get back into the game, as Manning looked good and completed 10 of his 12 passes including his touchdown strike to Myers, while Brown and Hillis dominated on the ground with 71 yards between them on just 10 carries.

2.56amThis game won't be decided on defense if the first half is anything to go by, so both offenses will have to keep clicking after the break.

Q3 14:55Cox returns the ball to the 25 where Manning will begin.

Q3 14:10The Giants move the chains immediately as Manning fires to Nicks on a slant route and he gets 19 yards before he gets hauled down by Hall to move his side to the 44.

Q3 11:50The Giants can't go any further as on third and two Manning fires deep for Cruz but he can't come up with the catch. Curious call after their success on the ground, as Hillis had got eight yards running the ball on first and second. Weatherford's punt is caught at the Washington 10 by Moss.

Q3 11:22RG3 moves the chains himself as he takes off over the left side and runs for 10 yards before he slides down at the feet of Amukamara, who touches him down at the 20.

Q3 10:10RG3 uses his feet again to pick up the first down as he runs over the left side of the line and gets two yards after Morris churned out nine on second down with a run right through the middle of the line.

Q3 9:43The Redskins are really moving now as RG3 drops back and the Giants bring the rush and nearly get to him in the pocket but he evades the rush and runs for the first down with a 15-yard carry moving his side to their 48.

Q3 6:41A couple of penalties on the Redskins stop their drive as a holding call moves them back 10 then an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty pushes them back 15 after a 14-yard gain on second. On third and 18 RG3 fires short to Garcon for eight yards before he gets tackled at the 43. Rocca punts to the Giants' 15.


Q3 5:03Meriweather makes a crucial interception as Manning overthrows Randle over the middle of the field and Wilson tips the ball straight into the hands of the safety and he returns it to the Giants' 12 before he's brought down.

Q3 4:29The Redskins can't get into the endzone as RG3's pass is nearly intercepted by Amukamara as he tried to Garcon on third and goal, after he threw an incompletion on second and ran for two yards on first. Garcon's not happy about the missed throw and kicks the ball causing a delay of game penalty moving his side back five yards and leaving Forbath with a 33-yard field goal.

Q3 4:25FIELD GOAL GOOD! Giants 14-17 Redskins

Q3 4:25Forbath knock his kick through the posts to hand his side the lead.

Q3 4:20Cox drops the return but manages to gather but he can only take it back to the eight-yard line where Manning will begin.

Q3 2:39SACK! Orakpo gets to Manning and drags him down for an eight-yard loss on third and eight forcing the punt from Weatherford and his kick is collected by Moss and taken to the Redskins' 45. That series from the Giants was doomed from the start.

Q3 0:54SACK! RG3 goes down for a loss as Tuck gets to him in the pocket and drags him back eight yards. The Redskins are forced to punt but Nelson's snap falls short of Rocca and he just has to boot the ball clear and it takes a deflection and lands at the 47 but a penalty on Nelson for holding costs the Redskins another 10 yards.

Q3 0:22Manning fires a completion over the middle of the field to Myers that will move the Giants inside the redzone at the end of the third quarter.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: New York Giants 14-17 Washington Redskins

Q4 14:48Manning fires deep down the left for Cruz on a fade route and he beats the first tackler and tries to power his way into the endzone but the Redskins get just enough men back to keep him out, but the Giants will have the ball at the one-yard line.

Q4 14:48Manning fires deep down the left for Cruz on a fade route and he beats the first tackler and tries to power his way into the endzone but the Redskins get just enough men back to keep him out, but the Giants will have the ball at the one-yard line.


Q4 14:26Manning hands the ball off to Brown and he powers through a tackle to go into the endzone as he reaches out his hand with the ball in to break the goalline to give his side the lead. However, the play will be reviewed.

Q4 14:26TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED! Giants 21-17 Redskins

Q4 14:26There was no conclusive evidence to overturn the decision an the Giants take the lead.

Q4 14:10Morgan returns the ball to the 22 where RG3 will start.

Q4 12:16SACKS! Tuck brings RG3 down twice on three down, first for three yards on first down and then on third and three for a seven-yard loss as he brushed off Polumbus to bring down the quarterback as he tried to escape the pocket. Rocca's punt is taken to the Giants' 43 by Randle.

Q4 10:50The Giants get moving as Manning fires to Cruz who sits down in the zone and makes the grab for a 13-yard gain before he gets brought down at the Washington 44. A score here from the Giants would come close to ending the game.

Q4 8:34SACK! Manning is down for a 12-yard loss as Wilson and Jackson come in on the blitz, and the Giants can't get the yardage back as Brown is stopped for an eight-yard gain forcing the punt from Weatherford, which is fair caught by Moss at his own 10.

Q4 6:30SACK! Griffin goes down again as Tuck gets to him for the fourth time of the game as he comes in unblocked over the right side of the line putting the Redskins in a hole and then Garcon drops a simple pass on second and 13 followed up by an incompletion by RG3. The body language from the Redskins is terrible right now, it looks like some of their players have given up. Rocca's punt is caught by Randle at the 39.

Q4 4:26The Giants move the chains as Manning fires over the middle of the field for Randle and he manages to eek out nine yards before he gets hauled to the ground and on third and one Manning dinks a throw to Myers who just gets enough for the yardage coming back on his route to the underthrown ball.

Q4 3:50Manning fires deep downfield for Cruz on a comeback route and he spins past the first tackler before he gets pushed out of bounds for a 22-yard gain to move his side to the Washington 28.

Q4 2:58The Giants can't convert on third and six as Manning under pressure throws a quick curl route to Randle but he only gets five yards on the play and that will force Brown into a 39-yard field goal.

Q4 2:32FIELD GOAL GOOD! Giants 24-17 Redskins

Q4 2:32Brown's kick goes just inside the right upright as his kick seemed to swerve at the last second but the officials called it good and the Giants have a seven-point lead.

Q4 2:32Brown kicks the ball out of the endzone and RG3 will start at the 20.

Q4 2:09The Redskins make a crucial conversion on fourth down and three as Moss dropped the ball on third and three, but on fourth Paulsen made the grab for an eight-yard reception to move the Redskins to their 36.

Q4 2:00Two-minute warning and the Redskins are at their own 41 after Garcon collected a screen pass for a five-yard gain. It will be second and five after the break.

Q4 1:21CONTROVERSY!! Oh boy! The Redskins are furious and they have every right to be as the referees make a real hash of things here. One official signalled for a first down and moved the chains but after an incompletion to Davis it's fourth down and one. Shanahan is not happy.

Q4 0:50FUMBLE!!

Q4 0:50OH BOY! Hill rips the ball from Garcon's hands following a completion on the fourth down and one play and that will allow the Giants to end the game. That all came from that officiating mistake. That has decided the game. Awful from Jeff Triplette and his crew, this is not the first time in recent weeks a game has been ended on a refereeing call.

Q4 0:00Manning ends the game with a kneel down.

Q4 0:00FULL TIME: New York Giants 24-17 Washington Redskins

4.30amWhat a shame that game ended that way. The referee won't have heard the last of that debacle be sure of that and his hopes of reaching the playoffs to officiate will be over.

4.32amStill let's not detract that from a good win from the Giants as they came from behind to put in a convincing victory as their offense just had enough to put the Redskins away while Justin Tuck had four sacks in a dominating second-half performance.

4.35amThe call and the fumble pretty much summed up the Redskins season as they fall to 3-9 and that ends their campaign. Their offense couldn't keep up their momentum and more importantly they couldn't protect RG3 while their defense didn't make the plays they needed in the critical situations.

4.38amThanks for joining our commentary this morning. We'll be back with all the action of Monday Night Football tomorrow when the Seattle Seahawks face the New Orleans Saints. Until then, goodbye.

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