Nov 3, 2013 at 9.05pm UK at ​ Coliseum
Philadelphia Eagles
Oakland Raiders
Celek (3:58)
Cooper (2:45), Ertz (3:31)
Jennings (3:34)
McCoy (14:21), Jackson (11:41), Cooper (4:38)
Stewart (0:52)

Live Commentary: Philadelphia Eagles 49-20 Oakland Raiders - as it happened

Relive our coverage of the Oakland Raiders' NFL clash against the Philadelphia Eagles at the O'co Coliseum.

Nick Foles tied the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single game during the Philadelphia Eagles' 49-20 win over the Oakland Raiders.

The quarterback connected with Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, while Riley Cooper claimed three touchdowns.

Rashad Jennings and Jeremy Stewart managed to find the end zone for the home side, but the Raiders rarely matched their opponents.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

8.36pmGood evening, it's around half an hour until kickoff at the Coliseum in Oakland, where the Eagles and Raiders will both be looking for their fourth wins of the 2013 NFL season. Let's take a look at the inactives for both sides...

8.37pmRAIDERS INACTIVES: Holmes, Butler, Branch, Robinson, Gurode, Sanford, Pashos

8.39pmEAGLES INACTIVES: Vick, Knott, Tucker, Tobin, Cunningham, Kelly

8.41pmThe big absence for the Eagles is quarterback Michael Vick, who reinjured his hamstring against the New York Giants last week. Nick Foles, who has also missed time this season with a concussion, comes into the starting lineup in his place.

8.44pmManchester-born guard Menelik Watson makes his debut for the Raiders this evening. The second-round Draft pick missed the start of the season after injuring his calf during the team's pre-season training camp, but is healthy enough to suit up for the first time today.

8.47pmBoth teams head into this game with similar records. The Eagles are 3-5, while the Raiders, who have already had their bye week, are 3-4. Despite this, the Eagles are contenders in their division, while the Raiders prop up the surprisingly strong AFC West.

8.50pmOne of the surprises of the season for the home side has been the emergence of quarterback Terrelle Pryor. He won the starting job from Matt Flynn during the pre-season, and leads the team in rushing, as well as recording 1,149 passing yards and five touchdowns.

8.53pmThe Eagles brought in a new head coach during the off-season after finishing bottom in the NFC East in 2012. Chip Kelly's offense appears to suit running back LeSean McCoy, who has 733 rushing yards and three touchdowns so far this season.

8.56pmComparing their stats from the first half of the season, the Eagles have been stronger offensively so far this year, averaging over 80 more yards per game. However, Oakland have had a more potent defense, making 21 sacks compared to the Eagles' 16, and seven forced fumbles, while Philadelphia have just four.

9pmPREDICTION! With kickoff not that far away, it's time to make my prediction. Terrelle Pryor has shown great improvement this season, with the highlight being a 93-yard rushing touchdown against the Steelers last week. His pace should stretch the Eagles' defense which has leaked points this season, while the introduction of Watson on the offensive line should provide him with greater protection in the pocket. As a result, I think Oakland should win this by around five points.

9.03pmThe Raiders make their way onto the field ready for today's game.

9.04pmThe Eagles win the toss and chose to defer to the second half, so the home side will receive from the kickoff.

Q1 15:00KICKOFF! Alex Henery takes the kickoff, which is brought out the the Oakland 8 after a penalty. Here comes the Oakland offense ready for their first drive of the night.

Q1 13:10SACK! The Raiders start their drive well, with Pryor scrambling for a five-yard gain before connecting with Denarius Moore for 27 yards, but the quarterback is brought down by Trent Cole before he can get the pass away on the next play, losing six.

Q1 10:59Pryor immediately composes himself, completing short passes to Criner and Streater, but it's not enough for the first down, so King comes out for his first punt of the game. However, the Raiders get the ball back when he's struck by Coleman.

Q1 9:22The Raiders try the wildcat, with Darren McFadden collecting the ball directly from the snap before rushing for a three-yard gain. However, and incompletion to Mychal Rivera and a short run from Pryor bring King onto the field again, and this time his punt is successful, bringing out the Eagles' offense.

Q1 7:15Nick Foles, who is playing for the first time since suffering a concussion last month, opens the drive with a four-yard scramble, before securing a first down with a 19-yard pass to Maehl, moving the visiting team to the Oakland 32.

Q1 5:23TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 7-0 Raiders (Celek)

Q1 5:23It's a good start to the game for the Eagles. Foles spreads the ball around his receivers to move the team into the red zome, before a two-yard toss to tight end Brent Celek sees Philadelphia into the end zone. Henery smoothly adds the extra point.

Q1 5:18Henery comes back onto the field to take the kickoff, and kicks it out the back of the end zone for a touchback. Pryor will start from the Oakland 20 as he looks to get the Raiders back on level terms.

Q1 4:02After a couple of short rushes from McFadden, Pryor gets the ball to Streater, who sprints down the sideline after the catch, gaining 66 yards to leave the hosts inside the red zone. It's a stunning run by the wide receiver.

Q1 2:20Kendricks moves the Raiders to withing three yards of the end zone, but two incompletions to Criner means Sebastian Janikowski will come out for a 24-yard field goal attempt.

Q1 2:06FIELD GOAL! Eagles 7-3 Raiders (Janikowski)

Q1 2:06It's a mere chip shot for the kicker with one of longest ranges in the NFL, to leave the Raiders just four points behind the Eagles. However, Philadelphia have the chance to extend their advantage if they can repeat the success from their opening offensive drive.

Q1 1:58Boykin looks to bring out Janikowski's kickoff, but is met by Adams at the 18-yard line. Foles brings the Eagles' offense back into the field as they look to make it two scores from two drives.

Q1 0:29LeSean McCoy adds six yards before Foles sprints to get the first down. Bryce Brown managed to take the team over midfield, before a 32-yard rush from the running back leaves Philadelphia on the edge of the red zone.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Philadelphia Eagles 7-3 Oakland Raiders

Q1 0:00Brown manages another four-yard burst in the final seconds of the opening quarter, to leave the Eagles 18 yards short of their second touchdown of the game. Philadelphia will resume on 2nd and 6.

Q2 14:23TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 14-3 Raiders (Cooper)

Q2 14:23Brent Celek moves the Eagles a yard closer with the first play of the second quarter, before Foles tosses the ball deep for Riley Cooper, who hauls in the 17-yard pass for the Eagles' second touchdown of the game. Henery adds the extra point. Foles is looking so composed in charge of this offense so far this evening.

Q2 13:40As the Raiders look to halt the Eagles' strong start, Pryor hands the ball off to McFadden, who manages a five-yard gain before being brought down by Kendricks. However, it looks like the team's star running back has picked up an injury during the play.

Q2 12:24SACK! Terrelle Pryor is sacked for the second time this afternoon, as Wolff drags the quarterback down 17 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The ball comes loose but a penalty for intentional grounding ensures that the Raiders keep hold of the ball. Needing 23 yards for the first down, Pryor looks for Denarius Moore, but the wide receiver only manages an 11-yard gain, forcing the home side the punt.

Q2 11:46DeSean Jackson shows some impressive footwork to bring the punt out to the 48-yard line, but the Eagles get moved back by 15 yards after the punt returner is judged to have committed a facemask foul on Marquette King.

Q2 11:26TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 21-3 Raiders (Cooper)

Q2 11:26Wow! What a sensational pass by Foles! The Eagles quarterback spots Riley Cooper is space and heading towards the end zone, so he launches the ball deep, connecting with the wide receiver around 15 yards out, before Cooper jogs in for his second touchdown of the game. Foles could not have placed that better.

Q2 9:41The Raiders start well as they look to get back into this game, with Pryor finding Rivera for a 12-yard gain, leaving the team just inside their own half. Oakland really need a touchdown from this drive if they're to stand a chance turn this tie around.

Q2 8:27The Raiders move into Eagles half with a pass to Reece, before a long 35-yard run from Pryor leaves them just eight yards short. This look promising for the hosts.

Q2 7:39TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 21-10 Raiders (Jennings)

Q2 7:39After leaving the team in a strong field position with his impressive run, Pryor manages to connect with Rashad Jennings for an eight-yard touchdown, before Janikowski cleanly adds the extra.

Q2 7:26SACK! The Raiders' defense appears to be finding its rhythm, as Nick Roach manages to get to Nick Foles for the first time, bringing down the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.

Q2 5:59Foles quickly recovers, completing a 17-yard pass to DeSean Jackson, before a 20-yard gain by the wide receiver moves the Eagles inside Oakland territory yet again. Foles has been relenless in this first half.

Q2 4:10TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 28-10 Raiders (Ertz)

Q2 4:10The Eagles make it four touchdowns from four drives in this game, as Foles finds Celek for a 24-yard gain, moving the Eagles into the red zone, before completing a 15-yard touchdown pass to rookie tight end Zach Ertz, before Henery adds another extra point.

Q2 4:10According to the team's Twitter account, this is the first time that the Eagles have scored touchdowns from their first four drives since November 2010.

Q2 2:07Pryor scrambles for a first down, but incompletions with Criner and Moore mean it's a quick three and out after that for the hosts. It looks like the Eagles will be heading into half time with a comfortable lead.

Q2 2:00TWO-MINUTE WARNING! Marquette King gets the punt away before Jackson brings it out with the Philadelphia 20 just ahead of the two-minute warning.

Q2 1:16The Eagles fail to score on a drive for the first time, as Foles fires incompletions to Cooper and Avant following a short gain from Ertz. Jones kicks the ball into the end zone for a touchback, but the Eagles get the ball back as Jennings is penalised for hitting the punter, however, it's still fourth down. The Eagles take a timeout while deciding what to do.

Q2 0:59The Eagles take their punt again, and this time there's no penalty. Pryor will have just under a minute and three timeouts to try and get Oakland some more points before the break.

Q2 0:45After an incompletion to Streater, Pryor scrambles for a first down nine yards short of midfield. At the very least, the Raiders should have time to get into field goal range.

Q2 0:24Pryor finds Jennings for a 15-yard gain, moving the Raiders to the Philadelphia 44 before taking a timeout.

Q2 0:08Receptions by Rivera and Streater leave the Raiders 35 yards short of the end zone. Pryor looks deep as he tries to find an open receiver on third down, but there's no-one free, so Janikowski will come out for a 53-yard field goal attempt. It's long, but it's well within his personal best.

Q2 0:03FIELD GOAL! Eagles 28-13 Raiders (Janikowski)

Q2 0:03Janikowski has distance to spare as he drills the ball through the centre of the upright, easily clearing the bar. The Raiders still have a lot to do if they're to stand a chance of winning this game, but the field goal is a positive finish to a difficult half.

Q2 0:00END OF SECOND QUARTER! Philadelphia Eagles 28-13 Oakland Raiders

10.42pmSo the Philadelphia Eagles make the most of their opportunities early in this game to dominate the first two quarters, heading into the break with a 15-point lead. Nick Foles has been spectacular so far tonight, making smart decisions to prevent the Raiders from making turnovers, while also completing some impressive long passes, including a 66-yard touchdown throw to Riley Cooper.

10.44pmLet's take a look at some of the stats from the opening 30 minutes. Foles figures are impressive. The Eagles quarterback has 15 completions from 19 attempts for 260 yards and four touchdowns. Riley Cooper has led the receiving for the visiting team with 122 yards and two touchdowns.

10.45pmDespite his team trailling, Terrelle Pryor has put in a strong individual performance. He has 12 completion from 21 attempts for 167 passing yards, as well as 65 rushing yards. However, the Raiders quarterback has been sacked twice, while Foles was brought down just once.

10.48pmDeMeco Ryans has been impressive defensively for the Eagles, making seven tackles so far today, while Nick Roach leads the way for the Raiders with four and a sack.

10.50pmRookie tight end Zach Ertz found himself in the end zone for the first time in the NFL career. The Eagles shared the moment on their Twitter feed.

10.51pmThe teams are starting to make their way back out to the field ready for the start of the third quarter, where the Eagles will have the ball first.

Q3 15:00KICKOFF! Sebastian Janikowski kicks off the third quarter, and Brandon Boykin makes a strong return to leave the Eagles starting their drive from their own 39.

Q3 14:21The Eagles are quickly into Oakland territory as a lateral pass to Riley Cooper allows the wide receiver to run after the catch for 19 yards, before LeSean McCoy adds 17 yards on the next play.

Q3 14:14TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 35-13 Raiders (McCoy)

Q3 14:14The Eagles continue their momentum for the first half, as Foles completes a short pass to LeSean McCoy, who sprints down the sideline for a 25-yard touchdown. Once again, it's an easy extra point for Henery.

Q3 13:40INJURY UPDATE! There's more bad news for the Raiders. The team has confirmed that Darren McFadden has a hamstring injury and will not be returning to the game. Meanwhile, tackle Matt McCants is getting treatment for a foot injury and is questionable to return.

Q3 12:32SACK! Pryor struggles to gain yards, and needs 26 for a first down, but loses his footing running backwards, allowing Curry to get the sack, bringing King out to punt.

Q3 11:41TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 42-13 Raiders (Jackson)

Q3 11:41It's another showstopping pass from Foles to give the quarterback his sixth touchdown pass of the day, which is a franchise record for the Eagles in the Super Bowl era. After LeSean McCoy rushed the team over midfield, Foles spots Jackson in space on the sideline, and throws it deep and accurate for the wide receiver to claim a 46-yard touchdown, before Henery adds the extra point.

Q3 10:51Pryor looks to move the Raiders up to field quickly with a deep pass meant for Denarius Moore, but the wide receiver was too closely covered. However, he finds Moore on the next play for a 15-yard gain. Meanwhile, Mychal Kendricks appears to have picked up a leg injury, and is helped to the sideline.

Q3 8:58Reece moves the Raiders to within five yards of midfield, and needing two yards for a first down. Pryor looks for Moore again with a short pass, but the wide receiver can't take the catch, so King comes on for the punt.

Q3 7:15Jones has to come out for a rare punt, after Foles tosses incompletions for Cooper and Jackson, while McCoy can manage just a two-yard gain before being tackled by Roach. Oakland will start their drive from the nien-yard line.

Q3 6:41Pryor finds Rashad Jennings for a 24-yard gain before he's pushed out of bounds at the Oakland 33. Jennings goes for a run on the next play, adding a further four yards.

Q3 5:46Yet again a promising drive stalls for the Raiders, as Pryor throws incompletions to Jennings and Mastrud, leaving them six yards short of the first down. This is where the absence of Darren McFadden is really hurting the home side.

Q3 4:34TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 49-13 Raiders (Cooper)

Q3 4:34Nick Foles ties the NFL record of seven passing touchdowns in a game. The quarterback makes a 59-yard completion for DeSean Jackson on the first play of the drive, leaving the Eagles inside in the red zone, before making a short pass to Riley Cooper for the wide receiver's third touchdown of the day.

Q3 3:32Pryor makes passes to Jennings and Streater to give the Raiders back-to-back first down, before scrambling to the sideline for a 22-yard gain, leaving Oakland on the Philadelphia 25.

Q3 2:05INTERCEPTION! Pryor initially loses the ball, but he manages to recover it for a five-yard loss. However, the next play is even worse for the quarterback. He tries to find the end zone, but the ball is intercepted by Cary Williams and brought back for the 48.

Q3 0:48There'a no eighth touchdown of the game for Nick Foles on this drive. McCoy makes a three yard gain before losing one on the next play, while Bryce Brown can only add six, leaving the Eagles two yards short of a first down.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Philadelphia Eagles 49-13 Oakland Raiders

Q4 15:00INJURY UPDATE! The Eagles have announced that Jason Peters is questionable for the rest of the game with a pectoral injury.

Q4 14:51The Raiders finished the third quarter at their own 20, before a Nix false start moves them back five yards on the first play of the fourth quarter.

Q4 13:37SACK! Pryor connects with Rivera for a first down, before Jennings rushes for 11 to move the team to the Oakland 38. Once again, the drive stalls after incompletion to Jenning and Ford, before Pryor is sacked again while hesitating to look for an open receiver. King will come on for a punt.

Q4 12:29SACK! Foles' pursuit of touchdown number eight gets off to a poor start as he's sacked for a loss of four yards. A rush for no gain and an incompletion on third down mean it's another three and out for the Eagles.

Q4 10:46Moore hauls in a 14 pass for a first down on the first play of the drive, before six yard gains from Rivera and Criner move Oakland to the Philadelphia 31.

Q4 9:32INTERCEPTION! Once again a promising start comes to an abrupt end for the Raiders, as Pryor's pass for Moore is intercepted by linebacker Connor Barwin at the 20-yard line.

Q4 9:32It looks like Nick Foles' work is done for the day. Backup Matt Barkley is warming up on the sidelines. The quarterback may be a little disappointed that he didn't manage to get touchdown number eight to set a new NFL record, but it's still be a sensational performance by the 24-year-old.

Q4 8:50Foles isn't the only quarterback out of the game. While Philadelphia's change is tactical, Pryor has gingerly made his way into the locker room with an apparent injury.

Q4 8:02Matt Barkley's first drive of the game comes to a swift conclusion, as the rookie quarterback fails to complete a pass, bringing Jones on for a punt.

Q4 7:20Matt McGloin comes in at quarterback for the Raiders, completing a six-yard pass to Ford with his first play of the game, before connected with Jennings for a first down.

Q4 6:51INJURY UPDATE! The Raiders have confirmed that Terrelle Pryor has a knee injury and that he is questionable to return. Given the score and the lack of time left in the game, I'd be surprised if Pryor does come back out.

Q4 4:53McGloin has put together an impressive drive after taking over from Pryor, as he hands the ball off to Jenning for a 26-yard rush, leaving Oakland 10 yards short of the end zone. Looking for the touchdown, he throws incompletions for Criner and Ford, before missing Denarius Moore on third down. The team go for it on fourth down, but it's another missed effort at Ford.

Q4 3:31Barkley and the Eagles offense come back onto the field. Bryce Brown is in for starting running back LeSean McCoy, and makes a short gain, before Barkley connects with Zach Ertz. However, the Eagles don't get the yardage for a first down, so Jones comes out to punt again. If nothing else, playing the last 10 minutes will be vital experience for Barkley, who has found himself called upon in the last few games because of injuries to Foles and Michael Vick.

Q4 2:00TWO-MINUTE WARNING! If the Raiders can take anything from today's game, it will be the performance of backup quarterback Matt McGloin. He comes back onto the field as Oakland try to add a late consolation touchdown, and manages to move the AFC West side into Philadelphia territory with a series of well-executed short passes.

Q4 1:25McGloin completes a deep pass to Ford for a 22-yard gain, before finding Criner to leave the team just two yards short of the end zone.

Q4 0:52TOUCHDOWN! Eagles 49-20 Raiders (Stewart)

Q4 0:52Jeremy Stewart manages to force his way through the Eagles' defense to score the Raiders' second touchdown of the game, making the score a little more respectable. Janikowski kicks the extra point.

Q4 0:35Janikowski tries an onside kick in a bid to give the Raiders a chance to score another touchdown, but it doesn't pay off. Matt Barkley comes back out to take a knee before letting the clock run down.

Q4 0:00END OF FOURTH QUARTER: Philadelphia Eagles 49-20 Oakland Raiders

12.22amNick Foles puts in one of the best passing performances in the history of the NFL to end the Eagles' two-game losing streak. The result leaves Philadelphia just behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East.

12:25amFoles finished the game with 406 passing yards from 22 of 28 attempts with seven touchdown passes and no interceptions. Riley Cooper proved a threat in the red zone, taking three touchdown passes, from DeSean Jackson led the team in receiving yards. For the Raiders, this result leaves them six games behind AFC West leaders the Kansas City Chiefs.

12.26amWell that's all from this game, but stick around for reports from all of today's NFL fixtures, and live coverage a little later from the Colts' game against the Texans. Until then, thanks for joining me this evening, goodbye.

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