Oct 1, 2013 at 1.40am UK at ​Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Miami Dolphins
New Orleans Saints
Sproles (11:52)
Miller (11:25)
Graham (8:01), Sproles (14:05)
Watson (5:16), Graham (6:48)
Clay (1:12)

Live Commentary: Miami Dolphins 17-38 New Orleans Saints - as it happened

Join Sports Mole for all the action from the NFL clash between the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

Two of the unbeaten teams in the NFL met as the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins clashed at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The encounter was tight in the first half as quarterbacks Drew Brees and Ryan Tannehill had their offenses moving.

However, after the break the Saints quality with Brees showed as they scored three touchdowns and overpowered the Dolphins' defense to cruise to a 38-17 win to move to 4-0 in their season.

To see how all the action unfolded read our commentary below.

1.10amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins.

1.11amBoth teams are going well in the NFL at present as both are unbeaten in their opening three games of the season.

1.12amThe Saints are in a great position in the NFC South and tonight they can open a three-game gap on their nearest rivals the Atlanta Falcons following their defeat to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

1.13amSean Payton has returned following his one-year suspension for the Bounty Gate scandal and has revitalised his team guiding them to victories over the Falcons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals with quarterback Drew Brees in a great form as ever.

1.14amBrees has thrown for over 1,000 yards already this season and looks to be on pace for another 5,000 yard campaign to match his past two seasons. His main weapon Jimmy Graham looks to be in fine form as well as the two have combined for four touchdowns already.

1.16amThe inactives list has just been released and we'll start with the home side.

1.17amSAINTS INACTIVES: Moore, Harper, Ingram, Sweeting Armstead, Bunkley, Johnson

1.18amDOLPHINS INACTIVES: Wake, Davis, Devlin, Gillisee, Patterson, Thomas, Watkins

1.18amThe news for the Saints is that they will be without wide receiver Lance Moore, who has become one of Brees's favourite targets over the last few seasons. Meanwhile running back Mark Ingram is also missing. On the defensive side of the ball safety Roman Harper is another injury victim along with defensive tackle Broderick Bunkley. A lot of key players out for Payton's side.

1.20amA big blow for the Dolphins as they are missing All-Pro defensive end Cameron Wake. He sustained an injury in their win over the Atlanta Falcons and hasn't been able to shake it off to play tonight. Elsewhere on defense they are without cornerback Dimitri Patterson meaning rookie Jamar Taylor may finally get a chance to see the field.

1.22amThe Dolphins are going well in their season and are matching the Patriots stride for stride in the AFC East on the back of their solid defense and some excellent play from quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

1.24amA lot was expected of Tannehill this season and he has not disappointed so far. Last week he led the game-winning drive against the Falcons when he found tight end Dion Sims in the endzone. The running game and offensive line haven't quite been at their best as back Lamar Miller is only averaging 4.2 yards a carry this season compared to the 4.9 he had last year.

1.26amA win tonight for the Dolphins will prove once and for all that they are a legitimate playoff contender in the AFC.

1.30amWith Wake sidelined a lot will be asked of third overall pick in the 2013 Draft Dion Jordan to get pressure on Brees tonight. He has been likened to Dolphins' great Jason Taylor, we'll have to see if he can live up to that reputation tonight.

1.33amThe Saints' defense will also need to get pressure on Tannehill to get the win tonight. They will be leaning on their first-round pick from the 2011 Draft, Cameron Jordan, who has notched three sacks already this season, along with Junior Galette who has two.

1.37amCOIN TOSS RESULT: The Dolphins have won the coin toss and have deferred. So Brees and the Saints will get the ball first.

Q1 15:00Sturgis kicks the ball to Sproles in the endzone, who kneels down so Brees will start at the 20.

Q1 13:53Brees gets the Saints moving straight away and finds Sproles on a wheel route down the right sideline and he runs all the way to the Dolphins' 30.

Q1 12:02A huge pickup for the Saints on third down as Brees hits rookie Kenny Stills on a crossing route and he picks up the first down on third and two. A nice blitz pickup by the offensive line and back Pierre Thomas.


Q1 11:52The Saints take the lead as Brees hands the ball to Sproles on a draw play and he runs right through the middle of the defense to go into the endzone from five yards out. A nice play by the Saints.

Q1 11:50Thigpen runs the ball out to the 18 on Morstead's kick off, so Tannehill and his offense will try and respond.

Q1 11:43The Dolphins are rolling straight away as well as Tannehill hits Wallace on a curl route and beats the challenge of Lewis to reach the first down marker before the corner knocks him out of bounds.

Q1 10:52Another first down this time on the ground as Miller gets moving down the left-hand side of the field and reaches the 49 for a pickup of 20 yards. That will please the Dolphins' coaching staff.

Q1 9:43Tannehill uses his feet to good effect to move the chains once more and put his team within striking distance of the Saints' endzone with a 26-yard run on a read-option play, as he faked the ball to Miller and went over left tackle himself.

Q1 8:02A huge stop by the Saints on third down and inches and Jenkins penetrates the line on a stretch play to the left and brings down Thomas for a loss, which forces the Dolphins into a field goal.


Q1 7:32Sturgis fires his field goal through the posts from 34 yards out despite being put back an extra five yards due to a false start penalty by Fields.

Q1 6:33Brees and his offense go three and out as the Dolphins defense steps up and gets penetration. First Solai pushes Evans back into Brees and deflects his pass to force an incompletion, then Odrick shoots the gap and brings down Thomas. Finally under Brees throws short for Stills on third. Morstead's punt goes out of bounds at the 35.

Q1 5:26Miller does extremely well to pick up a first down for the Dolphins on a swing pass from Tannehill as he catches at the line of scrimmage and drives through a tackle from Lofton to pick up the first down.

Q1 5:26Scratch that, it wasn't a first down after all as Miller was grounded before the marker by Lofton's challenge. Fields punt goes into the endzone so Brees will begin at the 20.

Q1 3:00A good pickup on third down by Brees as he fires to Toon on a corner route for 18 yards to move his side to their own 36. A great throw under pressure but some questionable coverage by the visitors.

Q1 1:52Solid work by the Saints on the ground makes an easy completion for them on second after Sproles runs for seven on first and Brees fires a short pass to Stills for four yards on second.

Q1 0:00The Saints are moving down the field but face a big third and four situation after the break, as Sproles picks up nine on first but on second Thomas gets stuffed for a three-yard loss.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Miami Dolphins 3-7 New Orleans Saints

Q2 14:54SACK! Brees goes down under pressure as Odrick beats his man and brings down the quarterback for a huge loss. Morstead is forced to punt the ball away and it's collected at the nine, where Tannehill will begin.

Q2 13:25A great first down pickup by the Dolphins on third as Tannehill fires to Gibson on a crossing route and he beats his man and finds a hole in the Saints defense and runs all the way to the 40.

Q2 12:51Another first down on back-to-back plays for the Dolphins as Tannehill finds Hartline on a quick slant route for 11 yards as he beat the press coverage of Greer.

Q2 11:52FUMBLE!

Q2 11:52Tannehill fumbles the ball as he tries to run with it down the middle. He escapes from pressure in the pocket and runs straight ahead but Lofton gets a hand on the ball as he brought the quarterback down and Greer jumps on it to claim it for the home side.

Q2 11:35The Saints get rolling immediately as Brees finds Thomas on a screen pass and he evades Misi and does enough to pick up the first down.

Q2 10:37Despite being backed up on third and 20 the Saints pick up the first down as Brees throws a screen pass to Sproles and with blockers in front of him he finds 21 yards out of nowhere. Not the best defense from the Dolphins.

Q2 8:36Sproles is really hurting the Dolphins as he gets yet another first down for his side out of the back field as he runs a quick out route and Brees fires it to him and he gets the yardage.


Q2 8:01The Saints extend their lead as Brees drops back and has all the time in the world to hit Graham down the right-hand sideline with a jump ball. The tight end had three Dolphins players around him but he still managed to reel the ball in and go over for the score. A great play!

Q2 7:54Thigpen takes Morstead's kick back to the 19 where Tannehill will begin once again.

Q2 7:47A nice run to begin with by Miller as he finds space on the left side between Martin and Incognito and picks up the first down before he's brought down by Lofton.

Q2 6:34Tannehill and Hartline do well to link up on a strike for seven yards to move the chains once again. The quarterback fires a dart for the receiver, who runs a quick slant and makes a good low catch.

Q2 4:50A huge play from the Dolphins as the Saints get a taste of their own medicine as Tannehill finds Thigpen on a screen pass and he picks up the first down and a whole lot more for 50 yards before he is tripped up yards from the endzone by Bush. A great play call!


Q2 3:35The Dolphins hit back and Miller goes into the endzone on a sweep run as he gets the ball from Tannehill on the right and runs to the left and powers in for the score. Good blocking by the visitors but there weren't enough man in the box from the Saints point of view.

Q2 3:35Sturgis kicks the ball out of the endzone and Brees will begin at the 20.

Q2 2:24A three and out for the Saints as cornerback Carroll does well for the Dolphins to break up a pass from Brees to Stills, which would have been enough for the first down. Can the Dolphins take a lead into the break?

Q2 2:00The Dolphins have a second down and five going into the two minute warning on their own 37.


Q2 1:23OH DEAR! A poor throw from Tannehill is picked off as he looked to find Hartline on the slant again but this time Greer jumped the route and ran the ball back to the Miami 23.

Q2 1:13Brees gets straight to business as he finds Stills over the middle and he twists and turns away from his man and picks up the first down on the 13.

Q2 1:00SACK! Brees goes down on second as Vernon gets to him and hauls him down for a five-yard loss to recover the damage done by a penalty on a previous play.


Q2 0:55Brees extends the Saints lead as finds Sproles on a wheel route for a 13-yard touchdown as cornerback Carroll tried to jump the route and make an interception but he missed the ball allowing the running back to walk it in.

Q2 0:00The Dolphins kneel down the end the half so not to risk another turnover.

Q2 0:00HALF-TIME: Miami Dolphins 10-21 New Orleans Saints

3.11amThe Saints lead the break as Drew Brees has put on a passing clinic so far in the first half with two touchdowns. Darren Sproles has also been a thorn in the side of the Dolphins with 114 receiving yards and a touchdown. The duo have been excellent in the opening 30 minutes.

3.14amThe Dolphins have a lot of work to do to get back into this. Strangely enough they could have taken the lead if not for that turnover from Ryan Tannehill at the end of the half. If he gets their offense moving like he had done before, they have a chance.

Q3 15:00Morstead's kick goes out of the endzone and Tannehill will start at the 20.

Q3 14:23A three and out to start the half for the Dolphins as Tannehill fails to find Gibson and Wallace on back-to-back plays on a short out route. Fields punts the ball away to Saints 41.

Q3 13:35Brees gets his offense rolling straight away and finds Colston for his first catch of the night over the middle for 12 yards and he picks up the first down.

Q3 12:24Brees gets Colston again this time off play-action and the receiver does well to sit down in the zone and his quarterback drills it to him.

Q3 10:54Colston again down the middle as he gets lined up on Wheeler and he jinks past him with a double move and Brees throws a dart to him and the receiver gets to the Miami 7 for a 21-yard pickup.


Q3 9:44Another touchdown for the Saints and another passing score for Brees as he fools the Dolphind defense with play-action beforen finding tight end Watson in the flat and he does well to leap with the ball to break the line to get the touchdown.

Q3 8:36The Dolphins can't answer back as Tannehill is brought down for a huge loss on third down by Galette as he beats left tackle Martin with a power move. It's not looking good for Philbin's side at the minute. Sproles collects Fields' punt and takes the ball back to the Miami 43, to set up another drive.


Q3 8:12This is slowly becoming a rout for the home side as Brees fires another touchdown pass for Graham down the seam as he catches the ball in stride and runs it into the endzone for a 43-yard strike.

Q3 6:55Tannehill bounces back from a sack on first down from Martez Wilson to pick up another set of downs as he finds Wallace and Clay on back-to-back plays. He seems to be fighting a losing battle here.

Q3 5:55Another failed drive for the Dolphins as Tannehill takes another huge sack on first as Jordan beats Clabo with a power move and brings the quarterback down. The quarterback can't get the yardage back as the Saints go into prevent mode.

Q3 4:40Brees has his offense moving again and for the fourth time he finds Colston, this time on a slant route for 10 yards, which is good enough to pick up another set of downs on a crucial third down moment.

Q3 4:40A delay of game penalty on Brees forces third and long and he nearly gets the yardage for another set of downs but his completion for Colston down the middle goes for 14 yards rather than the 16 need. Garrett Hartley will attempt a field goal from 43 yards.


Q3 4:40Hartley misses from 43 yards as he hooks his kick wide of the left post.

Q3 3:48Tannehill gets his side moving straight away as he finds Hartline on a slant route, this time the receiver beats man coverage and catches the ball to pick up the first down.

Q3 2:00Two more short completions first to Wallace then Clay are enough to keep the chains moving for Miami and they go into Saints territory.

Q3 1:12Tannehill takes off himself and runs for 15 yards and this time he slides and covers the ball to avoid another turnover.

Q3 0:23Gibson gets a completion on a short out route and he tries to make a move before he gets pushed out of bounds by Carr in the redzone, which will end the quarter.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Miami Dolphins 10-35 New Orleans Saints


Q4 13:54The Dolphins get a touchdown back as Tannehill finishes a fine drive with a lovely looped pass to the corner of the endzone where Clay makes a good catch for the score.

Q4 13:03Brees gets put under pressure but he delivers a first down for his team as he throws the ball over the middle for Graham, who makes a great catch for 19 yards.

Q4 11:52Robinson gets two handoffs and moves the chains with back-to-back runs of 11 and 10 yards as the Saints look to milk the clock and take as much time out of the game as they can.

Q4 10:34Another good run by Robinson picks up six yards while the Saints are handed a first down by Odrick as he jumps to quickly and is penalised for a neutral zone infraction.

Q4 9:58Brees to Graham again and it's for 11 yards as he evades man coverage and the quarterback hits him between the numbers but he's brought down straight away by Grimes.

Q4 7:34A defensive stand by the Dolphins as they hold Brees at their own 10-yard line, as Thomas is drilled back for a one-yard loss by Odrick forcing Hartley into another field goal attempt.


Q4 7:20Hartley knocks this one through the posts without any bother from 29 yards to extend the Saints' lead to 21 points.

Q4 7:10Thigpen takes Morstead's kick back to the Miami 20 where Tannehill will begin.


Q4 6:23Tannehill throws his second interception of the night as there's confusion between him and Wallace on a crossing route as Wallace stops, while the quarterback throws in front of him, the ball is tipped by Bush into the hands of Carr. If you were in any doubt, this game is over!

Q4 4:59Graham erases a huge gain from Thomas on third down with a holding penalty but it doesn't matter as Brees finds Colston in the flat in the next play and he catches the ball for his sixth reception of the night for 11 yards.

Q4 3:17FUMBLE!

Q4 3:17First turnover of the night for the Saints as Sproles fumbles the ball on the goalline as he is hit Wilson and Ellerbe gathers the loose ball. That is the running back's first fumble as a Saint since joining the club in 2011.

Q4 2:34A chance for Tannehill to pad his stats as he finds Gibson and Matthews for short gains to pick up back-to-back first downs.

Q4 2:00We reach the two minute warning as Tannehill is nearly picked off for the third time of the night as he overthrows a pass for clay and Bush almost gets to it.

Q4 1:53SACK! Tannehill is sacked for the fourth time of the net as Walker overwhelms the right guard Jerry and brings down the quarterback, putting the Dolphins in third and 14.


Q4 1:43Tannehil's night ends in misery as he is picked off for the third time as he his hit as he throws the ball Galette and his pass loops into the air into the hands of Herring, which will end the game.

Q4 0:00Brees kneels it down to end the game with a comfortable win for the Saints.

Q4 0:00FULL-TIME: Miami Dolphins 17-38 New Orleans Saints

4.51amThe Saints advance to 4-0 in their season and remain unbeaten thanks to a hammering of the Miami Dolphins. Drew Brees was on another level tonight as he destroyed the Dolphins defense with four touchdown passes, with two to tight end Jimmy Graham, in an excellent night for Sean Payton's side.

4.53amIt was the complete opposite for the Dolphins and quarterback Ryan Tannehill as he threw three interceptions and didn't look comfortable at all with his receivers. He wasn't helped by some dodgy protection from his offensive line as he was sacked four times. The Dolphins fell to their first defeat of the season and have a lot of work to do to make sure they keep their campaign on track in the AFC East.

4.55amThanks for joining coverage of this NFL clash. We'll be back on Friday morning when the Buffalo Bills take on the Cleveland Browns. Until then goodbye.

Defensive end Cameron Wake #91 of the Miami Dolphins celebrates after sacking quarterback Brandon Weeden #3 of the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 8, 2013
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