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Oct 6, 2013 at 6pm UK at ​Paul Brown Stadium
New England Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals

Live Commentary: New England Patriots 6-13 Cincinnati Bengals - as it happened

Relive our coverage of the New England Patriots' NFL clash against the Cincinnati Bengals at the Paul Brown Stadium.

The Cincinnati Bengals ended the New England Patriots unbeaten start to the 2013 NFL season, beating the AFC East side 13-6 at the Paul Brown stadium.

Running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis scored the only touchdown of the game against his former team.

The Patriots pushed to level the scores late on, but quarterback Tom Brady threw an interception just short of the end zone in the final minute.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

5.32pmGood evening. It's around half an hour until kickoff at the Paul Brown Stadium, where the New England Patriots will be looking for their fifth win of the season against the 2-2 Cincinnati Bengals. Let's take a look at the inactive players for both teams.

5.33pmBENGALS INACTIVES: Pollak, Hawkinson, Burkhead, Johnson, Whalen, Hall, Ghee

5.34pmPATRIOTS INACTIVES: Slater, Ridley, Collie, Gronkowski, Barker, Beauharnais, Wilson

5.37pmThe standout among the inactives in New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. The 24-year-old, who has been recovering from off-season arm and back surgeries, has been listed as questionable for the last three games, but did not travel with the team for this game. It had been thought that the two-time Pro Bowler would be back by the end of September.

5.40pmThe good news for the Patriots is that wide receiver Danny Amendola is active, having missed the last three games with a groin injury. Tom Brady has had to rely on the team' young and inexperienced receiving corps during the last couple of weeks, so the return of Amendola should be a welcome sight for the quarterback.

5.43pmThere are no real surprises on the Bengals' team sheet. Star wide receiver AJ Green and impressive rookie running back Giovanni Bernard are likely to be the main threats on the home side's offense, while BenJarvus Green-Ellis will also be hoping for a big game against his former team.

5.46pmAs this photo, courtesy of the Patriots' Twitter feed, shows it's been pretty wet in Cincinnati so far today, which should make it a bit slippery under foot.

5.49pmAnother notable absentee for the Patriots is Vince Wilfork. The defensive tackle, who is also the defense captain, tore his Achilles during the team's win over the Atlanta Falcons earlier this week, ending his season.

5.52pmLet's compare the team's stats from their first four games this year. There's been little between the two sides in the passing game, with the Bengals averaging 243.8 yards per game compared to the Patriots' 242.2. The big difference is in the run. New England have made 125 rushing yards on average this season, while the Bengals have just 83.8

5.55pmAs well as live text commentary from this game, Sports Mole will also have live scores, half-time and full-time reports from all of today's NFL games, as well as live commentary from the Houston Texans' game against the San Francisco 49ers.

5.59pmPREDICTION! With kickoff just a couple of minutes away it's time for a prediction. The Bengals have been unlucky to lose twice already this year, but with Amendola back, and the young receiver improving every week, the Patriots should take the win today. I can see New England winning this by around 10 points today.

Q1 15:00The Bengals take the kickoff.

Q1 13:45Tom Brady and the Patriots offense begin their first drive of the day from their own 13-yard line. LeGarrette Blount gains a couple of yards on the first play, but a fake hand off to the running back on second down fails to deceive the Bengals, and Geno Atkins sacks Brady.

Q1 13:04It's a quick three and out for the Patriots, bringing Ryan Allen onto the field. Andy Dalton immediately brings former Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis into the game, and he gains 13 yards off his first carry for a Bengals first down.

Q1 11:30The home side turn to Green-Ellis again, but he can't get the yardage for another first down, so the Bengals' first drive also ends with no score.

Q1 9:27Blount and Thompkins both make short gains for the Patriots, leaving them needing just two yards on third down, but Brady is sacked again for the second time this afternoon, this time being brought down by Gilberry for a loss of eight yards to force New England to punt again.

Q1 7:47Dalton decides to stick with the running game, handing off to Bernard, who fails to make a gain. The Bengals quarterback finds himself sacked for a loss of eight on the next play, before completing a pass to tight end Jermaine Gresham, who fails to gain the yards needed for a first down. Both defenses are doing a superb job so far in this first quarter, as neither team have been anywhere near field-goal range, let alone in a position to be thinking about a touchdown.

Q1 7:14Both teams seem to be focusing on their running games so far, but are struggling to gain more than a couple of yards at a time. If they want to get near the red zone, the offensive lines are going to have to do a better job of protecting the quarterbacks, as we've already seen three sacks.

Q1 6:01Blount secures a first down for the Patriots with a 10-yard run, before another short carry from Blount and a five-yard catch from Thompkins moves the Patriots to the New England 34. This is looking like a more promising drive by the visiting side.

Q1 4:39Brady looks for Julian Edelman on third down, but the quarterback underthrows, and is almost intercepted by Adam Jones, bringing Allen out to punt again.

Q1 2:54Dalton picks out rookie tight end Tyler Eifert, who gains 11 yards and a first down. Gresham also takes a catch to move the Bengals into Patriots territory. Eifert and Green-Ellis help the team to the first red zone opportunity of the game. The Bengals should get at least a field goal attempt from this drive.

Q1 0:12INTERCEPTION! Having done all the hard work, Dalton looks to Eifert with an attempted touchdown pass, but his throw is picked off by Brandon Spikes, giving the Patriots the turnover three yards from the end zone.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: New England Patriots 0-0 Cincinnati Bengals

Q2 13:37The Patriots offense come back onto the field following Dalton's first ever NFL interception inside the red zone. Amendola takes his first reception since the first week of the season, gaining seven yards, before Bolden brings up first down.

Q2 11:07Blount and Edelman gain the yardage for another Patriots first down, leaving them just short of midfield. Brady tries a deep pass to Edelman, but the wide receiver was being marked by Maualuga, preventing him from taking the catch. On third down, the quarterback looks for Amendola, for some more strong defending by the Bengals forces New England to punt again.

Q2 9:13This is very much a game for the defense fans so far! Some tight marking by the Patriots ensures that the Bengals gain just five yards, bringing Huber out to punt.

Q2 9:03Edelman struggles with the catch on the punt return, but eventually manages to get told of the ball. The Bengals are penalised though for having a player go out of bounds then come back onto the field, allowing the Patriots to start their drive from just inside their own territory.

Q2 8:02FUMBLE! Hoomanawanui gains two yards, but draws a 15-yard penalty for a horsecollar tackle by Carlos Dunlap. The drive ends two plays later when Blount fumbles following a tackle by Dunlap, allowing Nelson to recover and carry it back to the Cincinnati 30. That had looked like a promising drive for New England, but once again the defense comes up good for the Bengals.

Q2 6:08AJ Green, the Bengals' leading receiver, finally makes his first reception of the game, gaining 18 yards for a first down to move Cincinnati into Patriots territory. After an incompletion to Green-Ellis, Dalton target Green again, moving the Bengals to the New England 36.

Q2 4:27The Bengals near the red zone, but Dalton is sacked by Chris Jones for a loss of nine. Following another incompletion, Mike Nugent will come onto the field for a field goal attempt.

Q2 3:17FIELD GOAL! Patriots 0-3 Bengals (Nugent)

Q2 3:17Nugent's 39-yard effort gives the Bengals the first points of the game.

Q2 3:12Dalton made a series of good passes in the last drive to take him to 107 passing yards from 10 completions so far today. Brady has just 40 yards from six completions, but will have time to add to those numbers before the end of the second quarter.

Q2 2:03The Patriots get an immediate first down as Brady finds Amendola for an 11-yard gain. Edelman manages to take the team into Cincinnati territory with an 18-yard catch.

Q2 2:00TWO MINUTE WARNING! Edelman's catch brings up the two-minute warning, with the Patriots 42 yards from the end zone.

Q2 2:00Leon Washington has had to leave the game with an ankle injury. The Patriots are assessing the extend of the injury, but say that the return specialist is questionable to return.

Q2 1:11After an incompletion to Amendola and a catch for a loss from Dobson, Brady manages to find Kenbrell Thompkins for a first down, moving New England to the 31-yard line.

Q2 1:11The officials are reviewing the Thompkins catch. The wide receiver was ruled down by contact, but he might not have had full control when he was brought down.

Q2 1:07The officials have decided that Thompkins did not complete the pass, ruling it an incomplete pass, forcing the Patriots to punt.

Q2 0:48The Bengals offense will have time for a quick drive before half time, but they'll need to make swift progress up the field if they want to add to the score. Green-Ellis adds five from two carries, while the Patriots use two of their timeouts.

Q2 0:37Green-Ellis is handed the ball but fails to get the yardage for hte first down, so the Bengals will punt again. The Patriots will start their drive from just inside Cincinnati territory.

Q2 0:22Brady completes a 21-yard pass to Amendola to move the Patriots into field goal range, but they'll have time to go for a touchdown before the end of the quarter.

Q2 0:13Bolden gains four yards before Brady spikes the ball. Gostkowski will come onto the field for his first field goal attempt of the game.

Q2 0:13FIELD GOAL! Patriots 3-3 Bengals (Gostkowski)

Q2 0:09It's a solid effort from 42 yards out for the New England kicker, ensuring that the Patriots won't be locked out in the first half.

Q2 0:00END OF SECOND QUARTER: New England Patriots 3-3 Cincinnati Bengals

7.25pmAfter a defense-heavy first two quarters, there's nothing to separate the two teams. The Bengals had a couple of red zone opportunities, but an interception halted their progress, while the Patriots are yet to penetrate their opponents' 20-yard line.

7.27pmThe Bengals marked the Patriots' receivers well to make it a tricky for Brady. The New England quarterback completed 11 passes from 20 attempts for 90 yards, and was sacked twice.

7.29pmAndy Dalton was also sacked twice and threw an interception inside the red zone, but managed 10 completions from 12 attempts for 107 yards. The Bengals looked to their running back early on, before utilising star wide receiver AJ Green and tight ends Tyler Eifert and Jermaine Gresham well in the second quarter.

7.32pmLeGarrette Blount leads the rushing for the Patriots with 42 yards, just one yard more than BenJarvus Green-Ellis managed for the home side. Danny Amendola has the most receiving yards of any player on either team, taking three catches for 39 yards. It hasn't looked like the groin injury which kept him off the field for three games has been hampering him today.

7.35pmBrandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo have led the defense for the Patriots, each making four tackles, while Spikes also claimed the interception against Dalton. Vontaze Burfict made four tackles for the home team, while Atkins and Gilberry both made sacks, and Dunlap forced a fumble.

7.37pmThe players are coming back out for the third quarter, with the Bengals to receive.

Q3 15:00The Patriots kick off the third quarter.

Q3 14:24It's a swift three and out for the Bengals, as Dalton makes to incomplete passes to AJ Green and one to Eifert.

Q3 13:51Edelman gives the Patriots good field position with the punt return, carrying the ball out to the 45-yard line. Bolden and Thompkins both make short gains for a first down. It looks like it could be a bright start to the second half for New England.

Q3 12:39On third down, Brady can't find an open receiver, and is sacked by Burfict before he can throw the ball away. Allen will punt for the Patriots.

Q3 8:18After a short Green-Ellis gain, Dalton scrambles for a gain of six to give the Bengals a first down, and a 12-yard AJ Green pass extends the drive. Bernard, who was kept fairly quiet in the first half, continues the team's progress, before Eifert takes them inside New England territory. It's impressive and patient progress for the Bengals.

Q3 7:36Dalton completes a pass to Sanu for another first down, gaining 17 yards before being brought down by Gregory, who appears to have picked up an arm injury while making the tackle.

Q3 6:33The Patriots take a timeout while the safety receives treatment. When play continues, Dalton is sacked for eight yards, with Mayo and Chris Jones both bringing the quarterback down.

Q3 5:55Needing 17 yards for a first down, Dalton tries a deep pass to Green, but it's incomplete. Nugent will come onto the field for a 50-yard field goal attempt.

Q3 5:48FIELD GOAL! Patriots 3-6 Bengals (Nugent)

Q3 5:48Nugent completes a 50-yard field goal for the first time this season, easily splitting the uprights to edge the Bengals ahead.

Q3 5:43McCourty takes over the returning duties, and carries the ball out to the New England 22.

Q3 4:22Brady completes a 17 yards pass to Edelman for a 17-yard gain, before looking for Thompkins with a deep pass, his atetmpt finishes short of the rookie wide receiver..

Q3 3:02On third down, Brady is sacked for a loss of eight, but Dunlap is penalised for offside. Brady gets another chance on third down, and needs just five yards to bring up the first down, but Bolden manages just three, so Allen will punt again. The Patriots are still yet to reach the red zone.

Q3 3:02It's been a frustrating game for the Patriots offense so far. They've not really done anything wrong, but the Bengals defense is giving Brady few chances to find his receiver with some tight coverage, while keeping the pressure on the quarterback.

Q3 1:10Dalton is sacked at the two-yard line on second down, leaving the Bengals needing 15 yards on third down, but he completes a brilliant 28-yard throw to Jones.

Q3 0:08The Bengals finish the quarter with another big gain, as Giovanni Bernard break off a couple of tackles for a 28-yard rush, leaving Cincinnati inside New England territory.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: New England Patriots 3-6 Cincinnati Bengals

Q4 14:18Dalton scrambles to the New England 34, leaving Cincinnati just two short of a first down. Defensive tackle Tommy Kelly is injured during the play. The Patriots are already short at the position following the injury to Wilfork on Monday, so they'll be hoping it's nothing serious.

Q4 11:32Kelly makes his way to the sideline, allowing Green-Ellis to secure the first down for Cincinnati. Passes to Eifert and Green leave the Bengals inside the red zone, before Green-Ellis takes it to the one-yard line.

Q4 10:20Green-Ellis takes another shot at the end zone, but failed to make a gain, and the Bengals take a time out to consider their next move. Meanwhile, Kelly has been able to return to the field, but the Patriots have confirmed that Washington will not be able to return.

Q4 10:14The Bengals continue to try to force their way into the end zone, but Peko is penalised for a false start.

Q4 9:21TOUCHDOWN! Patriots 3-13 Bengals (Green-Ellis)

Q4 9:21After a lengthy build up, BenJarvus Green-Ellis finally manages for power his way over the line for the first touchdown of the game, aided by some blocking from Peko. Mike Nugent's extra points is good.

Q4 9:15McCourty brings the ball out the New England 24 from the kickoff. Tom Brady has thrown a touchdown pass in his last 52 games. He could do with making it 53 if the Patriots are to get something from this clash.

Q4 8:43Aaron Dobson makes a huge gain for the Patriots, picking up a short catch before sprinting down the field for a 52-yard gain. The rookie fumbled on his way down, but was able to make the recovery.

Q4 7:18Amendola takes a 16-yard catch from Brady, leaving the Patriots just one yard short of the end zone. Blount tries to power his way over on the next play, but the Bengals defense holds strong.

Q4 6:36Brady twice looks to pass the ball into the end zone. Solder is his first target, but he can't get free from Rey, before Edelman appears to take a catch in the back corner, only to lose control of it under a tackle from Adam Jones.

Q4 6:30FIELD GOAL! Patriots 6-13 Bengals (Gostkowski)

Q4 6:30The Patriots kicker comes onto the field for just his second attempt of at the posts today. Gostkowski has no trouble knocking his 19-yard attempt over, to leave the Patriots seven points down.

Q4 5:49Dalton turns to Bernard, who makes gains of nine and seven bring up first down. The rookie running back down has 66 rushing yards today.

Q4 5:49Tommy Kelly has left the field again, having been injured earlier. The Patriots have confirmed that the defensive tackle has a knee injury, and that his return is questionable.

Q4 3:26Another series of carries by the running back gives the Bengals another first down, but McCourty forces a fumble from Bernard, which Mayo recovers to bring the Patriots' offense back out.

Q4 3:18Brady tries a long pass towards the end zone looking for Dobson, but the rookie is able to shake off Newman. The quarterback looks for Amendola on the next play, but again it's incomplete.

Q4 2:32On third down, Brady needs to find 10 yards, but while looking down field for an open receiver, he doesn't spot Gilberry sneaking up for his second sack of the day. Brady initially fumbles, but is able to recover, although the Patriots will still have to punt.

Q4 2:02Dalton hands the ball off to Green-Ellis three times in a row, but the running back is unable to get a first down, so the Bengals will punt.

Q4 2:00TWO MINUTE WARNING! The clock runs down to two minutes as the punt unit comes onto the field. It's all or nothing for the Patriots now.

Q4 0:49After two incompletions, Brady manages a six-yard pass to Bolden as the rain gets even heavier in Cincinnati. The Patriots decide to go for it on fourth, and the quarterback picks out Thompkins for a gain of five, but a penalty on the play gives the Patriots a first down. Visibility is poor because of the weather.

Q4 0:36Brady hands the ball off to Bolden, who manages a 12-yard gain, leaving the Patriots 42 yards from the end zone. The Patriots take their final time out. This rain really is very heavy now.

Q4 0:30Brady throws an incompletion, but the team are awarded a 15-yard penalty for a roughing the passer offence by Gilberry.

Q4 0:16INTERCEPTION! Brady looks for the end zone, with Edelman closing in, but Adam Jones is covering the wide receiver, and intercepts the pass at the five-yard line.

Q4 0:16Andy Dalton comes back on, he'll take a knee and that should be it.

Q4 0:00FULL TIME: New England Patriots 6-13 Cincinnati Bengals

9.02pmThe New England Patriots are beaten for the first time this season, with Tom Brady throwing a late interception to give the Cincinnati Bengals a 13-6 victory in a rainy Paul Brown Stadium.

9.05pmBenJarvus Green-Ellis scored the only touchdown of the game, while the Patriots failed the find the end zone before the fourth quarter, in a game with few strong offensive drives. Andy Dalton finished the day with 212 passing yards, compared to Brady's 197. Green-Ellis was the leading rusher with 67 yards and a touchdown, while AJ Green had 61 yards to lead the receivers.

9.06pmThat's all from this game, but stick around for reports from all of this evening's games, and join us again later for live commentary from the San Francisco 49ers game against the Houston Texans. Until then, thanks for joining me this evening, goodbye.

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Andy Dalton #14 of the Cincinnati Bengals against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on August 8, 2013
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