Oct 8, 2013 at 1.40am UK at ​Georgia Dome
New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons
Snelling (14:53)
Cumberland (2:59), Kerley (7:41)
Rodgers (6:55)
Winslow (3:00)
Rodgers (6:50), Toilolo (13:06)

Live Commentary: New York Jets 30-28 Atlanta Falcons - as it happened

Relive all the action from the NFL clash between the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Jets with Sports Mole's text commentary.

The Atlanta Falcons and the New York Jets met in their NFL clash in a game which had huge implications for both side's at the Georgia Dome.

Mike Smith's side were coming into the game off back-to-back defeats to the Jets' AFC East rivals the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

Their poor record against that division would continue as they fell to a 30-28 defeat to Rex Ryan's side despite a late touchdown drive from Matt Ryan.

The Falcons' defense couldn't stop Geno Smith moving his team into field goal range in the dying seconds allowing Nick Folk to win the game for the visitors.

Read how all the action unfolded in our commentary below.

1.10amGood morning and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Jets at the Georgia Dome.

1.11amThe home side are reeling coming into this game as they are 1-3 in their season following back-to-back defeats to the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots, the Jets' AFC East rivals.

1.13amThis is a must-win game for Mike Smith to avoid falling four games behind the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South and all but losing out on the playoffs.

1.15amThe Jets' situation isn't quite as bad as the Falcons and a win for them would be huge in closing the gap on the Dolphins and the Patriots in the AFC East. A victory would leave them tied second in the division with 11 games to play.

1.17amRex Ryan boasts one of the best defenses in the NFL and they're likely to make life difficult for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and his offense tonight.

1.18amThe inactive lists have just been released and we'll start with the home side.

1.19amFALCONS INACTIVES: Ishmael, Jackson, Motta, Dent, Gunn, Baker, Coffman.

1.20amJETS INACTIVES: Quinn, Holmes, Milliner, Campbell, Ijalana, Aboushi, Sudfeld.

1.21amThe Falcons will be without starting running back Steven Jackson for the third consecutive game, his absence means Jacuizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling will again carry the bulk of ball for Smith's side tonight. Tackle Sam Baker is also missing as he limped out of the defeat to the Patriots last week and will be a huge loss against one of the best defensive fronts in the league.

1.23amOn the positive side of things for the Falcons, cornerback Asante Samuel has returned from the injury that kept him out of the lineup last week and will lineup against the Jets' number one receiver tonight, whoever that may be.

1.24amThe reason for the mystery as to the Jets's number one wideout is because Santonio Holmes is out as expected with a knee injury. Ryan will also be without first-round draft pick Dee Milliner due to a hamstring injury, however, running backs Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory are active for the first time together.

1.26amLast week the Falcons really struggled to move the ball against the Patriots despite having one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. Wide receiver Julio Jones was a non-factor until late in the game expect him to bounce back against the Jets' secondary along with Roddy White who may be nearing full fitness.

1.28amThe Jets also struggled to move the ball in their defeat against the Titans as Geno Smith threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball twice after being sacked five times. He will need to avoid turnovers if his side are going to compete in this game.

1.31amVeteran tight end Tony Gonzalez had a career day last season despite being in his 17th year in the NFL. He had 12 receptions against the Patriots for 149 yards and two touchdowns, if he can reproduce this sort of form the Falcons will have a great chance of getting the win.

1.33amOne area where the Falcons need to improve desperately is there pass rush. They were held without sack against the Patriots and one thing Smith as shown this year is that if you get pressure on him, he doesn't perform well. A huge key to the game and a lot will rest on the shoulders of two-time Super Bowl champion Osi Umenyiora.

1.36amCOIN TOSS RESULT: The Falcons won the toss and will receive the ball first on offense.

Q1 15:00Folk kicks out of the endzone and Ryan will begin at his own 20.

Q1 14:23Ryan get his side moving with his first pass as he finds full-back DiMarco in the flat and he catches the ball and runs over the first down marker for 12 yards.

Q1 13:35Gonzalez secures another first down with a good low catch in traffic for six yards on a hitch route after Rodgers found space on the ground to pick up seven on first. If the Falcons can have that consistency on the ground, that will be huge this evening.

Q1 11:42Ryan comes extremely close to throwing an interception straight into the hands of Darrin Walls but the cornerback can't come up with the ball as he targeted Jones on the outside. That could be a huge drop, and the Falcons get to the punt the ball away.

Q1 11:35PUNT BLOCKED! Bosher's punt is blocked by Allen as he comes on a rush on the left-hand side. The Falcons recover the ball at their own 48 but the Jets' offense will get the ball.

Q1 9:49The Jets get moving as Smith fires to his running back Goodson in the flat and he finds nine yards and the first down after Smith had ran himself for positive yardage on second.

Q1 8:22Smith avoids getting picked off by one of the flukiest ever plays as he targets Cumberland and he drops the ball and it flies up into the hands of Falcons safety Moore, who can only deflect it back up in the air and Cumberland catches the rebound.

Q1 6:30The Jets can't punch the ball into the endzone starting on the Falcons 10 as Trufant makes a good tackle on Nelson to stop him reaching the first down marker and handing his side another set of downs inside the two. The Jets look like going for it on fourth but a delay of game on Smith forces them into field goal.


Q1 5:51The Jets take the lead in the game as Folk nails his kick through the posts from 22 yards without any trouble.

Q1 5:17The Falcons are moving straightaway as Snelling powers through the line to pickup the first down for two yards. The home side need that sort of running tonight.

Q1 4:09Ryan finds White over the middle on a slant route for a huge gain down the seam, he runs into Jets territory but the ball is stripped by Bush, Landry can't come up with the ball allowing Jones to scoop it up and run with it to the 18 where the Falcons will resume. A lucky break for the home side there!

Q1 1:27The Falcons struggles in the redzone continue as Ryan finds White on a short route before he's brought down Cromartie, Rodgers can't find anything on the ground on second, however, on third they get the conversion to move to the five as he finds Jones on a crossing route.

Q1 0:42Ryan keeps his side moving as he finds Jones on a short out route but he can't reach the endzone as he is hauled down by Landry, with a great stop.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: New York Jets 3-0 Atlanta Falcons


Q2 14:57The Falcons find the endzone on third down with a screen pass as Ryan lobs the ball to Snelling straight in front of him after faking an initial throw and the running back coasts in for the score from three yards out.

Q2 14:48Bosher kicks to Gates who runs the ball back through the Falcons special teams and he looks like he is going all the way until he's brought down by the punter at the 36.

Q2 14:35The Jets get into the wildcat formation as Goodson replaces Smith behind center. He takes the snap directly and runs down the left-hand side of the line and picks up the first down and a lot more with a 26-yard run before Decoud knocks him out of bounds.

Q2 13:27Smith has all the time in the world on third down and he uses it to fire downfield to Kerley on a crossing route over the middle for 21 yards before Trufant brings him down.


Q2 11:01The Jets find the endzone on a lovely throw by Smith and a great catch from Cumberland as the quarterback throws the ball down the seam and the tight end catches it on a back shoulder fade over Bartu for the score. A good drive from the Jets.

Q2 11:01Ryan will start at the 20 as Folk kicks the ball out of the endzone.

Q2 8:57SACK! Ryan gets sacked on third down and six as Richardson surges through the Falcons' line and brings him down, after Rodgers and Jones could only combine for four yards on first and second down. Bosher's punt is collected by Kerley who takes the ball back to the Jets' 34.

Q2 7:43Smith is shredding the Falcons at the moment as he fires a deep strike down the right slot to Cumberland who catches the ball and runs down the seam before he's dropped finally inside the redzone. That reception was worth 47 yards.


Q2 7:29The Jets take a 10-point lead as Smith throws a strike to Kerley on an out-route and he beats the tackle of Alford and dives into the endzone beating a half-hearted tackle from Samuel for a 16-yard score. That was woeful defense from the Falcons.

Q2 7:08Rodgers returns the ball 24 yards to the Falcons 24 where Ryan will begin again.

Q2 6:29Ryan picks up a much-needed first down for the Falcons as he thros the ball down the left slot for Gonzalez who beats the tackle of Landry and drives forward for 14 yards.

Q2 5:02Ryan goes down the left-hand side again as he finds White for 10 yards on a curl route as he does well to go up for the ball and bring into his grasp.

Q2 3:35The quarterback is finding his groove now as finds Jones this time on the left on a deep out-route as he beats the coverage of Cromartie and touches his feet in bounds before he goes out.

Q2 2:00Big third down coming as Rodgers is drilled back on second by Wilkerson for a three-yard loss after White had picked up eight on first. The Falcons need a score of some variety here.

Q2 1:54Ryan delivers as he throws an out route to Gonzalez who does extremely well to go up and get the ball under tight coverage from Lankster. An important conversion for the Falcons.

Q2 0:33The Falcons get a huge break as Harris is penalised for hold on White giving them another set of downs inside the five to try and punch the ball into the endzone.

Q2 0:07The Jets keep the Falcons out of the endzone as Jones collects the ball from Ryan on a wide receiver screen but he's kept out by a good tackle from Landry.

Q2 0:07The Falcons are going for it on fourth down.

Q2 0:01The Jets give away a crucial penalty on fourth down as Harris is flagged for pass interference on Gonzalez. This could be crucial.

Q2 0:00THE JETS GET THE STOP! Rodgers runs the ball on fourth down on the one-yard line and Coples comes up with the hit and Richardson gets the second tackle to stop him on the line.

Q2 0:00HALF TIME: New York Jets 17-7 Atlanta Falcons

2.56amThat stop by the Jets is absolutely crucial as they get the ball at the start of the half and the way they are playing they could go into a 17-point lead. They've dominated the first half and that could be the stand that crushes the Falcons' spirit.

2.58amThe Falcons image of being "soft" will not have been changed here as they failed to put their bodies on the line when it mattered most especially with that late drive as they failed to come away with the score and also their poor tackling for Kerley's touchdown. A lot of work for Mike Smith to do at half time to get his side back into this game.

3amIn a surprising stat, Jets quarterback Geno Smith as completed eight out of his nine passes, including two for touchdowns. That is obscene from a rookie to do that. He's playing very well tonight and the Falcons aren't.

Q3 15:00Bosher kicks the ball out of the endzone so Smith will begin on the 20.

Q3 13:31SACK!! Smith is sacked for an eight-yard loss on a big third down play by Umenyiora as he comes off the right-hand side untouched by a blocker. A mistake by Smith while setting his protection there.

Q3 13:22Douglas collects the punt and runs it ball the way back to the 50 where Ryan will begin.

Q3 13:13Ryan into passing rhythm immediately as he looks deep for Gonzalez and finds him on a curl route for 15 yards down the seam on the left-hand side. Gonzalez did well to separate from Lankster who had him in coverage.

Q3 11:57Toilolo's turn to get the ball from Ryan for the first time tonight as he shrugs off a tackler to find 12 yards and a first down. It's a pretty big task to bring down the 6ft 8in tight end.

Q3 9:25Ryan gets his side out of hole on first down and 20 as he finds Gonzalez for strikes of 11 and 12 yards respectively to move the chains and get his side into the redzone. The tight end is having another monster game for his side tonight.


Q3 8:05The Falcons get in for the score to come within three points of the Jets as Rodgers runs in from three yards out. He goes over the left-hand side of the line and Jarrett misses a tackle for the Jets in their secondary allowing the back to coast into the endzone.

Q3 7:59Bosher boots the ball out of the endzone and Smith and co will begin at the 20.

Q3 7:14Kerley does well to pickup the first down for the Jets as Smith hits him on a wide receiver screen, he doesn't quite have the blockers in front of him but he manages to find a crease to get the eight yards needed.

Q3 5:32Smith goes long on third down looking for Kerley to beat Trufant deep but the cornerback has good coverage on the receiver and help over the top from Moore and he comes in with the hit to stop the pass reaching Kerley. That play didn't have a lot going for it. Quigley punts to the 18 where Douglas fields the ball.

Q3 3:57Ryan finds Snelling on a short pass to pickup a crucial first down to keep his side's drive alive. It was third and one and instead of running at the Jets' defense he opted to pass. It's all on Ryan at the moment.


Q3 3:25Ryan is sacked by Wilkerson for a seven-yard loss as he breaks through the line and hits the quarterback, he knocks the ball loose as well and Douzable gathers.

Q3 2:10Powell powers to get his side moving on the Falcons 30 to move them inside the redzone on a 10-yard reception on a swing pass. The home side's tacking has been very suspect this evening.

Q3 1:09Smith has to run for his life on third and 20 and he picks up seven to move his side into better range for a field goal after he took a huge sack on first down by Corey Pieters, who overpowered left guard Winters to bring him down. Folk will attempt the field goal from 36 yards.


Q3 0:45Folk extends his side's lead to six points as he nails the kick between the posts. He is now nine of nine on the year. Very reliable for Rex Ryan's side.

Q3 0:00The Falcons end the quarter with a good play then a bad play. First Rodgers breaks through the line for a nine-yard gain, which could have ended the quarter but Ryan hurried to the line to run another play and handed it off to Rodgers again but this time Wilkerson beat Peter Konz on the line with ease and drove Rodgers back for a one-yard loss.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: New York Jets 20-14 Atlanta Falcons

Q4 14:53White picks up the first down as Ryan finds him on a curl route but it's brought back for a pass interference penalty as he pushed off from Walls. That could be costly.

Q4 14:28It is as the Jets bring the house on a blitz on third and 12 and Ryan throws deep for Jones, but he can't beat the coverage of Cromartie and the drive ends. Jones may have been held by Cromartie there but there was no flag from the officials.

Q4 14:12The Jets get an excellent return from Kerley on Bosher's punt as he runs 24 yards with the ball before he's brought down at the Atlanta 38. You can add another 15 yards onto to that to move them to the 23 as Bosher is penalised for a horse-collar tackle on Kerley to bring him down. Crucial time in the game now. If the Jets can score a touchdown it will be hard for the home side to come back.

Q4 13:59A huge run from Ivory on first down moves the Jets to the five-yard line with a 19-yard run. This could be over soon if the Falcons can't hold.


Q4 12:00The Jets move into a 13-point lead as Smith throws a lovely ball to the back corner of the endzone off play-action where he finds Winslow, who makes an excellent catch planting both feet to secure the score. A massive moment in the game.

Q4 12:00Ryan will begin at the 20. A response is needed here.

Q4 11:51Ryan is straight to work as he hits Gonzalez in the right slot on a streak route and he picks up 12 yards to move the chains. Another solid game from the tight end but again it could all be in vain.

Q4 11:28Twelve more yards for Ryan as this time he hits Jones on a crossing route and the receiver spins out of the tackle from Walls to pick up the first down. This is better from the Falcons.

Q4 10:21Jones finds five more yards to pick up another set of downs as he stops on a hitch route and collects the ball before diving to the floor at the markers. He has been Ryan's go to guy here.

Q4 9:13Ryan does well to find Cone for 15 yards on a slant route as he beats the coverage of Walls to pick up the first down, seconds after the Falcons thought they were back in the game when Ryan hit Jones deep off play-action but he couldn't come up with the touchdown as Cromartie knocked the ball loose.


Q4 8:10The Falcons are back in this game as Ryan feeds Rodgers on a draw play and he beats every single tackler as he runs through the middle and then cuts the ball outside to the left to stroll into the endzone for the score. A six-point game now! Jets 27-21 Falcons.

Q4 7:58Gates gets back to the 19 from Bosher's kick where Smith will begin. The visitors will look to kill the clock here.

Q4 5:41SACK! Umenyiora comes up with a huge play to bring down Smith for a six-yard loss on second down, and a penalty on the Jets gives them third and 21. Smith throws short to Kerley on a screen but he can't get the yardage for the first down forcing Quigley to punt. Douglas collects the ball and takes it back to the Atlanta 37.

Q4 5:27What a catch by Jones as Ryan loops the ball up deep for him and the wideout manages to reel the ball in with one hand going to the ground moving his side to the 27, one play after being harshly called for offensive pass interference backing his side up 10 yards. That reception was for 46 yards.

Q4 4:15The Jets force the Falcons into a third down situation with a solid tackle on Rodgers stopping him picking up 10 yards. On third his pass to Jones is nearly picked off by Lankster. The Falcons are going to go for it on fourth down inside the redzone.

Q4 3:50Ryan finds Gonzalez on a short route and picks up the one-yard he needs for another set of downs inside the redzone.

Q4 2:12Another fourth down situation for the Falcons as Antone Smith can only get nine yards on first, and Douglas is drilled backwards by Walls on second. On third he looks for Rodgers but it falls incomplete. They're going for it again.

Q4 2:07HUGE PENALTY!! The Jets are called for defensive holding on Gonzalez after Ryan throws an incompletion to Rodgers again. Another set of downs beckons for the Falcons.

Q4 2:00Rodgers is stacked up on the line on first down and that will take up to the two-minute warning. Another clutch situation for the Falcons inside the redzone, Ryan must have deja vu but can he deliver this time unlike against the Patriots.


Q4 1:54The Falcons take the lead as Ryan finds Toilolo in the endzone on an out route to the right-hand side and he goes up to get the ball over Lankster for the three-yard touchdown. That penalty proved to be costly for the Jets.

Q4 1:30Bosher kicks the ball out of the enzone and Smith will begin at the 20. Can he engineer a game-winning drive.

Q4 0:37In a flash Smith drives his team into field goal range as he hits Hill on a slant route, followed by Gates on the same route and the Hill again for a combined yardage gain of 34.

Q4 0:25Third and three for the Jets at the Atlanta 34. Huge play in the game now.

Q4 0:03Powell runs over the left-hand side as beats the tackle of Babineaux and picks up the first down. Folk will now have the chance to win the game with a 44-yard field goal.


Q4 0:00Folk keeps up his 100% record this season and nails the kick between the posts. There was no doubt about that one and that finishes a lovely drive from Smith to win the game. He deserved that for his performance this evening.

4.37amWell, well, well the Jets stun the Falcons to move to 3-2 in their season and they're just one game off the lead in the AFC East thanks to a wonderful performance from Geno Smith in this game.

4.38amThe Falcons horrific defending was summed up in that drive as they allowed Smith to move down the field with ease to set up Folk for the game-winning kick. They move to 1-4 in their season and have an impossible task of catching the 5-0 New Orleans Saints now.

4.40amThanks for joining our commentary this evening. We'll be back with NFL action on Thursday. Until then, goodbye.

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