Live Commentary: Royal Rumble - as it happened

Relive Sports Mole's coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble that was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Batista has earned a spot in the main event at Wrestlemania XXX after eliminating Roman Reigns to win the 2014 Royal Rumble.

'The Animal', who returned to the company on Raw last week, entered the 30-man battle royal at number 28, and after being left one-on-one with Reigns, who eliminated a record 12 participants, the former WWE champion threw the Shield member over the top rope.

He could now face Randy Orton, who defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena after interference from Brya Wyatt, who had earlier been involved in a thrilling battle with Daniel Bryan.

Brock Lesnar was dominant in beating the Big Show, while the New Age Outlaws won the WWE tag-team titles after they defeated The Brotherhood on the Royal Rumble pre-show.

Read below to see how the action unfolded in Pittsburgh.

12.32amHello, and welcome to Sports Mole's live coverage of the 27th staging of the WWE Royal Rumble.

12.35amWell what a pay-per-view this could be! Not only do we have the traditional 30-man battle royal, we also have Randy Orton defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena, Brock Lesnar going to war with Big Show, and Daniel Bryan, who has been tipped as a late entrant to the Royal Rumble, going one-on-one with Bray Wyatt.

12.37amTo kick off the action in Pittsburgh, we have the recently-returned New Age Outlaws attempting to snatch the tag-team titles belts off The Brotherhood - Cody Rhodes and Goldust. That should be getting underway shortly.

12.39amJBL is currently hot-footing his way into the arena. He cut a jig not usually associated with a self-proclaimed wrestling god!

12.42amA selection of superstars have just drawn out their Royal Rumble number. A few, namely Alberto Del Rio and Antonio Cesaro, looked a lot happier than R-Truth and Damien Sandow! Sandow could be coming out as number two, but we shall wait and see.


Well, we do now. The New Age Outlaws are making their way down to the ring.

12.45amThe Pittsburgh crowd seem happy to see the DX members. Modest reaction for the champions, who are supposedly the crowd favourites for this contest.

12.47amCody Rhodes and Road Dogg start the match in front of a sell-out 15,000 crowd.

12.49amThe Brotherhood dominated the early stages, but Goldust is now getting worked over by Road Dogg, before the Outlaws get a near fall.

12.51am'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn is tagged in, and continues to dominate one half of the champions, but what a slam from Goldust! Can he get the tag?

12.52amBoth men get the tag, and Cody Rhodes is on fire! He catches the challengers with a double drop-kick, before reverse a pump-handle slam into Cross Rhodes. Near fall after the pin was interrupted.


12.54amWow, what a shocker! Billy Gunn got the blind tag and nailed the fame-asser on Cody Rhodes.

12.55amWhat will that mean for The Brotherhood? They've had a fine run as champions, but they have suffered a few losses of late in non-title bouts before eventually suffering defeat tonight.

12.56amThat's the pre-show done with. We are just a few minutes away from the 2014 Royal Rumble! I hope that you are looking forward to this as much as I am!

1.01amHere we go, folks! We'll most likely be given a montage of build-up footage before we actually get underway, but the first match that we will have for you is Daniel Bryan's bout with Bray Wyatt. Who knows what could happen in this encounter!

1.03amThe rivalry between Bryan and Wyatt has engaged everyone for weeks. Bryan looked to have joined the Wyatt family, but turned on Wyatt a couple of weeks ago after revealing that it was all a plot to get under the skin of the eccentric superstar.

1.04amWhat an ovation for Bryan! The Consol Energy Center is rocking! YES! What a sight.

1.06amHe's here! Bray Wyatt starts his slow walk to the ring. Will he be accompanied by Harper and Rowan?

1.08amThis entrance feels even longer than that of the Undertaker! Harper and Rowan are in attendance, and appear to be staying. That's not good news for the 'American Dragon'.

1.10amThe crowd are hot for Bryan. Let's hope this atmosphere continues for the entire night. Wyatt has quickly gone about using his superior strength, but Bryan is on the attack.

1.11amWell that didn't take long. Harper and Rowan have been ejected from ringside after attacking Bryan on the outside. The pair look intent on staying, but Wyatt has sent them to the back. He feels that he doesn't need their assistance - this is personal!

1.13amBryan looks to be building some momentum, but Wyatt has delivered a huge chop that has sent the diminutive superstar flying from the top rope. Wyatt goes for the kill on the outside, but only proceeds to be sent knee-first into the ring steps.

1.14amBryan delivers a series of kicks to Wyatt in the middle of the ring, who appears to be struggling with a leg injury. Bryan is well on top now, and the crowd are loving it!

1.17amWyatt is fighting back well, but Bryan is feeding off the energy of the crowd. He needs their help now after taking a fall off the apron before being thrown back into the ring by Wyatt.

1.18amThe Wyatt family leader slows things down with a chin lock, and although Bryan gets back to his feet, Wyatt brutally throws him over the top rope. Maybe he is getting some practice in ahead of an appearance in the Rumble?

1.19amThis is all Wyatt. "I tried telling him, WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP HIM!" exclaims Wyatt after a huge splash on the outside.

1.21amBryan begins to build a head of steam, but he is slammed to the canvas by a ruthless Bray Wyatt. Here comes the spider walk!

1.22amThere has been no offense from Bryan for the past few minutes. He needs some kind of response soon.

1.24amHuge clothesline from Bryan. He begins to dominate with more kicks to the body of Wyatt before delivering a hurricanana from the top rope! The crowd shout "this is awesome". I agree.

1.25amWOW! Bryan flies off the apron to deliver a huge tornado DDT! Incredible move. He follows that up with a massive drop-kick against the barricade.

1.26amWe are back in the ring, and after a huge missile drop-kick, more kicks from Bryan bring a near fall. What a match!

1.27amOH MY GOD! That's the biggest clothesline I have ever seen! Wyatt nearly takes Bryan's head off. He beats the three-count though!

1.28amBryan turns things around to apply the YES! lock, but he is forced to break the hold after being bitten by Wyatt. Luis Suarez would be proud.

1.30amMore offense from Bryan sees him deliver a splash/flying headbutt from the top rope, but WOW! Just WOW! Wyatt slides to the outside, Bryan follows, but is caught in mid-air by Wyatt who delivers Sister-Abigail into the barricade! Brutal!


1.32amWyatt drags Bryan into the ring, and hits a second Sister Abigail on Bryan, and that gets the job done. What an incredible start. Both men just elevated themselves to a whole new level.

1.35amPaul Heyman has just given his opinion on the Brock Lesnar versus Big Show match. As you would expect, he thinks Lesnar is going to win.


1.37amIt's not often that you see anyone towering over Brock Lesnar! Big Show is making his way to the ring.

1.39amHere comes the beast! He's wearing a beany hat. Doesn't he realise that he is indoors? Could someone tell him please. I'd rather not.

1.41amWhat a start! Lesnar jumps the Big Show before the bell and he is dismantling his opponent with a steel chair! Paul Heyman smugly smiles as his client causes carnage.

1.42amA hush has descended inside the Energy Consol Center. Big Show is completely out of it!

1.43amThe bell rings, and as Lesnar attempted to strike with a steel chair for the umpteenth time, he is nailed with the Knockout punch! No pinfall though.

1.45amThe Big Show is one angry giant! He's struggling with his left arm though, and he gets caught! F5! Immense strength. Lesnar beats Big Show.

1.46amWell that was a short match...maybe Lesnar has more business to attend to later?

1.48amLesnar is prowling the ring with a steel chair. Talk about a statement of intent! He's laying into the Big Show, who attempts to escape by rolling to the outside, but Lesnar follows to administer a relentless attack on the giant!

1.49amAnd he's still going! The first chair has broken! A message is certainly being sent to someone, but who? The referee tries to bring an end to the assault, but is pushed against the barricade.

1.51amHe finally walks away. Will that be the last we see of him tonight? The doctors are attending to the Big Show on the outside.

1.56amThe Shield are cutting a promo backstage. They state their intent to work together during the Royal Rumble match before arguing over who is going to win and who has what number.

1.58amWe are reminded that Wrestlemania XXX is just 70 days away! What an occasion that is going to be.

2.00amThe WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and John Cena is coming up next. This is a rematch from their TLC match last month.

2.03amHere comes Randy Orton, who gets a distinctly average reaction from the Pittsburgh crowd.

2.06amThere's a huge wait for John Cena's entrance music to begin, but when it does, it's boos from the crowd. Would you expect anything less? The crowd sound a little deflated. Maybe they are saving themselves for the Rumble match.

2.08amThe introductions have been completed. The crowd are chanting Daniel Bryan! Are you listening WWE? We are underway.

2.10amMore chants for Daniel Bryan! How over is he at the moment! It's been a back-and-forth start to this title match, with Cena getting the upper hand with a few punches in the corner.

2.12amThe crowd have very little interest in this match! They are now shouting for Randy Savage and Chris Jericho!

2.13amBack to the action, and Orton has a headlock on Cena in the centre of the ring. Boring chants from the crowd.

2.15amOrton is beginning to work over Cena, and gets a near fall. The champion reacts to the continuing chants for Daniel Bryan by insisting that they should be cheering for him. I'm not sure that is going to help, Randy...

2.17amCena indicates that he is going for the five-knuckle shuffle, but he's thwarted by a reversal from Orton, This is slowly warming up.

2.19amHuge back-backer from orton, but its a near fall. There's a Mexican wave now! This is disrespectful to the two superstars in the ring, but it is funny. The WWE Universe are certainly trying to get a message across to the powers that be.

2.24amOrton goes for the RKO, but it's countered. Cena applies the STFU and Orton is tapping...but the referee is down! Cena is not happy, and after turning around, he is hit with the world title belt!

2.25amAttitude Adjustment from Cena - near fall! Very near fall! RKO from Orton - near fall again!

2.27amWhat a reversal from Orton into an STFU! The crowd loved that. Cena teases that he is going to tap, but he reverses it into an STFU of his own! Orton breaks clear and delivers an AA - unbelievable! Cena kicks out though, and we continue.

2.28amRKO from Cena! It was expected, kind of, but still. Orton kicked out.

2.29amAnother STFU from Cena, and this time, he has it locked in! Here comes Bray Wyatt!!!


2.31amWhat a shocker. The Wyatt family's music started, and when the lights came on, they were surrounding the ring. It distracts Cena, and Orton hits the RKO.

2.32amThe trio have destroyed Cena after the match. "BEHOLD THE CREATORS OF THE NEW WORLD". That's the message being sent out by Bray Wyatt.

2.34amCena vs Wyatt for Wrestlemania XXX? It's looking that way...

2.38amThe Royal Rumble match will be coming next. If I go silent for a few minutes, you know that Goldberg or the Ultimate Warrior have returned! I can dream...

2.42amThere's a bit of a break while various superstars stake their claim for victory. Who have you got going onto Wrestlemania XXX?

2.44amThe crowd erupts for CM Punk who is number one. Who will be number two?

2.45amIt's Seth Rollins!

2.47amGreat action to get us started! This could be a break-out match for a number of superstars.

2.48amDamien Sandow is number three. I wasn't far off with my earlier prediction! He goes straight for Punk but the former WWE champion survives after looking in a dangerous position on the top rope.

2.50amCody Rhodes comes in at number four. Rhodes has often been an impressive performer in the Rumble.

2.50amSandow is eliminated by Punk! Sandow has had quite the fall from grace in recent months.

2.51amHere comes Kane! A bare-chested Kane! Corporate Kane looks weird!

2.52amKane is eliminated by Punk! That was a short stay for the Royal Rumble legend!

2.53amAlexander Rusev makes his WWE debut at number six. He's a huge prospect from NXT. He throws a couple of men over the top rope, but they manage to hold on.

2.54amJack Swagger is the next man in. This is moving along pretty swiftly! Sandow and Kane are the only men eliminated so far.

2.56amKofi Kingston enters at number eight. What spot will he nail tonight? He goes straight for Punk, who seems to be the easy target so far, but Punk survives. I'm intrigued to see how Rusev performs. No-one expected his inclusion.

2.57amJimmy Uso is next. It's a fast start from one half of the tag-team siblings, but Rhodes halts his momentum with a drop-kick. Still just two eliminations!

2.58amGoldust! Will he fight his brother?

2.59amRusev is gone! He gets thrown out by about four men! Kingston is eliminated! No, wait. He is caught by Rusev, who places him on the barricade.

3.00amHe runs along the barricade and jumps onto the apron! Dean Ambrose joins Rollins in the ring. How will they work together?

3.02amDolph Ziggler is out to the biggest pop of the match so far! Missile drop-kick to Ambrose. Big chants of "Lets go Ziggler"

3.04amR-Truth has drawn number 13. He is quickly double-teamed by the Shield, and he's sent to the floor by Ambrose.

3.05amKEVIN NASH!!!

3.06amHe's out to the NWO music too. Out goes Swagger before he targets the Shield. The crowd loved that.

3.08amUh Oh. Here comes Roman Reigns, who is definitely the dark house for this match. HUGE spear to Rhodes, and then he lands a blow to Nash. Reigns throws out Kingston. Ziggler gets a spear too, and is eliminated. And so is Nash, who missed when attempting a clothesline on Reigns.

3.09amReigns is dominant, and so are the Shield. The Great Khali has entered, but he is triple-teamed by the Shield and he's gone.

3.11amGoldust eliminates Cody Rhodes, who is then eliminated by the Shield! Sheamus is back! I'm struggling to keep up. The action is relentless!

3.12amThe Miz joins the Shield, CM Punk and Sheamus in the ring. The field has been decimated since the arrival of Reigns.

3.14amWould you like to dance? Not even Fandango does tonight. He sprints down to the ring. We still await the likes of Batista, Big E Langston, and potentially, Daniel Bryan.

3.17amWow! El Torito is in the Rumble. And he's eliminated Fandango! But that's his lot for tonight. He's lifted into the air by Reign and thrown to the outside. Antonio Cesaro is in at number 21.

3.19amHe swings the hell out of the Miz, before being attacked by the Shield. He recovers to swing Rollins around at least 25 times! Incredible! That was amazing. Luke Harper is coming down as the number 22 entrant.

3.21amThe second of the Uso brothers, Jey, is number 23. Just seven more superstars to come!


3.23amHe enters the ring in full suit and tie. Oh, he's out! He attempted to give his jacket to Michael Cole and got eliminated by Reigns. The crowd chant "You've still got it". Haha. Erick Rowan is number 25.

3.25amRyback is the next man to head down to the ring. The Miz and Jey Uso have been eliminated. Not by Ryback, I should add.

3.27amThe 2011 Royal Rumble is the man who drew number 27, namely Alberto Del Rio. I would imagine that his stay in the ring could be a short one. Batista will be with us in the next couple of minutes.

3.28amMaybe shorter than that! Here comes Batista!

3.29amBatista throws out Rowan and Ryback. Del Rio with the sneak attack from behind!

3.30amAnd there goes Del Rio. That lasted long. Big E Langston is the man in at number 29. If I'm not mistaken, that must mean that Rey Mysterio will be number 30? So no Daniel Bryan.

3.31amYep. Rey Mysterio is number 30. The crowd are booing the heck out of the non-appearance of Daniel Bryan.

3.33amThe crowd are literally in uproar. That's ruined the dynamic of the match. Big E Langston is taken out by Sheamus. The Intercontinental champion lasted all of four minutes.

3.34amRey Mysterio is gone. More chants for Daniel Bryan. Ambrose tries to eliminate Reigns! Controversial. Reign eliminates both Shield members and Cesaro at the same time! He ties Kane's elimination record.

3.35amWhere did Kane come from?! He rises from below the ring to eliminate Punk. Reigns, Batista and Sheamus remain.

3.36amMore punishment to Punk, who is choke-slammed through the announce table by Kane.

3.37amThe three men left slowly rise to their feet, and are met by loud boos from the crowd. Batista is going to work on Sheamus, and he then power-slams Reigns.

3.39amSheamus sets up the brogue kick on Batista, but he ducks out of the way. Reigns breaks the elimination record by hitting Sheamus to the floor! Batista and Reigns are left.

3.40amThe crowd are really hating on Batista tonight! Reigns steals the momentum, and the crowd are chanting his name.

3.40amSpear from Batista!

3.40amSpear from Reigns!


3.42amBatista is on his way to Wrestlemania XXX. Reigns was in control, but an attempt to eliminate Batista was reversed. The crowd are still booing...

3.44amBatista is supposed to be a crowd favourite. He's not tonight. The crowd wanted Daniel Bryan, but they didn't get him. The Animal doesn't care. He will be main-eventing the biggest PPV of the year.

3.46amWell guys and girls, that's your lot from Sports Mole this evening. We hope that you enjoyed our debut text coverage of a WWE PPV event. It's been a thrilling PPV. Goodbye for now.

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan flys off the ropes during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011
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