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Live Commentary: Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers - as it happened

Live text coverage from Super Bowl XLVII as the Baltimore Ravens beat San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens went head to head for the biggest prize in the NFL.

The Ravens came out flying and after a 108-yard return from Jacoby Jones were ahead 28-6, however the game was turned on its head after a power cut in the stadium.

Niners got back to within two points after failing with a two-point conversion and a final Ravens field goal meant they held on for the win and claimed Super Bowl XLVII.

Read how the action unfolded below.

Hello everyone and thanks for joining me for the greatest night in the American sporting calendar: Super Bowl XLVII is upon us!

It's the 49ers against the Ravens, and it will be live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

There is a wonderful subplot to this one: the coaches of each franchise are brothers. The 49ers vs. the Ravens becomes Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh.

There are some fantastic pre-game stats I'll take you through as well as some reminders of performances throughout the season, so stay tuned. Remember, kickoff is just over 50 minutes away.

We will also be bringing you live coverage of the Half Time Show, which is always a spectacular event. Nick Levine will be here to entertain you during the break and I'll link you through as soon as that begins.

The Ravens have already got an award under their belt. This play with Ray Rice converting 4th & 29 got NFL Play of the Year. It's a beaut.

Some selected stats now for you, courtesy of

The Ravens lost three of their last four regular season games, becoming the only team since the 2009 champions the Indianapolis Colts to reach the Super Bowl on the back of such poor end of season form.

Jim Harbaugh became the fifth coach in 43 years to lead his side to two conference championship games in his first two seasons. Of the four previous, three won a Super Bowl in one of those seasons. The odds are in his favour, then, but how much does that mean really?

Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback, is in just his second year in the league. He has also started just nine games on the run to the Super Bowl - seven before the postseason. He has thrown 1,814 yards for 10 touchdowns.

His opposite number for the Ravens Joe Flacco is in his fifth season and is a very consistent customer. He has 3,817 for the season with a 59.7% completion rate and 22 TDs. Important to Ravens's chances is his form: he has thrown eight TDs and no interceptions in the three playoff games so far. He has also outperformed Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in recent games, which is no mean feat.

Despite Flacco's recent form the Ravens go into this one as the underdogs. UK betting odds currently have the 49ers as 1/2 favourites, with Ravens as long as 2/1 in some places.

Ray Rice, the Ravens running back, insisted in the build up to this one that being the underdog suits his team. He said: "Being the underdog just feels like you have something to prove. If you always put yourself at the top, the only way you can go is down." Read that report here.

This 49ers defence is strong against the passing game, so the success Flacco has picking out his receivers could go a long way to deciding the outcome of this game.

While Kaepernick has been excellent with the throw since he became a regular in the 49ers lineup, they could do real damage on the ground. Their pistol formation, which sees the running back start the play directly behind his QB, has seen a lot of success and the Ravens have been notoriously weak against ground plays. They have given up 122.8 yards on average per game against the run.

With around 10 minutes to go, let's have a look at the inactives for this one.

49ERS INACTIVES: QB Scott Tolzien, S Trenton Robinson, RB Jewel Hampton, LB Cam Johnson, DT Tony Jerod-Eddie, G Joe Looney, Ian Williams

RAVENS INACTIVES: CB Asa Jackson, S Omar Brown, CB Chris Johnson, LB Adrian Hamilton, G/T Ramon Harewood, WR Deonte Thompson, DT Bryan Hall

Both teams have a 100% record in the Super Bowl, so one will come to an end tonight. The 49ers's, however, is more impressive with 5-0 compared to the Ravens's 1-0.

We're just about ready here. The 49ers win the toss and choose to receive. Let's go!

Justin Tucker kicks out of the endzone and 49ers start from the 20.

Niners think they have a 20-yard play straight up but were lined up illegally so instead it's 1st & 15 from the 15. Kapaernick goes wide right to Delanie Walker, but he's out of bounds with the catch. On 3rd & 15 Frank Gore gains a few on the run but Niners must punt.

Jacoby Jones returns to the Ravens 49. Vonta Leach gains eight before Rice edges the rest to bring up a new set.

Huge play for Flacco, who finds Torrey Smith who reels it in superbly in the deep for another first down.


Ravens gain a yard on the rush with Flacco, in trouble on 2nd & 9, throwing out of bounds, before repeating the trick on third. However, an offside call against the 49ers means a replay of third down and a five-yard penalty. Then Flacco finds Anquan Boldin through the middle, ending the Ravens's first drive with a TD!

The kick is good. 49ers 0-7 Ravens

LaMichael James touches back in the endzone and 49ers will start their second drive from the 20. Will they have more success?

Along with reading the action here, check out our live image feed here.

First bit of handbags after Gore loses a yard on the run, but Kaepernick finds Michael Crabtree short and he runs for a fresh first down.

No gain on the rush from Gore, and he goes again on 2nd & 10, this time making eight with a jinking run. Kaepernick takes it into his own hands to take nine yards on the run, good play.

Kaepernick drops back, looks for a run, but again has to scramble, gaining seven this time. Gore gets the first down with a run just left of centre. This is better from the Niners.

Fantastic play! Vernon Davis is left in acres deep left and Kaepernick picks him out for a huge gain! First & goal now.

SACK! Gore stopped at the line of scrimmage and on second down Kaepernick's throw to the endzone is just high for Crabtree. Then he's sacked for a huge loss and the Niners have to kick! Superb from Kruger.

FIELD GOAL 49ERS! 49ers 3-7 Ravens

Nine-yard gain from Pitta on first down, but Rice can't quite get through on second. He does, however, make the final yard on third down and Ravens get a fresh set.

Rice runs again and this time gains three to the right of centre. Flacco escapes a blitz, hurls down the right to Boldin who catches it just inside the line for a 31-yard gain!

Ravens 7-3 49ers: Short pass from Flacco to Leach loses Ravens three yards and on second down he launches towards the endzone but Boldin cannot reach it. On third, Ray McDonald gets the sack to end the quarter.

49ers come again after the punt. Kaepernick finds Davis with a absolute pinger and the receiver runs it another 15-20 yards to around half way.

Another first down with a gain of 11, Davis again reeling it in on the right.

James powers his way through left of centre for another eight yards, before going again for another seven and another first down.

FUMBLE! James spins superbly with another rush but at the tackle the ball pops out and Baltimore turn it over! After a good drive with some quick yards it all goes wrong in the blink of an eye.

Ravens start again on their own 25. Bernard Pierce runs for five down the left and then another four to set up 3rd & 1. Pierce once more trusted with the ball and he bundles over for the final yards required.

Pitta is found in acres short right, running to the tackle for a gain of eight yards. Willis absolutely clatters Pierce, but the running back had just about made the two required.

Flacco throws this time and Ed Dickson almost fumbles but reels it in well for another first down.

Dickson is again found, this time on second down, on the left and he catches more comfortably this time for another big gain. First & goal now.


Simple as you like. Flacco throws his 10th postseason TD, finding the standing Pitta in the endzone. The kick is good and the Ravens are flying: Ravens 14-3 49ers

INTERCEPTION! Oh dear oh dear. Kapaernick looks for Randy Moss with a pinged pass but picks out Reed as if he was aiming for him! Baltimore ball again.

Ravens run for six before a short pass to Leach ends with him skipping over a tackle for the remaining yards.

A yard gain on the initial run before Rice gets another five for 3rd & 4. Rice jinks inside and out after the catch to get another set of downs.

Rice again given the ball and he gains one wide right. Flacco plops an easy one to Boldin, but he somehow drops and it's almost intercepted. On 3rd & 9 Flacco looks for the endzone but it's out of bounds but in range for the field goal. Justin Tucker, the rookie, to kick, but they go for the run instead and Tucker is stopped just short of the line! Incredible scenes, high-risk football, but Niners ball.

That has to go down as an insane decision. Just take the three points John Harbaugh!

Niners start on their six and Dixon is stopped at the line for no gain. Kaepernick is almost intercepted again looking for Moss, but Williams cannot quite gather. San Francisco only gain a few on third down and another drive will end quickly with a punt. They call a timeout.

Jones returns from the 32 to around the 45, a good place for Baltimore to start a new drive.

TWO-MINUTE WARNING: Flacco throws a couple of incompletions as we get to the two-minute warning.


Brilliant, brilliant touchdown from the Ravens! Flacco launches looong to Jones, who catches on the way down, gets no touch, gets back to his feet and runs it left for the score. That could have decided it already! The kick is good: Ravens 21-3 49ers..

Six-yard gain on the Kaepernick throw and then he picks out Walker with an arrow medium right. A penalty against the Ravens moves them up the field to a good spot for a score before half-time, which is crucial.

Kaepernick finds Walker down the middle for 28 yards.

Eight yards gained on the quick run, before a pass is incomplete. Kaepernick drops at the nine and they'll have to go for a field goal.

The kick is good: Ravens 21-6 49ers

Ravens 21-6 49ers

Well, what a half for the Baltimore Ravens! They could not have asked for more and unless Kaepernick can pull out an obscenely good performance in the second this one could be over.

The usual 12-minute half-time break is now 30. I'll be taking a break in that time. However, be sure to join Nick Levine for his commentary of the entertainment. Clicky here and I'll see you shortly.

Well, the half-time show is over. I hope you enjoyed the frantic excitement from Nick? However, we have half a football game left to play.


Oh. My. Word. Jacoby Jones catches from right at the back of the endzone and runs 109 yards for a TD! He ran that in 11 seconds! Unbelievable start here. This is over!

Kick is good: Ravens 28-6 Niners

Kaepernick finds Crabtree on the left and Niners gain 29 on the play, good start to the drive.

Gore runs for three yards before Jones gets in with the sack on Kaepernick to leave 49ers needing 13 yards on third down. The lights have gone out! Beyonce's half-time show used up all the power, there's not enough to finish the football.

Still no sign of the power yet. The commentary has gone mute, all we're getting is fieldside reporters to try to explain what's going on. It doesn't look that dark...

I wonder if the 49ers have even noticed it's gone dark? They were playing like they couldn't see anyway.

We're hearing it could be 15-20 minutes until the lights are fully back on. They're slowly coming back but not as quickly as I'd like!

Some are on, others aren't. Not sure what happens if they don't all come back on, but the players have had about a minute of football in the last hour.

It's a stroke of luck really for the 49ers. They can regroup just as the game was about to get away from them. The lights are almost all back on, I'm hearing that the sides will have a warm-up before getting back underway. Has to be said, this is a complete shambles for New Orleans.

Just about to get back underway: 34 minutes that outage. Shocking.

Walker catches short but can only get seven yards and the punt goes into the endzone. Possession back to the Ravens.

Ravens run two yards before Flacco throws out of bounds. The ball is handed to Rice but he can't quite get the eight needed and Ravens also punt into the endzone.

Kaepernick scrambles for five then even more space opens up on second down and he runs another 15.

Gore tries to smash through the middle with a run and picks up one yard for his 34th on the night. Kaepernick goes very long on second and Crabtree is inches away from reeling it in, an absolutely pinpoint throw. He goes shorter left to Randy Moss, who catches on the line for first down. Niners call a timeout.


Now the Niners are right back in this. Great throw for Kaepernick reeled in by Davis, before he finds Crabtree on first down, who isn't hauled down by two defenders and runs home for a 31-yard TD.

Kick, good. Ravens 28-13 Niners

Flacco goes incomplete to Boldin before Pierce is stopped at the line on a run. Then it's a huge sack for a loss of eight, with the punt returned to the Baltmore 20! Niners are on top now!

Davis claims a short throw down the left, making up the required yards for 1st & goal.


Gore gets some absolutely perfect blocking, giving him an easy route down the right side to the endzone. This Ravens lead is disappearing!

FUMBLE! Rice bursts through the middle for three yards and on second down he's blitzed, out comes the ball and the Niners are in possession on the 24! Unbelievable.

Kaepernick goes for three TD passes and all are incomplete. They go for the field goal and NO GOOD. But there's a penalty against the defence and the second attempt is good. Five in it.

FIELD GOAL 49ERS: Ravens 28-23 Niners

Walker is absolutely everywhere for the Niners D! He's absolutely clattered Jones there, who's up in the air but somehow holds on to the return.

Rice nicks three yards and Pierce goes around the houses left side but gains another four. Then Boldin shows some fantastic strength after taking the throw on the right touchline, strong-arming a couple of blocks and finishing with 30 yards.

Short pass to Pitta gains seven yards, then Rice squeezes another two out of this tight D. Pierce uses all his pace and strength to pick up eight on third down and set up another first down.

Ravens 28-23 Niners

Four yards gained on first down and Boldin then reels in a good throw to set up 1st & goal.

Rice crashes through the middle but cannot quite get through the wall and stops a couple short of a TD. He's then stopped at the line from the same play, with Flacco hounded on third with a blitz, forcing him incomplete. They'll kick a field goal here, surely, for an eight lead?

FIELD GOAL RAVENS: Ravens 31-23 Niners

Big play on second down from Kaepernick, throwing deep and comfortable to Moss, who had snuck between too markers for 32 yards.


Another first down comes as Gore runs for 21 yards. Kaepernick scrambles for a 15 yard TD! Superb stuff from the QB but the two-point attempt is incomplete. Ravens 31-29 Niners.

Rice is dropped for a loss of three yards after a four-yard gain on the throw, leaving 3rd & 9. Flacco is incomplete but is saved by a holding penalty.

Pierce runs for two yards before Boldin looks to power through after the catch and just about gets over the line by inches. However, Niners challenge the decision, which could be a big one: either it's 3rd & inches or first down with one timeout left for 49ers.

It is indeed called short and 3rd & inches. Good challenge from Jim.

WHAT a catch Boldin! Flacco throws a difficult one to the right; Boldin goes up and grabs the ball despite the defender's arm. Big play that.

Another first down flies by with Rice taking the catch. They're now inside the 30.

Rice runs for one and then Pierce gets another one, but third down is incomplete. However, an offside from Niners ensures the down is replayed five yards closer: 3rd & 2. That one is incomplete too. Big call now, do they go for the fourth down conversion of the field goal?

FIELD GOAL RAVENS! Ravens 34-29 Niners

Seven yards on the first run of this vital San Francisco drive. Kaepernick again scrambles, this time making his way out of bounds to stop the clock and the yards.

Davis is within a fingertip of reeling in a Hail Mary play. He gets both hands on and in truth probably should have held it. The next one is complete, though, to Crabtree down the middle. So far, so good.

Gore runs 33 yards for 1st & goal! Niners so close to the lead for the first time.

TWO-MINUTE WARNING: Ravens 34-29 Niners

On 2nd & goal Kapaernick's throw is just incomplete and Niners call a timeout just before the play clock expires.

HUGE hit on 3rd & goal on Crabtree forces the throw incomplete. Here's the big play... INCOMPLETE! That could be it!

Niners take their final timeout. It's not quite over, but if Ravens can convert this one down they've won.

Ravens line up for the punt, but instead it's a safety to take a few more seconds: Ravens 34-31 Niners


And there we have it. A Super Bowl that will go down in history, largely due to Jones's superb return and the power failure, ends with Baltimore taking their second ever Super Bowl.

That's all from me tonight. Thanks for joining us for the coverage and we'll be back next season! What a game of football.

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