Jeyvier Cintron

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Result: Misha Aloian dominates quarter-final
Russia's Misha Aloian reaches the semi-finals of the flyweight division with a 10-point victory over Puerto Rico's Jeyvier Cintron.
Aug 7, 20:50
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Result: Jeyvier Cintron knocks out Juliao Henriques
Puerto Rico's Jeyvier Cintron reaches the quarter-finals of the Olympic flyweight tournament with an 18-13 victory over Brazil's Juliao Henriques.
Aug 3, 14:01
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Result: Jeyvier Cintron struggles past Oteng Oteng
Botswana's Oteng Oteng defeats Puerto Rico's Jeyvier Cintron in the Olympic flyweight class.
Jul 30, 14:21