Anuradha Desai

Video: Blackburn Rovers fans throw snowball at owners
Blackburn Rovers fans throw snowballs and boo at the club's owners as they arrive at Ewood Park ahead of the team's defeat to Charlton Athletic.
Jan 22, 13:47
Steve Kean
Venky's "disappointed" with Steve Kean's resignation as Blackburn Rovers manager
Blackburn Rovers owners Venky's are "disappointed" that Steve Kean has resigned as the team's manager, says the club's managing director Derek Shaw.
Sep 28, 23:38
Steve Kean
Steve Kean travelling to India
Blackburn Rovers boss Steve Kean leaves for India to have discussions with the club's owners.
May 15, 12:37
Alan Shearer
Alan Shearer disgusted with "awful" Blackburn Rovers owners
Alan Shearer hits out at the ownership of Blackburn Rovers, branding them "abject" and "awful".
May 9, 03:08
Christopher Samba
Blackburn tell Chris Samba he must stay
Blackburn tell Chris Samba that he cannot leave the club until the end of the season.
Jan 20, 02:48
Steve Kean
Venky's chief backs Steve Kean?
Venky's chief Anuradha Desai is believed to be the only Blackburn board member willing to support Steve Kean, according to reports.
Dec 22, 10:48
Blackburn council contact Venky's
Blackburn council leader Kate Hollern is believed to have contacted the Rovers' heirarchy regarding issues between the owners and the shareholders.
Nov 30, 15:35