Live Commentary: Inter Milan 0-0 Catania - as it happened

Relive our text coverage of the Serie A match between Inter Milan and Catania.

Catania claimed their first away point of the season with a goalless draw against Inter Milan at the San Siro this afternoon.

The home side had the majority of the first-half chances but had just one effort on target before the break.

The visitors proved more of a threat after the break, and had a chance to steal the win in stoppage time through a Lucas Castro effort.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

1.32pmGood afternoon. It's around half an hour until kickoff at the San Siro, where Inter Milan be hoping to end a run of four games without a win against Serie A strugglers Catania. Let's start with a look at the team news.

1.34pmINTER STARTING XI: Handanovic, Campagnaro, Rolando, Juan, Jonathan, Kuzmanovic, Cambiasso, Nagatomo, Alvarez, Palacio, Milito

1.36pmCATANIA STARTING XI: Frison, Rolin, Legrottaglie, Peruzzi, Bergressio, Lodi, Leto, Izco, Bellusci, Rinaudo, Biraghi

1.37pmINTER SUBSTITUTES: Castellazzi, Carrizo, Zanetti, Andreolli, Icardi, Kovacic, Botta, Taider, Ranocchia, Samuel

1.39pmCATANIA SUBSTITUTES: Andujar, Ficara, Almiron, Pasil, Lopez, Guarente, Castro, Boateng, Gyomber, Keke, Capuano

1.42pmThe home side have named a strong starting lineup, with all three of their top scorers in the league starting this afternoon, including Rodrigo Palacio, who already has 10 goals this campaign.

1.45pmCatania have been left short up front, with Pablo Barrientos suspended this afternoon and Lucas Castro on the bench, leaving Sebastian Leto as the only starter to have scored more than twice in the league this season for the division's bottom side.

1.48pmAhead of this afternoon's meeting, Inter head coach Walter Mazzarri told reporters: "I knew at the start of the season that it could be difficult to coach a club like Inter. However, we began the campaign really well, above our expectations. We then had a drop in form which was partly our fault and the merit of our rivals. We have to continue to work hard and we have to turn things around with a victory. We are still fifth in the standings and all is not lost."

1.51pmAlthough an away win may seem unlikely this afternoon, a victory could leave Catania just a point from safety, depending on other results. A Hellas Verona defeat to Roma earlier means that Inter are safe in fifth, but will be keen to close the gap to the sides above them, including league leaders Juventus, who are 24 points clear of today's hosts.

1.55pmPREDICTION With just a few minutes until kickoff, let's make a quick prediction. Although Inter have not been in form recently, Catania have proved little threat away from home this season, and I can't see that changing this afternoon. I'm going for a 2-0 Inter win.

2pmThe players are just heading out of the tunnel ready for the match.

1 minInter Milan get the game underway.

3 minCatania manage to halt an early run by the home side before Rinaudo tries to stretch the Inter midfield with a blistering run, but he loses out in a challenge from Campagnaro.

5 minThe home side win the opening corner of the match, which Jonathan takes looking for the head of Milito, but it's quickly cleared by the visitors. Palacio tries to lash it back in from the edge of the box, but his delivery goes wide.

8 minCHANCE! Jonathan tries to get the ball forward again, but he's blocked by Rolin. After some persistence, he manages to get through to Alvarez, who unleashes a powerful strike from the edge of the box, but it drifts just wide.

10 minInter are doing all the running at the moment, and this time Alvarez is the one setting up a chance for Milito, but his cross is put behind for a corner, which is easily booted away by Rolin.

12 minRolin tries a long ball over the top for Bergressio, but his delivery has too much pace for the striker, and it bobbles harmlessly behind for an Inter goal kick. Catania are yet to threaten the home side's goal.

15 minInter are on the attack again and win back-to-back corners, but Catania seem to have prepared to defend set pieces well, as they once again get the ball away before Inter can have a shot. Despite the hosts dominant start to this game, Alberto Frison is yet to actually make a save for Catania.

17 minPeruzzi comes out from the back for the visitors, and almost has the chance to shoot for Catania after dodging a couple of Inter defenders, but Palacio is back to help out in defence, and manages to get the block in.

18 minCHANCE! Alvarez teams up with Milito again, setting up the striker for a header from close range, but he misses the target by inches. The home side are quickly on the charge again though, and win their fifth corner of the game.

20 minCatania win a free kick from a strong position after Leto was hacked down by Kuzmanovic. Lodi curls it in, with support waiting on the edge of the box, but Rolando jumps highest to head it clear.

22 minThere's a horrendous communication error between Frison and Peruzzi, as the keeper comes out to clear a loose ball delivered into the box by Palacio, but the defender gets to it first, but it only gets as far as Milito, leaving the Catania keeper out of position and the away side's goal wide open, but the striker's finish went wide.

23 minBOOKING! Fabian Rinaudo is shown the first yellow card of the game for a high challenge on Kuzmanovic.

25 minCHANCE! Jonathan makes a run down the right side before sending in a superb cross for Palacio. The striker gets a touch, but can't quite get enough on it to challenge Frison.

27 minCHANCE! Frison makes his first save of the day as Milito unleashes a wicked strike from range, which the Catania keeper is just able to tip wide. Inter have really cranked it up in the last couple of minutes and Catania are just managing to hold on.

30 minIzco breaks on the counter-attack and slices it out wide for Bergessio, but he delivers it too far forward, leaving his teammates stretching to get to it, but he can't stop it going behind for a goal kick. That had looked like a dangerous move from the visitors, but the Izco pass needed to be better.

32 minCatania have started to see a little bit more of the ball in the last couple of minutes, and manage to force their first corner of the match, but Lodi's ball into the box is easily cleared by Campagnaro.

34 minPalacio immediately has the ball down the other end, and decides to take the shot on himself rather than trying to pull it back for Milito, but his effort was always rising, and doesn't really cause Catania any concern.

36 minMilito is left shaken after tangling with Bellusci, giving the home side a free kick from a strong position, but Leto and Rodin ensure that the danger is swiftly dealt with. Although Inter have easily been the better of the two sides, you have to admire Catania's defensive effort so far this afternoon.

37 minBOOKING! Kuzmanovic is handed a yellow card, although it's not clear whether it was for a foul on Bergessio or for the protest afterwards. Either way, the visitors have a free kick around 30 yards out near the sideline.

39 minIzco delivers the free kick, but he gives it too much, clearing his teammates to leave Handanovic with a simple catch.

41 minOnce again, Jonathan beats the Catania defenders while looking to create a chance for the home side, but Palacio's first touch is lacking. Kuzmanovic tries to rescue to opportunity, but he's force to head backwards.

44 minCatania manage to force their way down the other end after stealing the ball away from Kuzmanovic, and for the first time in this match manage to sustain an attack inside Inter territory, but the final ball is lacking, and they fail to trouble Handanovic before a long-range Leto effort flies well wide.

45+1 minInter manage to force another corner, but the delivery has far too much power, and goes straight out the other side. There's just one minute of stoppage time to be played.

45+2 minHALF TIME: Inter Milan 0-0 Catania

2.52pmNot the most memorable 45 minutes of football, with just the one shot on target, but both sides showed plenty of potential. Inter have been keen to get on the attack, but have lacked the finishing touch, while Catania have looked sharp on the counter-attack, but haven't been able to get numbers forward quickly enough.

2.55pmLet's take a look at some of the stats from the first half. Inter had the majority of the possession, with 64%, and had seven shots, with one on target. Catania's one shot came just before the break, but went well wide. Both sides also have a player on a yellow card, as Rinaudo and Kuzmanovic both getting themselves booked early on.

2.59pmCatania might look to make some early changes in the second half to try and improve their attack, and give the defenders a bit of a break. Lucas Castro is among the substitutes, and has scored three goals in the league this season, he may provide a bit of extra potency up front.

3.02pmThe players are making their way back onto the pitch ready for the second half.

3.05pmSUB! Mateo Kovacic is replacing Zdravko Kuzmanovic for the home side.

46 minCatania get the action back underway.

47 minCHANCE! Izco tries to make his way forward for the visitors, but he's easily dispossessed by Palacio, who shows incredible pace while racing towards the Catania goal, but his shot is straight at Frison, giving him an easy stop.

49 minCHANCE! Catania are on the attack but Leto loses out. Luckily, he has Bergessio on hand to quickly win it back, and he manages to unleash a stunning strike from the edge of the box, but it curls just wide at the last second. That's the best chance of the game so far for the visitors.

51 minOFF THE BAR! Palacio has a chance as Cambiasso whips in a dangerous cross in the direction of the striker, but his header is a fraction too high, rattling the crossbar.

53 minThere's a bit more urgency about both sides at the start of this second half. The home side try to set themselves up again, but Rolin, who has been a rock at the back for Catania today, is able to get it clear.

55 minCHANCE! Bergessio gets the ball down the other end for Catania and sends a high cross in in the direction of Rinaudo. The winger waits for the ball to drop before striking it superbly from just outside the box. It looks like he has Handanovic beaten, but the shot goes just high.

57 minThe action is end-to-end at the moment with Inter forcing a corner, but it fails to trouble Catania as Jonathan's delivery comes up short.

59 minThe home side may have to make a second change as Cambiasso comes up holding his knee following a challenge from Isco. He manages to make his own way to the sideline for treatment, but he's not moving well.

61 minPalacio races into the box again, but Frison is able to take the ball away from him before he has a shot. Meanwhile, it does look like the home side are getting a sub read to replace the injured captain.

62 minSUB! Cambiasso does indeed head off, with Saphir Taider taking his place.

63 minCHANCE! The visitors win another corner, which Leto delivers nicely for Rolin, but the defender can't quite turn on goal in time, allowing Rolando to make the clearance.

66 minSUB! Giuseppte Bellusci appears to have picked up a foot injury, forcing the visitors to make their first change of the match. Norbert Gyomber comes on in his place.

68 minGyomber's first action is to help Catania defend a corner. He earns himself a talking to from the referee for grappling with Campagnaro.

70 minSUB! It's another swap for the home side, with Lucas Castro taking the place of Sebastian Leto, who has put in a big shift today, but has started to look jaded in the last 10 minutes.

72 minUPDATE! Catania really could do with taking the win as Livorno, who started today on the same number of points as the bottom side, are 3-1 up against fellow strugglers Sassuolo, which would leave the San Siro visitors further adrift.

73 minThat said, Catania are starting to look the stronger of the two sides, as Inter are possibly looking a bit tired, they certainly haven't been as organised as they were in the opening 45 minutes.

75 minSUB! The visitors make their final change of the match, taking off Gino Peruzzi, who appears to be suffering with a touch of cramp, with Sergio Almiron. It means there's a bit of a change to the formation for Catania, with a midfielder replacing a defender. It looks like Izco is going to drop a little deeper for the time being.

76 minBOOKING! Nicola Legrottaglie is shown a yellow card for bringing down Palacio right on the edge of the box. It also gives the hosts a dangerous free kick opportunity.

78 minCHANCE! Alvarez tries to curl it over the wall from the free kick for Inter, but the wall does it's job, directing it behind for a corner. Rolando has a chance with a header from the corner, but it's too high.

79 minPalacio seems to be a marked man at the moment, as he's tripped by Gyomber, giving the home side another chance from a free kick, this time a little further out. Alvarez manages to clear the wall this time, and Palacio almost reaches it for a simple tap in, but he comes up just short.

81 minSUB! Inter make their last change, and it looks like they're going to be going all out in the last 10 minutes of this match, replacing defender Juan Jesus with striker Ruben Botta.

83 minJust to clarify, Inter now have four recognised strikers on the pitch as they push for a late winner against Catania, who have not picked up a single point away from home in Serie A this season. The hosts have a corner, but the visitors get plenty of players back, and clear it as far as Jonathan.

85 minCHANCE! Four striker and the chance falls to Rolando! It kind of sums up the day for the home side, they just haven't been able to get the right player in the right place at the right time. It's a good finish from the defender, but Frison spots it at the last second and makes the save.

86 minCatania try to create something down the other end, with Almiron drilling it forward for Lodi, but the midfielder couldn't control it.

88 minCHANCE! Palacio has another chance with a close range header following a well-timed ball in from Jonathan, but once again he can't quite find the target, nodding it just wide. He has looked like the hosts' most likely source of a goal throughout the second half though.

90 minPalacio, having no luck finishing himself, makes a brilliant run down the wing before sending in the cross, but none of his teammates are in the box, allowing Frison plenty of time to gather the ball. What a wasted opportunity!

90+1 minThere's still time for either side to find a winner, with four minutes of stoppage time to be played.

90+3 minCHANCE! Castro almost seals it for Catania, flicking on from an Izco ball into the box, but Handanovic gets the slightest touch to put it over for a corner, which the Inter keeper is able to gather from, and he quickly launches it down field to give the home side one last chance.

90+4 minInter apply pressure in the Catania half and try a long ball into the box, but Frison manages to punch it away with just seconds remaining.

90+5 minFULL TIME: Inter Milan 0-0 Catania

3.58pmSo it's honours even at the San Siro with neither side able to find a late goal to break the deadlock. Catania will certainly be the happier of the two sides, as the hosts had the majority of the chances, but will no doubt rue the missed effort by Castro deep into stoppage time.

4pmThe draw gives Catania their first away point of the season, and with Sassuolo and Bologna both losing this afternoon, it leaves them just a win from safety. However, they remain at the foot of the table for the time being.

4.01pmHere are some of the final stats from the match. Inter Milan finished with 59% possession and 14 shots, including three on target. Catania had just five efforts, with only the late Castro effort really testing Handanovic.

4.03pmWell that's all from this match, but stick around to read reports from all of this afternoon's Serie A matches, as well as live commentary from Genoa's trip to Fiorentina this evening. Thanks for joining me this afternoon, goodbye.

Genoa's Luca Antonelli in action against Napoli on April 7, 2013
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