Live Commentary: Bayern Munich 6-1 Wolfsburg - as it happened

Live Commentary: Bayern 6-1 Wolfsburg - as it happened
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Live text commentary of the DFB Pokal semi-final between Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg as the hosts thrashed their visitors 6-1.

Bayern Munich emphatically booked their place in the DFB Pokal final with a 6-1 hammering of Wolfsburg at Allianz Arena.

Diego pulled a goal back with the last kick of the first half to give the visitors hope after Mario Mandzukic and Arjen Robben put Bayern 2-0 up.

However, the hope diminished quickly as Xherdan Shaqiri and an eight-minutes Mario Gomez hat-trick capped off a dominant Bayern second half.

Read below how Bayern booked their place in May's final with our live text commentary.

7.01pmHello all and thanks for joining me tonight as Bayern Munich look to continue their march to the treble with a clash against Wolfsburg in the DFB Pokal semi-finals.

7.03pmBayern, having already wrapped up the league title are in the semis of both the Champions League and the German Cup - potentially they are just four matches away from the treble.

7.07pmOf course, Wolfsburg stand in their way in the cup, and they will be no pushovers. It has been a largely disappointing season for the Wolves and a cup win would go a long way to restore some pride.

7.10pmI'll bring the team news straight to you. Just one moment...

7.13pmBAYERN XI: Neuer; Lahm, Van Buyten, Dante, Contento; Martinez, Schweinsteiger; Robben, Muller, Shaqiri; Mandzukic

7.16pmWOLFSBURG XI: Benaglio; Fagner, Naldo, Madlung, Rodriguez; Polak, Hasebe; Vieirinha, Diego, Medojevic; Olic

7.19pmJupp Heynckes named an almost entirely reserve XI at the weekend, but the team he has put out now is very much back to near full-strength. Diego Contento plays on the left instead of David Alaba and it's Xherdan Shaqiri instead of Franck Ribery, but otherwise it's Heynckes's preferred XI.

7.22pmFor Wolfsburg it's largely as expected. Ivica Olic will lead the line and will be supported by the very capable - if inconsistent - Diego and Vieirinha.

7.25pmSo it's a strong side from Dieter Hecking and he had equally strong words for his side. The message: don't give Bayern too much respect. "Respect is always a good thing, and also important, but there shouldn't be too much of it," he told his side's official website.

7.27pmHeynckes has admitted in the build-up that he is not expecting an easy time and he named Ivica Olic, Naldo, Diego and Jan Polak as the main threats.

7.30pmBefore we kick off let's have a quick look at the odds. Bayern, of course, are favourites and are 1-6 in fact. A punt on the huge outsiders Wolfsburg can see you get odds of 16-1. That could be tempting for some.

7.31pmAt the Allianz, though, Bayern are unbeaten in 18 played against Wolfsburg - so by no means am I condoning a bet on them!

7.33pmThe players are coming out on the field. Looks as though we're slightly behind our kickoff time. The crowd are in full voice already and what an atmosphere there is.

7.34pmBayern were second in every competition last season - Pokal, the league and the Champions League. They've already gone one better in the league and I certainly wouldn't bet against them in the other two, they way they're playing.

0 minKICKOFF: Here we go! Bayern kick us off for the first semi-final.

2 minAs you might expect, Bayern are straight into their passing game and are pinging it nicely among the midfield and defence. Mario Mandzukic's throw is miscontrolled by Thomas Muller and they can't work a chance with their early spell of possession. They'll have plenty more, though.

4 minJust about the only Wolfsburg player to have touched the ball at the moment is Diego Benaglio from the goal kick a couple of minutes ago. Fagner slices a clearance out of play, so Bayern get it straight back and go all the way to Manuel Neuer to start again. Their patience is second to none, not even Barcelona I'd say.

6 minWe're still yet to see either goalkeeper worked but Bayern are still seeing a lot of the ball. Lahm crosses from the byline to the near post but Bastian Schweinsteiger cannot turn it on target. That's the best chance so far.

8 minLahm gives the ball away to Vieirinha who drives towards goal. Javi Martinez surely fouls him chasing the ball but there's nothing given. It's a clear foul that. Terrible decision.

10 minThey're defending in huge numbers are the visitors, as they have todo. So far they're restricting Bayern to possession only. Fagner goes in hard on Mandzukic - he gets the ball from behind but went through the striker first. Schweinsteiger to take.

12 minIt's cleared to Arjen Robben and he just can't work the right angle for the shot. That was more good defending from Wolfsburg - if they keep it very tight they do have the talent up front to nick a goal. The stall has been set early on and it's clear what their game plan is. Nothing wrong with that, though. Sometimes being compact is essential.

14 minThey are almost doubling up on every player early on. That said, Lahm gets through down the right again but it's only Muller waiting in the box and instead Alexander Madlung can clear. From the free kick, Bayern go back again and look to work it from the defence.

16 minFagner has a very clear game plan to let Mandzukic know he's there. That's about the third time he's tackled the Croatian strongly - twice fairly - and with a known lenient referee it's not a bad tactic at all.

17 minGOAL! Bayern 1-0 Wolfsburg (Mario Mandzukic)

18 minFantastic. Shaqiri works some space in midfield and threads it through to Robben perfectly. The Dutchman races clear and crosses low for Mandzukic to fire past his former club and undo Wolfsburg's early work. The Croatian looks to have hurt himself scoring, though.

20 minMandzukic is up and running about and it looks as though he'll be ok. Meanwhile, Bayern continue to zip the ball around with purpose. It'll be very tough from here now for Wolfsburg, who were playing to keep it tight in the first half but have now conceded.

22 minCHANCE! From nothing, Hasebe has a chance after Neuer punches terribly when he tangled with Dante. The Brazilian is up though to block Hasebe's effort to save a certain goal. The corner comes to nothing.

24 minWolfsburg are now looking a lot more comfortable and are passing it around quite well. It's taken them to concede in order for them to want the ball, but now they have they're putting Bayern under a little bit of pressure. Can they create a chance for the equaliser?

26 minRodriguez swings in a free kick on his left foot, but it doesn't get the contact on in that the delivery deserved. Bayern get it clear but the visitors come at them again. Olic tries to beat Lahm, but loses out before Rodriguez tackles Muller well to stop the break.

28 minThe spell of Wolfsburg dominance seems to have ended and Bayern are not on the ball, passing it neatly. Contento links up with Shaqiri, but the return pass from the Swiss was slightly overhit and it goes to Benaglio.

30 minDante needs treatment after tumbling over Olic - the Croatian decided not to jump for a header. A rare punt forward from Neuer ends with Bayern losing possession. Wolfsburg have it again but have been impotent thus far.

32 minI think the referee has left his cards at home. That's a late one from Olic, who left his foot in as Contento cleared, but just a free kick, no yellow. They break through Fagner, but as he tries to get through four defenders the bounce favours Bayern and they can clear.

34 minThe match is being played at quite a slow pace now. There's not a great deal of urgency from either side - even the losing Wolfsburg. I suppose their excuse is that this Bayern defence is solid as a rock. Rodriguez goes for goal from some 35 yards but it's wasy for Neuer.

34 minGOAL! Bayern 2-0 Wolfsburg (Arjen Robben)

36 minMadlung's pass to Medojevic is a bit loose, but the midfielder is very sloppy to it. As such, Shaqiri is given the ball and he slots Robben through who dinks past Benaglio for 2-0 and probably game over.

38 minJust as I mention the slow pace, Bayern score with a quick break. Now Wolfsburg have to commit, surely? However, that then leaves them open to more goals like the one they've just conceded. I'm glad that's not my quandary. A third corner is won by the visitors and Naldo's header goes inches wide! Poor goalkeepeing again from Neuer.

40 minThey don't seem full of belief, the visitors. It's a shame because if they kept it tight until half time then the knocout nature would have given them a chance. As it is, though, they need a minor miracle.

42 minNaldo stands over a free kick 40 yards out... Blocked. Poor effort. On the break Robben is unable to control Contento's angled ball. However he gets the ball back and tries to curl from his favourite spot but it's wide. Selfish. That's not the first time Robben and selfish has been used in the same sentence.

44 minCHANCES! Fantastic effort from Vieirinha! Rodriguez crosses from the left and the Portuguese catches it full on the volley but unfortunately from him it's low and right at Neuer, who parries away. Straight up the other end Shaqiri has a glorious chance to add a goal to his assists, but drags a left-footed effort from an angle wide.

44 minGOAL! Bayern 2-1 Wolfsburg (Diego)

45 minIt takes something special to beat Neuer from distance and that is exactly what it was! Diego angles it towards the top corner from the corner of the box. It was across Neuer but he just couldn't stick out a hand quick enough and it's in the top corner!

45 minHALF-TIME: Bayern 2-1 Wolfsburg

8.24pmA quite breathtaking half ends with that stunner from Diego. With one shot he's got his side back in the game and now they have something to play for in the second half.

8.28pmBayern certainly deserve to be winning as they've passed really well - particulrly Shaqiri who has set up both goals. The first Robben will get the assist, but he was found delightfully by the Swiss in the first instance. Then the same combination added a second before the Diego effort.

8.32pmThere were warning signs before the goal, however, as Vierinha tested Neuer with a volley. Had that been either side of the keeper it would have gone in. Then just a minute later Diego fired his side right back in the DFB Pokal. That's the first goal, incidentally, that Bayern have conceded in the tournament so far.

8.36pmI was surprised quite how open the first half became. At first, Wolfsburg were clearly playing not to concede and do perhaps pip a goal, but afterwards they did go for it. As such, Bayern were given more space which they took full advantage of with the second goal but then came Diego's effort. I thought it was game over at 2-0, and it probably still is, but another away goal would make it very interesting indeed.

8.38pmThe players are back out and we're nearly ready to go again.

45 minKICKOFF: We're back underway here. No changes for either side at the break. Olic offside early on.

47 minWolfsburg have an early free kick, which Rodriguez looks to swing in. Mandzukic heads it away but it's put back through for Hasebe and Mandzukic again wins the header, this time putting it behind for a corner.

50 minIt's been a good start to the half from Wolfsburg. They don't want to concede an early third so have quickly got on top of Bayern. Naldo, however, is pelanised for a push on Martinez and the danger from another free kick has gone. Muller wins a corner, but it could have been a push.

50 minGOAL! Bayern 3-1 Wolfsburg (Xherdan Shaqiri)

51 minHe does have his goal! The debatable corner is worked short to Robben and he finds Shaqiri on the edge of the box, who fires low and hard into the bottom corner. That's what Wolfsburg didn't want and they have a huge task ahead of them now.

52 minBOOKING: The referee has seen enough. Naldo is the first player booked for tugging Muller and bringing him down.

54 minNow the hosts are completely in control. The passing is short, sharp and tidy and Wolfsburg haven't had a touch on it for quite some time.

56 minRobben goes for goal spectacularly from outside the box with a dipping half-volley, but it was quite far wide in the end. Vieirinha is played through and goes to ground after a tussle with Lahm, but he's been given nothing and rightly so. A waste of a good position, that.

58 minWolfsburg are coming forward a little more in the last few mintues and it's Bayern's turn to defend in numbers. In the end Diegoo's through ball is too strong and goes out for a goal kick.

60 minWolfsburg work some possession on the edge of the Bayern boz. Diego gets the ball and his first thought is to shoot, but this time Bayern are alert and can defend. However, they lose the ball and Vieirinha goes for a scissors half-volley but puts it wide.

61 minWOLFSBURG SUB: Bas Dost comes on for Fagner. An attacking change then from Hecking.

62 minBOOKING: Now it's Polak's turn for a yellow card as he scissors Mandzukic in a sliding tackle. He can have no complaints there.

62 minBAYERN SUB: Muller, who has been quiet, comes off for Luiz Gustavo to shore up the midfield.

64 minThe away side's change has seen Hasebe move to right back and Vieirinha come across to the right flank, with Olic to the left. Dost is now leading the line, so will this have an effect? Vieirinha immediately links up with Hasebe but the right-back's touch just takes the ball out of play.

66 minOlic is lucky to avoid a booking for sliding in late on Lahm. As always, though, the Bayern captain doesn't complain. A proper professional he is.

68 minThe game is now being played entirely at Bayern's pace. The can pass it around patiently until a chance opens up and if one doesn't Neuer is always there to start a new attack.

70 minCHANCE! Bayern have overplayed that one. Robben cuts across from the byline past two defenders. He passes to Schweinsteiger who takes a touch instead of just shooting and Madlung is given enough time to take the ball.

72 minOlic is found wide left with a fantastic pass from Medojevic but the Croat crosses first time when he should have looked up and just paused a little. As such, the ball is back with Neuer.

73 minWOLFSBURG SUBS:Olic comes off for Patrick Helmes, with Christian Trasch coming on for Polak. Pretty much straight swaps there.

74 minBAYERN SUB: Rafinha is on now for Robben. The Dutchman has played very well tonight, and that's a more defensive looking right flank for Bayern now.

76 minIt's entirely comfortable for Bayern now. Mandzukic plays some keepie-ups in the Wolfsburg box and almost creates a chance for himself but Hasebe goes down and wins the free kick, somewhat harshly.

77 minBAYERN SUB: That is Mandzukic's last action and he's replaced. Only by Mario Gomez, though, so Wolfsburg's defence can relax now... Not a half bad sub to bring on.

80 minGOAL! Bayern 4-1 Wolfsburg (Mario Gomez)

80 minWolfsburg have just run out of ideas it seems. Diego's free kick from deep goes harmlessly out of play. They keep trying though, as Vieirinha's cross is cut out by Van Buyten, but then it's Bayern at their best. Schweinsteiger threads Shaqiri through and the man of the match plays it unselfishly across to Gomez who taps in.

81 minBOOKING: Schweinsteiger is booked and it's for an unnecessary trip on Diego.

82 minGOAL! Bayern 5-1 Wolfsburg (Mario Gomez)

83 minAnother break from Bayern and this time Schweinsteiger plays Gomez through, who beat the offside trap superbly. He's one-on-one and there's only one outcome - the ball in the bottom corner.

86 minGOAL! Bayern 6-1 Wolfsburg (Mario Gomez)

87 minUnbelievable. That's a hat-trick in about eight minutes! Schweinsteiger again plays him through and it's another calm finish from the striker. This is ridiculous.

89 minWolfsburg just don't know what's hit them this half. Mandzukic played fantastically when he was on but his replacement, Gomez, has bullied them in ridiculous fashion. It's just as well for the visitors that there's only a minute left now.

90 minFULL-TIME! Bayern 6-1 Wolfsburg

9.25pmBarcelona, stop that in a week's time! Bayern are on their way to Berlin next month for the DFB Pokal final and they're done it by hammering Wolfsburg 6-1. What a performance.

9.26pmThat's your lot from me. Thanks for joining me for this scintillating Bayern performance and please do stick around on site for reaction to all tonight's football. Goodbye!

Xherdan Shaqiri
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