Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - second Twenty20 international - as it happened

Live Commentary: New Zealand vs. England - second T20 international - as it happened
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Live text commentary of the second Twenty20 international between New Zealand and England.

England headed into the second Twenty20 international against New Zealand full of confidence following their victory in the first match in Auckland.

However, Stuart Broad's side were met by a defiant batting performance from the hosts as Brendon McCullum top scored with 74 from 38 balls in a total of 192-6.

England's response failed to gain momentum and Jos Buttler's 54 was a rare bright spot in an otherwise disappointing display from the tourists.

The visiting side were eventually dismissed for 137, with James Franklin taking 4-15 for the Black Caps.

Find out how the drama unfolded in Hamilton below.

5.39amGood morning, we're around 20 minutes away from another exciting match of cricket and the first news of the day is that England have won the toss, with Stuart Broad choosing to field first in Hamilton.

5.44amThe good news for England fans is that Eoin Morgan has been passed fit for today's game and takes his place in an unchanged side. New Zealand have responded to the loss in Auckland by bringing in Ian Butler and Grant Elliot to replace Andrew Ellis and Ronnie Hira.

5.47amStuart Broad has just told the host broadcaster in New Zealand: "We think chasing is our best way to win the game. Eoin Morgan is fit to play and is a key player for us, so that's good news. This is another cosy ground but that means it's up to the bowlers to stick to their plans and try and find wickets."

5.49amI'll send out a similar warning to the one I gave ahead of the Auckland match. There will be sixes today! They seem to like their grounds small in New Zealand and both teams will be targeting the stands.

5.55amNew Zealand were expected to cause the tourists some big problems in this format of the game, so the defeat in Auckland may have come as a surprise to many. Brendon McCullum will expect a response from his players, especially in the fielding department where they usually excel.

5.59amWe're moments away from play, it looks like James Tredwell is going to open the bowling for the tourists. Guptill and Rutherford are ready, here we go.

NZ 10-0Guptill is off the mark with a quick single to mid-on and Rutherford quickly follows his partner's lead by scoring a run into the same area. The first six comes from only the fourth ball of the match as Guptill launches the ball straight down the ground. Superb shot and two more singles are then added to make it 10 from the first over.

NZ 20-0Broad has decided that he will open the bowling from the other end. England have started typically well in the field and Morgan restricts Rutherford to just a single with a diving stop at point. A thick edge brings Guptill a run to third man before Rutherford's pull shot allows the New Zealand duo to collect two. A very good over is ruined when a top edge flies over Jos Buttler's head for six runs.

NZ 26-0The Tredwell experiment comes to an end as Finn is thrown the ball by his skipper. Guptill nudges one off his hip to mid-wicket before another Rutherford pull shot drops short of Wright in the deep for a single. Finn replies with a beauty that just beats Guptill's outside edge but the batsman then rocks back to cut the ball for four.

NZ 34-0The New Zealand duo take two singles early in Broad's over. Rutherford attempts another big shot but he's given a lifeline when his sliced effort drops into a gap on the off-side. A thick edge races away for two runs, with Wright fielding well at third man. Three more come from the final three balls, eight from the over.

NZ 47-0Finn is finding some good bounce this morning but it's his pace that helps Rutherford's expansive pull shot fly away for six over fine leg. A thick outside edge from Guptill somehow manages to creep over the head of point before trickling away for four more runs. 13 from Finn's over, great start from the hosts.

NZ 54-0Dernbach is on for his first bowl of the match and he's immediately met with a superb cover drive by Guptill, with four runs being added to the total. The batsman opens the face to pick up a single to third man before Rutherford adds another to square leg. Rutherford is completely beaten by a perfect slower ball later in the over and is lucky to escape without being dismissed. New Zealand add seven more from the final over of the powerplay.

NZ 62-0There's another bowling change as Wright is thrown the ball but his first over begins with a boundary as Guptill once again sends the ball to the rope at extra cover. Three more runs are added in the next four deliveries and Rutherford makes sure he keeps the strike by sneaking a single to mid-off.

NZ 71-0Broad continues to rotate and it's Patel's turn to have a go with the ball. Rutherford struggles to work the ball away early in the over but he relieves some pressure in perfect fashion as he dances down the pitch to launch a huge six over long-on. A single is pushed onto the off-side before Guptill picks up another run with a nudge to mid-wicket. A flick to square leg ensures that Rutherford will once again keep the strike.

NZ 75-0Superb shot from Rutherford as he crunches a cover drive for four runs at the start for Wright's over.

NZ 75-1WICKET! Rutherford (40) c Buttler b Wright

NZ 75-1Brilliant response from Wright as he catches the edge to allow Buttler to take an easy catch. Big breakthrough for England and McCullum is the new batsman.

NZ 76-1Wright delivers a gorgeous delivery that beats McCullum past the inside edge. New Zealand's skipper looks scratchy at the crease but he does pick up a single to fine leg. Great over from the confident Wright.

NZ 84-1McCullum pushes a single to deep square leg early in Finn's new over before Guptill leans back to guide the ball into the air over third man to collect six superb runs. Guptill finds a single on the off-side before McCullum ends the over by flirting with a tempting delivery outside off stump.

NZ 95-1Patel is back but it's great batting from Guptill to find two runs with just a push into the gap on the leg-side. McCullum then charges at the spinner to clear the boundary rope on the leg-side with a huge six. The skipper gets off strike with a push to mid-on and Guptill adds another to deep mid-wicket. McCullum goes for a six in the same are but he can;t make the same contact and is lucky not to be stumped.

NZ 105-1Tredwell is back and is taken for a single before McCullum punishes a short ball with another maximum over mid-wicket to scare the spectators in the hospitality area. Lumb does superbly to prevent a boundary in the deep but New Zealand still run three.

NZ 105-2WICKET! Guptill (47) c Hales b Tredwell

NZ 105-2Guptill wants to clear the boundary over deep square leg but he can only pick out Hales, who takes a good catch. Ross Taylor is the new batsman and he comes out to a great reception before blocking out the over.

NZ 111-2Wright is back into the attack, conceding four runs in as many deliveries. It's a good over from England's all-rounder and he finds a bit of bounce but Taylor gets the ball away well for another single. Six from the over, good work from England.

NZ 124-2Broad brings himself back on for a new spell and is cut away to third man for a single by Taylor. McCullum eyes another six but he completely misses the ball after charging down the pitch. Fine leg is up in the circle and McCullum's pull shot races past Tredwell to give the skipper four runs. A similar shot brings a similar result, with four more coming through square leg for the New Zealand captain. A third boundary comes when McCullum latches onto a full delivery to drive through extra cover.

NZ 124-3WICKET! Taylor (4) c Bairstow b Wright

NZ 124-3The dangerous Taylor goes trying to heave the ball out of Hamilton, proceeding to pick out Bairstow in the deep. Good catch, important wicket for England.

NZ 130-3Buttler is up to the stumps now but that doesn't prevent McCullum picking up a single to third man. Munro is the new batsman and he scratches around for two deliveries before punching the ball to long-on for a single. Wright finds a genuine edge but the ball runs away for four, however, that is still a superb over from England's in-form all-rounder.

NZ 139-3Dernbach starts a new spell with a wide but responds perfectly by beating Munro's outside edge. A leg-bye is collected on the on-side and McCullum then fends off a slower bouncer to find a single. Munro cuts powerfully but an almost certain four is prevented by Hales, who ends up saving two runs at deep point. An outside edge beats Buttler and it's four runs to Munro.

NZ 139-4WICKET! Munro (7) c Bairstow b Dernbach

NZ 139-4Munro wants to hit the last ball out of the ground but he can't beat Bairstow in the deep and England take another wicket. Grant Elliott is the new batsman and New Zealand need plenty more from this position.

NZ 146-4Finn is back for his final over and is immediately taken for two runs to third man by Elliott. The same batsman calls for a quick single but Finn's attempted kick onto the bails is wide of the target. It's Lumb's turn to excel in the field as he dives to keep a McCullum pull shot from reaching the rope. Elliott nudges a single to long-on before McCullum clatters the ball into the stumps, collecting two runs thanks to the deflection.

NZ 154-4Elliott is off strike early in Dernbach's new over and it's clear that New Zealand want their skipper at the important end. A full toss is lofted to Finn at long-on and Bairstow runs round to complete a good piece of fielding. A lower full toss is picked up beautifully by the skipper and he has four straight over the head of the bowler. The umpire quickly changes the ball for an unspecified reason, with his colleague sprinting on with a silver suitcase of goodies.

NZ 154-5WICKET! Elliott (4) b Dernbach

NZ 154-5Amazing scenes in Hamilton! Dernbach's slower ball completely bamboozles Elliott, clipping the top of off stump. The bowler has no idea of the success for a few seconds before realising when Elliott trudges off.

NZ 176-5McCullum begins Broad's new over by pulling a single to deep mid-wicket. Franklin is the new batsman and he's off the mark with a push through the off-side. Predictably, the bouncer comes from Broad but McCullum reacts superbly to pull the ball for six, reaching his half-century in the process. The next delivery goes even further and McCullum is close to sending the ball out of the ground with that maximum. Broad goes fuller but that can't stop the skipper finding two runs to long-on. McCullum goes back in his crease, lofting the ball over extra cover for the third six of the over! Superb over at a vital time for the hosts.

NZ 188-5Dernbach will bowl the final over and his first ball is nudged to mid-off by Franklin for a single. McCullum adds another run straight down the ground. A slower ball beats Franklin but his skipper calls for a successful single to frustrate England. McCullum crunches a drive over cover to reach the boundary rope again before Buttler gifts four byes to the hosts with a mistake behind the stumps.

NZ 188-6WICKET! McCullum (74) c Lumb b Dernbach

NZ 188-6McCullum eyes another maximum but he slices the ball into the sky, with Lumb taking a simple catch. Superb innings from the New Zealand skipper and he's given his side a big chance in this match.

NZ 192-6Franklin does brilliantly to pick the gap at backward point, collecting four runs from the final ball of the innings. It's a very competitive total for the hosts.

7.33amEngland will back themselves to reach that total but I think Broad will be disappointed with the final few overs. The tourists had responded magnificently during the middle overs following New Zealand's good start but some poor bowling alongside McCullum's brilliance means we have a real game on now.

7.37amWe shouldn't be surprised by McCullum's class but he has been struggling lately. New Zealand won't mind now and that was definitely one of the better T20 innings you will see.

ENG 0-0The players have had their quick break and are back out on the field. You feel that Lumb and Hales need to start well to give England a good chance of victory.

ENG 5-0Boult will open the bowling for the hosts and he follows up a dot ball with a wide. Lumb is off the mark with a lofted shot over mid-wicket for two runs. The same batsman is almost tempted into a false shot outside off stump but he quickly pulls his bat away. A thick inside edge brings Lumb another run before Hales starts his scoring with a single on the leg-side. Impressive first over from Boult.

ENG 9-0McClenaghan's second ball is beautifully driven to the extra cover boundary for four by Hales.

ENG 9-1WICKET! Hales (5) b McClenaghan

ENG 9-1What a response from McClenaghan! He beats the defence of Hales to hit the top of off stump and make the crucial breakthrough.

ENG 9-2WICKET! Wright (0) c Guptill b McClenaghan

ENG 9-2Two wickets in two balls for New Zealand! Wright is slightly off balance and edges the ball to Guptill at gully, giving McClenaghan his second wicket. Can he get the hat-trick?

ENG 9-2Bairstow comes in at four for England and he leaves his first ball to avoid becoming the third victim in the over. Brilliant over from McClenaghan.

ENG 18-2Lumb has a wild swing at a wider delivery but there's no edge, thankfully for England. There's another swing and a miss from the opener and the tourists look like they're worried by the extra movement being found by the New Zealand bowlers. An inside edge allows Lumb to hurry a single to square leg before Bairstow crunches two textbook cover drives through the gap for eight runs at the end of the over.

ENG 23-2Lumb begins McClenaghan's new over by lofting the ball over mid-off to reach the boundary rope in superb style. A big appeal for lbw comes when Lumb shuffles across his crease but the umpire shakes his head and England's opener may have got a little lucky there. It's another very good over, with just five runs being scored.

ENG 24-2Ian Butler is on to start his first spell of the innings and is immediately taken for a single by Lumb.

ENG 24-3WICKET! Bairstow (8) c McClenaghan b Butler

ENG 24-3Butler fires in a sharp bouncer and Bairstow can only pull the ball into the waiting hands of McClenaghan, who is in the circle at fine leg. England in real trouble now.

ENG 25-3Superb start from Butler, with just two runs and a wicket from his first over. 193 looks a long way off for England.

ENG 31-3Lumb has a big swing early in McClenaghan's over and it slices away for four at third man. A thick edge flies in the air through square leg, resulting in a single for Lumb. Morgan takes a couple of steps down the pitch before nudging the ball to mid-on for one but it's another good over to end the powerplay for New Zealand.

ENG 35-3Morgan cuts hard at Butler's first ball and a thick edge races away quickly to the rope for four runs. We're being treated to some very impressive seam bowling by New Zealand. Morgan is pinned to the crease after that early boundary and it's just the four from the over.

ENG 41-3McCullum choose to bring on spin, with his older brother Nathan coming on for a bowl. Lumb takes an early single before Morgan is completely beaten by a superb delivery, the skipper can't whip the bails off and the left-hander piles on the misery by cutting the next ball for four. Six runs from the over.

ENG 43-3Butler continues in impressive style, beginning a new over with four dot balls. However, his smile has gone when Rutherford drops the easiest of catches at deep mid-wicket off Morgan. Two singles are scored from the final two deliveries and England a really struggling.

ENG 43-4WICKET! Lumb (17) b McCullum

ENG 43-4Lumb takes a couple of steps down the crease but he can't get bat on ball and he is bowled after a deflection off his thigh pad. New Zealand have their fourth wicket, Buttler is the new batsman but this game already looks finished.

ENG 47-4Buttler is off the mark with a push to long-on and Morgan adds another to mid-on. Good running from the batting duo to pick up a single to short third man. Four runs and a wicket from the over, England need 140 from 60 balls.

ENG 47-5WICKET! Morgan (13) c Munro b Butler

ENG 47-5Morgan has to go for the maximums but he slices the ball high into the sky, with Munro making up the ground to take the catch in the deep. Superb cricket from the hosts.

ENG 50-5A top edge from Buttler produces a single to fine leg and that brings Patel on strike. The new batsman gets an inside edge on his first delivery, sneaking a single on the leg-side. A big lbw appeal follows but the umpire shakes his head to leave Butler in disbelief. Three from the over and Butler ends with figures of 2-8 from his four overs.

ENG 60-5McClenaghan is back for a new spell and Buttler takes a single early in the over. Patel blocks two balls before pulling through the vacant mid-wicket area for four runs. Another pull shot brings the batsman a single before Buttler lofts a full delivery straight down the ground for the second four in the over.

ENG 62-5Franklin is on for a bowl now, with eight overs of the match remaining. Patel prods a single before Buttler nudges one to long-on.

ENG 62-6WICKET! Patel (6) run out Boult

ENG 62-6Awful cricket from Patel. A lofted shot drops short of Boult at mid-off and the fielder hits the stumps, with Patel not even close to making up his ground. Broad is in next for England and he takes a single to keep the strike.

ENG 79-6The older of the two brothers is back on for a new spell but McCullum starts with a wide before being heaved over mid-wicket for four runs. The same batsman gives himself a bit of room at the crease, smashing the ball over the covers for four more runs. A couple of hurried singles are taken midway through the over and Buttler finds his third boundary with a vintage straight drive.

ENG 80-6Franklin begins a new over with a sharp bouncer that Buttler can't get near. A slower ball is then somehow nudged away for a single by the Somerset ace.

ENG 80-7WICKET! Broad (1) c Guptill b Franklin

ENG 81-7The fireworks can only mean one thing, New Zealand have another wicket. Broad lofts the ball into the air and Guptill takes a simple catch at cover. England will want to be back in their hotel now. Tredwell is the new batsman but he's not on strike and it's Buttler ends the over with a single.

ENG 101-7It's Elliott's turn for a bowl but he's immediately paddled over fine leg for four runs by Buttler. The same batsman then heaves a wider ball over mid-wicket for another four before crunching a single to the fielder at long-off. Tredwell is off the mark with a push to cover, allowing Buttler to once again free his arms to earn four straight down the ground. England's wicketkeeper is having his own fun now and completes an impressive over by smashing a huge six into the top tier of the grandstand.

ENG 115-7Boult is on for a new spell, conceding a single to Tredwell at the start of the over. Buttler continues his personal crusade, scooping the ball over fine leg for four runs before reaching his fifty with a powerful leg-side drive for a boundary. Boult is inches away from a perfect yorker but that's enough off target to allow Tredwell to drive to the rope at cover.

ENG 115-8WICKET! Buttler (54) c Taylor b Franklin

ENG 115-8Buttler's brilliant innings comes to an end when he pushes the ball in the air, with Taylor taking the catch at cover.

ENG 124-8Finn is off the mark immediately with a single and Tredwell decides it's time for some defiance of his own as he launches a giant six over mid-wicket. He then slices the ball to third man for a single before Finn gets himself in a mess trying to play at a slower delivery. Finn will keep the strike thanks to a single to deep point. Two overs left in the match.

ENG 136-8Finn drills the ball straight back at Boult, who does well to avoid injury there. Tredwell rocks back to cut the ball over point for four runs and Boult reacts by sending down a clear wide. The batting duo share two singles and Tredwell then latches onto a full toss to pick up four runs over mid-off. It's 12 from the over.

ENG 137-8Franklin begins the final over by allowing Finn a single straight down the ground.

ENG 137-9WICKET! Tredwell (22) b Franklin

ENG 137-9Tredwell's entertaining cameo comes to an end when he heaves across the line, with the ball crashing into middle stump.

ENG 137WICKET! Dernbach (0) c Butler b Franklin

9.08amNew Zealand win by 55 runs: Dernbach lofts his first ball towards cover and Butler takes a superb catch to confirm a comfortable victory for the hosts.

9.09amSuperb performance from New Zealand. They were under a lot of pressure following the defeat in Auckland bu they have completely dominated England to level the series with one match remaining.

9.14amBrednon McCullum's innings set the tone but New Zealand's bowlers have shone in Hamilton. The series will be decided in Wellington on Friday and it will be fascinating to see how England respond to this demoralising defeat. Make sure you join Sports Mole for the conclusion to this intriguing T20 series. Thanks for joining me today, goodbye.

Stuart Broad
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