Live Commentary: India vs. England - Third one-day international - as it happened

Live Commentary: India vs. England - Third ODI - as it happened
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Sports Mole provides live text coverage of the third one-day international between India and England.

India entered the third one-day international against England full of confidence following a comfortable victory in Kochi on Wednesday.

England batted first in Ranchi but struggled throughout their innings and were eventually dismissed for 155, with Joe Root's 39 being the top score for the tourists.

India made light work of the run chase, with Virat Kohli (75*) stealing the show for the hosts.

However, it was left to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni to hit the winning runs in front of his home crowd in the 29th over to give his side a 2-1 series lead.

Read below to see how the drama unfolded.

12.28pmKohli has played superbly today but England's batting will steal the headlines. India take the lead in the series but be sure to join Sports Mole for the fourth ODI in Mohali on Wednesday. Goodbye everyone.

12.25pmThe inquest into this defeat will begin for England. India have completely outplayed the tourists in the last two matches and now lead the series 2-1.

IND 157-3Dhoni pulls the ball to the boundary rope to send the home supporters crazy and confirm victory for India. Superb display from the hosts and this is a very comfortable win for Dhoni's men.

IND 157-3India win by seven wickets!

IND 153-3Credit goes to Tredwell here. India need four runs to win but he doesn't offer Dhoni any room on the crease and only a single is scored. The wait goes on but I'm guessing not for long.

IND 152-3Finn is back for new spell. Kohli adds two more to his tally with a nudge off his pads. Root does superbly at fine leg to prevent a boundary following a Kohli pull shot but that does bring Dhoni on strike. The Indian skipper hammers the ball straight but it deflects off the stumps running away for four past mid-off. A mistimed pull shot earns the skipper one more run and he'll keep the strike.

IND 144-3Dhoni defends the rest of the over but the end is not far away. India need just 12 runs for victory.

IND 144-3Tredwell gets his second wicket by beating Yuvraj's defence but you get the feeling that India's fans aren't too disappointed. That's right, it's Dhoni who makes his way out to the crease to a huge reception.

IND 144-3Wicket! Yuvrah (30) b Tredwell

IND 144-2Kohli is happy to take a single from Tredwell at the start of a new over.

IND 143-2It's turning into a bit of a batting masterclass now as Kohli plays a textbook cover drive to pick up four more runs from Dernbach. A cut shot brings Yuvraj on strike and he picks the slower ball to find the rope at extra cover. The short ball doesn't work for Dernbach either as Yuvraj pulls for four more.

IND 129-2Tredwell continues but he can't keep Kohli on strike early on. Yuvraj nudges the ball down the ground for another single before Kohli skips down the pitch to launch another six, this time over mid-wicket.

IND 120-2The expensive Dernbach is back for a new spell and he's taken for a single immediately by Kohli. Yuvraj mistimes a shot slightly but his bat is good enough to earn him four runs through mid-wicket. India's left-hander shows his classic later in the over with a beautiful cover drive for four runs. India require 36 to win.

IND 109-2Kohli wants to entertain the fans now as he dances down the pitch to smash a straight six over Tredwell's head. A single gives the strike to Yuvraj but he can only pick up one run with an unorthodox sweep shot. Nine from the over.

IND 100-2Fifty for Kohli as he clips the ball through the leg-side for two runs. A wide and a single follows to bring Yuvraj on strike and he launches the ball over mid-wicket for four. Ten from the over and the 100 is up for India.

IND 90-2Yuvraj is off the mark with a whip through mid-wicket for four runs and there's seven in total from the over. Too easy for India.

IND 83-2Bresnan fires in a short delivery midway through the over but Kohli gets on top of the bounce to pull the ball through mid-wicket for four. A single brings Yuvraj on strike but the new batsman remains on zero.

IND 78-2Yuvraj is the new batsman and he blocks out Tredwell's final few deliveries. The spinner is quickly turning into Mr Dependable.

IND 78-2England make a breakthrough but it's probably too late for a fightback. Gambhir attempts to smash Tredwell out the ground but he doesn't find the middle of the bat and Root takes a good catch at mid-on.

IND 78-2Wicket! Gambhir (33) c Root b Tredwell

IND 78-1Bresnan switches ends to replace Finn but it's more misery for England as Gambhir picks the gap past point to collect four runs. A short ball follows but Gambhir pulls powerfully to Root in the deep for a single. Kohli is more than happy to block out the remainder of the over and it feels like a net session at the moment.

IND 73-1It's time for the players to have a drink.

IND 73-1Tredwell is introduced into the attack for the first time today but Gambhir uses his feet well to get off strike. Kohli rocks back to earn two more runs past point. Decent start from England's spinner.

IND 70-1It's not spin as Finn comes back for a new over only to witness Kohli glove the ball to the boundary rope. The same batsman pushes the ball wide of point to collect two runs before nudging a single through the leg-side. A mistimed pull from Gambhir allows India to run three more, leaving Finn staring at his feet furiously.

IND 60-1Bresnan toils away for another six balls without reward but he remains accurate. Maiden over and it could be time for Tredwell.

IND 60-1Finn continues his spell but he seems to have lost the threat he carried in the early overs. Gambhir nudges the ball away for a couple before pushing the ball wide of slip to steal the strike at the end of the over.

IND 57-1Much better from Bresnan as he keeps Kohli trapped on the crease throughout the over. It's a maiden but India need just 99 more runs for victory.

IND 57-1Classic on-drive from Kohli as he latches onto a full delivery to reach the rope again. Kohli attempts to get out of the firing line when Finn delivers a sharp bouncer but the ball catches the edge, giving India four more runs. Finn looks frustrated and captain Cook is left with much to ponder. Nine runs scored in the over.

IND 48-1Kohli hangs his bat outside off stump to Bresnan and earns a single to third man. Gambhir flicks a full delivery off his toes to collect two through square leg. That's the end of the powerplay and India will be very happy with their work so far.

IND 45-1Finn is too wide to Gambhir and despite catching the top edge, it's another boundary for India. England's quickest bowler persists with a similar line but this pair are enjoying life at the moment. Pietersen takes a catch at gully but the loud appeals don't hide the fact that there was no edge.

IND 41-1Kohli leans on a full ball from Bresnan, who has just replaced Dernbach. The ball keeps Morgan interested in the field but four runs is the end result. England can't stem the flow of singles though and it's eight from the over.

IND 33-1The Indian duo trade singles early in Finn's over but there's not too much else on offer. Kieswetter's hopeful appeal for caught behind is quickly rejected and Finn walks away disappointed.

IND 31-1Kohli has a big swing at one outside off stump and a top edge is enough to earn the batsman four runs over the head of Kieswetter. A perfectly timed pull shot follows before a clip through mid-wicket makes it three boundaries from the over.

IND 19-1Good bowling from Finn and he looks really fired up today. Kohli gets on top of the bounce to take a single to square leg before a loose delivery allows Gambhir to push the ball through the leg-side for four runs.

IND 14-1Dernbach begins his new over with a wide ball after new arrival Kohli had survived Finn's final ball. Gambhir takes a single midway through the over but a nudge to mid-wicket ensures that Kohli will keep the strike.

IND 11-1Superb delivery from Finn! The Middlesex pace bowler gets one to nip back, beating Rahane's defence and sending the off stump flying out of the ground. England have a breakthrough but they'll need plenty more.

IND 11-1Wicket! Rahane (0) b Finn

IND 11-0Gambhir dances down the track at the start of Finn's over but he gets nowhere near the ball with a wild swing. Another wide ball is then delivered before Gambhir opens the face to earn a single to third man.

IND 9-0Dernbach takes the ball from the other end and he's finding some movement outside off stump. A wider ball offers Gambhir some freedom and he takes advantage by cutting the ball powerfully to the boundary rope. Dernbach does respond well and beats the outside edge with a shorter ball. Five runs from the over.

IND 4-0Finn starts with a wide but a fuller delivery finds Gambhir's leading edge. The ball drops short of Pietersen on the leg-side and a mistake allows the batsmen to sneak two runs. One more single follows, four from the first over.

IND 0-0Rahane and Gambhir look ready to begin the innings. Finn will bowl the first over for England.

10.15amThe Indian innings is just a few minutes away now. Of course, the hosts are overwhelming favourites but a couple of early wickets could make the game interesting.

10.11amDhoni's return to Ranchi couldn't have gone better this morning. Maybe he will score the winning runs? England need wickets first.

10.06amEngland will need quick wickets to give themselves any hope but a good start from India could see the match won very quickly.

10.02amWelcome back everyone. England fans, have you taken that disastrous innings in yet? India applied themselves well this morning but England will be distraught with their batting display.

9.44amWe'll take a quick break between innings to let you catch your breath following that brilliant start for India.

9.40amToo much respect was given to Jadeja by England's batsmen. His wickets were similar to those he took in the second match and England must quickly find a way to deal with him. Something spectacular is needed by the tourists if they are to record an improbable victory.

ENG 155Dhoni will be thrilled with how things have gone in his hometown. England's innings never really started and quite simply, they have not scored enough runs. Root top scores with 39 and India will be very confident of taking a series lead in Ranchi.

ENG 155England don't seem to be getting it, Jadeja does not spin the ball. Dernbach completely misses a straight one and that's the end of the innings.

ENG 155Wicket! Dernbach (0) b Jadeja

ENG 155-9Dernbach is the new batsman but the end looks near for England. Jadeja begins with a nice length to Dernbach, who is forced to reach for the ball.

ENG 155-9Finn decides it's time to increase the tempo but he doesn't get enough on a heave onto the leg-side, allowing Yuvraj to take a simple catch. No blame place on Finn, the damage was done much earlier.

ENG 155-9Wicket! Finn (3) c Yuvraj b Raina

ENG 155-8Dhoni makes another bowling change as Raina comes into the attack. Tredwell is immediately off strike with a nudge through cover.

ENG 154-8Finn pushes the ball into a gap for a single at the start of Jadeja's over. Tredwell hits the ball powerfully down the ground but picks out the fielder meaning it's just a single. Jadeja thinks he has Finn lbw but the ball would have missed leg stump.

ENG 152-8Big swing from Tredwell at the start of a new over but the ball is too wide for him to make contact with the slog-sweep. An inside edge from the same batsman brings a single before a mix-up leaves Finn struggling. Raina's throw is poor though and England survive.

ENG 150-8Sharma's attempted bouncer results in a wide before a fresh short ball brings the same signal from the umpire. It's poor from the seamer as he should be bowling full deliveries at these two. A leg-bye completes the scoring for the over.

ENG 147-8Finn is the new batsman and he's off the mark with a prod to long-on for a single. Sharma fumbles the ball at mid-wicket, allowing Tredwell to move off zero. Two runs and a wicket from the over.

ENG 145-8Ashwind finds some big turn outside off stump and the delivery is too good for Bresnan who looks defeated at his broken stumps. The end of this innings is coming very quickly.

ENG 145-8Wicket! Bresnan (25) b Ashwin

ENG 145-7Sharma pushes the ball wide of off stump and Root decides to play the drive, proceeding to edge the ball towards a diving Dhoni's grateful hands. Brilliant from the Indian captain and that's the wicket they wanted.

ENG 145-7Wicket! Root (39) c Dhoni b Sharma

ENG 145-6Sharma is back into the attack for India as the hosts look to break this partnership. Despite being rejected for a single early in the over, Root then finds the gap at point to pick up two runs before repeating the shot to add four more.

ENG 139-6England have taken the batting powerplay. Root hands the strike to Bresnan, who rocks back to cut the ball through a big vacant area on the off-side to find the boundary rope again. The batsmen trade singles towards the end of the over. Better from England but they need a lot more runs.

ENG 132-6Jadeja returns and Root immediately drops to one knee to sweep the ball for a single. A thick edge from Bresnan frustrates Jadeja as he watches the ball race away to the boundary rope on the off-side.

ENG 127-6Bresnan is applying himself well so far and gets off strike at the start of Ashwin's over with a clip to fine leg. Root connects superbly with a sweep shot but Kohli does well to restrict the batsman to a single. Four singles scored in the over.

ENG 123-6It's time for the players to take a drinks break.

ENG 123-6Bresnan drives to deep cover for a single but England are struggling to find the boundary at the moment. Ahmed varies his length well in the over and Root has to react quickly to dodge a well directed short ball.

ENG 122-6Ashwin continues and his full deliveries have Root sweeping but the Yorkshire youngster can't time the shot well enough. A push to long-off brings the same batsman a single before Bresnan prods the ball to long-on to keep the strike.

ENG 120-6Ahmed is back into the attack for India and this could be a good move. Bresnan opens his shoulders to play an expansive drive but he edges the ball to third man for a single before a short ball allows Root to pull to mid-wicket for another run. Good response from Ahmed as he goes slightly fuller to Bresnan and it's just two from the over.

ENG 118-6Root moves to 26 with a cut shot to deep point for a single before some big turn allows Bresnan to work the ball to fine leg for two more. A push to mid-wicket brings another run and this is a quiet spell in the game. Good news for England.

ENG 114-6Bresnan finds single early in Jadeja's over to bring Root on strike but the former is back at the danger end when Root nudges the ball onto the leg-side. Two from the over for England.

ENG 112-6Root is keeping the run-rate at a respectable level as he clips two to square leg before nudging a single off his pads. Bresnan rocks back to punch the ball through mid-wicket, earning England two more runs. Root scurries through to collect another run and it's much better from England.

ENG 106-6Root looks very comfortable at the crease considering the situation and he nudges a single to long-on. Jadeja looks dangerous but Bresnan is off the mark when a thick edge races to the third man boundary.

ENG 101-6Ashwin begins a new over and Root pushes the ball through the covers to bring up three figures for England with two runs. A sweep shot follows but it's just a single and that brings Bresnan on strike. Bresnan defends and it's three from the over.

ENG 98-6Well, apparently it doesn't matter whether Jadeja spins the ball. Patel plays around another straight delivery and he's out lbw. Jadeja is ecstatic, two wickets on his return to the attack.

ENG 98-6Wicket! Patel (0) lbw b Jadeja

ENG 98-5Patel walks out to the middle and he will be feeling the pressure. In truth, Jadeja isn't really turning the ball.

ENG 98-5It's just getting better for India. Kieswetter misses a straight one from Jadeja and the ball crashes into the stumps. England fans, look away now.

ENG 98-5Wicket! Kieswetter (0) b Jadeja

ENG 98-4Jadeja returns to the attack and Root is immediately off strike with a nudge to mid-on.

ENG 97-4Kieswetter is the new batsman for England and he's happy to block out the over. India are on top and England are in big trouble now.

ENG 97-4England's batsmen trade singles early in the over but Morgan is dismissed when he attempts to reverse sweep a shorter ball from Ashwin, looping the ball straight to Yuvraj at short fine leg.

ENG 97-4Wicket! Morgan (10) c Yuvraj b Ashwin

ENG 95-3England are beginning to look more comfortable now but there's still a long way to go in this innings and one of these players must post a big score.

ENG 95-3Ahmed is back for a new spell and it's a good start to the over. Morgan rushes a single before Root walks down the pitch to drive the ball past mid-off for another boundary.

ENG 90-3Spin is back into the attack as Ashwin comes on for his first bowl of the day. The first delivery holds its line and creeps past Root's outside edge before a wayward ball gifts England a wide. Too full from Ashwin and Root smashes the ball through mid-wicket for four runs. Root almost falls over at the crease and Dhoni whips the bails off. The third umpire will have a look...Root is safe and it's five from the over.

ENG 85-3Morgan mistimes a couple of drives outside off stump and almost edges one behind early in the over. A short ball is poor from Sharma and the umpire signals a wide. The extra is the only blemish to another good over for India.

ENG 84-3Too wide from Kumar and the umpire agrees, stretching both arms to signal an extra. A thick edge from Morgan brings a single before Root crunches a cover drive straight to the fielder in the deep. Morgan edges a ball to square leg for another and it's four from the over. Kumar finishes his spell of 10 overs.

ENG 80-3The England duo trade singles at the start of the over before Morgan shows superb balance to drive the ball through the covers for four gorgeous runs. A short ball follows but Morgan does enough to pick up a single and keep the strike.

ENG 73-3Kumar tempts Root into a false shot outside off stump but there's no edge this time. Much better from the new batsman later in the over as he takes advantage of some width to cut the ball to the boundary rope.

ENG 69-3Sharma continues and he has Root shuffling around on the crease. A single is taken behind point. Morgan is happy to defend and he knows that England must rebuild.

ENG 68-3Kumar finishes his over and it's a wicket maiden. England are in desperate need of a partnership.

ENG 68-3Disaster for England as Bell departs. Kumar gets one to hold its line and Bell edges an attempted cut shot into the hands of Dhoni, who does very well to hold on. Morgan in next for the tourists.

ENG 68-3Wicket! Bell (25) c Dhoni b Kumar

ENG 68-2Joe Root is the new batsman and he has a big role to play following the dismissal of Pietersen.

ENG 68-2Pietersen is on his way but he is absolutely furious. Sharma finds some extra bounce but the ball only brushes the batsman's pocket on its way into Dhoni's hand. The finger is raised and Pietersen can't believe he's been given out. Shocking decision.

ENG 68-2Wicket! Pietersen (17) c Dhoni b Sharma

ENG 68-1Sharma changes ends and it's a much better start from the giant seamer. Pietersen finds the gap on the off-side to collect two runs.

ENG 66-1Spin is introduced for the first time today as Jadeja comes into the attack. Bell punches the ball down the ground for a single and Pietersen rotates the strike with a flick to short fine leg. Two more runs follow and it's a decent start from Jadeja.

ENG 62-1Bell takes a single at the beginning of Kumar's new over before a wider delivery deflects off Pietersen's pads and races away to the fine leg boundary. Yuvraj does well at mid-on but he can't stop Pietersen from picking up a single. Bell will keep the strike after guiding the ball to third man for another run.

ENG 55-1First bowling change of the day as Ishant Sharma comes on for a bowl. Bell takes a single from the first ball off his pads before Sharma's hopeful appeals for lbw are quickly rejected. Three singles come from as many deliveries in the first half of the over before Pietersen finds the rope for the first time with a brilliant straight drive. A nudge through mid-wicket finds the gap and it's four more runs to Pietersen. Much better cricket from England.

ENG 44-1Pietersen continues his good start with a nudge to square leg for a single before Bell mistimes his shot after advancing down the pitch. Four to Bell as he takes a advantage of a half volley to drive to the extra cover boundary rope. A top edge brings England's opener four more before a single ends a good over for the tourists.

ENG 34-1Ahmed's first delivery to Pietersen is a short ball but it's too wide to cause the new batsman any trouble. Another short delivery follows but Pietersen looks comfortable as he waits for a full ball to pick up two runs to fine leg. A single brings Bell on strike and his powerful cover drive is parried, allowing the opener to collect two runs.

ENG 29-1Brilliant from Bell as he rocks onto the back foot to find the boundary for the first time behind point. Kumar strays down leg-side and it's a wide ball once again. Bell has a wild swing outside off-stump and that is not what England fans will want to see at the moment.

ENG 24-1Big wicket for India! Cook walks across his stumps in an attempt to whip the ball through the leg-side but he doesn't make contact and he's gone. Good decision from Steve Davis and it's time for Kevin Pietersen to come to the crease.

ENG 24-1Wicket! Cook (17) lbw b Ahmed

ENG 24-0Bell once again advances down the pitch but he can't work the ball into the gap and he looks under pressure. A short ball follows but it's a poor one from Ahmed and a wide is given. Bell chips the ball onto the leg-side to pick up two runs before a hurried single brings Cook on strike.

ENG 20-0Superb shot from Cook as he smashes a drive past the outstretched hand of Yuvraj at mid-off to collect four runs. An inside edge brings the England skipper two more before a brilliant piece of fielding from Raina at point stems the flow briefly.

ENG 14-0Dhoni appeals for caught behind midway through the over but the ball appears to have clipped Bell's thigh and the umpire signals a wide. Bell looks eager to use his feet but he's struggling to find the middle of the bat this morning. Great start from India.

ENG 13-0Kumar is punished when he pushes the ball too wide to allow Cook some room to cut the ball superbly through the off-side for four runs. Yuvraj does well at mid-off to restrict England's captain to a single from the next ball. A thick outside edge ensures that Bell does get off the mark and it's six from the over.

ENG 7-0This pitch is certainly quicker than a more traditional Indian track and it looks to be suiting the home team's bowlers. Cook is also comfortable with the extra pace but the skipper can only take a single from the final ball of the over.

ENG 6-0Kumar is slightly wider to Bell but England's opener refuses to play a false shot outside off stump. Once again, it's good from Kumar and Bell is happy to play out a maiden.

ENG 6-0Ahmed takes the new ball from the other end and Cook takes advantage of a full delivery to pick up four runs through mid-wicket with a sweetly timed shot. The bowler responds well but Cook's defence looks in great shape.

ENG 2-0Kumar finds a bit of swing immediately and that's a good sign for the hosts. Cook flicks one off leg stump to pick up a single before a beautiful delivery beats Bell's outside edge. A wide ball spoils a good over, with just two runs being scored.

6.30amCook and Bell are making their way out to the middle and India look ready to begin. Kumar will bowl the first over of the match.

6.28amNot many people seem eager to predict what will be a good score today but it looked a good pitch at the toss and Cook will be eyeing 280+ to really test Dhoni's men.

6.24amThis is what Dhoni had to say about the HEC International Cricket Stadium Complex: "It's a special feeling. Of the 40,000 people in the stadium I've played with about 15,000 of them at tennis ball cricket in different places in Ranchi. I had an interaction with the local president and he always wanted to build a world-class stadium, a lot of credit goes to him. A good response from the crowd means it is a special venue. It was a complete performance in Kochi, we need to keep moving forward."

6.22amIn truth, England were poor in Kochi and were deservedly beaten. They'll know that the dew will become a factor when they bowl later on but this is a good pitch and they will be hopeful of posting a big total.

6.20amWhat a match we have in store today between these two sides. Dhoni will be delighted to have won the toss and he'll be desperate to record a victory inside this brand new stadium in his hometown.

6.18amEngland: Alastair Cook(c), Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Joseph Root, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter(w), Samit Patel, Tim Bresnan, James Tredwell, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach

6.17amIndia: Ajinkya Rahane, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Shami Ahmed, Ishant Sharma

6.15amTeam news: MS Dhoni has made no changes to the side that performed so impressively in Kochi while Tim Bresnan returns to the England team to replace Chris Woakes.

6.13amGood morning everyone. I can start this coverage by confirming that India have won the toss and will field first in Ranchi.

Steve Finn
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