Live Commentary: England vs. Australia - as it happened

Relive Sports Mole's coverage of the second ODI between England and Australia at Old Trafford.

England and Australia met in the second One-Day International at Old Trafford on Sunday with the series level following the abandoned contest at Headingley.

Eoin Morgan surprised many by asking Australia to bat first and the tourists made the stand-in skipper suffer as Michael Clarke helped his side to 315-7 by scoring an impressive 105.

Despite contributions from Morgan (54), Kevin Pietersen (60) and Jos Buttler (75), Australia took regular wickets to stall England's progress before eventually dismissing the hosts for 227 in the 45th over.

Read below to find out how Australia recorded an 88-run victory.

10.00amGood morning. The rain at Headingley is a distant memory and the second ODI between England and Australia will begin in glorious sunshine at Old Trafford. Follow live updates throughout the day here.

10.01amENGLAND WIN TOSS AND FIELD FIRST: Eoin Morgan surprises a few people by confirming that his side will bowl first. Australian skipper Michael Clarke suggests that he's more than happy to have a bat. The match will get underway at 10.15am. Team news to follow shortly.

10.03amENGLAND: Carberry, Pietersen, Trott, Root, Morgan, Bopara, Buttler, Stokes, Tredwell, Finn, Rankin

AUSTRALIA: Finch, Marsh, Watson, Clarke, Bailey, Voges, Wade, Faulkner, Johnson, McKay, Ahmed

10.04amToday will be the first time England fans get to witness Kevin Pietersen and Michael Carberry open the batting together. That's a partnership which will certainly excite the crowd.

10.06amAfter the disappointment at Headingley this series is now a four-match contest. Australia have plenty of firepower in that batting lineup and they'll be confident. England will be relying on Steven Finn, Boyd Rankin and Ben Stokes in the seam department. James Tredwell, as usual, will be a big threat.

10.09amEveryone is preparing to head out to the middle. The match will begin after the usual pleasantries are exchanged in the middle. A lot could depend on Australia's use of the powerplays.

10.12amAaron Finch opens the batting with Shaun Marsh. Both players struck centuries in the recent win over Scotland but this will be a different challenge. England cannot afford to allow these two to settle.

10.14amEverything is in place and the ground is filling up nicely. Finn opens the bowling for the hosts. Play!

AUS 0-0Finn immediately settles on a good length to Marsh, who has two fielders in the slips for company.


AUS 0-1Great start for Finn and England. Marsh is dragged into playing at a very full delivery and he can only edge the ball to a waiting Buttler. Australia under pressure immediately, Shane Watson in next.

AUS 0-1DECISION OVERTURNED: England think they have their second wicket when Watson is given out lbw first ball. Watson isn't so sure and he uses Australia's one review. It's a very difficult call for the third umpire but he decides that Watson did get an inside edge on the ball before it hit his pad. The batsman survives. Excellent wicket maiden from Finn.

AUS 2-1Rankin begins the second over of the match by being guided through third-man by Rankin for a single. Watson is forced into an uncomfortable position when Rankin finds some extra bounce. A wild swing outside off-stump brings a few gasps from the fielders behind the stumps. Watson follows Finch by scoring his first run through third-man. Good start from Rankin.

AUS 5-1Watson is still getting used to this slow pitch as he mistimes a drive. An open faced shot earns the batsman a single. Finn is bowling with great rhythm in the early stages of this match. A straighter delivery is nudged off the pads and Finch collects two to fine-leg.

AUS 10-1Watson fights the urge to flirt with a delivery when Rankin fires in a shorter one outside off-stump. A similar length delivery is much straighter and Watson takes advantage to pull four through mid-wicket. The same batsman nudges a quick single into the off-side. Just 10 runs from Australia's first four overs. Watson 7* Finch 3*

AUS 16-1Watson attempts a very risky shot close to his off-stump and he's fortunate not to edge the ball onto his own stumps. Finn goes slightly wider to invite a loose drive. Watson readjusts and makes contact with the next ball to drive four runs straight past the bowler. A push past point brings two more. Watson takes another big risk as he plays and misses once again later in the over.

AUS 22-1Carberry fumbles the ball on the leg-side to allow Finch to sneak a single. Watson continues to thrill and frustrate in equal measure as he drives without making contact with the ball once again. Rankin ruins a good start to the over by dropping his length to encourage Watson to pull four runs. One more single makes it six from the over. Watson 18* Finch 4*

AUS 26-1Finn is eager to target Watson's pads after coming so close to removing the batsman in the first over. There's no freedom for Watson to dominate the bowler early in the over. Shot! Watson chips the ball over mid-on to pick up four. Good response from Finn to force Watson into ducking a fierce bouncer.

AUS 31-1Finch, facing only his 10th ball, skies the ball as he looks to attack Rankin and he's lucky to see the ball drop safely at third-man. Close! Rankin finds the outside edge but, fortunately for Watson, the ball drops well short of Buttler. Watson cashes in when the bowler delivers a half-volley, with the ball being quickly sent to the rope on the off-side.

AUS 43-1Pietersen does his best to prevent Finch from reaching the rope at wide long-on but a quick replay proves that the fielder made contact with the boundary while holding the ball. Shot! Finch hammers a brutal pull shot through square-leg for four to bring back memories of that incredible T20 innings. A chipped shot into the leg-side brings two more. Finch pushes a couple through extra cover off the final ball to make it 12 from the over. Finch 17* Watson 26*

AUS 43-1First change of the morning as Stokes replaces Rankin. Will Watson attack the Durham all-rounder?

AUS 49-1Two dot balls are followed by a juicy full-toss, which Watson drills through the covers for four. Stokes is almost hit for four more but Morgan fields brilliantly at mid-off to restrict Watson to a single. Finch slices a wider one to third-man for another run. Far too wide from Stokes in his first over. Good recovery in the powerplay following that early blow for Australia.

AUS 51-1It's a double change as Ravi Bopara comes into the attack to begin a new spell. Finch pushes a single into the off-side. Close! Awful mix-up in the middle when Watson calls for a hopeful single. Morgan just misses the stumps at the non-striker's end and finch survives. Just two runs from a good Bopara over.

AUS 57-1Stokes is removed from the attack after just one over and it's Tredwell's turn to have a bowl. Six! Watson looks tentative early in the over but he soon gets his eye in to launch the spinner over long-on for a massive six. Tredwell comes back well with a couple of quicker deliveries. Good contest between these two.

AUS 60-1Much better running from Australia as Finch collects two with a late cut through third-man. A single hands the strike to Watson.


AUS 60-2Watson isn't very happy but I think the right decision has been made. The umpire shakes his head when England appeal for caught behind but the hosts immediately review the decision. Despite no edge showing on Hotspot, a big noise is enough for the third umpire to overturn the on-field decision. Big wicket for England.

AUS 61-2Clarke is the new batsman and the captain gets off the mark with a single to third-man. Good over from Bopara.

AUS 61-2I'm not surprised to see Rankin return to bowl at Clarke. We could see a few bouncers coming soon.

AUS 62-2Rankin goes full early in the over before seeing a shorter delivery worked into the off-side by Clarke for one. No room for Finch at the crease as Rankin completes a very good over on his return.

AUS 69-2Clarke drives Bopara through the off-side for one. Finch takes a big risk when he drives the ball into the air but the ball evades a diving Morgan at mid-off and races away for four. A nudge off the hip rotates the strike. Clarke steers a wider ball through third-man for another run. 15 overs have now been bowled and it's time for drinks. Finch 27* Clarke 4*

AUS 69-2It's pretty even at Old Trafford following that Watson dismissal. England will be well aware that the current duo can inflict damage very quickly.

AUS 75-2Rankin abandons an lbw appeal when he realises the ball would have drifted past leg-stump had it not struck Clarke's pads. A nudge through square-leg allows the touring captain to rotate the strike. There's a genuine edge from Finch but the contact was firm enough to earn the batsman a run through third-man. Shot! Clarke rocks back to pull a shorter delivery through mid-wicket for four. Excellent batting.

AUS 79-2There's a hint of swing for Bopara but Finch does well to watch the ball and collect a single. Clarke pulls the next ball to Carberry in the deep for one. The singles continue to flow as Finch squeezes one through third-man before Clarke miscues his shot through square-leg for another.

AUS 87-2Clarke skips down the pitch to greet the returning Tredwell with a single on the leg-side. Review! England don't appear to be too interested when an appeal for lbw is rejected but they decide to use their review. It's an unlucky for moment as the impact is confirmed as umpire's call. Shot! Clarke piles on the misery later in the over with a drilled shot through extra cover for four runs. Eight from the over. Finch 30 Clarke 18

AUS 91-2Finch hammers the ball into the off-side for a single. It's a bit comical at Old Trafford as Clarke complains that he's being distracted by the glare off an ice cream van. It's eventually moved and Clarke hurries a single off the next delivery. Good running again when Finch rushes one to Finn at mid-off. Australia collect for from Bopara's over.

AUS 104-2Clarke uses his feet in trademark fashion to flick Tredwell into the leg-side for one. Six! Finch will play better looking shots but he won't care how this one looks as he heaves six over the fielders on the leg-side. A push into the off-side brings one. Shot! Cracking stuff from Clarke as he dances down the pitch to loft Tredwell over mid-off for four. An easy single to long-on means Clarke will keep the strike. Finch 39 Clarke 26

AUS 106-2Bopara is proving to be a very good option for Morgan today. There's an optimistic appeal for caught behind but Clarke's bat is nowhere near the ball. Just two from the over. Bopara has figures of 1-22 from six overs.

AUS 116-2Great effort from Root to stop a boundary but Finch hits the ball hard enough to earn four down the ground. A nudge to long-on brings the same batsman a single. Shot! Clarke continues to attack Tredwell and he earns four more with a gorgeous shot over wide cover. You won't see a better player of spin bowling in world cricket.


AUS 116-3Finch is thinking six runs as he takes the aerial route again but his luck runs out when he picks out Root at long-on. Simple catch for the fielder. Tredwell makes the crucial breakthrough for the hosts.

AUS 116-3George Bailey is the new arrival and he keeps out his first ball. Was that shot from Finch too risky? Australia had already scored 10 runs in the over.

AUS 118-3Stokes returns to the attack for a new spell. Clarke opens the face of his bat to steer a single through third-man. Bailey gets off the mark with one just in front of square on the leg-side. Stokes keeps it tight throughout the over and surprises Clarke with a good short delivery too.

AUS 124-3Not too much threat from Tredwell's over. Clarke and Bailey combine to collect a single off each delivery. Clarke 36 Bailey 4

AUS 129-3Clarke goes after a wider delivery from Stokes and earns four with a thick edge through third-man. A hurried single to point is the only other run scored in the over. Decent work from Stokes as England look to keep it tight during the middle of the innings. 25 overs gone.

AUS 137-3Clarke hands the strike to Bailey early in Tredwell's over. Six! Bailey gives us a sign that he's in as he launches a big, big six straight down the ground. Does Morgan continue with Tredwell?

AUS 138-3Stokes makes life uncomfortable for Bailey early in the over. A beauty which beats the outside edge encourages Morgan to put a fielder at slip. Bailey nudges the ball into the off-side for one. Clarke follows his partner by playing, and missing, out side off-stump. Excellent over from Stokes.

AUS 140-3Bopara returns to the attack as Morgan gives Tredwell a break. The medium pacer seams to be getting the ball to do just a little off the pitch at the moment. Just two runs from the over

AUS 151-3Clarke miscues his shot but he makes enough contact with the ball to beat the backtracking Finn at wide mid-off. Stokes is bowling with good pace at the moment and he's performing well against the visiting skipper. Clarke and Bailey rotate the strike well before the latter makes it 11 from the over with a beautiful lofted shot for six down the ground. Clarke 46 Bailey 21

AUS 159-3Morgan turns to Root for the first time in the innings. Carberry fields well at long-on when Clarke drills a full delivery for a couple of runs. A flick into the leg-side looks like it will bring two more but Stokes does brilliantly to restrict the visiting captain to one. Bailey adds another to rotate the strike again. HALF-CENTURY! Clarke sweeps through square-leg for four to bring up a very good half-century. Excellent batting, as always, from the Australian skipper. England will be worried about his form.

AUS 170-3Bailey starts the over by firing Stokes past mid-on for four. A single hands the strike to Clarke, who opens the face to steer another boundary through third-man. Clarke's thick inside edge gives him another run. Bailey adds another through square-leg. England need wickets. Australia will be thinking of a score somewhere around 300.

AUS 175-3It's far too easy for Australia to collect the singles at the moment. Five runs scored in Root's over. The tourists are cruising at close to 5.5 runs an over. Plenty of batting to come. 18 overs left in the innings.

AUS 177-3Tredwell comes back into the attack and he starts his new spell from round the wicket. The crowd think there's a wicket when Buttler takes a catch off Bailey's pad. A nudge into the leg-side earns Bailey a single. Clarke sits deep in his crease to cut but he picks out Stokes on the off-side. One more run is added to deep mid-wicket. Good over from Tredwell.

AUS 177-3Australia take the batting powerplay before the start of the 34th over. England respond by bringing Finn back into the attack. Crucial five overs coming up.

AUS 188-3Shot! Clarke displays his class with a beautiful chipped shot straight down the ground for four runs. Finn gets the response completely wrong as Clarke pulls a shorter ball past wide mid-on for another boundary. An attempted bouncer is poor and the bowler is punished for a wide down the leg-side. 11 from the first over of the powerplay. Clarke 70 Bailey 32

AUS 194-3Rankin returns to the attack to partner Finn in the powerplay. Bailey starts the over with a boundary when a thick edge races through third-man for four. Rankin strays onto the pads, which allows the batsman to flick a single to fine-leg. Clarke quickly gets off strike with a single on the off-side. Bailey misses with a drive outside off-stump to frustrate Rankin further.

AUS 204-3Shot! Too short from Finn and Clarke takes advantage to pull four over mid-wicket. Root fields well on the off-side but he can't stop Clarke from sneaking a single. Shot! Finn refuses to learn his lesson as Bailey hammers a pull through the leg-side for a boundary of his own. Bailey opens the face to steal the strike with a single.

AUS 207-3Lucky moment for Bailey as he miscues a pull shot over the fielder at mid-on. Rankin delivers a slightly wider ball to beat Bailey's outside edge. It's a good over from the seamer. Just three runs scored. Clarke 76 Bailey 46

AUS 220-3Stokes is back into the attack as England search for a breakthrough. Bailey shuffles across the crease to nudge a run into the leg-side. Clarke beats the fielder inside the circle at fine-leg to collect four. HALF-CENTURY! Bailey passes 50 in superb style by lofting six runs straight down the ground. It's come from just 47 deliveries and he's been a great partner for Clarke. 13 runs from the over. Clarke 81 Bailey 54

AUS 227-3Tredwell is back into the attack for a new spell following the powerplay. Australia have looked very comfortable against the spinner. It's a fairly risk-free over as Clarke and Bailey combine to collect seven runs.

AUS 235-3Morgan makes another change as Bopara returns. Bailey threatens to destroy the ball with an extravagant pull shot but his miscued effort only brings a single. The singles continue to flow early in the over. Shot! Clarke makes it eight from the over with four over Rankin at mid-off. Australia are cruising.

AUS 244-3Stokes is back after just an over from Tredwell. Bailey pulls a poor delivery through fine-leg for four. Carberry puts pressure on the batting pair with some good fielding but Bailey runs well to pick up two to deep mid-wicket. A push to long-on bring a single. Australia take nine off the six balls.

AUS 259-3Close! Bailey heaves the ball to mid-wicket and just manages to beat the outstretched hands of Stokes. Six! Bailey makes better contact with a similar shot and this time he clears the rope. Brilliant from Clarke later in the over as he picks the slower ball to loft four down the ground. Bopara struggles for consistency in the over. Both Australians are closing in on their centuries. Clarke 93 Bailey 80

AUS 263-3Bailey pushes a single into the off-side. Stokes pushes Clarke back in his crease but the Australian skipper does well to nudge a run through square-leg. Bailey rotates the strike again with a run to mid-off. A nudge off the hip brings Clarke a single to fine-leg.

AUS 271-3Bopara delivers a full-toss, is punished for a no-ball and concedes four through third-man. Not a good start to the over. CENTURY FOR CLARKE! What more can you say about this man? Clarke reaches his hundred from 94 balls. It's been a pleasure to watch and he'll be determined to bat out the innings.


AUS 271-4Bailey's entertaining knock comes to an end when he attempts to punish a poor delivery from Bopara but manages to pick out Tredwell at short fine-leg. Good catch. England needed that wicket but a lot of the damage has been done.

AUS 273-4Adam Voges is the new batsman for the tourists. He starts his innings with a single to mid-off. Tredwell does well at short fine-leg to restrict Clarke to a single. 10 runs and a wicket from the over.

AUS 277-4Stokes starts the over with a beauty to beat Clarke's outside edge. The Aussie skipper clubs a shorter ball down the ground for a single. Voges gets on top of the bounce to guide a run through third-man. Clarke pushes another run to mid-off before Voges opens the face to steer another single to third-man. Five overs left in the innings.

AUS 282-4Finn is back into the attack for his final spell. Voges pulls a slightly short ball into the leg-side for one. Bopara, fielding at point, is beaten by a late cut as Clarke collects three. Voges pulls another run through square-leg. Decent over from Finn.

AUS 283-4Voges flicks the returning Rankin through fine-leg for one.


AUS 283-5Clarke must depart when, while driving, he edges a ball and Buttler takes an easy catch. Good wicket for Rankin as England look to keep the runs to a minimum late in the innings. The crowd at Old Trafford stand to salute a brilliant innings from Clarke. Excellent ovation.


AUS 283-6Matthew Wade is the new batsman but his stay isn't a very long one. The left-handed batsman chops the ball onto his own stumps to depart for a golden duck. Rankin on a hat-trick. James Faulkner is the new arrival.

AUS 284-6Faulkner survives! Rankin goes very full but a textbook forward defensive shot keeps the big seamer out. Faulkner then gets off the mark with a single through point. Two runs and two wickets from a brilliant 47th over for England.

AUS 294-6Voges and Faulkner trade singles early in the over. Finn goes short to Faulkner, who displays great timing to pull four over mid-wicket. The same batsman gives himself room to guide a lofted single down to third-man. Voges clips the ball through mid-wicket and runs well to pick up two. Faulkner drills a cut shot straight at Bopara and must settle for a single.

AUS 307-6Voges gets off strike early in Rankin's over. Faulkner thinks about two when he clips the ball through mid-wicket but he must settle for one. Voges rotates the strike again. Faulkner gives himself some room but Rankin follows the batsman to prevent a run from being scored. Six! Faulkner takes Australia past 300 with a stunning shot over extra cover. Another lofted shot follows as Faulkner hits four more down the ground. Superb batting. Voges 15 Faulkner 18


AUS 308-7Finn picks up his second wicket early in the final over when Faulkner picks out Morgan inside the circle at extra cover. Easy catch. Johnson in next.

AUS 315-7Shot! Johnson cuts his first delivery through point for four runs. Australia run very well to collect two when Johnson flicks the ball off his hip. There's a big swing from Johnson outside off-stump but he's fooled by a good slower ball. Australia sneak a bye from the final ball of the innings. This is a very good score. Voges 16 Johnson 6

1.58pmWhy did Morgan elect to field first? Sadly, I don't have an answer for you. Australia don't care and they've posted a very good total thanks to Clarke's century and some good support from Bailey, Finch and Watson. If England win this game, it will be their highest successful run-chase in ODI cricket. Big task ahead.

1.59pmWe'll take a break for around 30 minutes while Morgan ponders over that decision at the toss. Make sure you return for England's innings. See you then.

2.25pmWelcome back everyone. The players have had some lunch and they're almost ready to begin again at Old Trafford. England need to break their run-chase record to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Australia are favourites but they know the job isn't complete yet.

2.27pmPietersen and Carberry will open the batting for the hosts and England probably need one of them to make a big score. Will England attack during the first powerplay? Or will they attempt to build a platform for a late assault?

2.29pmThere's a chance of a shower at some point during this innings but it's dry at the moment. Clint McKay will open the bowling. England need 316 to win. Play!

ENG 0-0Pietersen is eager to use his feet early in the over but McKay is hitting a good length. A firm drive is well blocked by Faulkner at mid-off. Great start for McKay. Maiden over.

ENG 0-0Johnson gets the new ball from the other end. Good test for Carberry at the start of the innings.

ENG 0-0Johnson bowls with good pace throughout the over and his accuracy is impressive too. There's an optimistic appeal for caught behind when Carberry leaves outside off-stump. I think the umpire is as confused as me there and he shakes his head. Johnson delivers a beauty to nip one past the outside edge. Carberry nods in approval. It's another maiden over. Superb start for Australia.

ENG 5-0Pietersen is surprised when McKay nips one between bat and pad early in a new over. England finally get off the mark with a Pietersen single behind square on the leg-side. Shot! Carberry times his shot well to steer the ball through point for four runs. That should calm him down. Five from the over.

ENG 8-0Johnson begins a new over with a leg-side wide. Wade attempts to fool the umpire by claiming a catch down the leg-side a couple of deliveries later but his plan doesn't work and it's another wide. Pietersen pushes a quick single to mid-on.


ENG 8-1Carberry thinks boundary when Johnson sends down a wider one but the Hampshire ace cuts the ball straight to Clarke, who takes a routine catch. Brilliant start for Australia. Disaster for England.

ENG 9-1Jonathan Trott is the new batsman for the hosts. Johnson greets England's number three with his third wide of the over.


ENG 9-2Johnson makes the extra delivery count by catching the glove with a superb delivery. Wade does the rest behind the stumps and Trott is sent back inside. England two down and they're 307 runs short of their target after four overs.

ENG 10-2Joe Root comes to the crease with his side in a terrible position. He's not on strike at the moment though. Pietersen is beaten on the outside edge before he nudges the next delivery into the off-side for one. Root is happy to leave outside off-stump. McKay completes another very good over. England going nowhere at the moment.

ENG 11-2Pietersen is being forced to respect some good fast bowling from Johnson early on here. A push to mid-off brings a quick run. Root is encouraged to play at a wider one but he fails to make contact with the ball. A much more convincing shot follows, but no more runs are scored.

ENG 14-2Pietersen shuffles across his crease to whip three runs through mid-wicket. McKay is desperate for a wicket of his own and he comes close when Root cuts, and misses, outside off-stump. Root remains on zero after nine deliveries. Pietersen 7 Root 0

ENG 20-2England are currently scoring at under two runs an over at the start of the seventh over. They now need over seven runs an over from here to reach their target of 316. Pietersen punishes a wide one from Johnson to earn four through point. Cheers from the Old Trafford crowd greet the boundary. A nudge into the leg-side brings a quick single. DROP! Johnson drifts one down the leg-side as Root attempts the pull. Wade dives to his left but fails to hold onto a one-handed catch. Root must take advantage after that let off.

ENG 32-2A mistake at gully allows Root to sneak single early in McKay's over. Pietersen relieves some more pressure by hammering the ball through mid-wicket for four. Six! It's a very good over for England when Pietersen stands tall to launch a maximum over long-on. Excellent batting. One more makes it 12 from the over. Pietersen 12 Root 2

ENG 38-2Close! Pietersen targets cover but a thick inside edge means the batsman earns four through fine-leg instead. Johnson is understandably frustrated. Watson takes a catch at slip but the ball made its way there off Pietersen's thigh. The same batsman takes a big risk by calling for a quick single on the leg-side. Finch's throw is very close to ending Pietersen's innings. Root opens the face of his bat to guide a single through third-man. Just 38 runs from the powerplay for England.


ENG 38-3Lovely bowling from Faulkner. The seamer gets the ball to nip back off the pitch and that movement is enough to remove Root, who is left to look at his disturbed stumps. Big wicket for the tourists.

ENG 38-3Stand-in skipper Morgan is the new batsman for England. Morgan is only interested in keeping Faulkner out at this stage. It's a wicket maiden.

ENG 40-3I'm a little surprised by Clarke's next move. Voges, the left-arm spinner, is into the attack. Is this a bit of mind games with Pietersen? Close! The change nearly brings a wicket when the ball nearly makes its way onto the stumps via a deflection off the inside edge. A couple of scratchy shots from Pietersen are followed by a single to long-on. Morgan adds another run late in the over. Decent start for Voges.

ENG 46-3Shot! Morgan, full of confidence following his century against Ireland, punishes a wider delivery from Faulkner by cutting powerfully for four. A thick edge sees the ball squirm into the leg-side to earn Morgan a couple. Required run-rate is 7.30 an over. Pietersen 29 Morgan 7

ENG 53-3Pietersen gets off strike early in a new over from Voges. Morgan collects a run of his own. Shot! Pietersen gives himself enough room to open up the off-side before driving over cover for four runs. A miscued effort down the ground earns the same batsman one. Seven from the over.

ENG 54-3Marsh makes a mistake at mid-off to allows Pietersen to hurry through for a single. Faulkner is deadly accurate to the left-handed Morgan. Impressive work from Australia's all-rounder. Just a single scored from the over.

ENG 67-3Fawad Ahmed is on for the first time. Pietersen fights the urge to immediately attack the leg-spinner but he does help himself to a single down the ground. Morgan drops to one knee to sweep a single to fine-leg. Six! Pietersen didn't take too much longer to slip into fifth gear. It's a brilliant slog-sweep that brings six over mid-wicket. A single hands the strike to Morgan, who reverse sweeps brilliantly for four. 13 runs off Ahmed's first over.

ENG 73-3Pietersen pushes the ball through the covers for a single. Morgan plays a similar shot to pick up another run. Great cricket from Pietersen to earn four with a lofted shot straight over long-off. Faulkner responds well to beat the bat with a slower ball. Six off the over. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 83-3Morgan returns after the short break to push two into the off-side before pulling a single through square-leg. HALF-CENTURY! Pietersen reaches his 50 from 54 balls with a push through mid-wicket. It's been a good innings but England need plenty more. Morgan sweeps for a couple before improving on that result to earn four through fine-leg with another version of the sweep. Ahmed has struggled in his first two overs. Pietersen 50 Morgan 23

ENG 88-3Shot! This is Pietersen at his best as he shuffles across the crease to loft new bowler Shane Watson over fine-leg for four. Watson is doing his best to keep Pietersen honest outside off-stump but a quick bit of foot movement allows the batsman to nudge a single to point. Five from the over.

ENG 92-3It's not a surprise to see Ahmed removed from the attack after two overs which cost a combined 23. Johnson returns as Australia look for a breakthrough. Pietersen pushes the ball straight past the bowler for one. Johnson comes round the wicket to target Morgan with the short ball but the England captain does well to find a single behind square on the leg-side. Pietersen pulls a run to the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Morgan adds one more to make it four from the over.

ENG 97-3It's a good over from Watson but Pietersen and Morgan still manage to collect five runs. England need 219 runs to win from 29 overs. Pietersen 60 Morgan 27

ENG 97-3Kevin Pietersen plays a front-foot drive against Australia in the second ODI at Old Trafford on September 8, 2013© Getty Images

England supporters will want to see plenty more of these type of shots from Pietersen. The challenge is still a very big one for the hosts. Johnson keeps it tight to deliver a maiden over.


ENG 97-4Huge cheer from Watson. He knows how important this wicket could be. Pietersen drives into the air and Faulkner does well to take the catch at cover. Australia are strong favourites from here. I think England needed Pietersen to bat through the innings.

ENG 97-4Bopara comes to the crease as Pietersen's replacement. Watson surprises the Essex ace with some good bounce but Bopara does well to drop his hands. Almost all of the Australian fielders pat Watson on the back after a wicket maiden.

ENG 103-4Voges returns to the attack. Morgan nudges the spinner into the leg-side for one. Bopara gets off the mark with a run to long-off. Voges delivers a leg-side wide before drifting another delivery onto the pads to allow Morgan to collect three to fine-leg.


ENG 103-5Well, this is an odd way to be dismissed. Voges claims a return catch when Bopara seems to hit the ball into the ground. The umpire isn't sure, so he sends the decision upstairs. A replay shows it was just a lazy shot and that means Bopara must go. England in big trouble.

ENG 103-5Buttler is the new batsman. He keeps out the first two deliveries of his innings. Can England salvage this game from here?

ENG 110-5Shot! Watson fires in a short ball but he's met by a confident Morgan, who pulls behind square for four runs. A prod into the off-side brings a quick single despite the best efforts of Bailey. Buttler quickly hands the strike back to his partner with the first run of his innings. Morgan adds one more through third-man to keep the strike.

ENG 114-5Ahmed is back into the attack. Morgan nudges a single into the leg-side. A mistake from Bailey at cover allows Buttler to sneak a run. There's some good drift for the leg-spinner later in the over. England manage the threat well though and collect four runs. Morgan 39 Buttler 3

ENG 122-5Voges switches ends to begin a new over from round the wicket. Buttler collects a single. Voges loses his line and is punished for a wide. Morgan reverse sweeps, but only for a single. Buttler takes advantage of a full-toss to punch four runs through mid-wicket. Two more singles make it nine off the over. England need 193 runs from 138 deliveries.

ENG 126-5Close! Buttler takes a risk when he miscues his cut shot. McKay is the fielder at short third-man but he can't dive far enough to take the catch. Four singles scored in the over. Morgan 42 Buttler 11

ENG 130-5Morgan picks up a single at the start of the over. Close! Buttler takes a big risk when he drills the ball straight through Voges' hands for one. Australia's spinners are doing a pretty decent job with England under so much pressure to score quickly. Two more singles are scored late in the over. England need 186 from 21 overs.

ENG 135-5Buttler scores a single to hand the strike to Morgan, who miscues an attempted sweep shot. Close! Morgan skies a slog into the leg-side but the ball drops between McKay and Voges in the deep. Slice of luck for the hosting skipper. The England duo trade singles late in the over. The required run-rate has crept over nine.

ENG 139-5DECISION OVERTURNED: Morgan is given out lbw but he quickly reviews the decision. Voges wasn't convinced either and Hotspot shows there was some bat involved. Just four singles from the over.

ENG 145-5Buttler misses with a cheeky reverse sweep but manages to pick up two runs a ball later. An easy single behind square on the leg-side hands the strike to Morgan, who adds another to long-on. Buttler collects a single on the leg-side. HALF-CENTURY! Morgan's good form continues as he reaches 50 off his 65th delivery. Good innings but he'll have to something special to save this game.

ENG 151-5Faulkner is back into the attack for a new spell. Morgan manages to push a slower ball into the off-side for a run. Buttler sits back to nudge a quick run to point. Morgan collects a run on the leg-side. Buttler flicks the ball off his hip for a couple down to fine-leg. One more makes it six from the over. Plenty of ones and twos, but not much else. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 151-5Morgan informs the umpire during the break that he wants to take the batting powerplay. Clarke responds by bringing McKay back into the attack. England need to hit out or get out.

ENG 154-5Buttler collects a single early in the over. Morgan fails to fully punish a short ball and he must settle for two to long-on.


ENG 154-6Morgan chooses to get out, rather than hit out. The captain eyes a maximum but he gets his shot horribly wrong and skies the ball into the air. Clarke steadies himself on the off-side to take a good catch. Stokes is the new batsman.

ENG 156-6England need 160 from 96 balls. It's not looking good for the hosts. Australia have been superb in every department.

ENG 163-6Faulkner is the perfect bowler for the powerplay overs. The seamer does a great job of mixing his pace and length to ensure that it's not easy to target the boundary rope. Buttler and Stokes combine to score seven runs.

ENG 167-6Stokes opens the face to guide a single through third-man. Buttler sits deep in his crease to nudge a run off his hip. Stokes clips a single to deep mid-wicket. McKay drops his length slightly but Buttler can only earn one with a pull shot.


ENG 167-7Stokes top edges an attempted pull shot and he's dismissed when Bailey takes the catch at deep square-leg. Australia are cruising to victory.

ENG 169-7Tredwell is the new batsman and he begins a new over by collecting a single.


ENG 169-8It gets even worse for England. Awful running from Tredwell, who is caught ball-watching and pays the price. Faulkner whips the bails off with Tredwell well short of his ground.

ENG 173-8Finn comes in at number 10 for the hosts but he's off strike for now. Buttler picks the gap wide of cover to drive for four runs. 13 overs left. I'm not sure if it will go all the way.

ENG 180-8Johnson returns to the attack and he'll fancy his chances of picking up a couple more wickets. Finn ducks one short ball but he's forced to wear the next one when he reacts late to the bounce. The newest batsman heaves the ball into the leg-side for a single. Buttler beats the man at cover to earn four more with an aerial drive. Seven in total from the over.

ENG 187-8Faulkner forces Finn to duck with a good short delivery. The tail-end batsman fends off a similar ball later on in the over. A single down the ground hands the strike to Buttler, who reaches his HALF-CENTURY with a big six over mid-wicket. Good innings from the Somerset batsman but it's not going to make a difference. 11 overs left, 129 needed.

ENG 193-8Finn gets off strike with a single at the start of Johnson's over. Shot! Buttler opens up the off-side and lofts a wider delivery away for four. Finn fancies his chances to play the big shot later in the over but he makes no contact with a wild swing. Six from the over.

ENG 201-8Six! Buttler struggles to pick the slower ball early in McKay's new over but he gets right a couple of balls later to earn six over long-on. The batsman wants to repeat the trick but he must settle for one when the ball is lofted to Voges at long-on. Finn nudges a single into the leg-side to steal the strike. Buttler 62 Finn 4

ENG 203-8Finn is challenged throughout Johnson's over and he manages to get off strike when he digs out a good yorker. Buttler adds another run to deep square-leg. Johnson finishes with figures of 2-36 from his 10 overs. England need an unlikely 113 from 48 balls.

ENG 212-8Buttler backs away to drive a single to long-off. Finn does well to nudge a slower ball into the leg-side for a run. Six! Buttler doesn't quite find the middle of the bat but he still manages to beat the fielder at long-off and earn six runs. One more makes it nine from the over. Buttler 71 Finn 6

ENG 216-8Fawad Ahmed is back for a new spell and he's greeted by a slog through mid-wicket for four runs.


ENG 216-9Buttler's impressive innings comes to an end when he slogs the ball straight into the air. Johnson gets himself into position to take the catch at mid-wicket. Australia edge closer to victory.

ENG 226-9Rankin, the new batsman, watches on from the non-striker's end as Ahmed beats Finn's outside edge. Six! Finn decides it's time to have some fun, so he launches the leg-spinner into the stands on the leg-side for six runs. The next delivery is punched down the ground for four more. Not a great end to the over.

ENG 227-9Rankin starts the 45th over by picking up a single.


ENG 227AUSTRALIA WIN BY 88 RUNS: Voges takes the catch at deep mid-wicket to dismiss Finn, who was targeting another maximum. Australia win comfortably and they've deserved that. Plenty of people will point to Morgan's decision to field first but you can't take anything away from the tourists. Excellent cricket from Australia.

5.50pmAustralia take a 1-0 lead by winning the second match of this series after the first game was abandoned. Three matches left. Australia will be full of confidence following this victory. Do England need to have a rethink? They look a bowler short today.

5.51pmThanks for joining me today. Make sure you return on Wednesday at 1.30pm as I take you through the third match in this series at Edgbaston. Goodbye.

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England's James Anderson during day 3 of the 4th Ashes Test at Durham on August 11, 2013
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