Live Commentary: The Ashes - Second Test, day one - as it happened

Live text coverage of the second Ashes Test between Australia and England in Adelaide.

Australia started the second Ashes Test against England in confident mood following their victory in the first game in Brisbane.

The hosts won the toss and made a steady start to their first innings as Chris Rogers (72) and Shane Watson (51) both recorded half-centuries after David Warner (29) was dismissed early in the day.

England took three wickets before the tea break to wrestle back some of the control just as Australia had threatened to take full advantage of the excellent conditions for batting.

George Bailey (53) was dismissed by Stuart Broad late in the final session as Australia ended day one on 273-5, with Michael Clarke (48*) and Brad Haddin (7*) the men remaining at the crease.

Read below to find out how events unfolded in Adelaide.

11.00pmIt's back. You can't escape the drama of this Ashes series this winter. Australia stormed ahead in Brisbane but England arrive in Adelaide looking for revenge. I'll be taking you through the next five days.

11.02pmHello everyone. You cannot argue that Australia did not deserve the victory in that dramatic game in Brisbane but they'll know that this series is far from over. There's been plenty to talk about since that match finished but it's time for the players to take centre stage again.

11.03pmOf course, most of the cricket news has been dominated by Jonathan Trott's departure from the tour due to a stress-related illness. His absence is a big blow to the tourists but, as always, a player's health should come first. Trott's absence leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

11.05pmBREAKING NEWS: Former England captain Andrew Strauss has been busy in the last few minutes and his activity answers one question for us. A first cap has been given to Ben Stokes in a team meeting, so he will play in this game.

11.07pmStokes has won the battle with Gary Ballance and Jonny Bairstow to bat at six in this match. I'm sure that his bowling was a key part of that selection. There has been some reports that Monty Panesar could play alongside Graeme Swann, but that would probably mean that Tim Bresnan would miss out.

11.10pmStokes is, of course, unproven at Test level but the England camp have been eager to include him for some time now. He's raw but he can clock good pace with the ball in his hand and he can score very quickly with the bat.

11.12pmAustralia are not in the same position as their rivals. They don't need to make the changes like the tourists and they'll begin this game full of confidence. Can Mitchell Johnson produce his best form once again over the next five days?

11.15pmThe toss is very important today. It's a drop-in pitch at Adelaide and reports are suggesting that the surface is very, very dry. Panesar has been doing a lot of work in the warm-up, so it looks like he will play.

11.18pmAll the news at the start of the weeks suggested that Bresnan was certain to return to the team following a back injury. However, the conditions are clearly on England's mind as Panesar looks set to play alongside Swann. Panesar, at his best, can be a match-winner.

11.21pmHow much more can be said about sledging? Both teams may have taken it too far in the first Test but would we really want them to stop? All of the mini battles make this game even more interesting.

11.23pmEngland seem to be getting even more abuse from the Australian media as usual heading into the second match, with a local newspaper suggesting that Alastair Cook was "begging for mercy" ahead of the second Test. I'm not quite sure that was what he said in the pre-match press conference.

11.26pmThe toss is coming up in just a few minutes. Both sides will be itching to bat on a pitch which looks certain to produce a lot of runs over the next few days. Mind you, I said that about Brisbane.

11.29pmChris Woakes and Simon Kerrigan were the selected duo the last time England played a genuine all-rounder and a second spinner. The tourists will be hoping that Stokes and Panesar perform better than those two did at The Oval in the summer.

11.32pmAUSTRALIA WIN THE TOSS AND WILL BAT FIRST: Lady luck shines on Michael Clarke as Cook calls wrong at the toss to hand the early advantage to the hosts, who will bat first in Adelaide.

11.34pmAUSTRALIA: Rogers, Warner, Watson, Clarke, Smith, Bailey, Haddin, Johnson, Siddle, Harris, Lyon

ENGLAND: Cook, Carberry, Root, Pietersen, Bell, Stokes, Prior, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Panesar

11.35pmAustralia are unchanged following that convincing victory in Brisbane. It's Stokes and Panesar who get the nod for the tourists. Joe Root is confirmed as the man who will fill in for Jonathan Trott at number three in the batting order.

11.37pmCook knows how important that toss could be in this game but they cannot afford to let that be an excuse this week. England must strike with the new ball to put the pressure on the hosts.

11.38pm"There might be a bit in it until lunch, but once you get in, Adelaide is a fantastic place to bat," Clarke says, with a big smile on his face.

11.41pmCook at the toss: "It looks very, very dry, there hasn't been too much help for the seamers on these new wickets. It was a tough call to leave Tim Bresnan out. He's done very well to get back and I'm sure he'll play some part in the series."

11.43pmEngland have selected two spinners, but don't expect this pitch to turn too much today. That selection would be backed up further if Cook had won the toss. Panesar and Swann will have to keep it tight when they are thrown the ball.

11.46pmThe players will be out in the middle shortly for the national anthems. David Warner and Chris Rogers will then attempt to take advantage of these conditions.

11.48pmStuart Broad is one England player that can hold his head high following that defeat in Brisbane. How he bowls in the first session could be crucial for the tourists.

11.52pm381 runs. That was the difference between these two teams in Brisbane. Have England got their confidence back? They cannot afford to lose this match. Clarke will want more of the same from his team.

11.53pmThere has been some rain in Adelaide today. It's sunny at the ground right now but there could be some delays later on, according to the forecast. Just the anthems left.

11.56pmWarner and Rogers are back out in the middle with their pads on as England's bowlers make their final preparations. That medicine ball is being thrown around, again. England love that thing.

11.59pmJust enough time for a few more words from Alastair Cook. Warner and Rogers are ready. The umpires are in position. James Anderson will bowl the first over. Play!

AUS 0-0Three slips and a gully in place for Anderson, who finds a very good length early on to Rogers. The lack of pace is obvious in the first over and the slips have already taken a couple of steps forward it seems. Anderson still sends down a short ball to strike Rogers and get the ball caught in the opener's jumper. There's even a few smiles from players on opposing teams. What has happened? Maiden over.

AUS 0-0RAIN STOPS PLAY: The umpires waste no time in taking the players off the field when a few drops of rain begin to fall. Did they make the decision too quickly? It's a very, very light shower.

12.06amStrange scenes at the start of this match. It's stopped raining already and the players are heading back out to the middle. I don't think stopping play was necessary.

12.09amThe players are waiting on the boundary as the ground staff get the pitch ready again. We should hopefully see some more cricket in a few minutes.

12.11amHere we go again. Everyone is in the middle and Stuart Broad is ready to bowl the second over. Will that short delay make any difference? Take two. Play!

AUS 1-0Broad begins just back of a length as he looks to cause Warner some early problems. The opener is able to get on the front foot to defend a slightly fuller delivery. Warner nudges the first run of the day into the leg-side, where Stokes gets his hand on the ball for the first time on his Test debut. Great end to the over from Broad as he beats the outside edge to leave Rogers playing a false shot outside off-stump. Rogers 0 Warner 1*

AUS 7-0Warner is on the front foot again early in the over but he fails to find the middle of the bat with a miscued drive. Shot! Anderson goes slightly wider and Warner cashes in to drill four through the off-side. England appeal for lbw when Warner is struck on the pad but the ball seems to have pitched outside leg-stump. A nudge through mid-wicket earns Warner two more runs.

AUS 15-0Rogers is off the mark with a push into the off-side. Warner is aggressive again as he slices four more over gully to frustrate Broad. A push down the ground brings three more at the end of the over. It's a very slow pitch. Rogers 1 Warner 14*

AUS 20-0Anderson is tight to the pads, which allows Warner to guide a couple through mid-wicket. The centurion from Brisbane opens the face of his bat to guide another two runs past Bell at gully. Great work from Anderson to block a straight shot from Warner with his foot and force the batting duo to abandon a single. England's bowler is furious with himself as he allows Warner to pick up a run behind square on the leg-side. A thick edge from Rogers goes to ground quickly. Five from the over. The umpires have had a look at the ball already as England voice their concerns. Will there be an early change?

AUS 25-0The umpires take another look, before deciding a replacement is not needed yet. Shot! That ball will do just fine for Warner, who moves into the twenties with a powerful stroke down the ground. The umpires then study the ball again but there's still no replacement. Decent pace in the over from Broad, despite the lack of help from the surface. Warner nudges a single to mid-wicket to move to 24 from 22 balls. Rogers 1 Warner 24*

AUS 30-0Good work from Prior down the leg-side to block the ball following a deflection off the thigh pad. There's just two slips in place now as Cook already looks to build pressure, rather than attack with his field placements. Anderson comes around the wicket to bowl straighter at Warner, who takes advantage to guide a couple to Panesar at fine-leg. Rogers lunges forward to push the ball down the ground and collect an all-run four. You don't see that every day.

AUS 34-0Broad forces Warner onto the back foot early in the over, but he's comfortable there as he pulls four past Stokes at mid-wicket.


AUS 34-1Big, big wicket for the tourists. Warner has looked in fluent touch in the first session but he'll be disappointed with this dismissal as he cuts the ball straight to Carberry at point. England needed that wicket.

AUS 36-1That really was a poor shot from Warner but England won't mind. Shane Watson is the new batsman. He's off strike at the start of a new over. Anderson mixes things up by following a full delivery with a decent bouncer to Rogers. A nudge off the hip hands the strike to Watson, who leaves his first ball before getting off strike with a single on the leg-side. Two off the over.

AUS 36-1England know how to target Watson. Broad is inches away from hitting the front pad before the batsman gets a vital inside edge on the ball. Rogers thinks a single might be on moments later but Watson sends his partner back. Good over from Broad. It's a maiden. Rogers 6* Watson 1

AUS 37-1It looks like the rain could be on the way again soon. Rogers works a single to square-leg at the start of Anderson's over.

AUS 37-1RAIN STOPS PLAY: The rain has returned and we have our second delay of the day before the game reaches the one hour mark.

12.58amEngland would have been concerned with how quickly Warner was scoring, so it's a relief for the tourists to see him head back inside. Australia won't be worrying just yet on a pitch that has offered very little to Anderson and Broad.

1.01amWe haven't seen either of England's spinners yet. When Panesar and Swann are introduced, it will be interesting to see how much success they enjoy. Australia targeted Swann in Brisbane, but will they go after both slow bowlers?

1.03amThere's been plenty of talk about this drop-in pitch leading up to this game. The toss was very important, but the weather conditions today aren't perfect for batting. However, there would be no excuses if Australia don't produce a big score in the first innings.

1.05amPlay will resume in 10 minutes because the sun has returned in Adelaide. It's going to be that kind of day, which might help the tourists.

1.09amIt's going to be a very different game to the one we saw in Brisbane. Both teams have question marks in the batting department. The team that gets his right with the willow will be in control at the end of this game.

1.11amThe players are heading back out to the middle and the cricket will get back underway in just a few minutes. Anderson has four balls left in his over.

AUS 38-1Anderson resumes with the ball in his hand and Watson nudges a run off his hip. Big appeal for lbw from the tourists but Kumar Dharmasena shakes his head, suggesting that the ball pitched outside leg-stump again. Rogers 7 Watson 2*

AUS 46-1Broad is targeting the pads again early in the over. A thick outside edge from Watson finds Bell in the gully. Shot! Panesar puts in the dive at mid-off but he can't stop Watson from earning four with a firm drive. The next delivery is a gift as Broad sends down a slower half-volley to allow Watson to drill four more through the covers. Eight off the over.

AUS 46-1Anderson comes around the wicket to start a new over and he tests Prior with a delivery that drifts down the leg-side. Close! Rogers is surprised by a slightly slower ball and he's relieved to see the ball just miss Root, who is in close at mid-wicket. Good bouncer by Anderson to complete a maiden over. It's time for spin, with Swann getting the nod ahead of Panesar.

AUS 46-1A slip, short-leg and short mid-wicket in for Swann. Watson gets forward early in the over to defend as Prior chirps some encouragement from behind the stumps. Plenty of foot movement but it's a good line from Swann in his first over. Decent start from the spinner. Maiden over.

AUS 46-1There seems to be some rain around the ground again as Anderson starts a new over. Rogers keeps out the first two ball with ease.

AUS 46-1RAIN STOPS PLAY: The frustration continues in Adelaide as the players head off for the third time today. It should just be a shower.

1.31amEngland should be pretty happy with their work this morning. Warner did some early damage but they're starting to build pressure, despite these rain delays.

1.34amIt's not going to be easy for England but these showers might be doing them a favour. Watson and Rogers will have to start again when they return and these delays can often bring a wicket.

1.37amAnderson and Broad might be thinking about how they would bowl in India. Both have already delivered some slower balls and that could be a good option for the seamers, with the pitch offering very little else.

1.40amWe've seen just one over of spin, with Swann delivering a maiden. Panesar usually comes on first when these two play together but his time will come soon. The spinners will be have to be patient and be fully prepared for an attack from the hosts.

1.42amLUNCH: There's just 20 minutes left in the session, so the umpires have decided to take lunch a bit earlier than scheduled and hope that the rain clears up during that period.

1.43amWe'll also take a break during the lunch interval. Make sure you return in around 30 minutes as the coverage of day one continues.

2.13amWelcome back everyone. It's been a frustrating day so far for the spectators in Adelaide. Three rain delays ruined the flow of the first session, with just 14.2 overs being bowled by England. David Warner was the only man to lose his wicket after he made 29 at a quick rate.

2.14amPlay is set to restart at 2.20am (UK time) and England will want to build some pressure on Watson and Rogers as they look to use their spinners.

2.15amAustralia are currently 46-1, with Rogers on 7* and Watson with him on 10*. It's a very slow pitch and the England seamers have already used their variations in the early stages. There's runs to be scored over the next couple of days.

2.18amIt's bright and sunny again in Adelaide. Cook leads his players out and they're closely followed by the Australian batting duo. Anderson has four balls left to bowl in his over.

AUS 50-1Rogers has the time to watch a slow bouncer pass him as he chooses to duck out of the way. Stunning shot from the Middlesex opener to get on top of the bounce and hammer four runs through point. Swann to take the ball from the other end. Rogers 11 Watson 10*

AUS 55-1Watson shuffles down the pitch to find Cook at short mid-wicket. Another step forward brings a single to mid-on. Rogers sits back in his crease but miscues an attempted cut. A fuller ball is pushed through point and Stokes can't prevent four runs from being scored. Five off the over.

AUS 55-1This session will finish at 5.05am (UK time), with play set to go on until 7.39am. However, they can stay out there until 8.09am to get all of the overs in.

AUS 56-1Nice line from Anderson as Watson bravely watches one drift past his off-stump. It's a very straight field for a batsman who seems to attract lbw appeals. A nudge off the hip brings a single to fine-leg to spoil a potential maiden.

AUS 60-1Brave shot from Rogers as he slices a couple of runs past slip after being given the strike by Watson. It's clever bowling from Swann as he continues to force Rogers into playing shots. One more single follows to deep point.

AUS 60-1Anderson seems to be in ODI mode, which might be a good decision. He comes around the wicket to Rogers and mixes up the pace of his bowling well. It's a maiden over. The seamer is doing his job well if he keeps it tight. Rogers 18 Watson 13*

AUS 66-1Swann starts the over with a full toss, which Watson clubs down the ground for one. Darren Lehmann's voice seems to be in the batsmen's heads as Rogers continues to use his feet against the spinner. Swann drifts one down the leg-side to allow Rogers to collect three to fine-leg. Watson then shuffles across his crease to clip two through mid-wicket.

AUS 67-1Panesar is brought into the attack for the first time. There will be some nerves on his return to the side but we all know that he's capable of taking wickets. The spinner immediately finds a good length and he continues to hit a good area when Rogers starts using his feet. Rogers ends the over by sneaking a single to mid-on. Good start for Panesar.

AUS 68-1Swann loses his length early in the over but he gets away with it as Rogers misses out with the cut shot. A thick edge earns the opener a quick single. Watson once again skips forward to defend. Rogers 23* Watson 16

AUS 70-1Lovely bowling from Panesar as he hits the glove, with the ball dropping well short of Bell at short-leg. A few years back, Panesar used to struggle when a batsman came at him but he's bowling well early in this spell. Rogers collects two off the over thanks to a late cut.

AUS 71-1Swann likes having mid-on back but he might want to bring them up soon as Watson picks up a single with a push. Cook moves to gully for Rogers, who prods the ball past the England skipper on two occasions. England's spinners are working well together.

AUS 72-1Panesar starts with an awful half-tracker to Watson, who only picks up a single with a miscued cut. Another short ball invites the cut from Rogers but Carberry does well to keep him on strike with some good fielding at backward point. Cook will be pretty happy with his slower bowlers as the run-rate dips below three.

AUS 76-1Swann changes his pace nicely as he looks to pin down the naturally aggressive Watson. There's a hint of turn for the spinner but it's not enough to worry the batsman. Shot! Watson relieves some pressure by skipping down the pitch and lofting four over mid-off.

AUS 78-1Rogers pushes a couple of runs through the covers early in the over. REVIEW! Huge appeal for lbw when Rogers misses a straight one and Cook is going to review the not out decision. It all looks good for England but the impact goes down as 'umpire's call'. That's unlucky, but Cook needed to use a review there. Good bowling from Panesar.

AUS 81-1Nice shot from Watson to earn two with a very late cut through third-man. Australia's number three gets on top of the bounce to work a single through square-leg. Rogers blocks out the remainder of the over.

AUS 85-1Great fielding at point from Pietersen to block a powerful Watson cut. The batsman continues to use his feet to play almost every delivery, which is keeping Panesar on his toes. Too short from the spinner and Watson takes full advantage to hammer four through the off-side. This partnership is now worth 51. Rogers 27* Watson 29

AUS 89-1Swann, dancing in from around the crease, goes too full to allow Rogers to push four runs through the off-side. Australia need to keep punishing the bad delivery. Much better from Swann later in the over as he forces the opener to play on off-stump.

AUS 94-1Watson clips a single to deep mid-wicket as Stokes begins some warm-ups in the deep. Panesar is too short again, which allows Rogers to cut four runs to the rope. The spinner needs to remain patient and look to build pressure. It's good batting from Australia. Five off the over.

AUS 94-1Big moment for Stokes, who has been thrown the ball for the first time in Test cricket. How will Australia play the seamer? Cook will be hoping the Durham ace can make a good start. He's got good pace but he won't be offered too much help by the pitch.

AUS 98-1Stokes starts with a good delivery outside off-stump but Watson then punishes a slightly fuller length to drive four through extra cover. Much better from the seamer as he tests Watson's technique close to the front pad. Stokes is bowling at around the 87mph mark, which is a good effort on this pitch. Just the boundary from the over. It's time for a drinks break.

AUS 98-1This opening spell from Stokes will be important. If he can keep things pretty tight, or even take a wicket, it could make a big difference on his debut. Cook needs to keep busy to prevent the hosts from settling.

AUS 99-1Rogers pushes Panesar past cover for an easy single. I reckon the Essex spinner will want to bowl at Watson more often than he has done in this spell. It's a decent over, with just one run being scored.

AUS 99-1Nice pace from Stokes to make sure that Rogers isn't having it his own way in a new over. The seamer is forcing the batsman to play, which Cook will be very happy with at this stage. Plenty of pats on the back as Stokes completes a maiden.

AUS 99-1Clever bowling, but a good leave from Watson as ball just passes the off-stump. Excellent fielding by Bell at short-leg to stop a thick inside edge from providing a single. Panesar changes his pace slightly to force Watson back. Good over. It's another maiden.

AUS 99-1Rogers drives firmly to Root at cover to miss out on claiming a boundary off a fuller delivery. A thick inside edge cannons into the pads as Rogers gets his timing wrong outside off-stump. Rogers then flirts with one down the leg-side but there's no bat involved. Stokes looks comfortable bowling on a pitch like this one. It's a maiden again.

AUS 105-1Watson is almost forced into a mistake as Panesar finds a great length early in a new over. Shot! Watson has had enough of dot balls and he takes Australia past 100 with a big six down the ground. Stunning shot. Just the maximum from the over. Rogers 36* Watson 40

AUS 109-1Stokes surprises Rogers with a decent short ball but the opener does well to keep the threat out. The batsman targets the point boundary, however, the cut shot is miscued to gully. Rogers reaches the rope a ball later with an excellent shot through mid-wicket.

AUS 109-1Panesar is bowling at a very good pace today, which is important on this pitch. Watson attempts to punch the ball through the covers but Cook fields well to keep him on strike. Maiden from Panesar.

AUS 118-1Stokes starts the over well but he delivers a rare bad ball to allow Rogers to cut four past the fielders on the off-side. Easy pickings for the opener, but he's caught in two minds moments later when he misses a pull shot. Rogers reaches the rope again with a later cut past backward point. Stokes is also punished for a no ball because he clipped the stumps during his follow-through. Nine from the over. Rogers 48 Watson 40*

AUS 121-1Panesar is making Watson work very hard out there as he settles on a good lenght early in the over. Watson attempts to give himself some room and he's almost caught out as he just keeps out the quicker one to earn two. A cut into the off-side brings another run. Rogers 48 Watson 43*

AUS 121-1There's a change of bowling as Broad replaces Stokes. Just one slip and a gully in place. Broad goes very straight to Watson, who still doesn't fill anyone with confidence when playing around that front pad. The umpires come together again to have a look at the ball but it goes through the hoops again on their gadget, so England must continue. Great work from Root at mid-wicket to make sure that Watson doesn't spoil a maiden over.

AUS 124-1Nice pace from Panesar to beat both Rogers and Prior. England's wicketkeeper misses the ball again when Panesar beats the outside edge. It's a very good over from the spinner, with three being added to Australia's total.

AUS 128-150! Rogers reaches his third half-century with an excellent cut past the diving Carberry for four runs. Patient innings from a player desperate to make an impact in this game. There's some bounce for Broad later in the over as Rogers misses the ball outside off-stump. Rogers 53 Watson 43*

AUS 128-1Great over from Panesar as he varies both his line and pace to ask Watson some questions. No errors from Australia's number three, though. Maiden over.

AUS 135-1Rogers times a drive well but he picks out Root. A straighter delivery allows the opener to nudge a single to fine-leg. Watson shuffles across his crease to find a run of his own through square-leg. Rogers looks uncomfortable when he plays the pull, but he makes enough contact to earn a single. Broad ends the over by offering a gift to Watson, who flicks four through fine-leg to bring up the 100 partnership. Where will a wicket come from for the tourists?

AUS 137-1Panesar's spell comes to an end as Cook turns to Swann again. The spinner drifts onto the pads to allow Rogers to guide a couple through mid-wicket. Not much else to report from the over as Rogers continues to go about his business calmly. Time for another drinks break. Rogers 57 Watson 48*

AUS 137-1England aren't doing too badly out there but it's difficult for the bowlers as they attempt to make a breakthrough on a flat pitch. Australia are applying themselves very well.

AUS 142-1Broad beats the bat with a nice delivery outside edge to leave Watson fishing around off-stump. The batsman is happy to take on the short ball and collect a single to deep square-leg. Shot! Rogers punishes a wide delivery by beating Carberry at point to earn four runs.

AUS 143-150! Watson joins Rogers in reaching his half-century by nudging a single into the leg-side. Good innings so far but he'll want a three figure score. Rogers blocks out the rest of the over from Swann.

AUS 143-1Cook is desperate for a breakthrough and he turns to Anderson for a new spell. The seamer uses his foot well to stop a firm drive from Watson. Bell keeps the pressure on by blocking a late cut at gully. Decent return from Anderson, but no threat. Rogers 61* Watson 50

AUS 147-1There's some good drift for Swann in the over but Rogers is looking solid in defence at this stage of his innings. The experienced opener drops deep in his crease to keep out a couple of quicker balls, before reaching the rope with a good sweep shot.

AUS 155-1Watson is forced to hurry when he calls for a single and he's safe, despite Root hitting the stumps with his throw. Shot! Best one of the day from Rogers as he drives, on the up, to collect four through cover. An open faced shot beats Bell to bring three more to third-man. Watson misses the ball when playing across his pads but the delivery would have missed leg-stump.


AUS 155-2England make the breakthrough! Watson will be disappointed as he prods the ball back to Anderson, who reacts impressively to take a very good return catch. The tourists are delighted to break that partnership. Clarke in next.

AUS 155-2Watson looked so comfortable out there but he was out driving at ball which just wasn't the right length for the shot. Rogers is on strike for Swann's over.


AUS 155-3Just like buses! Swann strikes from the other end as he catches the edge with some turn to send Rogers back inside for 72. It's a good catch on the stretch from Prior, too. England now have two new Australians to bowl at, with Steve Smith walking out to join his skipper.

AUS 158-3Plenty of company around the bat for Smith, but Swann gets it all wrong to concede three byes down the leg-side. England are full of confidence in the field now.

AUS 158-3The older ball is starting to do something for Anderson as the first signs of reverse swing begin to appear. Smith gets bat on ball midway through the over, but neither of his defensive shots are convincing. It's a maiden. 20 minutes left in the session.

AUS 158-3Interesting move from Cook as he brings back Panesar to bowl at Clarke, who we know is a fantastic player of spin. The pitch is doing a bit for Panesar as he finds some extra bounce. Big appeal from Prior behind the stumps when Clarke fishes for the ball outside off-stump but there's no edge. England are keeping the pressure on now as Panesar completes a maiden.

AUS 165-3Great effort from Carberry at point to block a powerful shot from Smith. A shorter delivery is nudged into the leg-side for a single as Smith gets off the mark. Groans from England when Clarke plays across the line but the Australian skipper is off the mark with four through fine-leg. A no ball extends the over slightly, which allows Clarke to steal the strike with a single behind square on the leg-side.

AUS 169-3It looks like we're going to see a good battle between Clarke and Panesar. The pressure is on the batsman early in the over, but he punishes a short ball to collect four through cover. Just the boundary from the over. Panesar is looking dangerous, though.

AUS 174-3Anderson is getting annoyed with the area where he lands his front foot. The seamer's mood isn't improved when Smith clips four through fine-leg. Smith adds another on the leg-side, but Clarke is happy to defend.


AUS 174-4Beauty! Panesar gets one to grip and turn to hit Smith's off-stump as the batsman struggled to get his feet sorted at the crease. What a delivery and what a wicket for the tourists!

5.06amTEA: That wicket signals the end of the session. Australia were in complete control but England have fought back superbly to take three quick wickets.

5.08amIt's not been the easiest of days for the tourists but they'll be very happy with their position after two sessions of bowling on a flat pitch. They've stuck to their task well and the pressure is now on Australia.

5.10amPanesar was dancing off the field at the end of that session. England cannot take their foot off the gas after the tea break and they must remain patient because this is still a batting pitch.

5.12amAustralia might be concerned that they've produced the type of pitch which they struggled on during the summer. England don't mind playing on difficult pitches as they feel Anderson, in particular, will threaten with reverse swing. Panesar has added another threat with his attacking spin bowling.

5.15amFirst innings runs will decide this game. It's that simple. Australia still have plenty of players to pile the runs on but they cannot afford to lose too many more wickets today.

5.17amThe innings looked to be slipping away from England midway through that session but it was Anderson's superb return catch which changed things. It's a big hour for both sides after the tea interval. George Bailey will join Clarke at the crease. Will Anderson get to bowl to his old friends?

5.21amThe players are heading back out to the middle now for the final session of the first day. Can Australia get this innings back on track? Panesar has three balls left in his over. Clarke 9 Bailey 0*

AUS 176-4Bailey gets some bat on the first coupe of balls, but Anderson keeps him on strike with some good fielding. However, a short delivery allows Bailey to get off the mark with a couple through the off-side.

AUS 176-4Anderson begins a new over with a superb length to Clarke, whose technique is being tested around his off-stump. Mind you, there's not many better techniques in the world. Maiden over. Clarke 9 Bailey 2*

AUS 180-4Short again from Panesar and Bailey takes full advantage to drill four through the off-side. It takes the spinner a few balls to get the length right, so it's a bit of a wasted over.

AUS 185-4Clarke is forced to defend early in the over but he punishes a fuller ball by guiding four runs through mid-wicket. A nudge into the off-side bring a single as Bailey responds well to his skipper's call. Beauty to finish the over from Anderson as he beats the outside edge with just enough extra bounce.

AUS 190-4Clarke skips down the pitch to loft Panesar into the leg-side for a single. Bailey is gifted another short ball and he reaches the rope again, this time with the pull shot. Panesar comes back well as the over progresses but Cook may be tempted to turn to Swann soon.

AUS 190-4Lovely variations on show from Anderson, who is in full ODI mode as he looks to restrict Clarke's scoring options. Wow, stunning delivery from Anderson midway through the over but the sound is bat against pad and a caught behind appeal is quickly abandoned. Great over. It's a maiden.

AUS 191-4Drop! It's a tough, tough chance but Panesar may feel he should have his second wicket when he spills a powerful shot from Bailey. Will England have to pay for that? Bailey adds a run late in the over with a nudge into the leg-side.

AUS 194-4The jeers greet Broad as he replaces Anderson. Bailey gets bat om ball a couple of times before being beaten just outside his off-stump. No noise from the bat, so England wisely decide against using a review. Anderson does the chasing when Bailey ends the over by earning three down the ground. Clarke 15 Bailey 14*

AUS 202-4Panesar gets away with a full toss when Bailey hits Cook's leg at silly mid-off. Shot! Bailey has made his name in limited-overs cricket and he shows his attacking intent by lofting the ball down the ground for six. Another skip down the pitch brings a single to mid-off. One more run added by Clarke.

AUS 203-4Another beauty of a delivery from Broad starts the over as he beats Clarke's outside edge on this occasion. Good cricket from Clarke to rush a single with a push into the leg-side. It's another decent over from Broad. Clarke 17* Bailey 21

AUS 205-4Panesar has just lost a bit of rhythm in the past couple of overs, so Cook has thrown the ball to Swann again. Clarke nudges the spinner, who starts from around the wicket, into the leg-side for one. Bailey skips forward to push a run to long-on. Close! Nice bowling from Swann, but a prod from Clarke sends the ball wide of Bell at short-leg.

AUS 205-4Wild from Bailey as he attempts the pull shot, despite the length not encouraging that stroke. It's gone a bit quiet in Adelaide, which probably suits the hosts at this stage of the day. Maiden over. Clarke 18* Bailey 22

AUS 209-4Drop! Clarke advances down the pitch and hits the ball in the air to Root, who fails to take what would have been a stunning catch. That's two missed opportunities for England in this session. Swann's face tells the story. Four runs off the over.

AUS 212-4Bailey handles the bouncer well to pull a single early in Broad's over. Great awareness from Clarke to open the face of his bat and sneak a run just behind point. Cook will be desperate for another wicket before the close of play, but these two are looking settled at the crease now. One more single makes it three off the over. Clarke 23 Bailey 24*

AUS 215-4Close! Clarke is looking nervous when Swann deflects the ball onto the stumps at the non-striker's end. Kumar Dharmasena sends the decision upstairs and a quick replay proves Clarke made his ground. Swann is inches away from a wicket again just a few moments later when a thick inside edge sends the ball just past leg-stump. Three singles from the over.

AUS 215-4Stokes is coming back into the attack. He did pretty well in his spell earlier today. There's seven overs left until the new ball is available. 17 overs remaining in the day.

AUS 216-4Nice start from Stokes with a couple of good straight balls but it's a wider one which almost gets the wicket when Bailey swings wildly. A nudge just in front of point earns the same batsman a quick single. Tidy return for Stokes.

AUS 218-4Clarke avoids Bell at short-leg to collect a single. Bailey lunges forward to pad the ball to safety, while playing a shot. The same batsman steps forward again but he's struggling to find the middle of the bat. A quicker delivery is well kept out by Bailey. Two off the over.

AUS 222-4Oh dear. A push into the single should just bring a single but Broad backs up a Carberry throw poorly and Australia are gifted two more. Bailey then pulls a single to Pietersen at deep square-leg. Stokes, hitting 88mph in this spell, continues to do well on debut.

AUS 222-4England will want to break this partnership before the close of play if they can. Both of these players can score very quickly and they'll be eager to make the tourists pay for those dropped catches.

AUS 225-4Mistake from Carberry at point, which is a rarity, allows Bailey to pick up a single. Swann is still changing his pace nicely but Clarke is offered a couple when the spinner loses his length. This partnership has now passed 50.

AUS 229-4No slip in place and there's two men out on the leg-side for Stokes. It looks like England are setting up for the short ball but it's a bluff from Stokes early on as he keeps it full. However, Stokes does lose his length slightly and Bailey pulls four runs over mid-wicket. Just the boundary from the 78th over.

AUS 235-4Swann, still trying his luck from around the wicket, is tucked into the leg-side for one by Clarke. Shot! Bailey comes skipping down the pitch again to smash four more runs straight down the ground. The strike is then handed back to Clarke, who keeps out the remaining deliveries.

AUS 243-4Panesar returns to bowl the 80th over, which suggest Cook might not take the new ball straight away. The spinner changes his pace well to force Bailey into some good defensive strokes on the front foot. Brilliant. Bailey refuses to be dominated by the spinner as he charges down the pitch again to loft six straight down the ground. Two more runs added in the over. Bailey 46 Clarke 32*

AUS 243-4I reckon that shot from Bailey might have changed Cook's mind because the ball has now been thrown to Anderson. However, the second new ball has not been taken just yet.

AUS 249-4Anderson bowls just one delivery before taking the new ball from Kumar Dharmasena. Clarke stays on the back foot to block a couple of balls but he uses some extra width to guide two runs past point. Shot! Great stuff from Clarke as he whips the ball off his pads for four more.

AUS 256-4Broad is back into the attack to replace Panesar. 50! Bailey reaches his maiden Test half-century in style as he launches a short ball over the rope on the leg-side for another six. Broad goes fuller, but he can't stop Bailey from finding a single. Australia are cruising. Bailey 53* Clarke 38

AUS 256-4If England can find one more wicket, they'll feel like it's been a very good day in the field. Anderson breezes through his over to complete a good maiden. Australia won't want to make a mistake in the closing stages.

AUS 257-4Clarke gets on top of the bounce well midway through the over to guide a single to deep square-leg. Bailey and Clarke seem to have their sights set on tomorrow as they keep out another over of the new ball. Clarke 39 Bailey 53*

AUS 257-4Clarke looks like he's carried his form from Brisbane into this match as he finds the middle of the bat with every defensive shot. Just like in the first session, the new ball is doing very little for the tourists. Decent maiden over from Anderson.

AUS 257-4Good start to the over as Broad forces Bailey to avoid a sharp bouncer.


AUS 257-5Stunning! Broad is given licence to bowl the short ball and Bailey hammers a pull shot to square-leg, wher Swann takes one of the best catches you'll see this year. Good captaincy but a great piece of fielding hands England their fifth wicket.

AUS 259-5Haddin is the new batsman. He averages over 100 on this ground. The newest arrival to the crease gets off the mark with a pull for two.

AUS 263-5Cook throws the ball to Panesar again with around 25 minutes left in the day. Clarke takes the single on offer to hand the strike to his partner. Panesar sends down a beauty but an outside edge saves Haddin, earning him a single in the process. Clarke ends the over with two through mid-wicket when Pietersen makes a mistake. Plenty of pressure on the hosts now, despite the amount of runs on the board.

AUS 265-5The field is once again set for some short bowling but Broad starts the over with a full one to Haddin. Close! Broad does fire in a shorter delivery but Haddin just manages to avoid a diving Swann at mid-wicket as he picks up two runs. REVIEW! Big, big appeal for lbw from Broad but there's a shake of the head. Cook decides it's worth a review. Hawkeye shows the ball would have gone over the top, so it's a good decision. Two runs off a very impressive over.

AUS 266-5Panesar won't mind Clarke picking up a single at the start of a new over. Some good fielding keeps Haddin on strike when he cuts two shorter deliveries. Drop! What a chance for England. Haddin cuts again and it looks like his innings comes to an end when he picks out Carberry, who drops the easiest of catches at backward point. How big could that moment be in this game? Carberry is usually a brilliant fielder but he'll be losing sleep tonight.

AUS 268-5Clarke miscues a pull shot but he manages to collect a single. Haddin is greeted by another short delivery and he picks up a run to deep square-leg. This has been a very good spell of aggressive bowling from Broad, who is causing problems on a flat pitch. Two off the over. Time for one more, the umpires have decided. Clarke 44 Haddin 6*

AUS 273-5Christmas has come early. We're going to see 91 overs. It's been a while since I've seen that. Panesar delivers a couple of dot balls before making a mistake off his own bowling to gift Haddin a single. Lovely shot from Clarke as he beats mid-on to collect four runs. It's five from the final over of the day. Clarke 48 Haddin 7*

AUS 273-5CLOSE OF PLAY: It's been a pretty good day for both teams. England have done very well to collect five wickets on a very good batting pitch, while Australia are in a good position to post a big first innings score.

7.41amEngland have dropped three catches today, with both Bailey and Clarke being given a life early in their innings. However, it was Carberry's awful drop of Haddin late in the day which could have the biggest impact.

7.42amIt could have been even better, but England will be pretty pleased with their work. Clarke and Haddin will be in confident in mood if they can get in again on day two. The first session will be crucial.

7.44amThanks for joining me for an exciting start to the second Ashes Test. It's pretty even in Adelaide right now, who will take control on day two? Join me at 11.30pm for more live text coverage. Goodbye.

Stuart Broad of England shows the ball to the crowd after dismissing Mitchell Johnson of Australia during day one of the First Ashes Test match on November 21, 2013
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