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Live Commentary: The Ashes: Second Test, day four - as it happened

Relive our text coverage of day four of the second Ashes Test as Australia moved closer to another convincing victory over England.

Australia moved closer to a 2-0 Ashes series lead on day four of the second Test in Adelaide.

The hosts declared on 132-3, a lead of 530, prior to the start of play and they made an impressive start as Alastair Cook (1) fell to Mitchell Johnson early in England's second innings.

Joe Root (87) and Kevin Pietersen (53) offered some stubborn resistance for the tourists but England finished the day on 247-6 to edge closer to another big defeat.

Read below to find out how Australia closed in on the win in Adelaide.

11.30pmHello everyone. Mitchell Johnson stole the show yesterday with the ball in his hand before David Warner's 83* hurt England even more in the final session of the day. There's still a lot of time left in this match. When will Australia declare?

11.32pmEngland needed a big response yesterday, but it just didn't arrive. Johnson found his best form in a devastating spell of fast bowling and the tourists just didn't have an answer. It's difficult to see anything other than an Australia victory in Adelaide.

11.35pmThe game isn't won yet, Michael Clarke knows that much. Australia will have a lot of time to find the 10 wickets they need for a 2-0 series lead. There may be some showers today, but England need a lot of rain to save them from defeat.

11.37pmWarner will start day four on 83*, with Steve Smith alongside him on 23 not out. A century for the opener could prompt a declaration. Clarke surely will not waste that much time today.

11.40pmEngland need to restore some pride today. Selection issues will dominate the headlines when this match is finished, but it's these 11 players that need to prove a point over the next two days.

11.42pmEngland will need to survive around 170 overs to salvage a draw. They've only batted for just over 200 overs in this series so far. Not a good sign for the Barmy Army in Adelaide.

11.45pmThe tourists need to pick up a couple of early wickets. It may be in a lost cause, but the bowlers must keep the pressure on as they look ahead in this series. Smith, in particular, is a player England need to target.

11.48pmJust over 10 minutes until play begins in Adelaide. The first target for England should be to force this game into a fifth day. I don't think Andy Flower can take another batting collapse.

11.51pmBREAKING NEWS: Australia have declared. Michael Clarke obviously knows that there are some showers around and he's decided to put England in at the start of day four. England need 531 to win, or more likely, they have two days to survive.

11.53pmWarner is denied that century, but I'm sure he won't mind too much. Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry probably need to bat until at least lunch.

11.57pmI think we will have some delays today. Clarke will be eager to make an early breakthrough. What mood is Johnson in? The players are coming out now.

11.59pmIt's going to be Ryan Harris who opens the bowling. Cook on strike. Play!

ENG 1-0Cook keeps out Harris early in the over before getting off the mark with a single through fine-leg. There has been some rumours of Ian Bell moving up to three, but Joe Root has the pads on in the dressing room. Just one run off the over.


ENG 1-1Who else? Fans of the England captain, look away. Cook takes on the short ball but he top edges a hook to fine-leg, where Harris runs in to take a brilliant catch. What a start for Johnson and Australia.

ENG 1-1Root arrives at the crease under a pile of pressure. Johnson is slightly too wide, so no shot is needed. England in big trouble, again.

ENG 1-1Where is the Alastair Cook we used to know? That was a crazy shot from the England skipper. Carberry is beaten on the outside edge by a beauty from Harris. Great accuracy from Australia's seamer.

ENG 1-1Johnson begins the over full, before forcing Root to play a good defensive shot to keep out a shorter ball. No delivery slips under the 90mph mark in the over as Johnson continues to worry the tourists. Carberry 0* Root 0

ENG 2-1Close! Harris, from around the wicket, nearly sends Carberry packing but the opener gets an inside edge on the ball to save him from an lbw call. A no-ball doubles England's tally, but there's no other scoring options on offer. Harris is bowling very full to Carberry.

ENG 2-1England can't buy a run at the moment. Root isn't interested in playing outside off-stump and he's alert enough to get the middle of the bat on the shorter deliveries. Plenty of chat aimed at the Yorkshire batsman early on.

ENG 10-1Carberry breaks an extended spell of dot balls by flicking four runs off his toes. Harris responds by coming back over the wicket Shot! It gets better later in the over as Carberry drives four more through extra cover. Eight runs to the opener. Will Clarke turn to Nathan Lyon soon?

ENG 11-1Change of bowling, but it's Siddle rather than Lyon who replaces Johnson. Root picks the gap at mid-wicket to collects a single. Carberry is more than happy to defend as Siddle searches for the right length throughout the over. Carberry 8 Root 1*

ENG 14-1Root leans forward to push Harris down the ground for a couple of runs. There's not bee any movement in the air from this new ball, which could add more pressure on Clarke to bring on Lyon. Decent over, but not much threat yet from Harris.

ENG 17-1Carberry sits back in his crease to guide a couple of runs through square-leg. A similar shot follows just a few moments later but the result is only a single this time. It's still a very good pitch for batting out there. Time for Mr Lyon to have a go.

ENG 18-1Lyon finds some early turn but Carberry has left well outside off-stump in this game, and he does so again. Close! Lyon gives the ball some flight but Carberry drives the ball firmly for Smith to have any chance of taking a catch at silly mid-off. A nudge into the leg-side for one ruins a possible maiden over.

ENG 20-1Siddle is too straight, which allows Carberry to work a couple through square-leg.


ENG 20-2Wow. I'm not sure if you can excuse these dismissals. Carberry is the second batsman to miscue a pull/hook this morning as Lyon takes a very good catch at deep square-leg to hand Australia their second wicket. What a great start for the hosts. Pietersen in next.

ENG 20-2Pietersen will be fully aware of the two fielders at mid-wicket, where he offered George Bailey a catch in the first innings. No runs on offer for England's newest batsman.

ENG 26-2Root, who was out playing a strange sweep in the first innings, gets off strike with a nudge through square-leg. Pietersen flicks the ball off his pad to start his scoring with two through fine-leg. A push through extra cover brings two more after Lyon moves around the wicket. One more off the over. Root 4 Pietersen 7*

ENG 27-2I reckon Johnson is waiting in the deep, licking his lips at the prospect of bowling at Pietersen, who is always the main target for any team in the world. It's Siddle for now and he concedes just one run off his latest over. Time for a drinks break. England need one.

ENG 27-2It's been a dream start for Australia. Cook and Carberry gave their wickets away in truth, but the hosts won't mind seeing more of those reckless shots. They need just eight more wickets for a 2-0 series lead.

ENG 28-2Pietersen likes to dominate the spinners, but will he even consider changing the approach today? I doubt it. A flick off the hip brings a single to fine-leg. There's some turn late in the over, but it's too much for Root to be at risk of being dismissed for lbw.

ENG 28-2Pietersen, as always, is eager to defend on the front foot as the accurate Siddle continues to hit the right area just outside the off-stump. Great over. Maiden.

ENG 30-2Root's problem seems to be the bounce that Lyon is getting back in towards him. That sweep shot is unlikely to be brought out in the near future. A nudge into the leg-side brings a single. Plenty of positive movements from Pietersen, but just one run available through square-leg.

ENG 34-2Pietersen isn't offered an inch by Siddle early in the over. However, a loose delivery allows Pietersen to drill four runs through the off-side. Will Clarke think about using Shane Watson soon? Pietersen might be tempted to attack the all-rounder.

ENG 43-2Root picks the gap on the leg-side to pick up two runs early in Lyon's over. A wider ball invites the back-foot cut, which brings a couple more. Lyon then offers up a full toss to Root, who accepts the gift by driving four through the covers. One more makes it nine off the over. Time for Johnson? Root 14* Pietersen 12

ENG 45-2It is Johnson who returns to the attack. Root fails to punish a full delivery as he gets a thick edge to run through to the slips. A push through the covers rotates the strike. Pietersen flirts with one down the leg-side but the ball reaches Haddin without a touch from the bat. Kumar Dharmasena decides that a bouncer late in the over is too short, so Johnson is punished with a wide. 30 minutes left in the session.

ENG 48-2Changes at both ends as Watson comes on for Lyon. Root picks up two off the first ball with a clip through square-leg. A similar shot brings another run. Watson goes very straight to Pietersen, who defends for the rest of the over.

ENG 56-2Root takes England past 50 by flicking Johnson through fine-leg for four runs. Shot! Root sits back to guide a wider ball past point for another boundary. Plenty of words still being said out there, but Root laughs it off.

ENG 57-2Pietersen gets an inside edge on the ball early in the over but he's safe with no short-leg in place. There's definitely some signs of reverse swing out there. Haddin responds by coming up to the stumps. Watson strikes the pad with some late movement but the ball is doing too much on this occasion. Nice over from Watson.

ENG 58-2Pietersen gets on top of the bounce well to work Johnson into the leg-side for a single. The seamer changes the angle to give Root a new concern from around the wicket. It looks like the set-up for a short ball but Root is instead beaten on the outside edge. Just a single from the over.

ENG 60-2Watson keeps it tight again in the over. Haddin hangs back, before coming up to the stumps to keep Pietersen in his crease as he blocks the first five balls. A whip through mid-wicket earns the batsman two. Root 26* Pietersen 16

ENG 63-2Interesting move from Clarke as he brings on Steve Smith to bowl his brand of leg-spin. It's no surprise to see the bowler start with a half-tracker, which is pulled for a single, but England need to be ready for the odd beauty. Close! There it is. Even Haddin is surprised as Smith beats the outside edge with one that turns and bounces. Just three runs scored. One over left in the session.

ENG 65-2LUNCH: Lyon comes back on for the final over. Root lunges forward and is lucky to see an inside edge deflect the ball to safety. A shorter delivery is there for hitting, but Root can only pull a single. Pietersen ends the session by picking up a run to long-off. Root 29* Pietersen 18*

2.02amIt's been another good session for the hosts. Only two wickets have fallen, but the early strikes were very important. Pietersen and Root have played well since Carberry's departure, but their task looks close to impossible.

2.03amWe'll join the players by taking a break. Come back in around 30 minutes for coverage of the second session.

2.34amWelcome back everyone. An Australian success seems inevitable in Adelaide. Whether that victory comes today, or tomorrow, is another question. England just need to keep fighting on a pitch still favouring batting.

2.36amIn truth, England probably needed their two openers to still be at the crease to stand a chance of salvaging something from this game. However, Pietersen and Root have both looked solid early in their innings. Sadly for the tourists, the rain that was predicted seems to have drifted away for now.

2.40amThe players are back out in the middle following the lunch break, with Harris starting the session with the ball. England's unlikely target is 531. Play!

ENG 65-2Pietersen gets an inside edge on a straight one to keep out Harris early in the over. Australia will be pretty happy to see Pietersen defend away from his body when Harris goes wider. Beauty! Clarke lets out a groan at second slip when Harris beats the outside edge with a gorgeous delivery. Root 29* Pietersen 18

ENG 66-2Lyon takes the ball from the other end for the hosts. Root misses out on two occasions when the spinner drifts the ball down the leg-side. Ouch! Root steals a quick single on the off-side and Pietersen takes a painful blow from Siddle's wild throw. Not much harm done, fortunately. One off the over.

ENG 69-2Root gets off strike with a run on the leg-side at the start of the over. Harris knows the patient game might pay off with Pietersen, as he hangs a few more outside off-stump in an attempt to invite a false shot. A shorter ball follows later in the over and a miscued pull is enough to earn Pietersen two runs to deep mid-wicket.

ENG 70-2There's definitely some bounce for Lyon, who needs to find a better line from around the wicket. Root brings up the 50 partnership with an easy single on the leg-side. Some good fielding on both sides of the wicket prevents Pietersen from adding to the total.

ENG 72-2Root takes a step forward to push Harris down the ground for two runs. This partnership has certainly slowed down the hosts, but bith sides will know that a couple of quick wickets will change everything today. Root 34 Pietersen 20*

ENG 77-2Shot! Pietersen picks out the fielder with a cut but he continues to stay positive and reaches the rope with a powerful stroke down the ground. England are playing Lyon (0-28) pretty well today. One more makes it five off the over. Clarke will probably turn to Johnson soon.

ENG 79-2Pietersen annoys Harris when he steps away due to a distraction from the stands. Good cricket from England's number four to sneak a single moments later with a nudge into the off-side. Root adds another with a push to cover. It's been quiet since lunch. Good news for the optimistic England supporters.

ENG 82-2Root skips down the pitch to steer a couple of runs past point. Much better line from Lyon in the middle of the over as he forces Root to lean forward to block. One more run added off the final ball.

ENG 82-2Important spell in the session now as Clarke brings back Johnson for another burst. The seamer comes around the wicket to target Root's stumps. Clarke has a quick word with his bowler midway through the over, but there's no obvious change to the plan. Steady return for Johnson. No threat in the over. It's a maiden.

ENG 92-2Lyon can't seem to settle on the right line to Pietersen, who leans forward to clip a run into the leg-side. Shot! Too full from Lyon and Root executes a perfect drive through the covers for four. Another boundary follows when Root pulls a shorter delivery for four more. A single makes it 10 from the over. Root 47* Pietersen 27

ENG 92-2Root has played Johnson as well as anyone and he does well to keep an awkward bouncer down. Close! Root makes a rare mistake when he goes after a wider one outside off-stump. Johnson cannot resist having a word, but he just gets a smile from the batsman. Maiden over. Root 47 Pietersen 27&

ENG 102-2Smith is back. He's not quite Shane Warner, but this will be a test of Pietersen's concentration. Six! Well, he looks calm enough. Smith starts with a full-toss and Pietersen charges down the pitch to launch a big shot over the rope down the ground. The next two deliveries do hit the pitch and Pietersen nudges the latter for a single. Root then pulls a short ball to deep mid-wicket for another run. Pietersen rotates the strike again with a single to mid-on. Brilliant work from Warner to stop a boundary and force Root to collect just one more run off the over.

ENG 104-2Good bouncer to start the over from Johnson as Root takes a duck to avoid the danger. Root is getting a few words after every single delivery, but I just don't think the sledging worries the young Yorkshire batsman. 50! The England fans in the stand applaud Root as he reaches his half-century with two through mid-wicket. It's been a good knock so far, but he'll be desperate to go on.

ENG 108-2Nervy moment for Pietersen as he slices Smith just over Johnson's head at cover early in a new over. Close! Smith finds his inner Warner to beat the outside edge with a beauty to Pietersen. A full-toss is nudged to Warner, who forces the umpire to look upstairs when he hits the stumps from mid-on. Pietersen is quick, though, an he made his ground easily. Root ends the over by pulling a single to deep mid-wicket.

ENG 114-2Close! Root goes fishing again outside off-stump but the ball just misses the edge on its way to Haddin. A push through the covers brings a couple of runs, before Root finds two more with a nudge down the ground. There's time in the over for two more to deep extra cover. Promising signs with the bat from this pair. England are still 417 runs short of their unlikely target.

ENG 128-2Go fetch! Horrible delivery from Smith and Pietersen brings up the century partnership with a big six over mid-wicket. The next short ball is drilled to deep cover for one. Root adds another single through square-leg, before Pietersen goes on the attack again to launch six more over long-off. That's his 50 from 91 balls. Excellent knock so far. Where were these two in the first innings? Time for a drinks break.

ENG 128-2Who knows? Maybe the great escape is on. These two need to bat for a lot longer if England are to achieve the impossible. Time for Siddle.

ENG 131-2Good return for Siddle as he concedes just three off a decent over. Clarke won't be worrying, but a partnership like this is always frustrating for the fielding side. Where will the breakthrough come from? Root 60* Pietersen 53

ENG 131-2Clarke is hoping that a spell of dot balls might bring a wicket as he turns to Watson again. I wonder if the Australian skipper might think about having a bowl. Pietersen could be tempted to play a false shot against his part-time spin. Maiden over from Watson.

ENG 131-2Siddle goes very full to Pietersen, who shows nice timing to keep the seamer out. Two maidens in a row from the hosts. Clarke will be happy if the pressure keeps building.

ENG 131-2Harris is in that odd position next to the pitch in a very straight mid-on. I still haven't seen a catch taken there. Watson finds some good pace to send a bouncer over a ducking Root's head. No runs on offer. Maiden over.


ENG 131-3Three maidens in a row creates pressure as Pietersen chops on at the start of Siddle's over. That's the ninth time the seamer has removed Pietersen in Test cricket. Good knock, but Australia are another step closer to victory. Big moment for the hosts. Ian Bell in next.

ENG 131-3Clarke immediately puts two fielders on the drive to greet Bell. Solid defence on show from the new batsman but he can't get off the mark as Siddle completes a wicket maiden. Brilliant work from Australia's seamers.

ENG 131-3Watson receives an official warning early in the over for walking on the pitch. It looks like that might be his second warning, so he would be out of the attack if he did it again. England's wait for a run goes on as Root safely negotiates a maiden.

ENG 132-3Great pressure from Australia as Watson reacts well to block a drive from Bell. Close! Siddle isn't far away from catching the edge when Bell thinks about pulling a shorter ball. The run of dot balls is finally ended when Bell takes a risky single to Harris at point. Root is struck on the wrist by the throw, but he's not been hurt that badly. Root 60 Bell 1*

ENG 136-3Lyon is back into the attack for a new spell. Bell leaves one that just misses his off-stump to leave Clarke gasping at slip. Shot! You can't be short to England's in-form batsman and Lyon is punished for a poor length as Bell cuts four through the covers. The next wicket is key.

ENG 141-3Superb from Harris at backward point to keep Root on strike following a thick outside edge. Siddle then drifts one down the leg-side to force Haddin into a good stop. Lyon almost stops a boundary at deep square-leg but Root manages to pick up four to collects his first runs for 35 minutes. A push past point allows Root to keep the strike.

ENG 141-3Lovely line and length from Lyon to keep Root honest throughout the over. A thick inside edge almost offers a return catch but the ball drops well short of the bowler. Much better from Australia's spinner. Maiden over. 10 minutes left in the session.

ENG 143-3Spin from both ends now as Smith returns to the attack. Bell hammers a short ball to deep cover for a single, before Root adds another with a similar shot.


ENG 143-4Village cricket, at its finest. Bell is offered a full toss but he somehow manages to pick out Johnson, who takes a catch diving forward at mid-on. How on earth has Smith got a wicket with that ball? Australia don't care! Stokes in next.

ENG 143-4Australia are on fire in the field. Stokes looks nervous at on his arrival as he hits Bailey, who has no time to react at short-leg. Australia might think they can win this match today.

ENG 143-4TEA: Root has his eye on tea as he blocks out a good over from Lyon. Is there time for another? No, decide the umpire. Johnson will have to wait for a bit longer. Root 66 Stokes 0*

4.42amIs that game over then? Australia were on the back foot for a while but those two big wickets late in the session have changed things again. Bell must be furious with himself following his dismissal.

4.43amEither Stokes or the out of form Matt Prior need to hang around with Root in the final session. Stokes averages around 35 in county cricket, but this is a different world. Johnson's spell after tea could decide how long this Test goes on for.

4.46amPietersen and Root showed some good fight but it's all come too late for the tourists. Australia just look like a better side at the moment. A 2-0 lead is not far away.

4.48amRoot has 66 from 165 balls. It's an innings that isn't going to make a difference in this game but he will take some confidence going forward as England look to fill the void left by Jonathan Trott's absence.

4.51amJust as it did after Brisbane, plenty of questions will be asked of the England players. However, this game isn't over yet and some problems could still be resolved. Stokes has a chance to impress the leaders of the team, while Prior desperately needs to find some confidence with the bat.

4.54am531 runs was never a realistic target but Root, Stokes and Prior have the task of restoring some pride now. A century for Root would be a boost for the tourists.

4.58amOne target for England. Force this game into a fifth day. Root and Stokes walk back out with the hosts for the final session of day four. Johnson will start with the ball in hand. Australia need six more wickets.

ENG 143-4Close! Nervy moment for Stokes midway through the over as he just manages to avoid short-leg with an inside edge. A change of angle follows but Stokes easily avoids the bouncer. Root 66* Stokes 0

ENG 151-4Lyon starts after tea with a poor half-tracker to Root, who moves to 70 with a powerful pull shot for four. It's not nice to watch as Lyon repeats the mistake later in the over to gift Root another boundary. Awful from the spinner.

ENG 154-4Johnson sends one down the leg-side and Haddin deserves the applause for an excellent take. An lbw appeal is abandoned when Johnson thinks the ball is probably missing leg-stump. Hotspot shows there was some bat involved, too. Stokes gets off the mark by pushing three runs down the ground. Root continues to look comfortable at the crease.

ENG 154-4Lyon gets his first look at the left-handed Stokes and it's a much better over than his previous one. Stokes takes a risk when he miscues a cut just short of a fielder on the off-side. Some turn and bounce takes the ball past the outside edge. Maiden over.

ENG 159-4Good running from Root to pick up two with a nudge through mid-wicket. Johnson comes back around the wicket to target the stumps but Root finds the middle of the bat again to collect two more. England's number three rotates the strike with a push to cover. REVIEW! Australia's appeal for lbw is rejected but Clarke decides to use one of his reviews. Poor decision as a replay proves there was a lot of bat involved. Root 79* Stokes 3

ENG 162-4Close! Rare mistake from Root as an inside edge just misses his leg-stump. Three runs are taken off the false shot. Plenty of chat around the bat aimed at Stokes. "Ah, dangerous," Clarke chirps from first slip as Stokes keeps out a full one.

ENG 166-4Root's only problems against Johnson have come when he's chased the wider delivery. He's in no mood to make that mistake as he edges closer to a century by punching four runs through the covers. Superb shot. Root 86 Stokes 3*

ENG 170-4The lights have been flicked on at the Adelaide Oval. Stokes is seeing Lyon pretty well as he drills a cut shot away for four runs. There's an over-correction from Lyon following that early boundary as he goes too full for the rest of the over. It's not been the spinner's best day.

ENG 171-4Harris is into the attack. It's not even he goes without a wicket, so he'll be desperate to make an impact in this session. Good line to Root, who is still eager to stay back to defend against the seamers. One off the final ball of the over.


ENG 171-5What a shame. Root deserves a century but his innings comes to an end when Haddin takes a diving catch after the ball hits both the inside edge and the thigh pad. That's the wicket Australia wanted. Great knock from Root. Prior in next.

ENG 171-5Prior comes to the crease on a pair. Lyon gets some good bounce immediately to cause the new batsman a couple of problems on the hip. Nothing looks easy for Prior, but he survives a wicket maiden.

ENG 171-5REVIEW! Good decision from Kumar Dharmasena. Haddin takes a catch behind the stumps, but it looks like Australia want lbw and they decide to use their final review. Strange one from Clarke. Hawkeye shows that the ball would have easily missed off-stump. Lovely over from Haddin. Stokes defends well.

ENG 175-5Lyon persists with a middle and leg line throughout the over as Australia look to extend Prior's poor run of form. It's excellent bowling and the bounce is causing problems. Shot! Prior decides it's time to attack and he gets off a pair by lofting four over mid-wicket.

ENG 176-5Close! Stokes miscues a drive but the ball runs down to fine-leg for a single. There's a hint of reverse swing as Harris beats Prior's outside edge. Testing times for the England duo.

ENG 176-5Lyon is too full again to Stokes, who has been fighting the urge to play his natural attacking game. A skip down the pitch shows his intent but Lyon does well to block the powerful shot. Maiden. Stokes 8 Prior 4*

ENG 181-5Harris produces another brilliant delivery to zip one past the edge again. Prior picks up a single by working the ball off his hip. Stokes does very well to keep out a full one from Harris, who thinks lbw could be on the cards. No movement from Dharmasena. A replay shows the ball clipped the pad first, but Australia have used up their reviews. Four overthrows at the end of the over frustrates the bowler further.

ENG 185-5Shot! Prior dances down the pitch to loft Lyon over mid-wicket for four. Good response from Lyon to keep things tight following the boundary with some nice variations.

ENG 185-5Johnson is back for a new spell as Clarke looks for the wicket which will expose the England tail. There's some cheers around the ground when Johnson sprints to take a catch off his own bowling but there's no bat involved. Stokes has defended very well in his short innings. Maiden over.

ENG 186-5Changes at both ends as Siddle returns to the attack. Prior helps the first ball of the over on its way to deep square-leg to pick up a single. Stokes gets a thick inside edge on an attempted drive. Close! Australia think they might have their sixth wicket when Rogers claims a catch after the ball appears to strike Bailey's foot at short-leg. The umpires send the decision upstairs and a replay proves the ball hit the floor before striking Bailey. Stokes survives. Time for a drinks break.

ENG 186-5Prior and Stokes are hanging on for England and there's a good chance we'll need a fifth day in Adelaide. Australia haven't got long to find the final five wickets.

ENG 190-5Great shot from Prior, who gets on top of the bounce to steer four through point. Close! Johnson responds by beating the outside edge as Prior continues to look vulnerable around off-stump. Just the boundary from the over. Stokes 12* Prior 14

ENG 190-5Stokes can't believe his luck as he hits Bailey with a very powerful pull shot. That deserved four runs. Drop! No blame on Bailey as he barely has time to react as the ball comes at him quickly at short-leg. Siddle completes a maiden.

ENG 192-5The second new ball is just five overs away, so Johnson is given a rest and Lyon returns. Prior seems to be growing with confidence, even if this isn't the free-scoring innings we're used to seeing from him. Just two runs from Lyon's over.

ENG 200-5All the seamers get a rest as Smiths comes back for a new spell. There's some turn out of the rough for the leg-spinner but Stokes looks solid in defence, before reaching the rope with a superb sweep shot. Shot! It gets better for Stokes, who takes England past 200 for the first time in the series by driving four more through extra cover. Stokes 20 Prior 16*

ENG 200-5Lyon breezes through his maiden over, with Prior offering very little as an attacking force. It looks like England might sneak to day five in Adelaide.

ENG 202-5Haddin is still as vocal as ever behind the stumps as he looks to rally the troops late in the day. Smith settles on a decent length midway through the over, but Stokes still finds a single on the leg-side. Prior takes advantage of a fuller delivery to flick a single through fine-leg.

ENG 202-5Lyon bowls a bit quicker early in the over before giving the ball some more flight. Prior eyes the drive through cover but he slices his shot to Harris at backward point. It's another maiden from Lyon. The new ball is now available.

ENG 203-5Clarke takes the new ball immediately and throws it straight to Harris. This will be a different test for the England duo. Harris starts on target but a leg-side delivery allows Stokes to earn a single off the pads. No freedom offered to Prior, who misses with a wild swing outside off-stump. Johnson up next.

ENG 203-5Beauty! Johnson gets one to move enough to zip past the outside edge. Questions asked with every ball in the over but Stokes is handling the pressure well at the moment. Eight overs left in the day.

ENG 209-5Harris is bowling at good pace but he's a touch too straight to Prior, who clips a single off his pads. Shot! Gorgeous stroke from Stokes as he hits four straight back past the bowler. The Durham all-rounder then gets on top of a bouncer well to pull away a single.

ENG 210-5Stokes doesn't seem to be the sort of person that bothered by Johnson bowling bouncers. An aggressive stare tells the bowler that much midway through the over. A clip through fine-leg rotates the strike. Well then, Dharmasena has to step in to send Johnson away following a confrontation between the bowler and Stokes. Plenty of chat going on again. Prior executes the bravest of leaves as Johnson misses off-stump by an inch.


ENG 210-6Breakthrough! Harris catches the outside edge and Clarke takes the catch at second slip to send Stokes on his way. Broad, who is on a king pair, is the new batsman.

ENG 213-6Broad gets off strike thanks to a leg-bye as the volume increases inside the ground again. A thick inside edge allows Prior to pick up a single. Good cricket from Broad to get off a pair with a quick run on the off-side.

ENG 218-6Close! Johnson starts the over with a beauty to go past the outside edge at 91.5mph. I'm not sure how that's missed Broad's off-stump. A push through the covers earns the batsman a couple of runs. Ouch! Johnson hits the shoulder with a fierce bouncer to get the crowd excited again. Broad, who looks very uncomfortable at the crease, then swings wildly at a wider one. There's two more runs for the batsman through point and he finishes the over with a single to deep mid-wicket. Broad survives.

ENG 227-6Harris goes too short with the bouncer and the umpire signals a wide. Shot! Lovely timing from Broad to earn four runs through mid-wicket. Smith takes a catch moments later at third slip but the deflection came off the shoulder as Broad missed with the pull. More runs for Broad as he reaches the rope again with a lofted shot over extra cover. Three overs left in the day. Prior 19* Broad 14

ENG 231-6Close! Prior gets a life as he miscues a pull shot to safety on the leg-side as Lyon attempted to run in from the boundary. Broad flashes a lovely smile at Johnson after ducking another bouncer. The short delivery causes problems a moment later but Broad fends the ball into a gap, before guiding three runs over the slips. Two overs left now.

ENG 239-6Lyon returns to bowl the 89th over and he immediately turns the ball past Broad's edge. A shorter delivery is then cut through the off-side for four. Broad stands tall to punch another run to Warner at cover. Close! Prior nearly repeats his dismissal from Brisbane when he just misses Watson at leg-gully. He needs to stop playing that shot. Eight off the over. Prior 23* Broad 22

ENG 247-6CLOSE OF PLAY: Johnson is given the duty of bowling the final over of the day. Prior ends proceedings on a positive note as he blocks a couple before pulling four runs through mid-wicket. Another short delivery follows and Prior top edges the ball over Haddin's head for another boundary. Still plenty of words being exchanged. Clarke vs. Prior and Broad vs. Johnson. Guys, calm down now. We'll do it all again tomorrow.

7.30amJohnson and Broad are still having a go at each other but they'll have to put the battle to bed for the day. Australia are on the brink of victory in this Test match but England have shown enough fight to force a fifth day.

7.31amThere is some rain expected tomorrow but England would need a minor miracle to escape Adelaide with a draw. Once again, it's been Australia's day in this series.

7.34amThanks for joining me again today. Make sure you come back at 11.30pm as Australia look to finish the tourists off in this second Test. England fans, pray for a storm. Goodbye.

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Australia's Mitchell Johnson is congratulated by teammates after taking the wicket of England's Stuart Broad during day three of the second Ashes test on December 7, 2013
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