Oct 13, 2013 at 6pm UK at ​M&T Bank Stadium
Green Bay Packers
Baltimore Ravens
Nelson (2:22)
Jones (11:58), Clark (2:07)

Live Commentary: Green Bay Packers 19-17 Baltimore Ravens - as it happened

Relive our coverage of the NFL clash between the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens at the M&T Bank Stadium.

The Green Bay Packers claimed their third win of the season with a 19-17 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Mason Crosby kicked four field goals, while Jordy Nelson scored a 64-yard touchdown for the NFC North side.

Jacoby Jones and Dallas Clark both found the end zone in the fourth quarter for the reigning Super Bowl champions, but it was not enough for Baltimore.

Read how all the action unfolded below:

5.32pmGood evening! It's around half an hour until kickoff between the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens, two of the last three teams to win the Super Bowl. Let's start with a look at the inactives...

5.34pmRAVENS INACTIVES: Cody, Reid, Jensen, McKinnie, Stokley, Simon, Spears

5.35pmPACKERS INACTIVES: Bush, Hayward, Starks, Matthews, Jones, Van Roten, Boyd

5.38pmThe big absence for the Packers tonight is linebacker Clay Matthews. The 27-year-old has 18 tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles from Green Bay's first four games of the season, but will miss several games after suffering a severe thumb fracture last week.

5.41pmRecently acquired tackle Eugene Monroe makes his first start for the Ravens, taking the place of Bryant McKinnie. The home side will be without veteran wide receiver Brandon Stokley, who has been dealing with a hip injury.

5.44pmBoth sides come into today's game off the back of wins. The Packers beat NFC North rivals the Detroit Lions 22-9 last Sunday, while the Ravens edged past the Miami Dolphins 26-23.

5.46pmStatistically, Green Bay look the stronger side heading into today's contest. The Packers have averaged 453.2 yards per game so far this season, more than 120 yards more than the Ravens. However, the visitors have played one game less, having been on their bye in week four.

5.50pmThe key player for the Packers is quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has amassed 1,331 passing yards and nine touchdown passes this season. The Ravens will be keen to involve running back Ray Rice more. Rice has just 163 yards so far this season, while the team has averaged only 77 yards per game, compared to 141 from the Packers.

5.52pmWhile Jacoby Jones returns from injury today, the Ravens have said that they are not sure whether he will be able to make kick returns. The wide receiver was injured during the opening week of the season after being hit by one of his own teammates.

5.55pmAs well as live commentary from this game, we'll also be bringing you score updates, half-time reports and results from all of tonight's games. Keep an eye on our NFL page for all the latest.

5.58pmPREDICTION! With kickoff just a couple of minutes away, it's time to make a prediction. While the Packers' defense will surely be weakened without linebacker Clay Matthews, the NFC North side should have a strong enough offense to make sure they outscore their opponents tonight. I'm going for a Green Bay win by less than 10 points.

6pmThe teams are being introduced to the crowd ahead of today's game.

6.02pmThe Ravens have won the toss and choose to defer to the second half, so the Packers' offense will get the first shot.

Q1 15:00Justin Tucker kicks off for the Ravens.

Q1 14:03Rookie running back Eddie Lacy has an immediate impact for the Packers, gaining 10 from his first carry, before sprinting for 37, leaving Green Bay just short of the red zone. It's a brilliant start for the Packers.

Q1 13:16After a couple of attempts to Jordy Nelson, the Packers are three and out, bringing out Mason Crosby for a 45-yard field goal attempt.

Q1 13:11FIELD GOAL! Packers 3-0 Ravens (Crosby)

Q1 13:11It's smoothly converted by the kicker to give the Packers an early lead. After Lacy's strong start, they'll be disappointed not to have come away with a touchdown though.

Q1 11:52SACK! Jacoby Jones gets ready for his first kick return since week one. He gets a clean catch before before pushed out of bounds at the Baltimore 32. Ray Rice looks to run the ball but can't make any progress. Quarterback Joe Flacco look for a pass on third down in a bid to get the first down, but is sacked by Hawk for a loss of 10 yards. It looks like Hawk could step up to be the big threat on the Packers defense in the absence of Matthews.

Q1 11:12The sack on Flacco forces Baltimore to bring out their punter, giving the Packers a chance to extend their lead.

Q1 10:02Green Bay are looking dangerous again. After a short gain by Lacy, Rodgers picks out James Jones for a first down, leaving the Packers just four yards short of midfield. However, the wide receiver is injured during the next play. He would be a big loss for the Packers if he's forced out of the game, having scored more touchdowns than any other Packer last season. He's on his feet, but it does look like he's limping.

Q1 9:40SACK! The Ravens defense take advantage of the break in play while Jones is helped to the sideline to regroup, and they have an immediate impact on the next play, as Arthur Jones sacks Rodgers for a loss of six yards.

Q1 8:50INJURY UPDATE: Jones is still on the sidelines being assessed by the Packers' trainers. Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is also off the field receiving treatment for an elbow injury, but he is being fitted with a brace, so it looks like he'll be back out on the next drive.

Q1 7:12Flacco tosses the ball forward to Rice, who runs after the catch for a gain of 11, giving the Ravens their first first down of the game. The quarterback then completes a 31-yard toss to Jacoby Jones, who hauls it in at the Green Bay 38. It looks like the home side are starting to find their rhythm.

Q1 5:29Flacco looks to Bajema to give the Ravens a first down, but a superb tackle from Hawk stops the tight end from gaining the necessary yardage. An incompletion on the next play brings Koch out to punt again. Meanwhile, the Packers have said that Jones' return is questionable.

Q1 4:16Rodgers finds Randall Cobb for the first time today with an 18-yard pass for a first down. Lacy has another strong run on the next play before Rodgers looks for Jermichael Finley, but some good coverage by Baltimore prevents the tight end from taking the catch.

Q1 4:08SACK & FUMBLE! Elvis Dumervil brings down Rodgers for a loss of six yards. The quarterback fumbles during the sack, but the ball is recovered by Barclay. However, the Packers will have to punt the ball back to the Ravens.

Q1 2:44It's another fruitless drive for the hosts. Pierce has his first carry of the night, but a heavy tackle from BJ Raji brings up a loss of three, before Flacco throws two incompletions.

Q1 0:40Kuhn has a short gain before Franklin catches a short ball from Rodgers before running for a seven yards. The Packers need just one yard from third down, but struggle to get set, forcing Rodgers to call time out. Rodgers eventually turns to Franklin again, but Ihedigbo breaks off a block from Nelson to hit the running back for a loss of three yards.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: Green Bay Packers 3-0 Baltimore Ravens

Q2 15:00Doss takes over from Jones with the punt return, and breaks of several tackles to bring it back to the Baltimore 41.

Q2 14:24The Ravens are moved back five yards after a false start from Bajema. Flacco picks out Jennings for a seven-yard gain on the next play, but Yanda is penalised for illegal use of hands, moving Baltimore Ravens another 10 yards. There were no penalties in the first quarter, but it's been a clumsy start to the second for the Ravens offense.

Q2 13:09Flacco manages to get the ball to Pierce, who then runs for 14 yards, but he's pushed out of bounds three short of a first down, bringing out the Ravens punter again.

Q2 12:21SACK & FUMBLE! Rodgers is brought down for a third time, with Dumervil making the hit again. As with Dumervil's previous sack, he manages to prize the ball from Rodgers' hands, but Boykin makes to recover to keep the ball in Green Bay's possession. After a poor first drive, the Ravens defense have looked pretty sharp today.

Q2 10:14Rodgers can't recover from the sack and fumble, making two poor passes which fail to find their targets, while Lacy can only rush for three yards, forcing Masthay to punt. The quarterback hasn't looked settled so far this evening, completing just six of his 12 attempts for 59 yards, fumbling twice and being sacked three times.

Q2 10:14INJURY UPDATE: The Packers have just confirmed that James Jones is out for the rest of the game with a leg injury. The wide receiver briefly returned from the locker room, but was hardly able to walk along the sideline. Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson will need to step up in Jones' absence.

Q2 10:02Hawk makes another crucial tackle for the Packers, stopping a Ray Rice run for a loss of three. That's Hawks fourth tackle of the game.

Q2 9:13PUNT BLOCKED! Taylor shows impressive power and reactions to block Koch's punt, but Ihedigo makes the recovery for the hosts, giving them a first down. Having done the hard work getting the block, it's a poor result for the Packers special teams.

Q2 8:23Dallas Clark makes a huge catch and run for the Ravens. Flacco picks out the veteran tight end, who then shows impressive pace down the sideline to take the Ravens inside the red zone for the first time.

Q2 7:54From the 14-yard line, Flacco looks for an open receiver in the end zone, but there's no-one there. The quarterback decides to go for the run himself, but has Raji in pursuit, so slides at the Packers 8.

Q2 5:22Rice twice tries to take the ball into the end zone as the Ravens look for the first touchdown of the game, but his first efforts is stopped by Burnett and Jolly, before being pushed out of bounds one-yard short. On fourth down, Pierce tries to force his way over, but the Packers defense holds strong, ending the Ravens drive.

Q2 4:28Rodgers is really struggling to find his receivers. He throws a pass well short of Boykin, before sending another effort high to the wide receiver, forcing the Packers to punt from their own one-yard line.

Q2 3:44SACK! The Ravens start their drive from just inside their own half. Pierce makes a quick gain, but Flacco comes under pressure from Hawk on third down. He's tries to scramble to the sideline, but the Packers player just gets a hand to him in time, bringing him down for a loss of one.

Q2 2:00TWO MINUTE WARNING! Lacy rushes for three yards, but Josh Sitton is penalised for a holding offense, moving the team back, before Rodgers finds Cobb. The Packers are still deep inside their own territory though, and seem to be struggling to gain more than a couple of yards at a time.

Q2 1:42McPhee blocks Rodgers' pass, and the Packers will punt for the sixth time today, giving the Ravens a chance to get off the mark before the end of the first half.

Q2 1:34Flacco fires the ball deep looking for Tandon Doss, but the receiver can't quite keep hold of the ball. On the next play, Dallas Clark is penalised for a false start. Baltimore will need a couple of big plays if they're to reach the end zone before the end of the second half, but they've got all three timeouts.

Q2 1:27Rice gets a 10-yard run, but is short of the first down, bringing Koch on to punt again. Both team's have kept their punters busy in the first half!

Q2 1:17Rodgers connects with Nelson for a 33-yard gain, leaving the Packers just 17 yards from the end zone. It was a superb piece of athleticism by the wide receiver to snatch the ball in mid-air before sprinting away.

Q2 0:22Rodgers looks for a touchdown pass, attempting to find Finley twice. He then picks out Cobb, who takes a catch around 10 yards from the end zone, but is tackled, and appears to have picked up a nasty looking knee injury.

Q2 0:20There's a bit of hostility between the Ravens defense and Packers offense following the hit on Cobb. The Packers are clearly angry that their teammate has been injured. He has to be helped to the sideline, and it looks like he's struggling to put weight on his right leg. Mason Crosby will come onto the field for a field goal attempt.

Q2 0:20MISSED FIELD GOAL! Mason Crosby's perfect start to the season is over as he slices his 44-yard effort wide. Meanwhile, Cobb is on the cart heading in to the locker room. I'll be surprised if we see him again today.

Q2 0:02SACK & FUMBLE! Mason Crosby will get another chance as Flacco is sacked at the 33-yard line. Jones makes the recovery for the Packers, carrying it back inside the red zone, leaving the kicker a 31-yard effort.

Q2 0:02FIELD GOAL! Packers 6-0 Ravens (Crosby)

Q2 0:00END OF SECOND QUARTER: Green Bay Packers 6-0 Baltimore Ravens

7.39pmLots of work to do for both offensive coordinators at half time, as neither side manage to score a touchdown in the first two quarters. A pair of field goals from Packers kicker Mason Crosby separate the sides at the break.

7.41pmAs well as their lack of points, the Packers will also be worried by their increasingly thin receiving corps. James Jones was forced out of the game early on with a leg injury, while Randall Cobb left the field on the cart late in the second quarter, leaving the team with just two wide receivers among this evening's active players. Among them is Jarrett Boykin, who Aaron Rodgers was struggling to connect with for much of the opening half.

7.43pmBoth quarterbacks struggled during the opening 30 minutes. Rodgers was able to complete 10 of 21 passes for 116 yards, being sacked three times and fumbling twice. Flacco had eight completions from 19 attempts for 113 yards, taking two sacks.

7.47pmRandall Cobb was Rodgers' favourite target in the first two quarters, gaining 53 yards from four receptions, while Dallas Clark's 45-yard catch was the Ravens' top effort. Eddie Lacy was the star of the first quarter, finishing the half with 65 rushing yards. The Super Bowl champions have continued to struggle with their running game, gaining just 21 yards in total.

7.50pmOn a more positive note, both sides have been impressively defensively. Dumervil will take the headlines for the Ravens, twice sacking Rodgers, and forcing funbles on both occasions. AJ Hawk has stepped up for the Packers, who are without Clay Matthews.

Q3 15:00Masthay kicks off the third quarter.

Q3 13:49SACK & FUMBLE! Flacco is sacked on third down, with a joint effort from Burnett and Hawk. The ball popped out of the quarterback's hands, but Vonta Leach was able to make the recovery. Koch comes on for a quick punt for the home side.

Q3 11:34INTERCEPTION! A couple of short gains from Finley and Suggs move the Packers into field goal range, but Rodgers spots Nelson closing in on the end zone, so launches a long pass towards the wide receiver, but Jimmy Smith gets in front of the wideout, and he picks off the pass for the first interception of the game.

Q3 10:38INJURY UPDATE: The Packers have confirmed that Randall Cobb will not be returning as a result of the knee injury sustained at the end of the second quarter. It's a worry that the team was able to rule out the athletic wide receiver so quickly.

Q3 9:23Ray Rice manages to gain five yards for the Ravens, but a series of incompletions means Koch has to come back onto the field. Baltimore are yet to even have a field goal attempt!

Q3 8:29Boykin makes a huge gain, picking up the ball from a short pass on the Green Bay 30, shaking off several attempted tackles to take the ball to the Baltimore 25.

Q3 7:10Lacy tries to rush, but the Packers are penalised for holding penalty. Rodgers tries a deep pass from the 20-yard line on first down, but his throw slips through the hands of Nelson. Green Bay are still in a strong position though.

Q3 6:16After a time out, Rodgers tries a deep pass to Finley, but the tight end can't haul it in, bringing out Crosby for another attempt at the posts.

Q3 6:11FIELD GOAL! Packers 9-0 Ravens (Crosby)

Q3 6:11Crosby's effort from 50 yards goes straight through the middle of the goal posts to put the Packers more than a touchdown ahead of the Ravens.

Q3 5:58Jennings makes a touchdown-saving play for the Packers, forcing Marvin Brown out of bounds after a 59-yard gain. The Ravens have just six yards to gain for the opening touchdown of the game.

Q3 5:19Flacco tosses the ball to Doss at the back of the end zone, but the rookie can't get both of his feet in bounds, and the officials call the pass incomplete.

Q3 4:48Flacco has no-one open, so goes to run himself, but spots Raji waiting to make the tackle, so looks for Brown, but it's incomplete. Justin Tucker will come of for his first field goal attempt of the game.

Q3 4:48FIELD GOAL! Packers 9-3 Ravens (Tucker)

Q3 4:34It's a simple 23-yard completion for the kicker to finally get the Ravens off the mark.

Q3 3:07After two short runs from Lacy, Rodgers decides to carry the ball himself, showing some impressive speed to pick up 12 yards for a first down.

Q3 2:22TOUCHDOWN! Packers 16-3 Ravens (Nelson)

Q3 2:22Wow! What a sensational moment from Aaron Rodgers, as he launches an inch-perfect 64-yard pass for Jordy Nelson, who collects in on the edge of the end zone before coolly jogging in for the opening touchdown of the game, before Crosby chips over the extra point.

Q3 1:22Torrey Smith picks up his first catch of the day for a Baltimore first down, before Pierce gains 10 on the run as the Ravens approach midfield. They really need to score on this drive if they're to keep themselves in this game.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: Green Bay Packers 16-3 Baltimore Ravens

Q4 14:22The Ravens are over midfield as Ray Rice and Marvin Brown both pick up first downs. Flacco really seems to be hitting his stride on a promising drive for the home side.

Q4 13:10Dallas Clark takes the Ravens into the end zone, picking up a 12-yard pass, leaving Baltimore just 10 yards short of a touchdown.

Q4 11:58TOUCHDOWN! Packers 16-10 Ravens (Jones)

Q4 11:52The Super Bowl champions are right back in this game thanks to some impressive footwork from Jacoby Jones in the back corner of the end zone, taking an 11-yard pass from Flacco. Tucker's extra point is good. After a rather slow start to the game, this should be a thrilling climax.

Q4 11:03Randall Cobb has just re-emerged on the sidelines in a tracksuit on crutches looking rather glum with a towel over his head. That doesn't look good for the Packers wide receiver.

Q4 9:48Rodgers continues to lean on Nelson, picking out the wide receiver for a first down, before Eddie Lacy finds a hole in the Ravens' defensive line, dashing downfield for 17 yards. The rookie running back has been impressive today.

Q4 7:29In other injury news, the Ravens have confirmed that one of their photographers suffered a torn Achilles when Tandon Doss collided with him on the sidelines earlier in the game. The snapper has been taken into the Baltimore treatment room and is back working in a in a walking boot. That's dedication!

Q4 6:45Back on the field, the Packers are making steady progress into Baltimore territory, as Lacy picks up another three yards before Finley takes it into the red zone with a 19-yard catch.

Q4 4:26On third down, Rodgers looks for Nelson again, but his pass is too high for the wide receiver, giving Crosby another shot a tthe posts.

Q4 4:20FIELD GOAL! Packers 19-10 Ravens (Crosby)

Q4 4:17It's another comfortable effort from the Packers kicker, who has had a good game despite a 44-yard miss earlier on.

Q4 4:17Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb appears to be done for the day. He took a knee to the helmet earlier on and his been on the sidelines since, but is know heading into the locker room.

Q4 3:47SACK! Hawk gets his third sack of the day, dragging down Flacco for a loss of seven at the Baltimore 23.

Q4 2:40Flacco bounces back well, completed a short pass to Rice before Doss makes a huge gain of 63 taking the ball inside the red zone. Stunning catch by the wide receiver.

Q4 2:07TOUCHDOWN! Packers 19-17 Ravens (Clark)

Q4 2:04Doss's stunning fourth-down conversion sets up Flacco to make an 18-yard pass to tight end Dallas Clark. Tucker is clinical with the extra point, leaving the Ravens just two points down.

Q4 2:00TWO MINUTE WARNING! The Packers start their drive with a one-yard gain from Lacy, which brings up the two-minute warning. This will be a nail-biting finish!

Q4 1:53Rodgers scrambles for a gain of six, but if brought down before he can get out of bounds by Ihedigbo. The quarterback spots Finley is space on the next play, and tosses it to the tight end, who makes a superb run to take the Packers to the Baltimore 21 before Ihedigbo forces him out of bounds for a 52-yard gain.

Q4 1:32Lacy has a quick burst for a nine-yard gain, leaving Green Bay 13 yards from the end zone. At the very least they Packers should get a field goal from this drive. Lacy is on the ball again on the next play and secures the first down.

Q4 0:24Rodgers decides against pushing for another score, and lets the play clock run down before taking a knee, and that should be it for this game.

Q4 0:00END OF FOURTH QUARTER: Green Bay Packers 19-17 Baltimore Ravens

9.12pmWhat the first half of this game lacked in excitement, the second half more than made up for, with some stunning passing plays from both sides, as Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco looked to prove why they're the highest paid players in the league.

9.14pmFlacco's personal statistics were marginally better than Rodgers', but the Packers quarterback will be happy to have secured the team's first away win of the season. Jordy Nelson led the Green Bay receivers with 113 yards and a touchdown, while Eddie Lacy's 120 rushing yards proved crucial late in the game.

9.16pmDallas Clark and Tandon Doss were both impressive for the Ravens, but Ray Rice could only manage 34 rushing yards and the Baltimore run game continues to struggle.

9.17pmThe result leaves the Ravens 3-3 while the Packers move on the 3-2. That's all from this game, but stuck around for reports from all of this evening's games, and join us again later for the NFC East clash between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins. Thanks for joining me this evening, goodbye.

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