Genoa president wants troublemaking fans banned

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Genoa president Enrico Preziosi calls for a stadium ban for troublemaking fans.

Genoa president Enrico Preziosi has called for troublesome fans during the club's 4-1 defeat to Siena to be jailed.

Angry supporters gathered around the tunnel area of the Stadio Luigi Ferraris and delayed the second half for 45 minutes by launching fireworks and threatening a pitch invasion with the home side 4-0 down.

The group of fans demanded that the Genoa players take off their shirts and captain Marco Rossi gathered jerseys from all but goalkeeper Giuseppe Sculli, who tearfully confronted the supporters.

"I'm sorry that 60 or 100 people can say and do as they want with impunity without us having the ability to control them and send them home," Preziosi was quoted as saying by

"They cannot take over the stadium and enforce their law. These people should go to jail, they are the evil of Genoa.

"If today a child had suffered a ruptured eardrum what would happen? Do we have to wait for a dead man before putting them all in jail? I do not fear them. I hope we get a ban from playing at home, so we have to play away and get a bit of calm."

Genoa currently sit a point clear of safety in 17th in Serie A.

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