Result: Cagliari 0-0 Chievo

Cagliari and Chievo fire blanks as they draw 0-0 in their Serie A match this afternoon.

Cagliari and Chievo could not be separated as the two sides fought to a goalless draw in Serie A this afternoon.

The first half was a tentative affair as neither side looked willing to take a risk that might backfire and result in them conceding a goal.

With neither club completely clear of the relegation battle just yet it was perhaps more important to avoid defeat rather than secure a win, and the way the teams set up seemed to support this philosophy.

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first, with neither side able to craft a meaningful goalscoring opportunity to break the deadlock.

The result means that Chievo remain 12th in the Serie A table, nine points clear of the relegation zone while Cagliari are more precariously perched in 16th, just seven points clear of the bottom three.

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