Live Commentary: Olympic boxing - day 14 as it happened

Live Commentary: Olympic boxing - day 14 as it happened
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Sports Mole's live text commentary of day 14 of the Olympic boxing at London 2012.

Hello and welcome to Sports Mole's live text commentary of day 14 of the Olympic boxing at London 2012.

The men's semi-finals get underway today, with four fighters from Team GB in action.

Luke Campbell is first up against Japan's Satoshi Shimizu in the bantamweight division, before Anthony Ogogo takes on Esquiva Falcao Florentino of Brazil in the middleweight division.

Freddie Evans enters the ring in the evening session, when he will be up against Ukraine's Taras Shelestyuk.

Anthony Joshua closes the evening in the super heavyweight tournament against Ivan Dychko of Kazakhstan.

Please note that the action gets underway at 1.30pm.

Full list of bouts:

Light flyweight: (1.30pm)

Zou Shiming (China) vs Paddy Barnes (Ireland)
David Ayrapetyan (Russia) vs Kaeo Pongprayoon (Thailand)

Bantamweight: (2pm)

Lazaro Alvarez (Cuba) vs John Joe Nevin (Ireland)
Luke Campbell (Great Britain) vs Satoshi Shimizu (Japan)

Light welterweight: (2.30pm)

Roniel Iglesias (Cuba) vs Vincenzo Mangiacapre (Italy)
Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia) vs Denys Berinchyk (Ukraine)

Middleweight: (3pm)

Anthony Ogogo (Great Britain) vs Esquiva Falcao Florentino (Brazil)
Abbos Atoev (Uzbekistan) vs Ryoto Murata (Japan)

Heavyweight: (3.30pm)

Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Tervel Pulev (Bulgaria)
Teymur Mammadov (Azerbaijan) vs Clemente Russo (Italy)

Flyweight: (8.30pm)

Misha Aloian (Russia) vs Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia)
Michael Conlon (Ireland) Robeisy Ramirez (Cuba)

Lightweight: (9pm)

Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Yasnier Toledo (Cuba)
Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) vs Han Soonchul (South Korea)

Welterweight: (9.30pm)

Taras Shelestyuk (Ukraine) vs Freddie Evans (Great Britain)
Andrey Zamkavoy (Russia) vs Serik Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)

Light heavyweight: (10pm)

Yamaguchi Falcao Florentino (Brazil) vs Egor Mekhontcev (Russia)
Adilbek Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan) vs Oleksandr Gvozdyk (Ukraine)

Super heavyweight: (10.30pm)

Magomedrasul Medzhidov (Azerbaijan) vs Roberto Cammarelle (Italy)
Ivan Dychko (Kazakhstan) vs Anthony Joshua (Great Britain)

11.24pmGoodnight from all of us here at Sports Mole.

11.23pmBut I'm afraid until then, we must say goodbye...

11.22pmYou can join us here at Sports Mole from 8.30pm tomorrow for the first of the gold medal bouts.

11.21pmSo at the end of day 14, the British men have gold medal hopes in the form of Luke Campbell, Freddie Evans and Anthony Joshua.

11.20pmThat result has brought the house down. Not quite as loud as the Irish for Katie Taylor, but expect that to change if Joshua can snatch gold from Roberto Cammarelle.

11.18pmA good decision... finally. Joshua was the better fighter in each round but the scores were not really unfair. Dychko is a good operator and kept it competitive.

DecisionJOSHUA WINS 15-11!

End of Round 3That was a big finish from Joshua! I think he has done this!

Round 3Joshua is finishing strongly!

Round 3Joshua gets inside and delivers a few good uppercuts.

Round 3Dychko comes inside but is caught with one as he does so. The Kazakh is starting to hold Joshua now.

Round 3Joshua is applying some pressure but it is still neck and neck!

Round 3They are continuing to attack and reply - probably why the scores are level.

Round 3there is some blood coming from the nose of Dychko. Joshua has scored effectively with the jab this evening.

End of Round 2The scores are still level - it's 8-8 as we head into the final round! Nail-biting finish!

Round 2Joshua is finding the target more than Dychko, but the Kazakh is still landing with one or two.

Round 2Big left hand from Joshua, thrown from way back!

Round 2Another exchange with both men finding the target!

End of Round 1It is level at 4-4. I thought Joshua did enough to take a one point lead, but it is close. Not an unfair scoreline...

Round 1Dychko walks onto a sweet right hand from Joshua!

Round 1The pair exchange and it is Joshua who gets the last word.

Round 1Dychko comes in, but doesn't land. Joshua misses with the counter, too.

Round 1Decent left jab from Joshua...

Round 1Joshua goes on the front foot, but Dychko easily evades.

Round 1Seconds out...

11.00pmThe Italian fought back well and will now defend his Olympic title after a 13-12 decision.

10.57pmCammarelle has brought it back to level pegging. Final round!

10.51pmMedzhidov takes a 6-4 lead after the first round.

10.49pmI am still speechless... that was the biggest robbery I have seen in this tournament.

10.44pmNext up: Magomedrasul Medzhidov (Azerbaijan) vs Roberto Cammarelle (Italy)

10.42pmNiyazymbetov has won on a countback. Hang your heads in shame, judges...

10.37pmGvozdyk now leads by one, but he is by far the better fighter. Who am I to question the scoring of the Olympic judges?

10.32pm4-4 after the first round.

10.27pmAdilbek Niyazymbetov (Kazakhstan) vs Oleksandr Gvozdyk (Ukraine)

10.27pmMekhontcev dominates Falcao 23-11.

10.20pmIt is 15-8 to the Russian now. He is in control and boxing very nicely.

10.15pmMekhontcev takes a 6-4 lead.

10.09pmNext up: Yamaguchi Falcao Florentino (Brazil) vs Egor Mekhontcev (Russia)

10.08pmSapiyev wins 18-12!

10.03pmZamkavoy has clawed it back slightly. The gap is now just two points. Final round.

9.58pmIt's 6-2 to the Kazakh after the first round.

9.55pmNext up: Andrey Zamkavoy (Russia) vs Serik Sapiyev (Kazakhstan)

DecisionEVANS WINS 11-10!

End of Round 3Evans stayed on top of his game throughout the contest and surely Shelestyuk has not done enough to overturn this deficit.

Round 3Evans ships a great left hand from Shelestyuk.

Round 3Great combination from Evans! Finishes with a shot that penetrates the Ukrainian's tight defence.

Round 3Shelestyuk has upped the tempo!

End of Round 2Evans remains three points in front - 8-5.

Round 2Great right from Evans that rocks back the head of Shelestyuk!

Round 2Shelestyuk is growing into this but Evans is holding his own.

Round 2Shelestyuk has already been far more attack-minded in the opening 30 seconds of this round than he was in the entire last.

End of Round 1Evans leads 4-1. Shelestyuk hardly threw a punch.

Round 1Evans punctures the Ukrainian's guard with a straight shot.

Round 1Evans is doing all the early running, but Shelestyuk is just circling the ring.

9.36pmNext up: Taras Shelestyuk (Ukraine) vs Freddie Evans (Great Britain)

9.35pmThe South Korean prevails! Petrauskas was flailing wildly and did not land effectively.

9.29pmHan leads 11-9 after two rounds.

9.19pmNext up: Evaldas Petrauskas (Lithuania) vs Han Soonchul (South Korea)

9.18pmThe Ukrainian wins 14-11.

9.13pmLomachenko goes in front. 9-7.

9.09pmIt is 3-3 after the first round. Very tight.

9.04pmNext up: Vasyl Lomachenko (Ukraine) vs Yasnier Toledo (Cuba)

9.01pmRamirez wins 20-10... very impressive.

8.53pmRamirez has made a great start and leads 6-3.

8.47pmNext up: Michael Conlon (Ireland) Robeisy Ramirez (Cuba)

8.45pmNyambayar wins 15-11.

8.39pmThe Mongolian has stretched his lead to 11-8 now.

8.36pmNyambayar leads 6-4 after the first round.

8.25pmFirst up tonight: Misha Aloian (Russia) vs Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia)

8.16pmWelcome back!

4.26pmThat's it for the afternoon session. Join us from 8.30pm tonight for the rest of the semi-final action from the ExCel Centre. Bye for now...

4.24pmRusso has staged yet another comeback in this afternoon session to win 15-13 and reach his second Olympic final in a row.

4.15pmMammadov leads 9-6, but the Azeri really had Russo on the ropes in that round. He forced two counts after sucking the wind out of the Italian with some killer body shots.

4.10pmMammadov takes a 3-2 lead.

4.04pmNext up: Teymur Mammadov (Azerbaijan) vs Clemente Russo (Italy)

4.03pmUsyk advances after crushing Pulev 21-5. Great showing, he was the far superior fighter.

3.55pmUsyk has had Oulev down with a great right-left combination. He leads 6-2.

3.49pmNext up: Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) vs Tervel Pulev (Bulgaria)

3.48pmMurata fights back, with the help of the referee. He wins 13-12 after being given two points following Atoev's public warning.

3.42pmThe Uzbek has preserved his three-point advantage. Final round.

3.38pmAtoev leads 4-1 after the first round. The action... well, there isn't any, really.

3.32pmUp next: Abbos Atoev (Uzbekistan) vs Ryoto Murata (Japan)

End of Round 3FALCAO WINS 16-9!

Round 3Falcao found some punishing shots at the start of the round and Ogogo never recovered.

End of Round 2Falcao found two big shots at the end of that round and he leads by three points now.

Round 2Ogogo lets his fists go a bit and has some success...

Round 2Ogogo lands with a nice right-left! He then works to the body nicely!

Round 2The second has continued in much the same way. A fair few clinches...

End of Round 1A tight first round has ended 3-3.

Round 1Nothing clean is getting through from either man.

Round 1Both men are happy to trade, it seems from this early stage. A lot of work on the inside.

3.13pmNext up: Anthony Ogogo (Great Britain) vs Esquiva Falcao Florentino (Brazil)

3.12pmBernchyk staged a thrilling comeback in the final round to prevail 29-21.

3.06pmUranchimeg nows leads 15-12... final round!

3.00pmUranchimeg leads 6-4 after the first round.

2.54pmIglesias advances comfortably. He will face either: Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia) or Denys Berinchyk (Ukraine)

2.49pmThe Cuban now loeads 10-6 heading into the final round.

2.44pmIglesias takes a 3-2 lead.

2.39pmNext up: Roniel Iglesias (Cuba) vs Vincenzo Mangiacapre (Italy)

2.38pmTeam GB's Luke Campbell will take on John Joe Nevin of Ireland for bantamweight gold. What a prospect in store!

DecisionCAMPBELL WINS 20-11!

End of Round 3It's over! Campbell has done it!

Round 3They are trading in the centre of the ring. Campbell is the man coming out on top.

Round 3There is no snap in Shimizu's shots. Campbell is finishing strongly!

Round 3Campbell puts a decent couple of punches together, ending with a right hook to the body.

Round 3This is where Shimizu has won his last two fights. This will be a test of Campbell's fitness, but he is holding up ok.

End of Round 2The Brit leads 11-6. Final round!

Round 2A great left from Campbell. I think he has extended his lead in this one.

Round 2Campbell throws a couple of straight shots, but most are caught on the guard. One gets through though and rocks Shimizu's head back.

Round 2Shimizu lands with a left hook.

Round 2Stiff right hand from Campbell, who is being harried by the Japanese fighter.

End of Round 1Shimizu walked right onto a right hand at the end of that round. Campbell leads 5-2 after the first round.

Round 1Campbell lands with a nice left hook.

Round 1The action is quite staggered, but Campbell is producing the better quality.

Round 1Shimizu gets through with a right jab, but Campbell launches forward and lands a couple of his own.

2.23pmIf Campbell wins it will be GB vs Ireland in the bantamweight final... but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

2.21pmNext up: Luke Campbell (Great Britain) vs Satoshi Shimizu (Japan)

2.19pmNEVIN WINS 19-14!

2.18pmThat's it! Nevin has done this! Terrific performance from the Irishman!

2.14pmAnother decent round from Nevin. He leads by three now, but the Cuban showed signs of warming to the contest. Final round!

2.10pmNevin has made a fantastic start, finidng the target with a string of great right hands. He leads 5-3.

2.03pmNext up: Lazaro Alvarez (Cuba) vs John Joe Nevin (Ireland)

2.02pmThe Thai has won 13-12! Ayrapetyan looked a shadow of himself...

1.56pmPongprayoon leads 9-8. Final round!

1.46pmNext up: David Ayrapetyan (Russia) vs Kaeo Pongprayoon (Thailand)

1.45pmZou wins on countback! 15-15.

1.43pmBrilliant final round from Paddy Barnes! This could be close, but with the way the judges have been scoring, I'd think that Zou has hung on.

1.39pmThe second round has ended 3-3. The Chinese fighter still leads by three as they enter the last.

1.35pmBarnes made a good start but Zou settled down as the round went on and he leads 8-5.

1.28pmFirst up: Zou Shiming (China) vs Paddy Barnes (Ireland)

1.27pmWelcome to day 14 of the Olympic Games!

David Price
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