Phillips Idowu wants perfect jump in London

Phillips Idowu
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Philips Idowu believes that it is not impossible to record a perfect jump in the triple jump at this summer's Olympics.

British triple jumper Phillips Idowu has claimed that he can get close to a perfect jump at the Olympics this summer.

Idowu admits that although he may need some luck in London, if he can record a new personal best he will be content with whatever position he achieves.

The 33-year-old told BBC Sport: "There's a perfect jump out there somewhere, but you need a lot of luck to get the conditions. You need to be physically in the right shape ... I don't know. But if I can get as close to my perfect jump as possible then I see interesting figures coming on that board.

"If I go there and jump a personal best I'll be happy, whatever any of my competitors do. If theirs is better, I'll take my hat off to them and shake their hand.

"There's nothing else for me except to go out there and do my absolute best."

Idowu wona silver medal at the Beijing Olympics four years ago, finishing second to Brazilian Nelson Evora.

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