Oct 27, 2013 at 5pm UK at ​EverBank Field
San Francisco 49ers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Gore (11:48), Kaepernick (2:44)
Davis (11:58), Kaepernick (7:56)
Gore (0:56)
Brown (3:07)
Skuta (13:43)

Live Commentary: San Francisco 49ers 42-10 Jacksonville Jaguars - as it happened

Live Commentary: 49ers 42-10 Jags - as it happened
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Join Sports Mole for all the action from the NFL clash between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Francisco 49ers live from Wembley.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Francisco 49ers met at Wembley in the second game of the International Series in the 2013 season.

The Jags were looking for the first win of the campaign while Jim Harbaugh's side were eyeing on closing the gap to the Seattle Seahawks at the top of the NFC West.

San Francisco did just that as they dominated the game on both sides of the ball as they eased to a comfortable win to move to 6-2 in their season.

Read how all the action unfolded in our commentary below.

4.35pmGood afternoon and welcome to the live commentary of the NFL clash between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Francisco 49ers live from Wembley.

4.36pmWe're set for an exciting afternoon at Wembley for the second game of the International Series as the winless Jags take on last year's NFC Champions the 49ers.

4.40pmThe Jags are in dire need of a win today as they've started their season disastrously as they are 0-7 after seven weeks of the campaign. They've been totally dominated in the majority of the games and are lacking quality all over the field especially at quarterback.

4.45pmJim Harbaugh's side have looked back to their best in the past few weeks after early season defeats to the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts. They've used the arm of Colin Kaepernick when they've needed to but they have relied on their ground attack with running back Frank Gore to power them back to their best.

4.50pmJAGUARS INACTIVES: Stanzi, Burton, Fleming, McClendon, Love, Williams, Jones.

4.55pm49ers INACTIVES: Bethel-Thompson, Patton, James, Asomugha, Cunningham, Looney, Baldwin.

4.59pmWhat an atmosphere at Wembley as we get underway as the 49ers will receive.

Q1 15:00The 49ers fumble on the kickoff but they gather the ball and will start on the 15.

Q1 14:07Kaepernick fires to his full-back Miller who sprints down the right-hand sideline for a huge gain off play-action and he gets to the Jag' 39 before he's brought down.

Q1 12:02The 49ers can't get the yardage they need on the next set of downs but they go for it on fourth and Gore finds space to get the yardage he needs for another set of downs.


Q1 11:42Gore gets the ball again and runs right through the middle of the Jaguars defensive line and powers into the endzone for a 19-yard touchdown.

Q1 11:37Todman muffs the kickoff but he manages to gather and can only take the ball to his own nine-yard line.

Q1 11:02Jones-Drew finds space over the left-hand side of the line and he powers to get 11 yards for his side and move the chains. A good start for the Jags' offense.

Q1 10:12Henne gets a big completion for his side on third down as he gets time in the pocket to finds Shorts, who sits down the in the zone coverage for a pickup of 14 yards and earns his side another set of downs.

Q1 8:39The Jags get a break as the 49ers are penalised for defensive holding on Shorts, giving them five yards and another set of downs near midfield.

Q1 6:50The drive ends as Henne fires to Forsett on third down but he can't the seven yards he needs for the first down and Anger is forced to punt, his kick lands in the endzone, so Kaepernick will start at the 20.

Q1 6:34The 49ers move down the field into Jaguars territory thanks to a huge pass interference penalty from Blackmon on Boldin as the cornerback pulled at the shirt of the receiver. That moves the ball to the Jacksonville 49.

Q1 5:31Kaepernick uses his feet to move the chains for his side with an 11-yard pickup after the passing play broke down and the quarterback was forced to run to get the 11 yards.

Q1 3:44The 49ers keep moving downfield as they keep converting on third down this time, Kaepernick gets flushed from pocket but not contained on the edge and he has time to fire to Boldin for a 14-yard gain on a crossing route. That moves the 49ers into the redzone.


Q1 2:36The 49ers extend their lead as Kaepernick takes the snap directly and runs over the left-hand side of the line behind a good block from his running back Hunter and he dives into the endzone for the score.

Q1 2:36Todman returns Dawson's kick to the 21 where Henne will begin.

Q1 1:33The Jags can't respond to the touchdown drive of the 49ers as they go three and out as Henne's pass to Blackmon on the right-hand sideline falls incomplete. Williams collects Anger's punt and takes it to the 28.

Q1 0:12Kaepernick gets his side moving again as he fires to Boldin on a wide receiver screen and he gets the four yards he needs for the first down, following a good run from Gore on first.

Q1 0:12Kaepernick gets his side moving again as he fires to Boldin on a wide receiver screen and he gets the four yards he needs for the first down, following a good run from Gore on first.

Q1 0:00END OF FIRST QUARTER: San Francisco 49ers 14-0 Jacksonville Jaguars

Q2 14:35The 49ers get another break as the Jags are penalised for unnecessary roughness after Williams makes a 10-yard catch on first down moving them to the Jacksonville 34 yard-line.

Q2 13:16Kaepernick again uses his feet on third down as the play breaks down and he finds space down the middle for a 13-yard pickup to move the chains once more.

Q2 12:55Kaepernick drops back this time and fires to Boldin on a post route and he collects the ball on the three-yard line and is immediately dropped by Cyprien. The 49ers are in position again.


Q2 11:52The 49ers are in complete command here and Kaepernick fools the Jaguars defense on the goalline with a play-action pass and he loops the ball to the left corner of the endzone where Davis makes the catch for the touchdown.

Q2 10:27The Jags fail again to respond to the score as they go three and out as Forsett gets the ball on a checkdown from Henne after the 49ers bring pressure and he's brought down for a gain of just two yards. Anger punts to the San Francisco 37.

Q2 10:02Kaepernick gets the 49ers moving again as he fires down the right to Davis who moves the chains and gets a lot more yardage as he takes his side to the Jacksonville 32 for a 31-yard gain.

Q2 9:12Kaepernick fires to Davis again this time over the middle and he takes the ball down the left sideline and nearly loses it but he just manages to get to ground in time for a 19-yard gain to move his side into the redzone.


Q2 7:49The 49ers extend their lead as Kaepernick tucks the ball and runs for the score himself on third down and seven, the play again broke down and the quarterback saw a gap and surged through it for the score.

Q2 6:21After a good return on the kickoff which took the Jags to the 40, they go three and out again as Henne can't connect on a third down pass to Blackmon and Anger punts again to the 20 where Williams fumbles the ball out of bounds to the 25.

Q2 5:12The 49ers are immediately moving as Kaepernick hits Williams for a seven-yard gain and then hands the ball off to Gore who finds four more to bring up the first down. It's too easy for the visitors at the moment.

Q2 2:57The 49ers' drive stalls as Iupati is caught holding which erases a big gain from Kaepernick running the ball. They can't get the yardage back and are forced to punt the ball away and Todman collects and takes the ball to the 19.

Q2 2:00Jones-Drew powers over the middle for 11 hard yards to get his side moving for the first time in an age. He moves them to their own 32 yard-line.

Q2 1:30Henne finds Shorts down the right-hand sideline on an out-route to move his side to their 43 for a 10-yard gain. This is better from the Jags.

Q2 0:40The Jags really get moving as Henne fires to Jones-Drew and then Shorts down the right-hand sideline and between them they move their side 23 yards into the redzone.

Q2 0:10The Jags can't punch the ball into the endzone as Blackmon is guilty of a critical drop on third down, which would have moved the chains but that forces Scobee into action for the first time today and he will attempt a 38 yarder.


Q2 0:10Scobee nails his kick through the posts from 32 yards to reduce the deficit to 25 points.

Q2 0:00HALF-TIME: San Francisco 49ers 28-3 Jacksonville Jaguars

6.45pmThat's one of the most one-sided halfs of football you will ever see. The 49ers dominated from start to the finish against a poor Jaguars side. The Jags couldn't get in the game at all and maybe fortunate to be behind by 25 points.

Q3 14:55Todman returns to the ball to 16 where Henne will begin.

Q3 14:03The Jaguars get moving thanks to a penalty as Ta'ufo'ou is brought down following a pass from Henne but Skuta is penalised for unnecessary roughness and that will add 15 yards onto the play.

Q3 11:22Henne gets a vital first down pickup on third and 11 as he gets time in the pocket and fires to Blackmon on a comeback route and he makes the catch for 12 yards.

Q3 10:52Jones-Drew powers through the middle for 30 yards to move his side into the endzone. He found a tiny hole and made the 49ers pay with a huge run to the 18 before he was brought down.

Q3 8:10The Jags get stopped on third down on the eight as Jones-Drew is halted up the middle. They go for it on fourth and get the yard they need to keep the drive alive.

Q3 6:48The Jags go for it on fourth down again but this time on the goalline, Henne is pressured up the middle and throws it up for Shorts but the ball falls incomplete and the 49ers will get the ball on turnover on downs.

Q3 4:13The 49ers are rolling again as Gore picks up the first down with a run down the middle, then Kaepernick throws a slant to Boldin who gets 17 yards before he's brought down to bring the 49ers' out of their goalline.

Q3 3:53FUMBLE!!

Q3 3:53Gore gets the handoff from Kaepernick but is hit immediately and looses control of the ball and the Jaguars gather as Allen jumps on the ball at the bottom of the pile.


Q3 3:00The Jaguars get their first touchdown of the game as Henne fires deep down the right-hand sideline for Brown who makes a grab for the 29-yard score. An 18-point game now, maybe this could get interesting.

Q3 2:45Dixon rips off a huge return to get his side up to the 50. Momentum gone for the Jaguars with that lapse on special teams.

Q3 2:10Hunter finds a hole and bursts through the line for a 41-yard gain as he is brought down inside the redzone. A great run and all that momentum the Jags gained is now lost.


Q3 0:52Gore gets three attempts in get into the endzone and on the third he powers through the middle of the line for the score to give his side their 25-point cushion back. Too easy for the 49ers yet again.

Q3 0:00Henne gets the Jaguars moving as Blackmon comes across the line and he throws to the receiver almost on a screen pass and he catches the ball to get the 10 yards his side needed for the first down.

Q3 0:00END OF THIRD QUARTER: San Francisco 49ers 35-10 Jacksonville Jaguars

Q4 14:26Henne gets a big third down completion to Harbor as the tight end sits in the zone and makes a big grab to earn his side a first down.


Q4 13:24OH DEAR! Henne throws a completion to Lewis but he has the ball stripped from him by Willis, Skuta picks up the loose ball and runs it into the endzone for the 47-yard score.

Q4 12:00The Jaguars move the ball again as Jones-Drew finds room down the right-hand sideline for 11 yards on a swing pass. He then runs up the middle on two carries worth eight and two yards to move the chains again.

Q4 10:46It's Robinson's turn to get the first down this time for the Jags as he gets the handoff from Henne and runs for seven and six yards respectively through the middle of the line.

Q4 9:33Jones-Drew keeps his side rolling with a tough three-yard carry after Henne fired a seven-yard pass to Ta'ufo'ou on first down as the Jags keeps moving the chains.

Q4 6:44The Jags recover from a huge penalty which set them back to first and 20, but Henne and Jones-Drew help them get the yardage back and the running back powers through the middle on fourth and one to keep the chains moving. Henne strikes again on first as finds Shorts over the middle for 10 yards.

Q4 5:03The Jaguars press into the five-yard line but are kept out of the endzone by the 49ers defense on the first three downs and they go for it on fourth but Jones-Drew is kept from crossing the goalline by Brock with a thunderous tackle. The 49ers get the ball on a turnover on downs again.

Q4 2:44A big completion to Miller on third down and a huge run by Hunter move the 49ers to midfield and this game should be all but over.

Q4 1:30Hunter runs the ball for nine yards on three carries to kill the clock. The 49ers can go for the first on fourth down to end the game.

Q4 0:00FULL-TIME: San Francisco 49ers 42-10 Jacksonville Jaguars

Maurice Jones-Drew #32 of the Jacksonville Jaguars warms before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at EverBank Field on September 8, 2013
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